Lads? edition

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need a grimes gf


strange man

love country life butter


>Radical right: The Northern League
>reopen Italy’s brothels.


bit keen there lads

can feel a janitorial nut implosion coming any second now

putos todos

i like money

adore this dog

he has a point

cretin, wasteman, fool, headass


quiet, you



kin ell

Gonna bump all of them to annoy janny

>adore this dog



don't like a single being south of coventry

>tfw you'll never go to a poor SEAsian country and get women by asserting financial dominance over them

why even live

janny is a fanny

>Cred Forums x


You can literally do this right now. What's stopping you?

that is a massive fanny

got quite a few (You)s there in that last thread



you can do that lad

>getting (You)s by replying to people
that's cheating


Honest thoughts on Jean-Michel Basquiat's art?

all me

Huey Long . self-nicknamed The Kingfish, was an American politician who served as the 40th governor of Louisiana from 1928 to 1932.

Long's Share Our Wealth plan was established on February 23, 1934 with the motto "Every Man a King". Long's program, however, diverged significantly from Marxist communism. In particular, the Share Our Wealth program preserved the concept of private property.

When asked whether his plan was communist, Long replied: "Communism? Hell no! ... This plan is the only defense this country's got against communism."

Long attempted to import his ideology outside of his state. At a rally in Iowa, he said: "Do you believe in the redistribution of wealth?", receiving a huge "Yes!" as a response. He responded "I could take this state like a whirlwind".

Roosevelt in a letter to his friend: "Long plans to be a candidate of the Hitler type for the presidency in 1936. Long thinks he would be made dictator. There are in fact some Southerners looking that way, and some Progressives drifting that way... Thus it is an ominous situation"

On September 8, 1935, Long was assassinated with a handgun from four feet away.

bradleyposters are deano retards

Proud of myself for getting my thread in first

tried to install a bunch of mods for new vegas but the game kept crashing


is it true that brits like to torture whales?

>You arrive in London


you're thinking of japense

did u download new vegas anti crash

patrick bateman was gay


Why is it such a perfect shot Cred Forumsros?

>bradleyposters are deano retards

shut up cleanshirt

Any putting out the fire with gasoline man in?

A spate of muggings in my area recently, and the police don't seem to be doing much, what weapon should I carry in my toilbag?

any communist lads in?


just received a death threat for making a /brit/ thread

Wish beto would return love watching him antagonise brainless micks

Holly Earl. She's very posh and very qt



too mentally healthy to be one

*mischievous face*

whats it like to wake up in bed next to a beautiful female ?

Shite, but i've seen worse. His is not the most overpriced art out there

I am king of the Deanos

>is it true that brits like to torture whales?
nah we're quite nice to the welsh, we only torture the irish

need to sniff her knickers

>THE bradley poster (singular)

evelyn was merely his gay beard

cold because the bitch is hogging the covers



Had to do it at GCSE art so grew to hate it

i was going off this list

probably smell like tesco's own brand toilet bleach with the length of time she's in there scrubbing liquid poo

you're an autistic little german freak
jog on you weirdo


Fucking HELL. She looks just like the girl in work. I can't breathe.

the scribblings of a manchild

did u try restarting ur computer

do you want to shag my arse?

not really sure what that means

Got Rorke in a right tizz

Bit bent tbqh.

Here lad, Maoist man myself

Ah, the lady doth protest too much, methinks.

for fack sakes ive been on spotify for ages now when will it give me the bloody Discover weekly thing

top lel
fucking kek
dude lmao
omega lulz

i want five

ConmanCorbyn don't @ me

yeah you wouldn't would you
jog on

I thoroughly enjoy The Economist shitting all over her

Got any other recommendations? Something like that but with a bit of a Lucian Freud vibe going on, if you get what I'm trying to get at? Don't know much about the arts, 2bqh.

crying ngl

the emerald city

so this is the power of /leftypol/


broken britain

interesting compared to its contemporaries, his crown has been we wuz'd way too much though

>not just doing pots and shit
fucked it mate

man got big ting As for just drawing a bunch of pots and pans



>tfw mine is open

Francis Bacon


The aussieboo has arrived

that's actually not bad, looks like it was done by an 80 year old woman, but not bad at all

old gimmick

but a good one

i imagine the scottish accent would knock a few points off her attractiveness rating

won't someone PLEASE think of the rubbery-lipped golliwogs

>The Economist? I LOVE The Economist

oh jeremy corbyn...

you're a britaboo though


Very nice akshually. Thanks, lad.

What was the last thing you bought lads? For me it was a frying pan splash guard and arnie's encyclopedia of bodoybuilding. Okay now your turn.

we are here because Diev et nostre droit
we are entitled to all anglo generals


me n the lads

a 20z pepsi for $1.89


my ears always pop on the victoria line


Probably both tbf

Fookin hate phone posting all my nice pics are on the pc

Don't see how so many mongs can live in SEAsia, I'd love to go there on holiday, but couldn't imagine living in humid heat, filth and having every local see me as a walking wad of cash/sexpat every day

Anti-intellectualism is the downfall of whites

bought a David Hockney lithograph from a shop when i was about 16 and the shopkeeper kept looking at me and telling me about all the work he'd done with teen boys

got a bit nervous desu

super noodles

Need to jettison the runts. Simple as.

What's a good game or book to distract myself from awful reality

goldsmith should have won

>bought a David Hockney lithograph from a shop when i was about 16



few wool shirts, wool jumper and a teddy (for my niece) from Brooks Brothers

scented candles and calvados

>humid heat
you are so right
depends where singapore is bare clean
>having every local see me
depends where again shit like singapore or hong kong is chill (although the cantonese in hong kong are a lot more rude than the singaporeans). If you mean like hitting up fucking Manila or Kuala Lumpur then yeh it's a bit third world mate.

the economist isn't intellectual it's peak materialist

goldsmith is a fucking retard

HATED art at school my art teacher was an ex smackhead who clearly was not fit to teach children only ever made us do edgy modern art and got frustrated and started swearing when a bunch of welsh farm kids failed to grasp the meaning of his odd homoerotic sculptures also played skrillex really loudly when you were trying to work when I told him I wasn’t going to art at sixth form he sperged out and said it was a waste of talent even tho I was never particularly good at it had to ask lads in class to make his rollies for him as his hands were too shaky

test drove a rabbit today lads
it was quite peppy

is it true that brit lads like to suck eachothers dick?

need a qt hispanic gf.

Literally wine.

>super noodles
what are those?

you've probably made at least double your money on that buy assuming you're not super underage

anything beyond wanking together is bent

intellectuals should be shot point blank in the back of the head

why, you looking to join in faggot?

from all the explosions?

hello rasheed

fantasising about being a vigilante

20 years old mate

lost it in a house move anyway haha

potato famine

do brit men really wank together

the drinking game

is is true that u r gay?

It is really good.

alright stalin

can't believe nobody mentioned radical centrism yet
dead gimmick

>he had no mates to wank with growing up

Of course

the economist used to be a good magazine about 10 years ago, it's really gone downhill since then and have literally turned into an SJW toerag

Love soggy biscuit me

alri Pol Pot

skrrt skrrt

God, wish I was back in red

having a wank with the lads

Chinese take away and beer

it's a bit mad that brits speak english when you think about it

oh hi Paul

>the economist used to be a good magazine about 10 years ago, it's really gone downhill since then and have literally turned into an SJW toerag

Stretch out my anus please, m8

The conservatives are better at politics than all of the other parties combined.

The only person to beat them in a national election since 1975 was Tony Blair, and he only did it by accepting Conservative Economic policy for the first few years of his government.

Just think about last year. They had an uncharismatic, incompetent leader on a power trip surrounded by clueless antagonistic idiots who had never run a national election, putting out the worst manifesto of all time that the majority of cabinet ministers didn't see, sidelined their core issue just so they could sack the chancellor, and had as their flagship policy taking money away from their base when they were at their most vulnerable.

They ran the worst fucking campaign of all fucking time, and still got the largest number of seats in parliament.

The greatest weakness of the left is not realising that.

The bible


rate it tbf


Why are Canada and Australia above us? How are those countries more democratic?

oh fuck off you tedious nigger
NOBODY thinks you're funny apart from maybe beto

paki fuming

i have thought about this. really fascinating that i can communicate with these guys

ANYTHING associated with being "upper class" should be abolished, it serves no purpose, "class" shouldn't exist, one man should not act superior to another due to his assets

BLM ACAB fellow comrade

the asian demon grabs you by the stomach and strikes at your loins

rorke is the only one brave enough to speak the truth

1776 will commence again

That's The Guardian

feels like that's every media these days

I find myself laughing at most of the Swede's posts. Funny lad that.

mate when everyone konws how to hold a fucking knife and fork or serve a table properly then sure i'll give up the class ghost but untill then it's necessary so I know i'm dealing with someone who has eaten at a fucking table before.

you know The Economist has been shilling for SJW shit for ages? they were one of the first publication to be in favour of gay marriage

>ANYTHING associated with being "upper class" should be abolished, it serves no purpose, "class" shouldn't exist, one man should not act superior to another due to his assets

>it serves no purpose
wrong. hierarchy is natural to man
> "class" shouldn't exist, one man should not act superior to another due to his assets
not an argument

but he has superior genetics

working class people are the worker ants, expendable, inferior.

a spectre looms on the new day's dawn

so glad JK Rowling, Destiny and Lily Allen are around to stick up for immigrants in this time of hatred and fascism

not the fucking Sun, always had a slag or two in there

*colonizes your mum*

Guardian probably has the best rugby coverage to be fair

asian girls are humble and traditional pal


Paul's a bit grumpy tonight

Toil on the morrow lads

It's 0830, enjoying a glass of water

teen vogue and buzzfeed have teamed up to take down the alt-right misogynist nazi bigots, and it's fucking brilliant

we need to abolish heritability. different people having different abilities is unfair

doing any overtime today lad?

it's harder to be a white man in 2018 Britain than jewish in 1940 Germany

The Times has good rugby coverage, they do have some right mongs on it sometimes though

young white men have a high suicide rate and that's okay

wtf waitrose is amazing, is this how rich people eat all the time? How is this storebought pizza so fucking good, and how are these anchovies so perfect


*enters the thread*

>The Times has good rugby coverage

the nigger cotton smacks its lips and collects its dole money

amazon reviews of tommy robinsons latest book

It's 0430, eating an apple



how are we doing this afternoon lads?

there was a time in 2013 when the tesco woodfired pizza was genuinely better than a hut or dominoes or whatever, don't rate waitrose that much though desu prefer m&s esp for ready meals

Fila, Head, Kappa, Ellesse, Sergio Tacchini, Burberry, Diadora
Fila, Head, Kappa, Ellesse, Lonsdale, Lacoste, Kickers, Lees

>poop exposediola

Only just got home, deadline's looming so I offered to give Toilberg a hand, unpaid naturally

so THIS is the power of race mixing


whos that??

you are such a vile beast, death would be a gift for you

Ear eating is so erotic

*heems you with a single punch*

my boss

you cant listen to jamie xx sober

it's evening you lunatic haha

absolutely fucking dire gimmick


Why do news outlets now add expletives to headlines and bylines?

doing my internship so all my overtime is unpaid
still doing it as i have nothing else to do hehe

all I got near me is a co-op really and this put the co-op's pizzas to shame, can agree m&s sushi and their other ready meals are top-notch though

>french canadians


£54 million for kyle walker and he defends like that

>Man Shitty




Wouldn't expect a paddy to understand since you don't work


you want to hear something wacky? morrisons own brand pizzas are actually pretty good they have some flavour and everything

Based Tommy spending more time in muslim hearts and minds than allah

one punch man

shut up

just got home from a 12 hour unitoil shift

this kills the roche



you really are an idiot

It's 0836 finished my glass of water

shut up

only good thing to come out of canada to be honest with you

Good lad, working unpaid frees up capital for toilberg allowing him to expand our economy further

Toil on the morrow, fucking stoked

I have upset the Irishmen again


hmm, any personal favourites?

>bad music for the most part
>problem hair

they aren't better than other parties, they're just the natural party of government. If in doubt, the Conservatives get in.
it was the same with Labour in Scotland for a while. It's not that they were actually talented or useful (hence why they were eventually BTFO), it's just a mixture of culture and inertia.



this is way better than it has any right to be, proper flavours and everything not bad for 2 quid

so this is the power of english gals...impressive...

Could heem any milky bar kid from any country

New Zealand milky bar kid?
Australian milky bar kid?
UK milky bar kid?


strange. I have seen this girl posted for years and never once heard her voice.

Would love to slip my knob in her

my dad likes milky bars and he could heem you

>rorke literally has no response to this


The Tarquin Experience

she's cute

If your dad ever puts on a cowboy hat and glasses will not hesitate to put him down like the dog he is

i like sucking milky bars
sucking it for ages to savour the atste

looks like a paki to me


>The Guardian begging for donations at the bottom of this article

Evidently the irony was lost on them

Do like thin and crispy pizzas but that looks a bit runty

does anyone have the post where the guy lists all the things his mother found in his room and there's like weed, tablets he pretended to take, 7 pissbottles, £200 that his mother is keeping, rotten grapes, a book wedged shut by cum, etc.

>>rorke literally has no response to this

just telling it how it is what you do with this information is up to you

What? Immigrants bragging that they belong in the UK because they're ten thousand years of evolution behind the natives?

no l am

i feel like shit lads haha here we go again


yeh 0.0

reply to my post when I've bought it



i don't speak to non whites

business idea: website dedicated to documenting celebrity poos

yes I'm sure a biologist at ucl is ten thousands year behind

need a leaf expat gf

Ah yes, the autosuggestion technique

state of this mong
would love to give him a good rap on the head

>towards Brits

>towards non-brits
>n-no i-im a b-b-british woman, i-ive never even been to i-india, stop c-calling me that :(

your mom