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all the j*ws should go back to Israel ASAP

like to believe that if I got struck down, I would resurrect with 10x the power


>i do that while im reading. what did you contribute. oh right you made funny of me again in front of all the anons....way to go fuckwad


no problem and for what its worth i envy you at least you have a semblance of a normal life



You aren't a proper brit until you've lived in both London and Birmingham.

wigan is actually an alright place

imagine how angry that guy with autism is going to be at this thread

off to sainsburys to stock up in snacks for tonight

im thinking:
5 bags of crisps
4 peach ice teas
some bagels
a BLT sandwich
and a cheeky pack of Nik Naks on top

ur thoughts?

What’s wrong with your life?


brit is a rorke general

while im reading a book. i find out something interesting while reading my book look up the wiki and share it in here. problem?

wouldnt know where to begin. all in all im fine though it could be worse

Bet you’re the same spastic posting about cinnamon swirls the other day would fucking lamp you if I ever saw you mate


ah love this christmas carol

know a lad in the merchant marine and he says he's the only white face onboard

YOU are NOT studying, YOU are shitposting
the fact that you think that posting on /brit/ counts as studying is UTTERLY pathetic

this general....
its just so....
you guys are fucking horrible at making this general to be good

do brits get the vw golf with the 2.5l 5cyl? i test drove one today and it was quite fun

Olympics bout to begin

Friends Dad keeps joking about me fucking his wife. Is this normal stuff for people to joke about? The jokes aren't even particullary jokes.

Get one of these for £11.99

>tfw all the countries near Australia will become richer and more able to immigrate here
>tfw their numbers are overwhelming
>tfw Australia will become South Africa 2.0 as whites become 5% of the population
>tfw Australian culture will be completely transformed with massive Indian/Indonesian/Chinese influences
>tfw no more wacky Bruce



>Receive message from tinder match
>Cant view my messages

hows THAT working for YOU cunt?

>Know a bunch of guys who went through cadetships just to get told to fuck off afterwards.

holy FUCK i am GLAD i never DID IT


sincerely hope you lads are voting for are mogg

What destiny lies ahead for the white man? Where will he go once he has no land to call his own?

It’s happening to everyone lad

hows what working you fucking headcase

youtube banning all videos on psychedelics
pretty sad

im fine, you?

Fuck you you Lithuanian monkey go make a Lithuania thread then.

pewdiepie is now basically copying PJW's videos and presenting them to a much larger audience

what the fuck has happened to youtube

Same mate fucking fuming I could be missing out on potential birds here

Theresa OUT
Mogg IN

How did the Lib Dems justify their existence in the days of Blair?

Nick Clegg and Tony Blair are the same person.

Better then Watson himself. More subtle.

noticed today that the hottest MILF at work has a tramp stamp. working class people are so grim.

I'll be voting for the good man jeremy corbyn

almost as if clegg and blair weren't both leaders of their parties at the same time

>back to Israel

Ashkezani Jews aren't even decended from the Levant though


fucking love boiled eggs lads

what meals can I make that have a cuntload of boiled eggs in them???

Why is /Brit/ the only general that ever moves fast on Cred Forums

literally all his videos now are him browsing reddit and playing meme games

i agree but it's weird
he used the exact same screenshots as PJW did

youtube is having to be very family friendly/ad friendly and its destroying their site and alienating channels

will not go down well for them

hows capitalizing certain words to get your point across working out for you. sorry i misread your post initially

Make some boiled eggs I reckon

youtube has basically become overly censored and regulated like TV

what should i eat for dinner

this actually


susanna reid

for me it's boiled eggs

Europe won't get marginalised to the same degree, there are 750mil of you up there and 25mil of us down here.


Whoever was LibDong leader in 97.
Doubt he was radically different to Clegg, Farron or Cable.

could have heemed ancalagon in my prime

Scotland probably

Northern Ireland's too religious, Wales is too much of a shitehole and even the developed areas of Central Europe are xenophobic as hell

Are you actually a headcase?

Probably because it was the best picture and he could explain it better then Paul “Based Negroe” Joseph Watson.

is that it?


Get into activism then and convince your people to flee to Britain. Safety in numbers and all that. We haven’t got any spiders either.


They're banning videos of people taking them or informational videos about their effects?

I wonder why the main english-language general on an english-language website moves fast

based swedish shaman

And some cum.

>user. user. don't despair, but i've pissed the bed. again.

u know that the liberals used to be one of the big two parties? and then labour emerged from the "left" and then liberals rebranded as liberal demoncrats and occupied a more central position and then new labour moved labour more towards the centre and now corbyn and his ilk are trying to pull it back yeh?

really want youtube to kill itself
its such, SUCH a shit website

*rolls into the thread*


what does jordan peterson even talk about and why is he so popular? is he just a Cred Forums meme?

JRE btfo

Based Lithuania calling out the niggers


>people who watch pewdiepie are here
when did /brit/ get infested with literaly 12 year olds?

really want pakis to kill themselves
they're such, SUCH a shit people


could be half decent if they lost some fucking weight

did it on purpose to boost book sales you twat

stretch your foreskin

not gay just find women disgusting simple as

I came here to post this


the world went all topsy turvy a couple years ago when pewdiepie went rorke

Clean your room

wtf r those tats grim

You know you can answer questions without being condescending?

COR blimey

common sense

he's alri, not the messiah like some of his cultists believe he is, but he's a breath of fresh air and his lectures are very comfy

thinkin chinese

>sore throat

Fuck sake boys here comes the flu/cold



it is the cold had that then had blocked nose/blocked nose cough and now mostly cough and sore nostils enjoy lad takes a week

anyone in the cardiff area want to mash my bollocks into a fine paste x

A Transavia flight from Dubai to Amsterdam’s Schipol airport was forced to make an emergency landing in Vienna on February 11, after a fight broke out because a passenger refused to stop passing gas.

Four Dutch citizens – two male and two female – were ejected from the flight in Vienna after the airline said the “unruly passengers” could pose a hazard to flight safety,

What’s wrong with you?

Keep an eye out in the morning, lads.


yes but Corbyn's time is limited and once he's gone we are going to have Chuka Umunna and then they will be the same again.

genuinely do not look at Cred Forums outside of /brit/ desu



listening to the daily shoah

just learned today that you can't upload webms from /wsg/ with sound in them to other boards

always assumed that if you did that it would just automute, but nope

what time

other than "clean your room" what are Peterson's 12 Rules?

>7 protesters
>literally 30+ cameras on them
the fucking state
who gives a single flying fucking SHIT


same 2bh, no reason to

Chico Time.

women are just the same as men
blacks are just the same as whites
etc etc

it's just like a sports rivalry between teams in 1 city

it literally boils down to a 'There can be only one' meme


Alri, Goldberg

without going into too much detail i was diagnosed with depression at a very young age and given ssri's throughout most of my life. also im at least 10 years older than a majority of the people in this thread.

>it is the cold had that then had



I was born during the hard
Depression day, oh, my Lord
In July, in South Georgia
Where the sun was hot in a blaze

My folk was share cropper
At the end of the year, we had nothing
We had nothing, we had nothing but grass hoppers
Looking back over my life

Oh, Lord, I'm so depressed
Help me, somebody, I need some rest
Oh, Lord, I'm so depressed

Every boy needs a girl, every girl needs a boy
I'm a boy so full of love
I have no one to hold my hand

Tell me, how long must I wander
Tell me, how long must I cry
Will there be someone, someone to wipe
Dry the tear from my eye

Come on, baby, rub my head
Rub my head while I lay down in my bed
Kiss, kiss me, kiss me, baby
'Til I feel alright, 'til I feel alright
Oh, looking back over my life

Oh, Lord, I'm so depressed
Help me, somebody, I need some rest
Oh, Lord, I'm so depressed
Oh, Lord, I'm so depressed

>blacks are just the same as whites

Central Europeans are white






got more arse than her

brainlet drivel
you've never had an original thought in your life


just battered my mum over a scotch egg

stupid bent frog


Corbyn the Commie spy. lmao

god has given us psychedelics and the MAN has taken them away from us

pics x

the webm that saved Britain


>we need to save le white race!!!!!!
says rorke just before grabbing a box of tissues to clean pleasurable discharge from watching oriental cartoons

Ok mr genius share some of your intellectual insights.

Xenophobia just means fear of foreigners, not necessarily of a different race


would rather bojo over the papist

Fucking fix Tinder your useless bastards fucking fix it

>but we is the european race reeeee

started chuckling uncontrollably at this image and i dont know why

the point of this post being what exactly?

it's rounder but also hairier
sorry :3

BBC2 lads. WEW


>Were Iran to attack Israel, Moscow would stand by the Jewish state’s side, a Russian official said this week, days after an Iranian-made drone infiltrated Israel from Syria and was shot down by the IDF.

Really gets the noggin joggin

oh my dayyysssss this tinder server crash has killed all my conversations WHEN is it going to be back up

Go away saffer prick.

hello norman

some absolute wretch in my dorm complex just got a 3 day ban for posting hentai on some bumfucknowhere blue board lmaooo imagine

phoneposting from here on

identity politics is a mental disorder

ruddy nora

But i have a blonde, blue eyes gf you absolute sad case


Why, lad? Redpilled me on middle eastern geopolitics.

literally cannot wait to sniff some more mandy on wednesday
I could do it now but then I wouldnt have any and I dont have anyone to do it with right now

sorry Dave.

poo willy arse poo poo bum arse willy.


>authoritarian regime supports authoritarian regime


Identity politics is cancer but it is a necessary cancer unfortunately

remember when northern posters would pick up poleaboo's bans on mobile lol

that was funny

doesn't matter rorke you can have as many gfs as you want but we run this shit now

ah yes trevor is a total weirdo
got it

does anybody care about this lads tinder experiences enough for his to make 20 posts a day about it?

didn’t think so

haha yes this Tinder crash is absolutely horrible, missing out on loads or prime 10/10 girls haha cause i get lots of matches haha, yeh really wish it didn't crash right now.

I was just in the middle of tellign a 10/10 blond australian girl my adress for a cheeky shag while her boyfriend is out haha.

>this lump on my balls is necessary

>you can have as many gfs as you want

i care a lot actually

is it fuck
if it disappeared tomorrow the world would be a better place

Alri virgin?

Just matched with these little minxes and I can’t strike whilst the irons hot because messages aren’t working fuck it all

i live in canterbury and used to pick up his bans

my eyes are pretty blue
my hair is gold and thicc
you hate me don't you?
you hate my people, your plan is to terminate my culture
you're fuckin' evil i want you to recognize i'm a proud whitey

it's the white nationalist spazoid, ignore him

this honestly

georgie porgie pudding and pie
kissed a girl and made her cry

i live in hastings and used to pick up his bans

>i’m a virgin because i couldn’t care less about your tinder being down

hope you’re not always this insecure

DON'T care for white nationalism
DO care for traditional ethnic European nationalism

88 Jordan leapin from the free throw

you tell em dave!

I live on mars and I used to pick up his bans.


no you didn't
be quiet

Why do leftypol raid /brit/? Is it just though boredom and the need for argument and confrontation?

would love to play b-ball with that

there is no leftypol raid you silly cunt

you think ziggy stardust would identify as non-binary if he was alive today

they hate themselves
they hate each other

she’s a decent little bit

I like the sound of the smiths but I don't like the lyrics or their politics



there is no "leftypol raid" you dense retard

MENTAL how in 20 years ill be 40

listening to tame impala

who is the current mascot of /brit/? kev and tim are a bit outdated now, but they were nice while they lasted

bio was hardly necessary aha

>let's just ignore what our ancestors fought for and let the identity of nations merge into one impoverished shithole because reasons and morals

listening to alt right podcasts

I'm on a kissing dry spell I'm due one soon
Or who knows I might take it one step further and lose the v

they think they'll magically make us retarded like them and we'll vote for comrade corbynev

which ones lad

a very low amount of effort went in to this post you should be ashamed

> our ancestors fought for white nationalism

really mental to think i'm going to live my entire life up to this point like 3 more times


probably alan at the moment

How could you possibly still have your virginity in the modern world where you can message hundreds of females in 5 minutes? Boggles the mind


MENTAL how in 2 years ill be 18

hello granddad

lost my lithograph of ‘a bigger splash’ when i moved house at 17 because i decided not to go home and finish packing and shagged some girl instead and slept over her house

think one of the movers stole it

/brit/ has always been a lefty general

in SA they actually did toobh but not in europe

ah yes, turks and muslims invading Europe was never a thing

There’s no higher pleasure than reading this book

exodus americanus atm
going to listen to strike & sven next

anyone want to be my study buddy?

>thinking its one person

wish all of the leftypol benders would use a trip so I could filter them

hi leftypol

don't want to

i can't even begin to imagine what an insufferable cunt you are in real life

Your ancestors literally did.

my ancestors freed slaves and fought against the nazis

ottoman bastards in the Balkans
north African bastards in Spain and Sicily

wew lads, what shall I message her?

dunno bout you, but I'm feelin 22

donald trump
the jews

Donald Trump is a Jew puppet and I dislike niggers and wish they stayed in Africa

i'm a white nationalist

Got a 99.95 and 100 percentile on the UMAT so I could get quality learning at Melbourne University


>my ancestors freed slaves and fought against the nazis

are you female or male?

Ziggy Stardust was a character though

Bowie ended up doing an impersonation of Mosley for a couple of years in the guise of the Thin White Duke - he'd do Hitler salutes on stage and shit


hey lads, lasses and otherkin, don't forget to celebrate diversity and vote for comrade corbyn! *does roman salute*

me too
excellent post

back to leftypol bender

>hasn’t matched

Amateur hour

your ancestors took over 75% of the world and made them slaves in the first place

used to listen to tds but got bored
the topics are too similar thats the problem i find

im gay

youre the only slag poster I like because the pictures are good and high res and not some fucking ugly inbred on a 400x200 photo

my ancestors certainly did not

Your post smells.

im going to see black panther with my wife's son

gf sent me this

Move your eyes to the golden symbol next to her name which shows that she has liked me and I’m yet to like her back spastic

have met Mogg twice in my life
first time he came to my school and i got a detention for flipping him off
second time he came to my college coz he studied there as a young man and i went to see him and didnt make a fuss or do/say anything because i am more mature now

i still strongly disagree with him though, the religious nutcase. indisputably good debater + public speaker though

The new codeword for Jews and POC is “Monday”

Everybody Hates Mondays

Are slags british culture?

absolutely seething at this ongoing leftypol raid ngl

Melbourne uni only allow postgrad medics so either you're old or doing a meme degree


objectification of the female form is symptomatic of a toxic, misogynistic society

good taste desu la


>Messages back up
>No responses


cant outclass kev lad
he lives on in our hearts

are you related to dave by any chance?


tell her to get rid of that nose hoop


>your ancestors did x so you must do y

>grrrrrrr fuck whitey!!!!

frahm melbin

How do I tell if I'm ugly?

looking good, dan

>paying for tinder

oh deary me

This is a very nice picture, lad.


craving a dave post

Stands to reason that Ireland can’t afford to pay £7 a month for multiple bangs

i love white people and i love being white

you are, dont worry

Or maybe I was just saying I'm a super smart cunt I don't need to be told not to rape or how to be a bender (cause I'm not and don't want to be a bender)


post a pic and I'll tell you

dont really like free market capitalism but we should still remain a member of the eu

Very grim behaviour Nigel

look in the mirror hehe


roasties BTFO

This girl on tinder didn’t even bother asking me more than one question during a convo

Deserved it

Why would you do that well on the MCAT and go to Melbourne instead of studying medicine at a different uni though?


Charles Kennedy had them moderately to the left of Labour and focusing on civil liberties and tuition fees and generally being against everything nobody liked.

But nobody believed they could win so haha.

Make a demeaning comment about her face, then call her a materialistic, dull-witted whore.