Why are they so jealous of Mexico? What the fuck is their problem?

Why are they so jealous of Mexico? What the fuck is their problem?

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>of mexico
is that even possible?

They are superior to us in every way, its only natural to feel jealousy towards them

stos chicanos de mierda dejando a mexico en ridiculo como siempre

They lost to México on almost everything
-Most visited country in LATAM
-Most diverse country in LATAM
-Strongest economy in hispanic-america
-Most of dubs are made on Mexican accent
-Best food
-Best architecture
-Most powerful army/navy/air force

piiinches hambrienti- *lo degollan*

Damn, Mexico sounds so BASED compared to those other shit holes LOL

fucking LOL

Everything below the border is equally garbage.

Everything below the tropic of cancer must be nuked

El chicANO

argentina sucks

Now you're pushing South Americans against Mexicans proxy fag?Why you stopped using Arabs?

Esto es verdad

Feels good being popular

que mamada hahaha yo mismo empece con lo del chi a los chicanos nomms

I sure am jealous of watching my father being beheaded before watching my guts being spit out while still alive.
But I do like Mexicans though, the ones I met were nice people


El chicano seniores

your mom

heaven on earth


Brazil army is stronger than mexico

im not
i like them

I would say that México and Brazil are brothers, most of Mexicans like Brazil and most of Brazilians like México

That post
that flag

I fucking hate mexicans. They're big, mean bullies on this board and every time I tell them I want to fuck a mexican qt they tell me to kill myself. They're rude : ((

They can't cross the border.

Why is Mexico and LatAm so jealous of us?


literally who

doesnt even work as bantz