Which country is better for an engineer from australia and canada ?

which country is better for an engineer from australia and canada ?

>which country is better
Stopped reading there. Come to Canada.

Do you use the loo?







in vancouver or toronto you'll fit right in, dunno about australian cities

what do you mean by right in?



Canada is the only one stupid enough to let in " engineers " with Indian " degrees ".

Although there is no work for engineers here now, many are unemployed. If you don't believe me google it yourself and do some reading. Try for Canada but expect to have to work as a cab driver or something.

i am looking to study in a college here or australia
i don't have a degree yet

Get a degree from Straya. Sensible employers won't consider degrees from India for anything other than simple code monkey positions.

>asking Cred Forums for advice
Maybe you shouldn't be an engineer.

go wherever is cheaper
if you're planning on staying in canada/australia, don't go to college, go to university

kek this.

this is not how it works poo

i am probably just passing my time here maybe i will get some sensible answers


White people don't want to take care of you Pajeet, stay in your own country and take care of yourself.

says the 500 pound faggot who lives in his mom's apartment

What kind of engineer?

computer science


If you go to a western university, you'll have to be smart (my class of 200 became a class of about 30 by my last year).

The international students get blown the fuck out hard, so again, make sure you know what you're getting yourself into.

If you study in india, you'll never ever get a job in the west by the way, companies are realizing that indian programmers are dogshit and the ones that employed indian programmers are paying for it now because they have to hire actual skilled white/asian programmers in the west to fix all the trash code indians wrote.

t. my job as a coop in 4th year was literally fixing pajeet code for 4 months

what can i do to prepare myself?

learn code on your own time
learn calc 1, calc 2 on your own time since those tend to be the classes people get ruined in, same with linear algebra

if you can survive by the end of second year without failing anything, you'll likely survive the program

also you COULD go to a good indian university for undergrad and then come do a masters in australia or canada

thanks for the advice.
wouldn't they teach me in university on how to code? or do i need prepare in advance?

a good university in india has acceptance rate even lower then harvard and other elite colleges.
so i'll pass on that

they teach you how to code but at an accelerated pace usually

i see

Pajeet engineers are really overrated.
They can't even speak in English correctly.


i agree, most people here just want to do engineering beacuse there is more money it almost everyone is do engineering here. it's just pathetic

print "Hello shit spreader!"

>They can't even speak in English correctly.
Pajeets do a better job at that than nip, though.


Pajeet engineers are rated correctly, at least here. Companies tried hiring them to save money, but it cost them more in the long run. Indian trained coders are trash and all their code has to be fixed by competent coders. No one hires Indians here anymore.

>t. smaller economy than Japan