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Switch Chanto with Shano.

>In the words of the sweet virgin Mary, "come again"
don't get it

thought the fucking yank would make the new

we had power when we were sent down to the mines or the steelmill

In the neo-mines, toilberg is king and we are the peons


>Encyclopaedia Britannica was founded and printed in Edinburgh

Why are the Scots the wisest and most inquisitive of peoples?



This is a picture of my gf, what do you think?



i have a name you know

Irish genes




god canadian memes are shite

fuck off whitey

Abdul got in the pen again?

canthal tilt is a bit too negative for me x

You don’t need industry for Suburbs. All you need are Conservative White people. Britain outside of London is more or less all White no??? I assume there is land for development???

we need to have an intervention for that lad with 5000 pictures of a very childlike jpop idol saved on his computer


r u chatting shit about my country


no, it's jordan, you know me

Hmmm so I’m a soyboy yet I’m the one who saved Hyrule from destruction at the hands of Ganon?


big day tomorrow

ahh yes, wales

try being a little more creative maybe something that has to do with /brit/ before you cum all over yourself making a new thread before anyone else

why is the water bottle there

Northern monkeys literally spewing out “we wuz kangz” rubbish, couldn’t make it up

mad how much sway China has over Australia, should China put them in the doghouse a la South Korea, their GDP would lose like 10% overnight

the original quote is "in the quiet words"

it's a joke surrounding the fact that she was not, in fact, a virgin and the dual meaning of the term "come again" / "cum again" with the implicit understanding that a man has spermed inside the supposed virgin mary, thus giving rise to her baby

>come again

Only a virgin wouldn’t understand. It’s implying the Virgin Mary was actually a slag

you're still posting this garbage? take a nap buddy

more like Alwyn

cats? love em, myself


>Britain outside of London is more or less all White no???
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha NO.


it's grim up north lad
bloody tories, muh mines and so on

did sum1 say northern monkey

read a book buddy


3, 2, 1

difficult decision between 2 and 1 for 2nd and 3rd place because can't see all of 2s face but she has a potent rump

Not to mention “in the quiet words” adds another layer - that she was getting fucked behind John’s back, which is why she made up the ‘it was god’ thing

Leave voters knew exactly what they were voting for. They were voting to leave the EU. Sure, different people in the campaign had different visions of what Brexit would look like, but ultimately they all wanted to leave.

However, Remain voters definitely did not know what they were voting for. They thought they were by-and-large voting to remain in the EU, under the assumption that things would just stay the same. We stay, that's it. But that's not what would have happened. What actually would have happened is we would have remained in an EU accelerating faster and faster towards "ever closer Union" and a federalised United States of Europe, which is definitely not what the majority of Remain voters would have wanted.


hope they cover why TDKR was so god damn terrible


dear lord the glasses girl

why is the North literally Russia-tier?
how the fuck is the UK considered a first world country?


Ireland's more famous for its literary pursuits while Scotland's more famous for its inventions and philosophers etc.

Then Wales just never did anything.

Coal declined strongly until last year but lithium and gold are still being mined extensively. What is even up north???

>the average black gf poster


if you didn't fit in here 13 years ago, you're a bonafide tarq(or an autistic loser, which is more likely)

is that sam hyde

>being attracted to signs of inferior genes
the northern runt ladies and gentlemen

reverse this

sure people had different visions of what remaining in the EU would look like but ultimately they all wanted to remain in the EU....

how can you blame him after being confronted by a northern*r?


You're welcome :)

Actually the eu was offering us loosening concessions to remain

>this man has seen a vagina
>you haven't

what's the best zelda game

actually tarquin from the south if you weren't autistic you would realise that saying glasses is an easy way to identify who i'm talking about as 1 wears glasses and 2 don't thanks mr potato brain

Awww that’s actually really sweet,their both ugly but making eachother happy.

man city lost to wigan

God I wish that was me

You mean the paltry concessions they threw at Cameron? Bet they wish they’d rolled over now
Fucking muppets


me approaching at a gallop

die hard

>isnt british
>makes a /brit/ thread
>its shit
>actually defends this shit

alri cokelad

What about the English?




l enjoyed some parts of this photo


hate the word "thots" but these two are clearly thots


thing is, the UK is now made up of two or three different countries within a country (and I'm not talking about England, Wales, Scotland) who fundamentally have different visions, dreams, aspirations, wants, desires, of what this country should be like.

on the matter of the EU, we're never going to reach a national consensus. for the time being at least.

im not you

I, too, also love bbc

what the fuck am i looking at


you little scamp


haven't bought any new clothes in years

“You should get a hybrid.”
Me: “Like...a badger with wings and talons?”
“No. Like...a hybrid car...”


the brainlet post lol, remaining is one entity i.e. the status quo if we voted remain we would not have had a fucking huge furour over how wwe are going to maintain the status quo

remove this reddit rubbish, runt.

heheh, nice one, fellow redditor

God forbid anyone discusses anything but the latest marvel movie or BLACKED video

What’s wrong with you if you can’t post a picture of a couple just to deride them because they are ugly.









just caught the reddit



>Scottish Enlightenment has its own wikipedia article
>"English Enlightenment" redirects to a paragraph in the wikipedia article for the Georgian era
>"The very existence of an English Enlightenment has been hotly debated by scholars"

Fun Fact: The Scottish Enlightenment was around the time Scotland started to control the rest of the world through the proliferation of Masonic Lodges

burn in hell tautological homo

this is the summer 2018 look trust me big boy

Thanks for the (You) loser

in bed on the laptop but don't want to go to sleep because the instant I close my eyes it turns into tomorrow and becomes time for toil

Brit slags please.


She looks really happy he looks awkward.

kill yourself

>the autismoyanks are fighting


it's only a tv channel innit

>quickly posts the dumbest fucking image possible that has nothing to do with brit culture
>h-hah....look lads i made another thread. HAHA :DDD
>literally underageb8
only argument you can use to defend your brain dead attempt at fitting in
neck yourself


In the middle between the two

Relative to their sizes Scotland and Ireland contributed far more to innovation and the arts respectively than England, but England's intelligentsia was more rounded than either of them.


literally nothing
entire towns and cities built around industry, usually coal mining or steel works.
the industry all went in the 70s and 80s and so did all the jobs



where are the good places to shop these days?

h&m? new look? topman? urban outfitters? primark? river island?



>ugh, like...when you post a NEW GENERAL...it has to like...be serious and reflect the culture of like...the country of the general and like...we gotta respect that...yeah...
>like...check out this sweet map...would love to have this as a poster on my wall...yeah....



>"kek"?! how dare you use Cred Forums slang. you disgust me. grrrr.

I just go on asos these days.Wide range to choose from

is the good yank in?




>want to diet and be lean
>also want to stuff my face

the worst feels

Yes hello

grand mac



it's bulking season lad


why not become an endurance athlete they eat loads of shite

meanwhile literally (literally) 20 black panther threads


>good yank

The Guardian have hit peak cognitive dissonance

Currently half their articles about Black Panther are saying it's literally saving every single starving African child and the other half are pointing out that it's a fucking fictional film that means nothing


business idea: cheese and onion flavoured fanny

you won't want to stuff your face after a few weeks
if you're anything like me and routinely torture yourself with drugs or injury then you'll become accustomed to depriving yourself of (as much) food

give it 4 weeks and see what happens

Hush my little plump bean
*shoves a whole mr.kipling batternberg cake down your gob*

haha played my trap card you fat bastard the good yank wouldn't say he's the good yank


glad they let writers express their opinion instead of toeing the party line like the daily tory



toil on the morrow

But I am the good yank

>i have images of fat crippled men saved on my pc canadian.jpg not american get it?? XD lole
>its not about content because i dont give a shit about the people on Cred Forums that have to look at this stupid shit every time it gets bumped to the top of the thread. whats more important is that i get a few (You)'s and i feel a bit better about my pathetic failure of a life. hey, at least i made the thread again, feelsgoodman

dont respond

which crayons taste the best


>glad they let writers express their opinion


>like...look at these historical images...THIS is what a general about poopoo and peepee needs to be all about...

got the week off
president's day and that

It's no different to what happened in the Rust Belt. There's still industry there, it's just far less than it was and the North's share of the economy has dropped considerably.

Essentially Thatcher was obsessed with Hayek and monetarism. She believed that a few banks in the city of London would pay for everything through her 'Big Bang' deregulation in 1986.

Britain's largest manufacturing companies in the 80's were ICI and GEC by 2000 they were both gone. In no other country has the fall been so great.

Didn't know US Marines stationed in the UK

whats a fun, free, online hobby?

What's the deal with the Yank and his noncey images?

Mmm grayons

yanks arguing amongst themselves. highly embarrassing



posting on /brit/

the old ballbag is exceptionally pungent today lads


>vote to join the EU
>no referendum on our membership for over 40 years
>vote to leave the EU
>we need another referendum asap!!

the only reason the thread is so low in content is because of people like you.

shut up bydlo

gonna rub my willy and see what happens

collecting porn

how do you ensure you get all the poo when you wipe lads?

watching porn
willy touching is at the discretion of the viewer

Had a referendum in the '70s mate

Thatcher led remain

want to take 400ug and melt into my music

Anyone else find themselves attracted to really weird-looking fucked up girls?

based freedom of expression

>British "people"

Lack of toil posting recently

if enough people want a second refenderum i don't see how that is anymore ridiculous than the first referendum.


*gets arrested for banter on Twitter*

playing habbo hotel every day for 11 years between the ages of 10 and 21, 6 hours a day, instead of learning to be a normal non-autistic person


>maybe if like...we had SERIOUS generals...we could discuss stained glass windows...
>fucking yanks...hate this stupid country...

thanks tories and tory publications


lads being lads

what is the point of a second referendum? we literally just had one

alas, I, too, am also a maisie fan

The other yank is right though, why do you give a fuck so much?
Is this your life.

Hilarious that the the Remaniacs are shrieking about lies being told to take us out of the EU, ignoring the fact the only reason why we went into it was off the back of lies and deceit back in the 70s

there is a story behind the stained glassed window and i dont slander my own country. anything else?

what's the point of the first one? if people vote a party in with a mandate for another referendum I don't understand why anyone would complain

looks photoshopped
probably fake

*continues on to examine the next post*

*cracks open a can of irn-bru*

yes it is and i dont like being a part of this idiotic bullshit day in and day out how about that?

Because the people that lost have decided to ignore it.

when was maisie raped

t. la creatura

aged like fucking milk


*at work*

*put my elbows on the desk and clasp my hands together*
*lean over to you*

>Tell me user, the Americans, why do they not celebrate Easter?

Your response?

Personally think only people in professions with a high degree of social utility should be allowed to vote

Doctors should get 10 votes each while both capitalist parasites and office drones shouldn't get any

see you on the other side brother

good shop

how do you pronounce that?


only met 3 gps and 1 was an absolute runt so not sure how I feel about htis policy

No wonder the police treat football fans like shit

>we went into it
alri granda

it's almost as though... different people write different opinions... in the opinion section... whoa...

>it's not lefties demanding censorship of 'hate speech'
ah yes


don't blame thatcher for closing muh mines
do blame her and her successors for throwing away one of the world's best shipbuilding industries
do think she was deluded about 50 year old gaz from hartlepool retraining as an investment banker
just imo as a poorthern chimp

sorry I don’t want anyone to see me talking to you it’s embarassing *turns away*

Regardless of whether they're a cunt or not they provide a great degree of social utility and have some degree of critical thinking

No one has come here to discuss too serious shit calm down and enjoy the shitposting.

runescape for a while

hahahahaha you are the biggest faggot i've ever encountered on this website and i wish you knew how much that is saying

your mom

>what's the point of the first one?
the british people were against EU membership

>if people vote a party in with a mandate for another referendum I don't understand why anyone would complain
luckily that's not going to happen

I'm sure you thought this was clever, but not really

wigan really done in them manchester city boys didn't they eh lads

>letting poles and Indians run the country

Have you lost your mind

the only thing your comments do for me is make me realize i would be better off studying so i dont end up like you. simple as

Your version is a shop.

this is my favourite gimmick


try finding an article that opposes immigration in the Guardian

I read it 'cause it's got the most objective journalism generally but Comment is Free is far too SJW for me


howdy pardner, the names Esteban Julio Ricardo Montoya De La Rosa Ramirez, don't wear it out



but it's tories putting it into law

the only lie we were told about going into the EU was that the era of the nation state was ending:

going to guess your age: 23 tops

>Happy endings
What a load of tripe, theres only one ending and it precedes eternal damnation


>so i dont end up like you. simple as
I earn money and am not an autistic like you, what do you do besides this?

couldn't find belize on a map if my life depended on it

meant for

I'm guessing they just had lambs. Pure guess though.

>Poop Fraudiolel

couldn't find an american eating salad if my life depended on it

19 as of last month


>i earn money
good for you. i study most of the time


keep your panties dry till the big guy's hard


Heath lied about our independence and national sovereignty, you fucking ape. Even today, people argue it was done illegally.

>the british people were against EU membership
and so they voted for a conservative party which had in it a manifesto pledge of a referendum on EU membership, if vice versa happens then that is exactly the same situation lol

>Living with the LADS at uni
>Being lads they obviously never clean up
>Was slightly ahead of my modules yesterday so decided to clean the entire kitchen
>Took me 2.5 hours but my the time I was done it looked spotless
>Didn't even thank me
>One of them even called me a bender for cleaning

I'm literally going to shit in the kettle.
See how they like that.

swear so many middle aged people are so fucking weird or mentally ill

Some pseudo intellectual degree?

any 'mosis man in

going on Cred Forums from 10-12 while listening to some music is my favourite time of the day
dunno if that says a lot about how boring my life is or not

could unironically batter aguero the little cunt

been here since 2012-2013

got a poo brewing

been here since the middle ages

we out here

Get a job

don't care

would heem him into next century, the little rat

do gays get repulsed by people spamming slags like I do when people spam trannys/gays

been here since roman times

clean your room

was completely respectful to you and now you insult me. does Cred Forums ease the pain of being a literal slave?

INFJ who loves cuddles and wants to go to more gigs and festivals
- let's be alone together

baffling gimmick

>shit in the kettle.
hmmm, an even more vile version of the Upper Decker

>if vice versa happens then that is exactly the same situation
But this won't be happening. This is only in the dreams of the most delusional remainiac

about to burst here

the post modernists won't let me

your """""studying""""" is staying up all night posting wikipedia articles about scotland
delusional cunt



I thought you were sayin “good for you” sarcastically lol sorry.


what does it matter on whether it happens or not that is the theory exactly the same as theory that got the first referendum. If you said to average bloke in the 2000s that britain would have a referendum to leave the eu next year they wud have said it won't happen lol

>Heath lied about our independence and national sovereignty
No he didn't. Watch the debate. He flat out says he welcomes the moves towards a United States of Europe and argues that the nation state is a heap of shit.

Heath was strenuously honest about what he was fighting for. We just wanted to pretend otherwise.

nice digits

i do that while im reading. what did you contribute. oh right you made funny of me again in front of all the anons....way to go fuckwad

>lefties being the tories useful idiots
state of them

Also fucked what was the world's largest merchant marine

Worst thing about it is that even while the merchant navy whethered away it became the only developed country to allow non-residents to work on its ships - Thatcher allowed "certificates of equivalence" that meant that all the ship owners just hired Filipinos. Know a bunch of guys who went through cadetships just to get told to fuck off afterwards.

the original question was why would we need to have a second referendum when we have just had one like the remainiacs keep begging for, not will we get another one in 40 or 50 years time

nice repeating numbers senpai

im a full time student lad and anyway even if I did what would I be doing at 10-12?

here we are, explicitly. Heath saying he is willing to "make a contribution of national sovereignty towards the well-being of [the EEC]"

He constantly lied about it, you ignorant cunt. And the lie was peddled in the referendum as well.

this irrelevent though doesn't matter if it's 1 day or 100 years if people vote for another referendum then democracy suggests there should be one. I absolutely agree that there is a sub 0.1% chance of it happening but it is still a possibility and it's not hard to imagine an inverse of what has happened.

You've provided no evidence he lied. I've provided evidence he was open and honest with people if only they were willing to listen.


Now fuck off you braindead paki bastard.

heath made reference to joining the EEC.
the 1986 Single European Act and 1992 Maastricht Treaty were the acts that actually gave away sovereignty. in particular, reference is made to giving it up by joining the European Union - the EU was a 1992 creation.

in the article itself it uses the old "politicians said it was just a common market!", but the image in literally begins with "the community which we are joining is far more than a common market."
christ, it even says
>establishment of... economic and monetary union

hope you're not presuming I'm pro-EU. That would be very stupid indeed.

Heath knew that if he didn't mislead the public, they'd have never supported our membership.

You know this too, you sinister fucking paki.

yet in the 1975 referendum they did so, despite being adequately warned by cabinet ministers and the labour party of the consequences of doing so.

i reiterate since you're stupid: i believe the British people made the wrong decision in 1975. I believe they made the correct decision in 2016. The fact you oppose the EU/EEC does not mean you have to play fast and loose with history.

>pro eu
hilarious they want out of the eu so they can get more flexible commonwealth immigration u tit

>adequately warned
Except they weren't at all. They were lied to again by the Government and by the opposition

Fucking thick paki.

they were sent leaflets by both sides and had adequate access to television debates between the two sides. the truth was presented loudly enough that those who cared could've heard it.
in the end, the British people walked into Europe having chosen not to listen. That is their own fault, but sometimes people must be saved from their own stupidity.

Care to justify calling me a paki? The only actual explanation I can think of is that because I'm anti-EU I'd like more commonwealth immigrants, i.e. my hypothetical pakistani family.

Ah, another dumb fuck paki who thinks society today is just how it was in the early-mid 70s.

Heath lied, like you are now.

mental illness tier post
have a nice day

>here's a limited print booklet that proves heath didn't lie

No wonder you pakis are despised in Britain.

>No wonder you pakis are despised in Britain.

t. Abdul

>t. Abdul

The paki is SEETHING

>The paki is SEETHING

Paki is maaaaaaaaaaaaaaad