Be me

>be me
>right wing pardo
>support christian values
>family oriented
>against the islamization of europe
>get called uncle tom by blacks
>get called nigger by whites
What do?

>against the islamization of europe
but why do you care?

stop LARPing as a tradcon on a shota sharing site

because it's simply wrong.


>against the islamization of europe
enough internet for you Joao

>muh islamization of europpeeeee
retard detected

I get that the average brazilian has an iq lower than koko the gorilla but seriously? You base your world view/state of affairs in countries based on what you've read on pol? kys macaco shitstain

Começa a estudar um pouco sobre as raízes do Brasil e lembrar dos anos 90.
As raízes te darão orgulho, lembrar dos anos 90 te lembrará que tem muita coisa mais importante a se preocupar.

>against islamization of europe

Why do you care about the continent that turned your country into the big mess that it is now? Why are brazilians such cuckolds

You're on the wrong board Pedro

t. Peoplekind

kill yourself

"Look at me, i know stats huur huurrrr"

just look at the demographic projections retard.

>another race obsessed post by a brazilian


Don't be a uncle tom nigga, and fuck some bunda. Life is way to short to care about politics lol.

because a large chunk of my dna comes from there maybe?

where i said i care about race, dummy.

You know europeans hate you?
Try to get back in Europe and say you got white DNA, they will laugh at you

you'll never be white, macaco

>all these mad muhammads on western cunts simply confirming what op said
OP is a BASED NIGGER, and it's welcome in kekistan.

>defines his whole life outlook on being "pardo" whatever that means
>not race obsessed

But europeans don't identify with you. I don't mean this as an insult, it's just the reality. To them you're always going to be just a brazilian, they don't care if you're 90% white genes or some bullshit, nobody cares about genes in real life cause it's autistic.

nah, i think they hate you arabs more

I really like of your way of thinking, you could've been a brazilian in another life.

But i think about politics at the freetime (when i'm not fuckin bundas or working)

t.Justin Trudeau

I thought pardos weren't necessarily black. That they could be mestizos, mulatos, all that

just look at this man.
it's clearly wrong
i am not racist or anything
but come on man.

>larping mutt
oh boy have I got a board for you

They won't learn unless they get what they deserve. It's unfortunate for everyone else, but what is to be done? Lot was saved from Sodom, but we never learnt whether or not there was anyone just in Gomorrah.

wrong I love Brazil

go back to e*rope, Canada es por la raza del ChicAno

>>get called uncle tom by blacks
Is that really a thing in Brazil?
I thought it was an American thing

no one hates brazilians except the moortuguese
chances are you are a fellow monkey living in europe

It's just sad to see someone who hates himself this much that he identifies more with the bulls who raped and cucked his ancestors, than his actual people...

But whatever, you do you, be yourself.

>caring about fr*nce

wrong, pure Lusitanian from the heart of Portugal la

se mata cabeça chata nordestino filho da puta

where did i said i hate myself inbred retard?
thinking france should belong to french people is hating myself?
go explode yourself somewhere else, camel fucker desert ninja de merda

Seja nosso amigo negão, claro.

what the fuck do you want to do even? you want a medal? live your honest life or die trying to fix whats wrong with the world

Tamo junto, irmão além-mar.

And i'll laugh of how malaria could destroy you, but not me (:
Just genes specialization