1. Your country

1. Your country
2. Are you a racist?

No, I'm not retarded

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If different races have different skin, organs, genetic diseases, bone density, skull shapes, dick sizes etc why can't they have different brains?

No, but I also don't feel like I need to impregnate a black girl just to prove I'm not racist.

1. Finland
2. Yes, i'm not into jewdi mind tricks.

>If different races have different skin, organs
They don't? I mean firstly they don't exist. But people don't have different sorts of skin just because the pigmentation and colour vary. And different organs, what are you talking about?

1. mex
2. no i'm not retarded

1. France
2. Yes, but that doesn't stop me from wanting to colonize brown wombs.

1. Sweden
2. Yes, incredibly.

Not racist I just wish there were no such thing as blacks or spics

1. flag
2. yes i'm a proud afd voter

No, but then again I vote SD

Not him but Asians having a larger pancreas comes to mind.

yes, I'm not retarded


Reminder that it's okay if we breed with there women but not okay if they breed with our women



Yes, because I'm an Asian.

If white people look different, why cant they be a different species?????

>WE are pregnant
inclusive grammar is retarded.

Yes,and I think all islanders are the ones.


Brainlets put too much weight into apperance. All dogs are genetically very similiar despite looking very different, big dogs doesn't treat small dogs any different. It has to do with breeding, if we can breed we're extremely similar.

yes, I hate whites

No, only a nationalist.

>dog brains are similar
>but there are actually discernible behavioral differences between dogs based on the type of dog

1. Korea
2. Against Asians, yes.

1. Italy
2. no

Have become more racist over time.

Fuck abos the most.

And a white lab behaves like a black lab. Your point?


>normies just post videos about their daily lives
Is this what the normies enjoy???