Half Ukrainian

>half Ukrainian
>half Irish
name a worse mutt to be

hey, you're still white


slavs are not white

half polish - half polish

at least you're smart



el cosaco comiendo patata...

half swedish half iranian

Half German and half anything else

would rather be half ukie than full ir*sh

la luz de europa

Literally anything with more than 10% *Nglo in it.

black and vietnamese

thats cheating though

Half chinese half hongkongnese

>tfw half Swede half Norwegian


that's not even mixing whitey

>some beady Anglo went to Algarve, impregnated my great grandma and pissed off back to England afterwards


>half Polish half Anglo

The opposite happened to me. I thought I was Kraut, Frog, and Mick but all the genetics tests I've done say I have some Iberian in me.

filthy Cossack spotted


half mexican half mexican

forgot link
bestgore com

half polish half polish

It's all good for me because I'm a Portuboo so I like being part Iber.


What tool is this?

Half Irish
Half Italian

>quarter german
>half italian
>10% polish
>5% dutch
>2% middle east
>6% nordic

My mother is also part irish but I'm not for some fucking reason.



He's double nigger

>1/8th jewish, 1/8th belarussian, 1/8th ukrainian, 1/16th balkan, 10/16th russian

>1/4 easter european
>1/8 somalian
>1/8 vietnamese
>1/8 german
>1/8 arab

>can't even do basic addition

Half American half Canadian

>1/2 pardo
>1/2 white
feels good, man

Full Irish

I unironically wish I was irish.
My dna test circled a little bit of southern england and then stopped at ireland.

at least you're not paki/indian


>tfw hapa dad and mulatta mom
Literally can’t get more creatura than that

Have you considered exploring aquatic planets, per chance?

Volga Germans aren't either

How many racial feats do you get?