Reykjavik's first rabbi

Well that didn't take long.

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Are you going to post this thread every single day?

just curious

They just spill out of Cred Forums

Why? Does the truth hurt you kike?

Every fucking time

oh jew

Truth is the only spill out from Cred Forums.

Does truth hurt you?

Nothing hurts a jew like the truth.

It's like they want to be gassed again.
>Religious groups have condemned a bill in Iceland's parliament that would ban circumcision for non-medical reasons.
>The draft law would impose a six-year prison term on anyone guilty of "removing part or all of the [child's] sexual organs", arguing the practice violates the child's rights.
>Jewish and Muslim leaders however have called the bill an attack on religious freedom.

They have the Amerimutts on their side now so they're not afraid.

I want Island to annex us.

absolutely no shame

I think Americans have recently come full-circle in awareness of our Jewish ruling class.

Side note: I love how Cred Forums quotes this documentary as evidence of black people being stupid and such despite the ending literally being about cooperation and understanding.

You Trumptards elected the most disgustingly pro-Israel neocon ever.

Even the Jewish socialist was against Israel

When we're through with the wh*Teoids the Jews are next.

This will be a BROWN world

Why would a socialist be pro-Israel?

Seriously, what is wrong with Jews? They all seem to have this unbearably annoying attitude and a massive victim complex.

Because Israel was founded by socialists?

America was founded by Anglo-Saxons. Doesn't mean that's what they are now

No it wasn't. Zionism is antithetical to socialism. Literally every leftist (except for those anti-Deutsch weirdos in Germany) hates Israel.

>Zionism is antithetical to socialism

Real socialism only cares about handing over the means of production to workers.

Don't be a fucking (((Trotskyist))) anti-nationalist.

Wow they really are parasites and harbingers of doom.

Is Iceland fucked now?

literally fakes news

Is something fake if you can make enough people believe it?

The article on the right doesn't exist and was edited from this article (look at the time it was posted):

Why do kek kiddies do this?

Are you sure we watched the same documentary? It ended with the road being unfinished due to corruption

That being said Cred Forums is retarded and cites jpg "infographics" (read: propaganda) as sources, so I'm not going to contest that issue