Fuck Canada

Fuck Canada.


t. feuille

>"Fuck leaf"
>So says leaf


Sorry you feel that way

Can't wait for America and Canada to die. This failed experiment needs to come to an end.


>First they ruin their flag
>Now they ruin their anthem

GG no re, your best hope now is Trump annexing your sorry asses.


Did the Ukrainians and Russians do this?

Sorry I am thought Canada was yellow for a second. Killing myself now.

America planned to do that twice, right after the Civil war, and before WW2. Unfortunately, they both fell through.

I have many Canadian e-friends

Very rude desu

fuck off zando

Thanks for calling me rude...

You are one of my many Canadian e-friends

yeah what is he fuckin gay?

i also made the thread

where in ottawa do you live?

he's a serial attention whore and probably not even gay just so lonely

i hate canada so much i wish quebec would just break free already everyday it is under anglo rule i cry myself to sleep

not telling

why not? you go to uottawa or carleton?

Canada is an enemy of the White race and must be destroyed

This guy gets it!

Why would you make a thread insulting your own country?

i go to queen's, im just from ottawa

I might go to queens for my masters, how is it?

ask this guy

he doesn't actually go there iirc

I didn't go to Queen's or any university for that matter


didn't ask

depends on the program.

in general? it's okay.


econ masters

econ program seems completely average from my view.

econ undergrad students are less good commerce students.

econ masters, not undergrad, I did my undergrad in engineering at uottawa and I took some finance/econ courses which have convinced me I'd rather do that than do what I currently do

It's either queens or uoft, queens has a thesis component to it and uoft doesn't so I'm confused...

Ey fuck you buddeh

I am in my last year of undergrad at Queen’s.
Kingston is a beautiful city, downtown is really homey and has a lot of small businesses
Most of the girls here are very attractive and very easy
Campus is really nice

SJW central
Townies are scum
Queen’s administration is laughably bad

>popular in germany

Nigger what?

f*Uck you

Agreed. Many Canadians are awesome and nice people. But woefully under informed. I feel back for those who aren't aware of the direction this country is taking and the damage that is being done now.