Is it cringy to have this flag hanging in my room

Is it cringy to have this flag hanging in my room

Alot better than leaf

>union jack


That was my thinking as well. I also enjoy the fact thats its the first world war version

yes lmao you fucking autist lol you will never get a gf if you hang that flag in your room! the only acceptable flag is quebec


the girls will be throffing at the gash when they see that. hang it with pride mate

why don't you try getting the british nationality man

pretty cringe desu, i got a big ontario flag from an event and i hang it my room

>canada got rid of this flag

We have Québec to thank for that

Better than Australia's and New Zealand's. Not even worth mentioning a fucking leaf.

They already have most of the privileges of British nationality here.

Both the UK and Canada allow dual citizenship. Maybe he'll feel more British by actually getting the nationality.

no at all

based frogs always ruining it for everyone

Why do people jerk off to this flag so much? It's just a British red ensign defaced with the Canadian coat of arms.

*removes your cuckstamp*
rien de personnel mon vieux

hey do you know what its like to have to give up on 70000 of your fellow countrymen and slowly seeing them evolve into something different, not fully able to free themselves from the eternal anglo?


It's not particularly aesthetic.

alt-right faggots are doing to the red ensign what neo-nazis did to the german imperial flag

t. not going to the playoffs, team will continue to get shittier as leafs get more elite

It's not cringey to pay respect to our nation's heritage.

Anyone who thinks it's weird or cringey are not worth the time of day


why would it be

the only time it's cringey is when alt-right fags walk around with it expecting anyone to be offended by a union jack

Actually? That's tragic. When will reactionary conservatism die?

je valide

Only because it's an ugly flag. Even the leaf is better.

>alt-right fags

You mean Patriots who actually understand what Canada is?

what is Canada?

A European colony created by the British and French and settled/built by many other Europeans as well

Also- Indigenous and Inuit people.

Absolutely not. There was no Canada before Europeans created it.

The aboriginals are conquered people. We built Canada on top of them, not with them

I'm not

this is the flag of my country
fuck leafs
fuck notley
fuck frogs
free alberta dog bless

Yeah. Would punch you in person if I saw this

Yes, makes you seem like a cuckold. Bet you even have a portrait of the stupid royal cunt as well

t. butthurt commies or frogs



does canada have no good options for a flag

No, I am a Canadian Nationalist and desperately want us to carve out our own culture to be proud of other than as British serfs or corporate-friendly Tim Hortons consumers



it's not cringy

I wish that Canada would stop pretending to be the US

Ya it means you are a LARP.

we fucking are

>Canadian Nationalist
>British serfs
cringe (God Save the Queen of Canada)
>corporate-friendly Tim Hortons consumers
You're correct, fuck t*M h*Rtons

>abloo blloo we are the same as amerimutts because we speak english and have common cultural traits

We are vastly different countries. You can fuck off to the muttlands if you want though. Don't come back and stop whining about being in Canada.

>Canadians LARPing as Americans accuse Canadians of LARPing as Canadians

>ywn live in a small seaside town in east coast canada in the 50s proudly flying the Union Jack while paying respect to Her Majesty
kill me.

Woah, so this is "canadian" national identity...
Might be time to federalize, don't you think?

We are already a federated country kraut. Do you mean with the US? It will never happen.

>being ashamed of the ensign
Fuckin' liberals.

Don't worry the niggers will do that to you any day now.

Pro tip we don't want mutts in Canada.

Nice Brit cuckstamp

How are you different in any way from the US?

>Might be time to federalize, don't you think?

It's ok buddy I'll be moving up in a few years. Maybe we can be neighbors!

completely different political system, different ethnic backgrounds, different dialects of english (in spelling and some vocabulary), bilingualism

Kill yourself normalfaggot.

Ah yes, the infamous "French" "Canadians".

what are you getting at
do you seriously think nobody in canada speaks french or something?
are you a yank on a military deployment perhaps?

We don't have niggers and crazies shooting up schools on a bi-annual basis for one.

they are Canadian and they are our friends, we have our differences, we aint the same

based yank

Not all French-Canadians are from Québec, Acadians are the second-largest French-Canadian population and we have never wanted separation.