What if this happened?

What if this happened?

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at that point, why stop there.


It already did

They will be forced to leave. The burger fears the leaf.

The Great White North becomes a lot less white

Hopefully it won't happen without America becoming a Commonwealth nation.

Then the democrats would win all elections

add northern mexico and cuba, populate it with hwites
add greenland
add honk kong
add philippines
add Taiwan and okinawa
that is all

no republican would ever get elected as president again, unless the party moved to the left, leaving ground for the democrats to move even further left.

face reality muttboy

Texas what did you do to Canada's leaf?


Subtract the GTA and its whiter than you Achmed

And Vancouver right? Yeah cool subtract our big cities and we’re white too wow wtf how does that work...

We've accepted we're not a white country, why can't you?

>t. le 72% face
you're catching up fast

What if this happened?

Republicans would never win again.

circumvent that
unite 2 liberal mexican states for every conservative mexican one
stateside gerrymandering

Honestly, not a whole lot would change.


La creatura del norte....

dios mio

we'd gain a tiny bit of useful land and a WHOLE FUCKING LOT of useless tundra bullshit

Please free Québec in the process, thanks.


That would reignite the Québécois separatist movement so I approve of your idea.


Why would any Mexican state vote Republican


you can't fool me, I've been to Toronto sonny jim

Should be the other way around

Literally no difference. Canada is just America light.

in more ways than one


What if this happened?

Yeah, that 53% is a lot lighter than our 56%.