Americans will defend this

>americans will defend this

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kys pedo scum

wtf is wrong with americans lmao


Europeans actually parade their young daughters around nude in public? WTF!

Does this ------ turn you on?

Ins'Allah, My Brothers.

Mfw I didn't know this or think about this

really don't know why they fear Sharia


Inshallah my enlarged brothers, Allah will be pleased

>Not letting your little girls run naked trough sprinklers

Nudity is a terrible crime here. Why do you think Americans wear shoes in their houses all the time? We're too scared to even show off our feet even in the comfort of our own home. Hell, I don't even like to take my shirt off at the beach or swimming pool

>Hell, I don't even like to take my shirt off at the beach or swimming pool
That's because you are out of shape.

I'm actually skinny compared to most Americans. Plus I have scars on my acne on my back

>Eurosharias defending this
Kek, already adopting your invaders culture

This is almost as bad as the Turk black dick spammer.

>I'm actually skinny compared to most Americans
So you're overweight?

>2 threads

WoWeeee this is unprecedented Cred Forums spam.

I'd say it's more than two times.

i remember seeing 5+ years old kids running fully naked on the beach and nobody gives a fuck here

I see

We need to create a Christian kingdom in which we follow the law laid down by God. It's the only way to fix the west.

I don't get what would possess someone to keep posting this or the black dick threads over and over and over hundreds of times. I mean, what exactly what do you think you're accomplishing with this shit?

Cred Forums is inhabited by very loser-ish, failed people who've never had sex or accomplished anything of note in their life and repeatedly spamming threads is the only way they hope to gain any identity or notoriety.

>maybe a little. Besides, why would I need to take my shirt off anymore? Aside from showering, I hardly swim anymore in pools and I'm too afraid to actually go out into the ocean itself. And I don't have to worry about getting burnt

Americans have tended to have this attitude that nudity is a sign of poverty and low class-ness and they associate children running around naked with cousin fuckers in Appalachia or something.


Are Americans offended by prepubescent titties?

>Women of all ages should be completely covered!
>Calls someone else sharia


Americans are offended by all age titties.

You know that breast feeding in public is like a capital sin for them, right? They decry the act and say men should feed children pablum/other alternative milks in public.

OP has yet to explain why he's made this same thread about 50 times.