What's it like being in your country's military? Mine was pretty lame

What's it like being in your country's military? Mine was pretty lame

>no guns that shot
>no choppers that fly
>no ships that swim
>no tanks are ready for combat

Why Germany even needs an army? Doesn't America protect you from any possible external threat?

I dont think we will. but poland and france have good militaries so I think their good

How about new world war, man? It's impossible without army.

>Why Germany even needs an army?
no idea
>Doesn't America protect you from any possible external threat?
why should they? we don't spend 2% of our gdp in nato military funding.

I bet being with the navy is pretty dope
Those guys get to travel the world

Not really. It's very hard work, and strict rules when traveling on ship deployments. Still can fuck whores though.

And I heard about gay scandal in USA navy.

So prepare your anus, private.Because they still can fuck whores.

No idea, you need a good education and grades to join the military here.
And perfect mental health and physical performance.

All of which I don't have.

The most flamboyant gays are in our navy, but I've met gays in all branches

I think we still have same fucking weapons used in the falklands war

So sad, poor sweden.

What's it like? I really REALLY want to masturbate to some anime sluts right now, but I can't, because I'm sharing a two-bed room and there is a guy in the desk across from me. Even if he didn't hear or see me, I'm afraid the cum smell will be enough.

Not much more of this though. Once I'm done my training in 3 months, I can have my own apartment with zero (0) roommates and it's going to be fucking fantastic.

he-he, brits kicked your ass very well in that time.
Old Lion still have teeth.

Go to the bathroom

In Air Force
Do equivalent of IT, AKA nothing at all
Pretty chill. I play video games more than I work

Endless clean the barracks rituals, formation walking to breakfast, lunch, dinner.
Without a doubt hardest part of my conscription service was making the bed. Those damn stripes never were straight enough for the instructors.
We wore the most ridiculous "smurf" suits that were supposed to be tracksuits, and exercised sometimes. Nobody knows what material those suits were supposed to be made of, even when they were new. Most uncomfortable thing ever.

There were some camping trips, my face almost turned black as I saw most of the people in my artillery company need a goddamn course of "how to start a campfire" and "dont point the knife at yourself" when working the wood.
>Proved to me that the ongoing "all stupid guys are put to artillery" joke was 100% true

One of the best parts of conscription was when our instructor gave us post it notes to glue on our disposable rocket launchers and told us to write
"From Finland with love"
On them, because they're absolutely useless against tanks and most of modern doors that arent made of plywood, and are at best hazardous to use.
Then we held a competition of who could toss theirs furthest towards the "enemy tank" instead of firing them.
>rumours tell that the next conscripts got their hands on brand new US made LAW launchers

But then I have to look at porn at a 5" screen on my phone instead of a 27" monitor. That's only 18.5% as exciting.

>canadian maths

Sounds like a gigantic waste of time. Your instructor was a cunt too, who gives a fuck about making the fucking bed, especially during wartime. Not to mention are you a fucking adult or not? What business have they how you make your own fucking bed, it's the army and not fucking kindergarten

>Endless clean the barracks rituals
trips of truth

pretty good after training, everyone gets too fucked up on weekends which i cant complain about.

>his country has a military conscription
AHAHAHAHAHHA what a fucking waste of time
i'd rather kill myself than go play big guy with a gun with some autists

You don't get hired by the military for your intellect. I'm too lazy to calculate the difference in screen area.

It's called disciplinary training you nonce.

US Air Force. Most of my enlistment was stateside. Definitely more bureaucratic than I expected. I expect hierarchy, not petty office politics.

I have two friends in the military. According to them nowadays it’s a lot of standing around in train stations looking angry to reassure tourists, or a lot of standing around with occasional shooting at islamists in toyota trucks in whatever African shitholes France is currently shortening the leash of. And if course trying to organise and coordinate natives that are too retarded to build their own countries. That or trying to make soldiers out of the flood of new recruits that came with the attacks. Lack of budget is starting to be felt, president isn’t loved by the military because he went on a power trip on them, but they’re feeling pretty loved by the people nowadays so it’s alright.