Aren't all European states muttified?

isn't every European region the site of multiple tribal migrations and imperial conquerings?
what's the differences between being part Irish, German, and British (average American) versus being part Latin, Arverni.whatever other Celtic tribe, and Frank/whatever other Germanic tribe (average Frenchman)?

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Thing is, if you are culturally and physically similar enough to a neighboring country, then you should be able to assimilate well enough that you "become" that new nationality.

A blue-ass nigger or Mr Origato will never be able to adapt to a country well enough to be considered a fully-fledged kinsman, unless of course they move to a nigger or chink land.

If a Finn came to Sweden and didn't have too much of a spurdo spärde name then he'd be able to become a Swede by no time, same thing with a German and to a lesser extant Italians for example.

das rite me and german same blood amirite brothers?

Not every Euro state is France
For example if you are Finnish chances are you are extremely similar with the other Finns, and if you go back far enough in the DNA you'll get to the same small handful of individuals. This is true of many European countries or regions.

Meanwhile France is the crossroad of Europe, just look at where France is geographically. Historically it has always been very populated and many Europeans have ended up here

To an extent, but it's not like America where someone is part Czech part Irish part Ukrainian part Iranian part Mongolian part Fishperson and they pick an arbitrary art of their ancestry to identify as because identifying as American means nothing

Finns still have plenty an admixture of Balto-Slavic, Finnic, and Germanic tribes that all had contact with one another

makes sense to me, so why make a fuss about the Irish and Germans in America?
I guess the Irish being Catholic is one thing, and that WAS a problem for a bit but being protestant stopped being such a big deal as long as you were a Christian a while ago.

the genetic cumdump of Europe

Cred Forums WNs are always some 30% African, half Iranian, Based 2/4 Jew etc. That's what makes the Amerimutt meme funny.

Irish, German, and British is going to be the ancestry of the overwhelming amount of white Americans.
you over-represent the amount of people from those areas that came here. That's a bit of an ironic statement on my part because my gf has a Slovak surname, but that's also pretty rare outside of the Texas Hill Country speaking from my experience.

In all honesty I dont think anyone has any problems with americans caring about their heritage, why would anyone take problem with it? It's just a meme

Europeans can become American, Americans can't become Europeans without being a memetic mess. The American nationality is a cesspool and as soon as you get into it you should be quarantied so you won't mutt up other nations. When Americans or weebs say they have Japanese heritage that is exactly the same as any other American saying they are and that is incredibly cringy.

Pathetic you speak as if you're about to march in a nazi rally. Why would it be cringy for people to remember where they come from?

>hurr nazi
You put Swedes to shame you paint thinner-drinker.

Dont worry, I know most Swedes agree with me.

Well even then they still became Finnish at some point in history. They decided to stop having different tribes in the country and claimed they were now all Finnish, of the Finnish ethnicity. Unlike Americans.
I have never seen French people say "I am more Gallic than you !" or "You are a fucking Frankish !" but Americans do this all the time and not only on the internet

Imo white Americans have turned into a whole new ethnicity by now and they should acknowledge it

hence we have the worlds first solidarity super power that is sweden

They can't even decide on who's part of it.

Sort of.
If they can pass as locals with their looks, don't come here thinking life in Italy is what they see in those food tv shows or movies and put serious effort in the language, Guido Gambino from New Jersey won't face any discrimination whatsoever, if anything they'd get the love of everyone around them for their dedication.
They'll never be considered as Italian as a native, but being "the perfect guest" is already a great spot to be in.

Because we all stem from the same fish.

From my experience Greeks are normaly xenophobic as fuck but when someone is successful or important like Giannis Antentokoumpo or Jennifer Aniston they're all like GREEK PRIDE WORLDWIDE

Didn't mean to quote.

>obsesses over genetics and heritage
like clockwork with separatist movement because of regional identity

What said. There's a very high chance that I'm part Frisian and part Bataavi. Am I mixed since there's a 100% chance I'm part of both those groups of people? Not really since they neighbor each other, which is the keyword. You become mixed if either part is far apart. Like Irish and Polish.

What about jewish admixture?

not ameritalian but good post


Look. The thing is, in real life, no one gives a fuck what your genetic composition is. What people mostly care about is how well you assimilate into the culture that you're in. if you're an african american living in ukraine for example, then you should assimilate into ukrainian culture and be ukrainian. It's not about what race, skin colour or height you are, those are just Cred Forums memes. It's about how well you integrate into the society you're in.

Since ethnic Jews originate from either the Levant or Khazaria, that would be mixed too, yes.

This, racial autism is internet exclusive.

All nations are like that
If one of their diaspora does a crime or fuckef up shit
>He is a disgusting American and has nothing to do with us
And if he successful or invents something
> Oh he is from our great country, America always stealing our brilliant minds.

Americans get memed on because you're obsessed with your heritage and ancestors. That's it. White Americans have their own culture, they're their own ethnicity. Yet they're obsessed with shit like "Italian American" or "Irish American" when they were born in the States and have zero connection to their ancestral home. They don't understand that where your ancestors lived doesn't mean anything. They immigrated to America and helped build it into the country it is today. They chose to leave their home behind and become American. You are American. That's the only thing that matters.

America is not a nation and it actually really can't be a nation. America is a real estate development. It's a bunch of mystery meats who have very little in common with each other sharing a space for essentially short-term transactional reasons.

Ok but I'm not talking about just American Greeks. Antentokoumpo is a first-generation Greek citizen but ethnically Nigerian.

America isn't a nation.

>America is not a nation

It is. The fact that it's a melting pot of cultures and heritages doesn't make it any less a real nation. The only problem is people only think that a country is supposed to have only one identity, when if you look anywhere, every country has multiple ethnicities, races etc.

It mainly stems from people's need to generalise things. People can't generalise americans because they're too different to each other, and it pisses them off because of that.

This type of thinking is the venom tearing this nation apart right now


good posts

Wow, a good post on Cred Forums

America has not been a nation since the 60s and it never will be again. It NEEDS to balkanize to survive.

Genetically we’re mostly Gallic with minor Frankish and Roman influences, it’s not like every tribe was it’s own different ethnicity and while there was migration to France we’re talking about at most tens of thousands of people that immediately intermarried and assimilated. Common Gallic identity had been there forever, French identity slowly took form from Clovis’ conversion which bound the Gallo-Roman people with their Frankish conquerors, to an overall idea of France starting in the early middle ages, to a common French identity over regional particularities, ending in a slow decline of regional identities starting in the 19th century. Ultimately, genetics matter relatively little in culture and identity: we’re not part anything, that’s so long in the past that it doesn’t matter, we’re just French. The difference with America is that you’re towards the end of this process, but you don’t want to admit it for whatever reason and cling to the identity of peoples that have little to nothing to do with you. White Americans are a new people already, with shared values, stories, myths and culture. I don’t hate White Americans for caring about their ancestral roots, but it gets a bit sad sometimes to see them desperately bring up percentages of their DNA and claiming a tenuous link to Europe because of that insteas of embracing their identity as Americans.

Absolutely not true
In the United States I can only identify 5 major ethnicities, and the majority of them have some kind of common roots

White-American - This is the majority of the country. You're white, American, and have little to no ties to your ancestry in Europe or elsewhere. You probably live in some flyover state or gentrified area of a major cit. Either way, you drink large amounts of milk, pizza night has somehow become a family tradition, and mac n' cheese is your mom's specialty dish

African-Americans - You're black. That is the only requirement. Though you probably support the Democratic part with determination and loyalty of a Jehovah's Witness, listen to rap music, like high top shoes, consider yourself urban, poor, or oppressed in someway, and get reall mad when someone mentions your mom....or your dad for that matter.

Southern - Having lived in and around the American-Confederate border my entire life, I've seen no racial or requirement for this ethnicity. Typically it consists of whites, but many blacks are also part of this group. Essentially, you or your recent ancestors are from the South and you have some sense of ruralness about you. You like country music, beer, jacked up trucks, muding, and your cousin. You probably recently discovered rap and your new favorite artist is Upchurch. You fly the confederate flag and wear hunting camo on a near daily basis.

Mormons - An Ethno-Religious group, based mostly around the state of Utah, though Missouri based groups hold a little over 2% of the Latter Day Saint Movement. The group is mostly white and primarily descendants of a group of settlers that moved westward overtime to Missouri and Utah from Western New York.

Chicanos - Only becoming a major ethnic group in the U.S. extremely recently, this is the group that has the least historical ties to the U.S. They're essentially just Mexicans living in the U.S. They Like Soccer, the Mexican flag, and competing to be more Mexican.

and this is what non-countries actually believe

it's not a nation if it's multi-ethnic
that's what makes the difference between nationalism and patriotism

nationalism is for nations
patriotism is for countries

a nation can exist without a country

>when if you look anywhere, every country has multiple ethnicities, races etc.
Look at my flag.

It is. Mostly western Europe is muttoid central. And probably Greece too. Scandis and Slav Europe (save Russia ofc) is less muttoid.

Also, the difference is that a French, an English or a Spanish is a muttoid, while being an american with part french, part english and part spanish muh heritage exponentially increases the muttoid factor.

Your country does have multiple ethnicities and heritages though, like the celts and the iberians. Idk why are you denying this.

Also it is a nation of it's multi ethnic, every nation is multi ethnic if you actually bother to study nations and their demographics. What you're thinking of is ethno-nationalism, which is a different thing.

Here, most of the population is composed of foreigners and they're the ones responsible for most of the progress that happens within the country. Qatar's greatest athletes are all foreign born. The high jump athlete who recently medalled in the last olympics was from sudan originally, but he has qatari citizenship and calls himself a full qatari. It's not about the background of the person, it's about how well they integrate. Jews and extremist muslims are a problem because they can't integrate into any country they're in, they prefer it when other countries adapt to their culture instead.

That's because you don't know the meaning of ethnicity.
No one here claims to be a celt or iberian (in the sense of the iberian people).

I would like to see Africans integrate into Qatar, get lexus and two Qatari wives.

>No one here claims to be a celt or Iberian

Well, I always keep seeing portugese flags here we wuzzing about being iberian so I apologise.

Why do you think it's impossible for a nation to be formed if it's multi ethnic?

There are. Tons. In fact, one of the best athletes to come from this country is an African.

That's a problem with the culture, not the race though.

Portus don't have iberian heritage. Iberians were in the mediterranean part of Spain, from Andalucia to Catalonia.

better to just divide it like this

>Idk why are you denying this.

That’s two millenias ago. Haplogroup autism means nothing. Ethnicity isn’t just genes, it’s genes + culture.

You cannot feel that way because Qataris aren’t a people. Your country is a product of colonialism, you have no culture, language, traditions, History of your own, so you cannot understand what it’s like to have a country, a culture, a people, a shared experience and History. You cannot possibly understand that tenuous link between every single one of your countrymen that is unique to you and your people. There is nothing particularly binding Qataris together. Your only vague regional oddity is being pearl fishing Arabs that lucked into ressources, and that’s no basis for a nation-state. You could be absorbed in an Arab state and wouldn’t notice it. Which is why you think it’s all about integration: if there are no Qatari people, anyone can be Qatari.

And you confuse citizenship and nationality.

I understand that, is what contemporary politicians, globalists and whatnots want to make of it.
In Switzerland up until a few months ago, you wouldn't get citizenship if you weren't at least the fourth generation of your family living in Switzerland.
Just because a person immigrates into the country and is granted citizenship, that isn't what grants you nationality in the traditional sense. That's why people had different words for nationality and citizenship. As the meme goes, just because you're born in a stable doesn't mean you're a horse.

A nation can form, eventually, from two or more ethnicities, though. However, as long as the majority of the people still aknowledge to be part of two different peoples, it's not a nation.