Post your county's money or interesting ones you have

Don't forget their names, origin, etc.

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la malinche

polish złoty - coins

This isn't regular money this is one of the meme coins they put out every year for collectors



My uncle gave me an Iraqi 250 dinar that looks just like this

I enjoy the meme coins desu


non-euros, guess the countries


we have pretty cool new notes

Is it see through? That's some pretty cool money



ours were much more aesthetic thouh

Sweden did have the largest in circulation coins ever made between 1644-1645.
They were 19.7 kg each and made from copper.
There has been some bigger coins made but never actual real money used by people.


gay money from a gay country which speaks a gay language

t. not holy, not roman, and not an empire

good post
does look cool thou

frogs on suicide watch

> literally has tits on it
> gay money

Our notes had a penis on them depicting a naked statue, but I think it was edited out from newer notes




Oof that's some scheiße

no we wuz the romans, look at those laurels
you wuz the barbarians living in mudhuts

Why is its design based on that famous jew execution photo?

>had a bunch of useless canadian money because it was given to me as change by mistake over the years, no way to get rid of it
>need to take the bus today
>canuck dimes and quarters are same size as american ones
>collect it all
>pay fare entirely in leaf dollars, machine didn't notice
>free bus ride

Reindeer depicted in Lapland's commemorative coin.

unknown, germany, unknown, estonia, unknown
germany (yggdrasil?), germany, greecem ireland, italy
germany, malta, unknown, unknown, cyprus
italy (nostradamus?), spain, monaco, san marino, unknown

Coins with George VI on them and were minted after India's independence don't have ET IND IMP on them and were only produced for four years


That's way cooler than any of ours

>Putting a war criminal on his money
Germany could learn from this...

it is the tree of liberty, which must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants, ok, god bless the republic thank you

What i like about euro coins is that all of them circulate and you end up with different ones all the time. Idk about other countries but here you get a majority of French coins but also a lot of German, Italian, Dutch and Spanish. Some of them are really cool, first time i had a Malta coin it was like catching a rare pokemon.

2 dollar bills here are uncommon. I've only ever seen a couple in my life.

Hungarian euro coin designs

>tfw no rubik's cube coin

I was in grade 4 when these came out and some kid brought one to show and tell. Everyone was passing it around and literally the only nigger in class pocketed it and pretended like he had no clue where it went.

>and that's how I became redpilled at a young age

>Mfw got addicted to collecting the American quarters with the states on them when I was there in December

I just needed twenty more states then I would've had them all

>Sweden did have the largest in circulation coins ever made between 1644-1645.

uhm no, sweetie

>Rai stones are circular disks with a hole in the middle.
>The stones vary widely in size: the largest are 3.6 meters (12 ft) in diameter, 0.5 meters (1.5 ft) thick and weigh 4 metric tons (8,800 lb).

>The extrinsic (perceived) value of a specific stone is based not only on its size and craftsmanship, but also on its history. If many people—or no one at all—died when the specific stone was transported, or a famous sailor brought it in, the value of the rai stone increases by reason of its anecdotal heft.

that sounds more like the modern art industry than an actual currency


We put the Queen on our 20s, here's Sir Wilfred Laurier


Thank you Australia for glorious see-through money