His "country" doesn't have at least 2 rivers flowing through it

>his "country" doesn't have at least 2 rivers flowing through it

Does Canada?

There's a few hundred here in Sweden.. At least.

>his ""country"" doesn't boarder 2 oceans

>his country doesn't have the biggest rainforest, the biggest fauna and flora of the world plus the biggest river of the world to the point of our electrical power comes mostly from hidropower

>his "country" doesn't have at least 20 rivers flowing through it

Fixed it for you pal

>His river doesnt have 4 capitals on it
Danube is interesting

>his countries rivers start on a different country

>his country isn't on every continent and oceans

>his country isn't just a big beach

>land borders

>his country has less than 5 timezones

How can countrylets even compete

Feels pretty good tbqfhwyf

Even 2 is kind of a low bar, m8.

>his "country" doesn't stretch all the way from the north to the south pole

>his """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""Country""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" is landlocked

>His "country" has a sunset and a sunrise all year round.
>His "country" has less than 250,000 islands.

> his "country" doesn't have tigers


Say that to France : 12 time zones

We border three retard