Thoughts on eating rat sandwich?

Thoughts on eating rat sandwich?

why does he have protection on the hand that doesnt need it?

are they healthy? I plan to go to china and I wanna test some Chinese food

the lid probably gets hot


How are those rats not chewing his hand off, they fucking bite deep.

uma delicia...

think I'm gonna go vegetarian now *pukes*

Miss him yet?

i prefer 串儿 over sandwich

poor rats :(

This. They're very smart creatures. I don't understand why he can't just kill them before cooking them

uma delicia

Chinks aren't human

You eat rats normally?

meat needs to be tender

so are pigs, more so, but that doesn't stop you pepperoni fiends from grinding them up

>I don't understand why he can't just kill them before cooking them

I wouldn't be like a moralfag but it just doesn't even seem efficient

when I watch animal cruelty I get the urge to stop eating meat. I doesn't last long I like in the land of the prosciutto and the best cold cuts in italy.

I'm gonna be serious... I understand if you are too poor to get non-meme meat, you can eat every animal you want, hunger is not a game...

But there's no need to that level of sadism which can be easily taken as evilness, what is the need to torture a poor animal with boiled water, and then skinning it alive?

Eat rats, I don't care. But for fucks sake you have to torture the thing?

We don't boil them alive, mutt
They get a bullet in the brain and then they're processed
Also what you call "pepperoni" is actually salame. Peperoni are peppers

>cooking them alive

What country is responsible for this garbage?

I don't think nukes are morally better than normal bombs, though

Who else but chinks pull off this type of shit

>oh man, sknning rats is so bad! let me just cut the throat of this chicken here instead

I don't know if eating meat makes you dumb, or if being dumb makes you eat meat.

I don't understand why the Chinese need to be so barbaric towards the animals they rear for food.

Stop killing plants piece of shit

>plants are the same as animals
Biology 101:

t. baby brocoli murderer

Many asians believe that more pain an animal is going through at death the tastier the meat will be due to adrenaline. Pretty messed up desu.
That along with "religious" style butchering(torture) the jews and muslims do with their meat should be banned.


>Many asians believe

I'm sure that's only remote villages in China

are you always this pretentious?

Yeah, should of clarified that I have only heard it about Chinese and rarely Koreans. But due to the fact the Chinese make up the vast majority of the asian population, the "many" is still accurate imo.

it only sounds like pretentiousness to dumb people.

I see, you’re always that pretentious lol

you're just always that dumb

its to prove that it's fresh meat, not scam rotten meat, but yeah not enough of a good reason desu

yeah I know it's still not wrong, unfortunately

It usually tastes better tbqh
The difference was quite noticeable when I ate some live octopus tentacles compared to dead ones. It shouldn't make a big difference when the animal is already dead though afaik

t. rat

Using synonyms isn't funny at all