How the fuck can one man meme an entire country into oblivion?

How the fuck can one man meme an entire country into oblivion?

He bantered a nation so hard on DvD that they literally fell into ruin.

Did anyone know about Kazakhstan before he put them on the map, did they even exist before that?

Is Kazakhstan still a thing or has it been dissolved by now?

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>bantered a nation
he only told the truth

I was under the impression he just chose some Central Asian country for Borat to be from at random.

banter and truth are synonymous

>Borat's town is actually a Romanian gypsie village

Amazing how bolshevik jews engineered the Russian revolution, spread communism in places like Kazakhstan, turned those places to shit through their shitty system made to control goyim, and then jews proceed to make movies and laugh about the misfortune of those places. And we're supposed to feel sad for them and the Holocaust? Please.

>turned those places to shit through their shitty system
The ussr literally introduced civilization into kazakhstan you utter dipshit

does kazakhstan have a large population of jews

Imperial Russia would have certainly done the same and in a better way than revolutionary kikes did. Civilization isn't worth being in a repressive hellhole like the USSR implemented.

Just fuck off back to Cred Forums already you brainlet

kazakhstan is an iranic country originally, but now it's filled with mongols and russians who have nothing islam. technically, the borat meme is actually historically accurate, that's how kazakhs would've looked like if they were still iranian.

Borat is the funniest shit ever
should be one of top 10 movies ever but normies wouldnt allow it


Netanyahu and Putin have said the same things I've just said. Are they Cred Forumstards? Leftism is a cancer, and I'm afraid you have terminal leftism. Truth has no political alignment, get your head out of your ass.

>Imperial Russia
>Capable of introducing civilization, when it was the most backwards state in Europe, still having feudalism and serfs ffs
>Not being an even more repressive hellhole, under an absolute monarch worshipped as a divinely appointed leader, and with his secret police

Literally who?

>Netanyahu and Putin have said the same things I've just said


>Netanyahu and Putin have said the same things

All of the *stan countries have iranic, semitic and indian origins.Mongols and russians didn't really settle into kazakhstan until way later.

Meh it's just a shithole filled with Russian hapa rapebabies so who cares?

>a fucking leaf

Why are you linking me to this bullshit site?

Borat made fun of America more than Kazakhstan imo

As comedy, yes. But as a real life meme, it had a much greater impact on the popular conception of Kazakhstan than anything else.

The same is true for this game

>Netanyahu and Putin have said the same things I've just said.

Verr nice.

>Are they Cred Forumstards?
You are, which is the problem here.
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It didn’t do anything because Kazakhstan is totally different from Armenian-Gypsies what he portrayed and more like an Islamic Persianized Mongolia


>there are people who unironically shill for the soviet cummunism meme

EWWWWWWWWWWW. I bet you guys have posters of putin in his underwear in your rooms.



Borat single-handedly put Kazakhstan on the map. I suspect the movie was a boon to tourism in Kazakhstan.