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What is the best EU country to immigrate to for university education? Does anyone have experience with EU universities? Where would you go if you had EU citizenship and wanted to study in English?

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>and wanted to study in English?
UK or Ireland if you're an undergrad. Most other countries don't have English degrees until the graduate level.

>Where would you go if you had EU citizenship and wanted to study in English?

I'd go to Scotland because it would be free.

Not true, many have undergrads in English. I am just wondering about specific cities/universities that are good potential choices.

Money isn't and issue as I am a citizen of the EU and the only place that is cost prohibitive is England. Everywhere else is affordable for me.

>Does anyone have experience with EU universities?
Some, I guess. In the sense that I moved here from another EU country to do my university education.

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Well the best university in continental Europe is the ETH Zurich in Switzerland. Not in the EU but FOM still applies.

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Do you know French?

can only speak for Belgium but my bachelor was 95% in Dutch, and my master being completely in english is one of the few for now.
i'm still boggled on why almost every other, even some STEM educations were allowed to do their thesis in Dutch while were forced to do everything in english, fucking cunts
also this fucking captcha REEEEEEEEE

>wanted to study in English
UK obviously

why is that a question

English, Spanish and Polish are my languages. Only feel comfortable at an academic level in English but I could work in a Spanish/Polish environment.

>Grass is greener on the other side.
why EU? why not just go for Canadian universities or US universities if you so want to study in English.

Far less expensive in the EU overall, and I plan on living there for the rest of my life. I don't like Canada and I am not rich enough for US uni.

curious why not uoft/mcgill?

i'm a poorfag at uoft, and i only pay like 2-3grand a year for tuition with all the grants

Go to europe if you want a relaxed environment.
Uk is expensive, living in accomdation is shit, you can binge drink other euro countries with hotter girls.

For lifestyle I say go sweden.

for ontario unis you're paying 7-8k for a full course load per year.

if you're poor you'd qualify for a ton of grants and interest free loans

my family is dead broke, parents didn't save anything for me, and i'll be graduating with zero debt since i worked throughout

Because after grants and student aid in Europe my education would basically be free. And in certain countries my cost of living would be about half of what it would be in Canada.

Also I dislike Canada and would like to emigrate sooner rather than later. Every way I look at it Europe seems like the better option. Also my family isn't broke but they can't help me out fiscally so I wouldn't qualify for help in Canada.

well what do you plan on studying?

International Business. I've been looking mainly at schools in Poland. I spent 2 years of my life doing Pol Sci here in Canada so I would be applying with my Canadian uni marks.

The idea is to finish an undergrad in international business, then go onto a masters and find work with the government/EU.

What about Scotland?

Scotland is TOP tier, I forgot.

Not a bad idea. I just fear that it would lead me to settling down there and I really dislike the direction the UK is headed in ( I'm not a EU federalist before you ask ).

Cost of living would make it about as expensive as Polish universities including tuition.

>Cost of living would make it about as expensive as Polish universities including tuition.
Yes, but studying and living in your native language sounds like a huge plus in my opinion, and you can always fuck off elsewhere once you've graduated.
Also if you decide to do some small jobs for extra cash you'll earn way more in Scotland than in Poland.
But i don't know if you'd get free education as a Canadian, I don't even know how Brexit will change all this. Maybe a britanon can enlighten us.

Apply to all the good unis in Europe and here. You're better off going to a good uni here than some average one on EU

> But i don't know if you'd get free education as a Canadian

I have Polish citizenship. Scotland also said they will honor new students past Brexit. And I speak Polish fluently on a day to day level, I am just not there academically.

> You're better off going to a good uni here than some average one on EU

My GPA is only 3.1, I am not getting into a top uni. I have to be realistic, and I dislike the environment on Canadian campus, in relation to the insane social arts students and their sway in administration.

>My GPA is only 3.1
What province? Honestly just go to a UofT satellite campus UTM/UTSC, they accept 70s for like social science. And change your major to STEM

I wouldn't bother doing an BA in Europe unless it was a top uni

>and Polish

>I wouldn't bother doing an BA in Europe unless it was a top uni

What about Malta?

What's your point? I doubt those places would accept people with Bs

>this retarded german with his retarded index

I really wonder what kind of memetic methodology they applied to arrive at such results.

Did they just do some stupid gimmicky shit like measuring the average Impact™ Factor™ of all publications across all fields?

First point, at European universities there are different requirements for each degree program. You can't say "X university is hard to get in". All you can say is "subject Y in country Z" is hard to get in, for example you need almost perfect grades to study psychology anywhere in Germany but studying computer science at top universities is not much harder than studying computer science at a university most Germans even never heard about.
So studying engineering or math or physics at the LMU munich might have lower requirements than studying psychology or media business adminsitration in Villingen-Schwenningen.

Why I posted this though, is because you (or another Canadian flag) made it sound as if Canada would shit all over every European country, which is objectively false.

>muh meme arrow and ad hominem
post something better and explain why it's better

Don't bother trying to do an undergrad degree in Europe, unless it's part of an exchange program or a double diploma or something like that. But otherwise, it's not at all worth it, and as a rule of thumb unis are not at all interested in international undergrads. What they want are grad students.

Of course, it can be difficult to start a master's in a new continent. If that task is too daunting for you (though it's definitely possible), you could always do a Master's here first. That will give you publications and exposure to the researchers in the field, which will make it much easier for you to pursue a PhD afterwards in Europe.

fuck off we're full

It's the number of research produced by a university, it's not a overall ranking of universities
What you said applies for America and Canada too, you can get accepted for economy and liberal arrs byt rejected for engineering and especially médecine
The total number of research papers is not the only ranking criteria

>The total number of research papers is not the only ranking criteria
you still didn't post some metric that you deem to be a better one

I did in my discussion with you but you just ignored it

Also Ba degrees from Europe are just worthless here with the exception of some British school and the crème de la crème of Europe

what you posted was an Anglo centric ranking that didn't consider at all that most research in Germany is done at institutes rather than at the university itself and thus ranked every German university (and those of other countries that do the same) lower than some American hillibilly community kindergarden. How that could be better than what I shared is beyond me.

Read this
Yes, it's not thaaat accurate but the problem ia that yours also is not a ranking at all. That chinese university is not the best in the world.

Also what american university are you talking about? The south does have some good schools you know especially Texas.

>institution ranking based on publications.

As an undergrad you won't benefit as much as you think.

t. Undergrad at Cambridge

After you finish studies in Poland as a foreigner, it will be hard later to find a job outside of Poland if you don't go to best university and have very good grades. Education is quite good and prices really low, but west doesn't recognize your diploma as other "famous" universities.

I was on Eramus exchange in Belgium in KU Leuven super comfy uni and city, also very cheap for students. Have a good position in international rankings. Check it out.

If you want any info about polish unis, just ask.

>tfw UGent is not on the list
KUL is also top-tier btw. What did you study?

Ugent is ranked as 88th in the american ranking. The German's index doesn't matyer that much.

Artificial Intelligence, it wasn't even hard.
I think master programmes in KUL are quite comfy but are made mostly just to get diploma paper.

Oy vey!

Lucky you.
All Polish universities are in the abyss in rankings, most of them are not even recognized. Even some shithole unis are present on a list and ours doesn't.

I have to agree the master was relatively easy (i'm also an enginigger), but we don't have an entrance examination (yet) so they just make the bachelor brutal as fuck instead.
If you've survived that they don't really feel the need anymore to weed out a significant amount of students since they know you're competent enough.

Tbh i also think these rankings must be taken with quite a bit of salt. I don't see how the amount of research your uni pumps out directly relates to the level of education.
At the end of the day you just want competent graduates right?