Why Cred Forums people think that Germany is going to fail and die? Germany is expanding its demographic structure...

Why Cred Forums people think that Germany is going to fail and die? Germany is expanding its demographic structure, there are growing their economy in very good way. They gradually become economical HEART OF EUROPE, multicultural and economical super of this continent. Germany is an empire of 21st century.

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This abomination is not Germany, Germany died in 1945.

Yeah, but look that Germans will be demographic power in the future. Other countries will be reducing demographically (Russia too), but Germany will stay powerful. As you know, they are pragmatic. They don't give a fuck if their will be black or yellow, important is that they will be living still in high level

>they are pragmatic

yea let in 2 mio third worlders with no education as well as no german or english skills in your country is the most pragmatic thing you could do

what about their children borned and raised in Germany as a typical German citizens?

No one thinks Germany will fail save for retarded conservatives. The 2015 refugee crisis was just a minor road bump.

It is too big to fail. At least not that kind of failure.

the only thing that's growing in Germany are sex crime statistics

It doesn't work. German culture is too neutered, plus a lot of germans even of left type just never accept brown person as german.

>empire of 21st century
Modern empires are very short lived. Why would the Americans French for example tolerate getting financially raped by the Germans? The Brits already bailed. How can Germany compete with China when they'll start producing quality products? Steadily the world is descending to another trade war. Everyone against everybody. More local armed conflicts will erupt.

Who the fuck cares Ivan? Also, I would share what we have with Poland and the rest of the EU, as long as it's for a common good thing.

I live right in the melting pot in Frankfurt and there are stereotypes and there a genuine people which you can talk with and work with. There are lots of Americans, Brits, Turks, Poles and Russians living here. They all just want to live their lifes and be happy and don't cause trouble for fun. They are not different from the average Indian or Japanese, or whatever there are.

I unironically want Germany to be the heart of a united Europe, and to reign peacefully as an economic powerhouse.

this is, what will be your own demise on a globalized world.

This, I got some friend whose mother fled from Ethiopia when she was pregnant with him. He was raised here, speaks natively German (in fact the only language he speaks fluently), went to Uni, participates in any cultural/communal activities and perceives himself as a German altogether. Yet nobody who isn't close to him would notice him as a German, especially leftists always try to push him into a victim migrant role.

Serious question, I've been thinking of learning german for a long time now. Is it worth it? Most of my family speaks it and it'd be nice learning it as well, but could I give it some irl use in the future?

>Why Cred Forums people think
>Cred Forums

>They all just want to live their lifes and be happy and don't cause trouble for fun.
Yeah, that's all fine but what about all the previous generations who fought and died to defend their land and their people? Do their sacrifices end up being in vain? Because if the people get replaced it's pretty much game over, that country which was - no longer is.

That's the current state of things without the peacuful part

yeah, if you have German relatives you should even apply for German citizenship

>Germany accepts refugees?
No problem, that's not my country.

>Merkel said "Japan should accept refugees"?
Fuck you refugee spreader rotten twat.
Meat Hitler in the hell.

Please guys, make Germany a successful, tolerant and open society, so the Russkies will become green with envy in their holy and patriotic Motherland.

What do you define as replaced? I have a non-german gf too. Do I wine about muh white race?

>What do you define as replaced?
People of certain ethnicity being replaced by people of other ethnicities/races?

People who grow up here learn the same traditions as native Germans who grow up here. Hell I even know a Turk with Bavarian dialect. They love the country here more than some Germans do.

this, I hope that Poland will be in partnership with successful Germany and Russkies will be as always still eat shit and live like animals

So oblivious...

>let me tell you about your country

So it's just the race in your eyes. I couldn't give less fucks about some eyes colors, if I have a loving gf.

Germany will be the same just darker. These refugees are all male they can't just marry girls of their own kind, they need to mix with German girls who will give their children German work ethic.
Give it 50 years and Germany will be a workaholic Greece with no alcohol problems.

Literally what I'm doing.
Only 3rd world hellholes know about the dangers of multiculturalism, so you should know it as well

As sad as it might sound like, but they will end up alone. It's not like girls fuck everybody on the street, Pekka.

>Why Cred Forums people think that Germany is going to fail and die?

The thing is: Germany has no resources. Our people are our capital. We live from our know how and work ethics, we literrally have nothing else.
Now we replace smart middle europeans by unskilled, uneducated, stupid muslims.
What could probably go wrong?

this, many girls (no matter from what country) looks at some things like financial stability and wealth of partner

Germany must die.

Don't you have a lot of coal in Germany?

>Germany has no resources
That's plainly wrong. We have actually lots of resources compared to others countries in Europe or Japan.


Some brown coal that is just burned here or energy, nothing to sell.
We had stone coal, but it is really deep beneath the surface and can't costwise compete with coal from other cunts so literally all of the mines closed. (the main reason whole Ruhr area went to shit the last 30 years)

I have a question for normal Germans. Why do you treat Russians as your natural partners and allies, why Poland can't it be? In history even if you partitioned Poland you always have wars with Russia after that. These wars were even more brutal than wars with Poland. With Poles as a neighbours Holy Roman Empire had a veeery long peace.

what if the Brexit will be successful and it will make the EU more unstable?

that can damage Germany?

What? Tell me what we got.
I know got some minor stuff (salt, gypsum, potash salt) that is just enough to keep a few mines with like 20 people afloat, but anything worth mentioning?

>vast land of nearly infinite resources
>A small disorganized country not producing anything useful

>make EU more unstable
No, after Brexit the only lose will be Britian. If Britain will out from EU, Germany will become more powerful after that, so Brexit is beneficial for Germans and French (the biggest economies in EU)

maybe, so Germans treat ruskies as a source prostitutes?

Yeah and I can bark as a dog but I am not a dog now am I?
>fyrom talking about this
Identity comes out of biological aka racial and cultural characteristics. People whose proximity in these characteristics to the host population let's say in the case of Germany - Poles, Scandinavians, western Europeans and even some from the south can easily assimilate because they're of the same race and depending on some of the previously mentioned their cultural background which varies (protestant/catholic, germanic/slavic etc).
This assimilation potential decreases the further an individual comes from a biological and cultural standpoint as well as the amount of people involved in this process.
When you do this on a big scale and replace the original population with something else and something much further as is the case with current immigration trends, can you consider Germany to be inhabited by Germans anymore when it loses the unique combination of characteristics which defined what it meant to be German or you're simply happy to redefine the meaning of being German to become a USA-type society where German could be anyone regardless of origin and culture as long as they speak the language and "behave"? Because in the latter case you can no longer talk about existence of the German people as they existed in the past.

I wouldn't mind a partnership with Poland. It would be worth alot. But we have not much influence of politics in our country. But I also think that "partnership" with Russia, is alsways just big headlines on the news paper. We don't trade so much with Russia.

t. Saxon

We even pump oil here. It's just not so much that you can maintain the entire country. And it's not financially feasable yet, with the oil prices so low.

Just because Poles don't want it.
I mean we don't give Poland billions of Euros just because our banks would burst otherwise and have trade restrictions against Russia at the same time becaue we like Russia more than Poland.
It is just that Poland is literally the most butthurt country in the world.
(Plus right now Merkel took a hard turn to the left while Polish politicians are on a good way...)

Not only Germany/ All whitods are.
There are too little children.

Compared to our whole GDP, what does it give?
0,01%? 0,1%?
We got nothing, seriously.

>Merkel said "Japan should accept refugees"
source or didn't happen

because Cred Forums is an echochamber for racist retards. remeber how Cred Forums got triggered with Black Panther because it has blackpipo in it so they used mental gymnastics to convince themselves that the movie would flop and when it didn't they got so butblasted that they shat up Cred Forums for days with race-bait threads? same thing here, they convinced themselves that it will fail against any logic just because they don't like brownpipo.

Every right winger is retarded as Cred Forums


Refusing to admit this is delusion. I have no interest in nu-Germany.

And where do you wanna go then? Will you go to China and be the refugee there?

> Germany is morphing itself into something that doesn't resemble Germany
> black Germans
> Semetic Germans

Germany is dead, it's up to ethnic Germans to revive it or leave it in the ground. What you have now is not Germany. It's a cuck state that values materialism over the German people.

Historically Russia has always been the main resource supplier to Western Europe - first in 17th century it provided wood for the English fleet, later it became the biggest wheat producer in the world, and in 20th century it was one of the main oil suppliers. And all this was needed by all western economies, not only Germany.

However in recent years Poland's share in Germany's foreign trade is increasingly growing. You can easily google the data. It's total value is already twice as large as your trade with Russia.

I'm staying. I just don't wanna partake in this new poor man's USA mutt society bult upon lies. Leave me alone with this shit.

Why would he have to go anywhere? His sentiment is gaining strength, not just in Germany, but in Europe as a whole. Give it 10-15 years, after the damage of multikulti is seen it's people like you that will have to escape with your mutt children, not people like him, you know, Germans.

well he's a fucking ethiopian mouthbreathing nigger
should fuck right off desu

>ywn see Germany as your closest ally

why live?
why are we still here

That's great, you can teach a monkey to smoke cigs, it's still a monkey. There is no such thing as a black " German ", he is Ethiopian due to blood. And that is all that matters.

Your mentality is why Eastern Europe will remain a home for Europeans while Western Europeans are bred out of existence in their own homes.

>melting pot of a "nation"
>lecturing Germany about their national identity
wew lad

Did I say I was Canadian? I agree with you, Canada has no culture, it's a leftist experiment gone wrong that is doomed to fail like all other left wing social experiments. I am just inside Canada at the moment.

It is still germany, who cares lol
Boring ass country

You forgot about Czech Republic

>says the little germany with legal weed


lol, it remind me one thing.
I watched one brazilian tv show.
it named the Tropikana i think.
One man told to his gay son. I dont want you care about biglips nigger. It's true. They said exactly these words on tv.

Let's just face the facts.
Blacks and Arabs can never, will never be successfully integrated.
Either they will replace us or we will drive them out for good.

I am a proud German to the core (actually I am the child of immigrants myself but at least they're Europeans haha amirite 120% assimilated) and it's seriously upsetting to not hear a single word of German spoken when you're out in the city or taking the train anywhere. Seriously, sit in any train and you will inevitably have some Arab or Nigger screaming on the phone in his disgusting language.
And on the rare occasion you hear German it is exclusively a bastardized Turk-German influenced dialect. Even blonde, blue eyed little German boys are talking like this to each other. I don't get it.
German is dead.
I walk around outside all day and I can count on one hand the times I meet a non-migrant. Everywhere you look it's headscarfs, blacks, refugees.
Actually, the only Germans you ever see are construction workers and homeless drinking their beer at the train station kiosk.
We often have school classes coming in for tours at the company to look at the machines and whatnot and it's funny to see how public schools are 90% black haired migrant kids with Burka wearing teachers, while the private schools are exclusively German kids with the odd few little Asians in between.

RIP Germania


Don't give up, and don't forget that other Euros are your friends. The Slavs especially.

>muh American turkroaches in Germany
Get rekt you russocuck swine.

>emeber how Cred Forums got triggered with Black Panther because it has blackpipo in it so they used mental gymnastics

No it's because of the insanity that our countries became, the pushing "minorities delusion and literally because 'wakanda' is an ethno-state, the thing that all countries in the world can have, with the excpetion of whites of course.

It's inevitable though. If you are at this point of society, you need the computer specialist from India and you need the one banker from the UK. I'm not saying that the refugee thing was a good decision, but I'm saying that big tech countries are successful, because they get their work pool from specialists around the world. And you can't do this with local knowledge. You will end-up with a society like in California, New York or Toronto. It's just the way it is or you go back to stone-age.

>oh no he posted a mosque
Nice one Ahmed

> you need the computer specialist from India

ahahah what the fuck, are you 4 years behind in terms of the workforce? You need computer specialists from white countries to fix Indian code, because its dogshit.

Also I like how you believe that a global market for jobs is a good thing. Those Indians are lowering the value of labor for German CS students. It's a race to the bottom, and like a useful idiot you are cheering on while the elites make money and the middle class shrinks.

Yeah I am sure the Indian computer specialist community in Germany is thriving.

No, but as Merkel said, look at all the new doctors and engineers you have now. Ignore the fact that 40% of kids born in 2016 in Germany were not German.

Neoliberalism is worse than nazism and communism combined.

I'm not talking about outsourcers, retard. I'm talking about smart people who move, because they are smart. And the average Indian is 10 times better than the dumb German in mathematics. If they move here, it's a benefit and if a Pole finds a job here and pays his same taxes as a German, he is a benefit too. These people are immigrants too.

I'm working in this field Steffen

South Korea? Japan?

He posted a mosque in Russia, THE BIGGEST one in Europe. It shows that Russians are hypocritical fuckers, because they always tell about muh race'n'heritage

> And the average Indian is 10 times better than the dumb German in mathematics


> If they move here, it's a benefit and if a Pole finds a job here and pays his same taxes as a German, he is a benefit too.

Yeah, take in all the foreigners and watch your ethnic size shrink and shrink into nothingness. It doesn't matter if you're building a rich country, if you're building it for Pajeet's bloodline. So pathetic.

>highly skilled migrants are good that's why you should just open the gates and let everyone in because it's the way of the future

It seems that 1st world people has lost their touch with reality for a long long time.

Some Germans ITT sound as if half of their population came from the Middle East or from Africa, while in reality it's maybe 10%.

Come here and take a walk.

> Some Germans ITT sound as if half of their population came from the Middle East or from Africa, while in reality it's maybe 5%
> Some Germans ITT sound as if half of their population came from the Middle East or from Africa, while in reality it's maybe 10%.
> Some Germans ITT sound as if half of their population came from the Middle East or from Africa, while in reality it's maybe 20%
> Some Germans ITT sound as if half of their population came from the Middle East or from Africa, while in reality it's maybe 35%
> Some Germans ITT sound as the half of their population that came from the Middle East or from Africa isn't really German

This is white genocide in a nutshell

And it disproves posts points how exactly?

it doesn't change that Russia is hyphocritical shithole. At least future Germans (even non-white) will live much better than your shitty citizens-animals

Holy shit, how are Russians always the biggest weeaboos around?

Thank you Poland together we are an empire of the 21st century

>At least future Germans (even non-white) will live much better than your shitty citizens-animals
That's what you believe

I'm willing to bet that you're fag that became self hating of your own country because of it

Because majority of Cred Forums's German posters aren't ethnic Germans. No wonder that there is such meme after their shitposts.

What are you even implying? Poland is better than anything in South America.

>because they always tell about muh race'n'heritage
Is it what they show you in Polish media, lol?

Are you able to read?
>He's a fag
>Poland hates fags
>He begins to hate Poland

Russia is proud of it's multinationality. We are proud of our 666 nations living here. No hypocrisy here.

No, stop watch your Russian propaganda. Every right-wing politician/publicist say that everyone who serve Rzeczpospolita (Polish Republic) is a Pole. Even in our state-owned TV 30% of reporters is of foreign descent and have foreign surnames. Polish history is associated with multiculturalism

Let's see, Germany has higher HDI. More importantly, it's much higher on the World Happiness Report.
Japan's even behind frozen, drunk, irradiated Russia, for Christ's sake.
It's funny, the Japanese still love Germany, whereas Germans don't give a fuck about Japan.

>a mosque in Russia
>THE BIGGEST one in Europe
But Russia is not Europe, is it?..

No, I'm talking not about this. I mean, why do you think that Russians are always talking about muh race and heritage? Is it how Polish media portray us? Honestly we don't even have any real right-wing politicians other than a few neo-nazi freaks who weren't active for about 7 years.

C-can Australia get some to?


Geographically it is

No, it's not. The only true Europe is Poland, both geographically and culturally.

you fucking jester

Been learning German, and so have been exposing myself to German news, film, history, etc. And I have to say, they seem far less "cucked" than Cred Forums would have you believe. For example, the idea of any kind of christian (or religious at all, for that matter) party being so dominant in politics in Canada is laughable. Germans also seem to have a certain honesty about them, though a bit reserved about their true thoughts and feelings. A lot of the news I read for example does not hesitate to be frank about refugees.

We need more immigrants.