How does one stop wanting to become a girl?

How does one stop wanting to become a girl?

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Prepare the rope

What happened to this attention whore?

you seek clarity in all your impressions, cleaning your sensible world to be grasp the intelligible world

Just stop consuming soy

i've never consumed soy and i still want to be a girl what do

Do people still believe this?

Honest Question: Is she a trap? Hormones are weird man. It's genuinely cool on a medical level.

soy in SOME males is processed into the body as tons of estrogen

not all males however

>Do people still believe this?
People have ever believed that?

Huge emphasis on "some"

It's not even the same chemical

Shiny lipped PJW and his followers for starters

i wonder who would be defending soy so vigorously online...



Why bother? It's been proven tenfold to be false.

Just call me a virtue-signaller or a cuck. You still have those.

>not SoyWars


yeah it's the jews haha got em

Paul looks unironically like a soyboy.

The sad part with the state of Cred Forums is that he might not be a troll.
mostly i just enjoy posting le happy merchants, but watching redditors get all butthurt about it is hilarious

Phytoestrogens are not the same as estrogen. It's named the same because of how it's shaped.

> literally a biology student

>Phytoestrogens are plant-derived xenoestrogens (see estrogen) not generated within the endocrine system but consumed by eating phytoestrogenic plants. Also called "dietary estrogens", they are a diverse group of naturally occurring nonsteroidal plant compounds that, because of their structural similarity with estradiol (17-β-estradiol), have the ability to cause estrogenic or/and antiestrogenic effects,[1] by sitting in and blocking receptor sites against estrogen.[2]
if you're a biology student i am actually curious, tell me what's up

but user, men can't be girls, even with hormone treatments, surgery, clothing and make up, you'll be a transsexual or a trap, never a girl

No, that's a girl

Genuine speculation here- if she had through medical sorcery a uterus printed from her own stem cells and placed inside her- would she then be a girl?

> 1 test subject

your mom

that's only fantasy, but I suppose it could work, although that person still would be considered transsexual more than girl


y o u r

m o m

Is it gay for me to smash though?

Become the girl.

I started watching big strong men on TV so now I wanna become one of them, maybe you can too!

You don't

ask pol.
they got a pic of mutilated genital pics.

>tfw shaved my beard and now look too feminine now
>tfw best friend told me I should have kept the beard because now I look like a girl

Fucking kill me now please, I don't want this. Why did my genes fuck me this hard? I literally have the exact opposite problem than you fags.

ah you killed me there, if you're a male who likes transexuals, why don't you just pick females?



Just assume white males have to become qt traps. Fullfill your destiny.

i do not believe that that is a boy

I want that Estonian boi in my house

Don't listen to any of these people. Await the transhuman era that will come with the technological singularity, there is a high chance of it happening in your life time. If you've saved up enough, you'll be able to transplant your brain into the body of a cute girl, which has been grown in a lab to your exact specification. You will become the girl of your dreams!

No, Fuck off please

Am I part of the problem if I grow soy?

In the meantime, take care of your body as a male. Eat right, lift weights, and so on. If you cannot be the best man you can be, you cannot be the best girl you can be either. When your time comes, make sure you know how to wear makeup, how to eat healthy, how to enjoy cardio, and so on. Nobody wants to marry a lazy slob.

Kind of weird what you're saying, there are plenty of girls (male).

looks like average underdeveloped metalhead to me

That's because he probably is.

Rude thing to say.

I'm waiting for the technological singularity.

What do you want to look like, user?

I bet OP will become mean to me too when he becomes a girl.


Realize you'd make an ugly woman and being a semi attractive man is much better than that.

Cute ;__;


Electro-shock therapy

Some beat that damn tWatson pig with a stick already.
Everything I have to do myself....

pls post pics