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>uhgegh protectorate means we own them!!!!!!!

wait til you see the


And now you get reverse colonized by Indians and your made up country of Pakistan. You could have prevented this.

How did Wales create such a large empire?

Whiter than you Muhammad ;'D

Just in time for the 1000th anniversary of being invaded by foreigners too.

they make such a big deal about the falklands because it's the largest overseas territory they have left HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


>britain is a fat balding manlet

Well their queen still rules over a country bigger than yours

daily reminder that this comic artist was jailed

what will happen when she will rule over an >50% muslim country? will the royal family be forced to wear burqa?

we're almost EXACTLY the same size down to the square mile


my ancestors :)


ontario is our rightful clay
never forget, 1812

My ancestors :)


Bend the knee in front of your Norman's lord.

The British had the biggest and most important empire in history and no amount of shitposting is going to change that

>in before muh homosexual spaghetti dwarves
>in before muh horse fucking chinamen
>in before muh mutt country has nukes

She already rule over 50% muslim countries

Roughly 500.000 km2 or the size of Spain

WWI was a mistake. This is France and Belgiums fault.

why are poo peelanders so adorable



They didn't rule anything that wasn't a shithole mate.
The British Empire is just a big meme.

my ancestors :)

93k square km you absolute retard

google our respective sizes, again we're almost identical, difference is like 90% of canada is uninhabitable

>The British Empire is just a big meme.
he types in english

>this flag
god Cred Forums is precious

No, this is YOUR fault, brit. If only you hadn't meddled in the war Germany would have won it - and today we wouldn't suffer from chaos in the Middle East, shrinking importance of Europe in the world and hegemony of the burger empire.

Because the USA.
Remember the USA? That colony you lost to us and the French, and went on to become far more bigger and powerful than your meme Empire ever was.
Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan are to this day the GOAT empires.

urm no sweaty try again ;) the commonwealth all uses british(commonwealth) english :)

>German little man syndrome starts an arms race
>Germany starts a war
>Loses war
>Somehow this is everyone else's fault

stupid excuses, she still rules over it + many other big countries

My ancestors :)

like he said, big tracts of worthless land

Russia is one of the largest countries on earth yet no one envies it. It's what you (can) do with the land that matters.

your land is largely useless too. russia and canada will both become more livable as global warming continues meanwhile you'll just get more desert

You could really say the same about huge parts of the US.

best timeline ever

>your land is largely useless too
Quite on the contrary, we have a shitload of resources and freshwater, as well as lots of land to retreat to inland if the seas rise. Our farmland is basically the most valuable on the planet, besides Ukraine. Pic related

Furthermore we have ports on both major oceans. Russia is basically stuck with one, because it won't live down Crimea and Kaliningrad sucks balls when the Baltic freezes. Climate change won't modify this much. Canada is of course fine, in the same exact port situation as we are. Ultimately Canada is the biggest winner in a post-climate change world despite its government being the most vocal in terms of preventing that from happening. Smells like lip service as they continue to do nothing, but then again the entire Paris Agreement is an nothingburger distraction anyway.

>russia and canada will both become more livable as global warming continues


I've made this same argument in the past, so at the core of it I agree, but you're overstating how much it will harm the USA (probably because you know nothing about our topography)

Net effect on the USA is mild, because, you know, we span over 20 degrees of latitude. 45N is equivalent to France, and on average our country is colder at that point than even Scandinavia because we don't have a Gulf Stream effect. Like the article says, the South will become a hot arid shithole, but it's already our most impoverished region. 0 * -20% is still 0.

Shes the head of the Church of England retard, even if everyone wanted her too she couldnt.

So will we genocide the Scots when the waters rise? I don't fancy sharing land with them.

>americans at the un are constantly faced with proper spelling



Not my ancestors, oddly enough.

I approve whole-heartedly

>Well their queen still rules

The British Empire is no longer and no longer relevant. China, Russia, the UK and the USA are the only relevant "empires" of today.

you think we get triggered by peer pressure? our entire country is founded on rebellion against such petty womanly elements


the sun will only shine brighter, brother




>your land is largely useless
Wait, what? The US has massive amounts of fertile land. You should check out a country with large amounts of hot, arid and for the most part useless land. Australians have done very well in the past and present to transform otherwise shitty soil into farmland and we have done a fair bit of mining but compared to the amount of land that is essentially hot rock and dirt, it's a massive barren continent. If you want to see a country that is a good example of worthless land, look more towards here than somewhere as rich and fertile as the States.
It seems so weird to read someone calling America of all things big tracts of worthless land. Maybe being in western Europe has made you out of touch with the reality of global agriculture. They grow and export so much fucking food, man. It's insane.

Top kek, good goyim.

no room to talk Wang Zhong Copperstein