Is hating turks the only thing they agree on?

Is hating turks the only thing they agree on?

albanians and bosnians like turks afaik

No, hating S*rbs is the only thing they all agree on

>Trieste balkan
>rromania, half of serbia, croatia not balkan


Wasn't Trieste historically kinda a crossroads between Romance, Germanic, and Slavic peoples?

I like how you secluded Vojvodians and Slavnovians from rest of balkan shits

so what?

The only thing They truly agree is on killing each other.

I mean I guess it kinda makes sense to include it in the balkans for that reason.

We also agree that feta is GOAT.

feta is turkish, subhuman

Bulgaria was a Turkish ally in the 2nd Balkan war and WW1.

Bulgaria got cucked by entire balkans in second balkan war, including turks

>Turkish ally in the 2nd Balkan war
really makes u think

No it's not. Or are you referring to the fact that cheese was introduced by nomadic peoples?

Oh shit, nevermind.

>we wuz the inventors of sirene n shit nigga

I fucking hate this shithole region

Would`ve been nicer if you let us have it our way

Did I say anything about who invented what or why dumbass?

no, we also hate s*rbs, gr*eks, r*manians, and f*romians

it's the only thing Cred Forums agrees on too