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Trump should relocate US military forces in Germany to Poland

She might be the hero of western international elites, but by abandoning promises to increase defense spending, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has betrayed the most important of all international alliances: NATO.

The betrayal came on Wednesday, when Merkel's Christian Democrats and the center-left Social Democrats agreed to a coalition deal which fails to recommit to the NATO defense spending target of 2 percent of GDP. Instead, the deal says only that Germany will make "an appropriate contribution" to NATO.

After all, this move wouldn't simply recognize that Germany is no longer committed to NATO, it would reinforce that which makes NATO most credible: forward presence and the reinforcement of an at-threat ally. And both geographically and strategically, Poland is on the front line of the Russian military threat. Equally important, the Polish government is committed to NATO: it already spends 2 percent of GDP on defense and is moving towards 2.5 percent (even though Germany's economy is seven times larger), has proven and aggressive combat forces, and is investing in more advanced armored forces.

There would also be peripheral benefits from a move to Poland. Namely, the fact that its living costs are lower than in Germany and its people more pro-American.


i support this, americans should leave germany. we don't need them and we don't want them here anyway.

its irrelevant, were to the west what ukraine is to us

>we don't need them and we don't want them here

CIA man angry

Is there a country more ungrateful than g*Rmany?

Fuck yes. Ami go home.

I would pay for Americans to leave our country forever and never come back

I really wish that Poland wasn't such a shithole, you guys used to be one of the best countries in europe (and thus, one of the best in the world), but today you're just another slavshit country being tossed around by the big guys

It's a very good idea.

why should we grateful to america in the first place? unification? hah don't make me laugh, expansive as shit rebuilding the east. or the over 50 years of a possible threat of a nuclear war? yeah that also great. marshall plan? america did this for his own and his paranoia against communism.

Without America the entire country would be East Germany. Honestly America should have just let the USSR take over e*Rope with how rude you people are

>Without America the entire country would be East Germany
i don't see a problem with this
>Honestly America should have just let the USSR take over e*Rope with how rude you people are
again what's the problem with this?

Finland looks rather poor in comparison with Poland. I been there for few days during my stay in Sweden.

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better idea: relocate Poland to the United States

This. If Poland was placed in the USA, we wouldn't have to be afraid of our savage neighbours anymore. There is already 12 mln of Polish Americans in the US, so it is like second home.

Why the fuck do you want ZOG army in your cunt? So that we can pacify you if you refuse paying up reparations shekels to our reptilian kike overlords?

Freedom has its price

This is that Russian diaspora whose parents own a restaurant in Munich.

How is being leached by kikes freedom?

If i have to choose between being leeched by a Jew, and being leeched by our 'dear' neighbours, i choose the first option. We were being leeched by Jews for centuries before the Holocaust, and we survived it as a nation. Meanwhile behaviour of our neighbours in XX century was so brutal, that surviving it was sometimes impossible.

>prefers being boiled slowly

NATO has no right to exist.
Poland has no right to exist.

Poland is a poor 3rd world shithole completely owned by German industry. The only reason they're in the EU is to provide cheap labour to German factories in Poland.

Can we get our own handegg team ? With white qb preferably