KFC closes half its UK outlets after running out of chicken

Is this because of Brexit?

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yes everything that goes wrong here is due to brexit
anyone who tells you otherwise is a filthy brexiteer

inadequate preparation for Black Panther's opening weekend

Nobody goes to that overpriced shit, they got competed by
>Chicken Cottage
>*insert southern American state* chicken

Blacks on suicide watch

Is nando's not popular anymore?

Finally a use for this video

Nandos isnt fast food. Its a tier above fast food and more pricey. Its still popular.

Fast food is £5
Nandos is £10
Decent restaurant is £15.
Nice restaurant is anywhere between £20 to £100

nandos is as popular as ever

Throw Farage and the other chickens in the oven then.

you sound angry, sad, disappointed and hungry


They have KFC is Britain?


Here user.
Every green country has KFC.

Do yurokekolds have Church's'?

so this is the power of capitalism

>Palestine has a KFC
>Israel doesn't

shit>Burger King>McDonalds>>>>>>KFC
just get a pizza if you really want fast food

>To date, Church's Chicken has over 1,660 locations in 30 countries.[10] There are locations in Belarus, Bulgaria, Canada, Curaçao, Egypt, Georgia (Tbilisi), Guyana, Honduras, Indonesia, Iraq, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Laos (Vientiane), Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Pakistan, Russia, St. Kitts, Saint Lucia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Syria, Thailand, Trinidad and Tobago, Ukraine, the United Arab Emirates, Venezuela, Vietnam, and Puerto Rico.

>there's one here and I didn't even realize it

Gotta get some o' dem biscuits...


everyone memes about McDonald but KFC is practically a cult in other countries
like Japan for example


People in Japan used to celebrate Christmas by buying KFC and gaijins find it very weird but it wasn't that common in the first place, much less so nowadays.

holy shit

it is though


Even here the shit is overpriced to all hell


Reminds me of the time I stumbled upon "Chicken Connoisseur" videos...I never imagined shops like these could fluorish this much in the UK.

>complain about whale hunting in other countries
>complain about dog eating in other countries
>complain about foie gras eating in other countries
>dying out of hunger
top kek