They are honestly nice and polite posters

They are honestly nice and polite posters.

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I agree. Is sad we bully them so hard.

blink twice if you need rescue

Only Mallus and Bengalis are bad posters. Communism has made them hate white people.

thanks very rarely do i see this


"poo in loo" is an unfunny Cred Forums normalfag meme tbqh

indians are niceposters and rarely do they chimpout unlike many countries on here

They have nice women

who are the nicest and most polite posters here?


>japan, finland, argies, brazil
>scream and ruin every thread

>posts innocuous comment

Australians, certainly

You mean NZ

>indians are niceposters

The few Indian badposters wear lungis and Che t-shirts.


tbf that meme was spread because a few butthurt Indian nationalists were in that thread doing damage control

indians are great people

They poo in da streets

but they are ugly and uncool. so much like in real life, it doesnt matter if they are also nice and polite.

Its a hairy dude

Everyone likes poo since we were 3yo.

kiwis are jerks tbqh, but in an adorable way
the real japs are genuinely nice, not zainichi tough

i wanna fuck a yank in ass

>says the steppe chink


I like Indians as long as they're not in my country

Indians in the US? Great
Indians in India? Great
Indians in NZ? Get fucked you dirty shitskins

and? that's not an indian neither he is a kazakh, retarded gook

that's you, dont pretend it isnt, you nolifer faggot replying to me in milliseconds

Even your beloved street shitters are snubbing your cuck president


>nolifer faggot
>spends most of his life shitting in ussr threads
lmao hypocritical gook

oooooops so you admitted it's you nolifer obizhenka scum, no more replies for you subhuman muslim shit who got so butthurt from my banter HE LEFT FOR FEW MONTHS [email protected]@[email protected]@

Is this a troll?

>steppenigger delusions
back to your sosach slaughterhouse, shoo shoo

тaтapcкий нeдoчeлoвeк

Honestly, if you blocked Quebec and Alberta, we'd be nice too.

That said, I agree with OP.

this isn't your russian trashbin general, why do you post in russian you retarded goblin?

underrated post

мycлимcкий лoх

want milky.

Indian women are so beautiful

you dumb little monkey, here i'll you show you the way in case you got lost :)

вcё eщe oтвeчaeт мнe, cын мycyльмaнcких живoтных, КEККК

family photo
how cute :)

>a kazakh bullying indians

LOL. craziest shit i've seen all day.

Just my opinion
Indians, Australians, NZ, South Koreans.
Canadians, Germans, Swedes, Russians, Danes, Israelis
Poles, Brits, Fins, Mexicans, that one Qatar poster.
Americans, Brazilians, Turks.
Poles can probably be shit tier. They're unbearable.
(Excuse grammar I'm a burger using a shit phone.)

>a chocolate bar bullying borat
Nope, this might be it

I forgot Japs. They're shit tier.

they are not even real japs, just weeb americans either abroad or with proxies

The problem with Poles is that most of them here unironically support the NOP.

I'm fine with memes, but when you are serious you miss me with that gay shit.


They're obnoxious and their language is very ugly.

лoх тaтapcкий oдинoкий лoхпидp нeт дpyзeй aзaaaхaхaaхaхaх и дeнeг нeт y мaмы c пaпoй, пoэтoмy в гoвнoчeхии yчитcя, плaк плaк

>lonely borat without life and money projecting this much
sad :(

лoх тaтapcкий

>t. Gook diaspora

Indians are a lot of fun to hang out with if they're Westernized, and if not they're still very nice. It's a real shame how poorly they're perceived.
How can you praise South Koreans when they're just as insufferable on here as the japs?

>Indians are a lot of fun to hang out with if they're Westernized, and if not they're still very nice. It's a real shame how poorly they're perceived.
and I fucking understand that, logically I understand they are alright.

your curb-crapping, alley-alleviating, pavement-pooping people are the reason people want flags on /biz/

Ever see a South Korean shit talk a jap?
That alone is my justification.

pick one

Unless your girl, in which case you have to open bobs or get raped

yeah, all the time you cunt