>Brit genes
>looks like THIS
what the fuck went SO RIGHT?
explain yourselves Britbongs

shes mixed

her hair is the colour of my poop

la creatura

Her mother is Brazilians and claims to be of Italian ancestry.


the decent brits are always mixed

she looks like someone who fucks black men

saw this thread on Cred Forums

>Scodelario was born Kaya Rose Humphrey on 13 March 1992 in Haywards Heath, West Sussex. Her mother, Katia Scodelario, is a Brazilian woman who moved to England in 1990; Scodelario's surname comes from her mother's Italian grandfather.[2] Her father, Roger Humphrey (died 22 November 2010),[3] was English.[4][5][6] Scodelario's parents divorced when she was a child and she was raised in London by her mother, subsequently adopting her surname and becoming fluent in Portuguese.[7]

it's probably the anglo genes that keep her from being a solid 10

British genes are an amplifier for good traits.

poop haired girls are the ones most prone to intermingling with niggers

I miss Skins

is she supposed to be hot?

she should play Ciri on the netflix's Witcher series

Nah, mother of dragons should

This is so hilariously wrong.

>poop hair
>he didn't grow out his blonde hair after childhood

>he doesnt have dirty-blonde hair
hahaha svartskalle

>>brit genes

>he thinks calling it dirty blonde will make it seem less effeminate

By that very same logic you should then admit that black people and arabs are more masculine than yourself


my logic never stated that the polar opposite of blonde is considered the most masculine and my statement has nothing to do with race

Sorry friend, that is exactly what you meant. That blonde is more effeminate than brown, but saying that you should also be able to recognize that black is more masculine than brown. Which in turn would lead to the people with darker features would be more masculine than yourself (black people and arabs)