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good post




Switch sambo with shano
might make yur grl my grl
Play shampo with shannado


University lecturers strike soon lads
Hope you're all prepared

woof haha

is geoff the quintessential deano?

who /enjoys watching tv licence goons get btfo/ here?


>the only reason i’m not dropping out of uni is cos i have lovely friends here and i don’t want to live back in norfolk. i hate my course and i’m actually a Lot Depressed at the moment

love the art hoe aesthetic


Fun Fact: hallucinations are only hallucinations if you think they're real - the "hallucinations" you get with drugs are actually pseudohallucinations

i'm on the dole
i'm getting clean

It's honestly ugly though.

would fuck

apparently literally 50% of the population of Monaco are millionaires


imagine what Tinder must be like over there


Business idea: either be premature or go soft for whatever reason during sex


playing football manager


the welsh phenotype


boohoo i get an above average pay and conditions but we can't get used to not living like it's the 90s again

When I visited there was loads of really old guys with very young wives


what does it mean

Seen a video of a load of West Belfast ones battering each other with bats, clubs and knives on Facebook and for some reason there’s 100s of Black Americans in the comments saying “baka... wypipo, dis what my tax dollars going to”, “wypipo talk about black on black crime smdh..”, “white monkeys”, etc.

This is one of them

Fun fact: would probably hate every last one of you IRL.

dont respond

nonce gang nonce gang nonce gang nonce gang nonce gang nonce gang nonce gang

she's 16 brahs

Doesn't seem bad. Will encourage kids to finish school rather than drop out for $10+super at K-mart

The scottish phenotype

isnt that below your min wage



Videos, televisions, 64's PlayStations
We're paring with precision
Few herbs and a bit of Benson
But don't forger the Rizla,
Lean like the tower of Pisa
Liza, I'll raise yer,
And this is the day in the life of a geezer


What a waster, what a fucking waster
You pissed it all up the wall
Round the corner where they chased her
There's tears coming out from everywhere
The city's hard, the city's fair
Get back inside you've got nothing on
No you mind yer bleedin' own you two bob cunt


how are they still going lmao

business idea: tinder but for the horrid ugly rejects of society

black people and northern irish are basically the same people

wonder how you would react to have your pension gutted because of corporate mismanagement


>when you can't last for longer than a minute but neither can your gf

they're still getting a good pension . seriously all they have to complain about is that they can only longer afford the levels of economic waste sustained under the blair years

No matter where I roam
I will return to my English rose
For no bonds can ever tempt me from she

real ian hours, who tf up?

haven't been this excited about life in 12 years lads
it's been weeks since i've had a suicidal thought

Business Idea: Tinder but for food.

post insta slags

children can get below minimum

business idea:
always go soft during sex so become a gay receiver to compensate even though youre only like 30% bi

have established a tradition where i watch a jackie chan movie every friday night
quite comfy to be honest

gpu is completely fried
need a new laptop at this point

my name geoffrey

business idea: north americans use /cum/

Lovely gesture. Wish my Dad did that for me. I'll do it for my daughter/son

what the fuck are you talking about
they're pensions are getting cut
it's nothing to do with "economic waste"

/cum/? don't touch the stuff

female premature ejaculators

my daughterson


fuck boomers
hate em all

weird little freak

/cum/ is terrible, I tried to get a Northeastern general going but it didn't work out and it honestly makes more sense to post in /brit/ than /dixie/

fuck smokers
hate em all

If I lay here
If I just lay here
Would you lie with me and just forget the world?

is valentines the ultimate good goy """holiday"""?
>buy flowers and chocolates and cards because it's the 14th of february

what happens if you don't pay your tax?

Just because you’re not getting any

business idea: convince you you're being anesthetized but in reality im killing you.

never had sex even once

I'm male, I'd be doing the buying (if I was stupid)

get a desktop

Sent to Van Diemens Land

guess where this was taken lads

No, Singles Day

why do people get horrible face tattoos? don't they know it's basically rendering them unemployable?


dont worry about it

Fosse Park

To look like Gucci Mane or Lil Peep


Mental how whales can dive so deep but they still need to go all the way back up to the surface to suck in a big lungful of fresh air.

What the fuck is wrong with you? I sincerely hope the cops arrest you. You’re a certified fucked in the head weirdo. Fuck off you creep.

seems pretty logical lad

not that mental

yeah... mental hey...

um sweetie

business idea: british waffen-ss

just saw hillary clinton unload a pistol into seth rich

dont care
didnt ask

disgusting weirdo

had sex with a badger

Free State desu


An expletive was uncalled for


business idea: kill nonces

ermmm Italians are white sweetie

tv show idea: nonce island

This fucking creep of a yank that posts sexually suggestive images of children and general nonsensical obscure images is proper fucked in the head

Lad needs the chair big time

identity politics is cancer

Where did the flags go?

TV show idea: battle royal with nonces

Is this your italian gf?

this site rots your brian

all politics are identity politics

How many are up there?

This but mine wont cum unless I hit it fast and hard and I CANT DO THIS FOR VERY LONG FOR FOOK SAKE

>children can't understand sex
>but they can understand hormone replacement and transgenderism

imagine being this assblasted because someone posts a picture of a kid drinking water from a fountain.

hate to break this to you but you have no idea what goes on in this world.

grow up


wouldn't be the same without mountbatten

post absolute bangers, you vermin

yeah crazy isn't it, because fish don't need to do that but they can't get as big can they


More than a dozen as far as I know. Only 1 white but I think it was killed by another tiger recently.

hahahaha literally looks english



disgusting little paedophile, no one likes you, fuck off

when i start fucking kids get at me until then stfu flaming faggot


*knocks off the nearest Irishman's gob*

And you do? Fuck off for good you mentally deranged autistic prat

>this video is not available

>bogtrotter getting mad at a potato
some things never change

go ahead dox me I've been doxxed countless times

thats because you live in a country that doesnt allow absolute bangers



no wonder southern italy capitulated immediately in ww2

you could've gotten away with it too and you went and did that

this probably sounded better in your head

not gonna keep her from sucking a big fat willy for breakfast


there's clearly something not right with you in the head, end yourself before you start fucking kids


you probably just don't understand it


and its all your fault

berlusconi literally looks like a crook lmao

We have an International Space Station, why don't we have an International Undersea Station?


wouldn't mind a gf who is satisfied by 2 minutes of sex

starting to think I will never have sex and will die alone

>mentally deranged autistic prat
killer combo dumbfuck


>all the men in his bloodline managed to have sex except for him

Shut up crazy, nobody’s listening

whats it like being a nigger in erin?

You lot drive British vehicles to support British manufacturing or nah?

i have very pointy and puffy nipples


What should I make my Dunmer lads? Not sure if I should go for battle mage or pure mage.

legitimately get help if you're unironically a nonce

It's 1247 gonna have a coffee and a biscuit (dark chocolate wheaten)

meanwhile on Éire

hope one day to become a member of the Groucho Club lads

the goal

man looks like a doll

thief mage

i know why you're mad and im laughing gfy

no unfortunately
its georgia meloni

He’s an egotistical nonce with severe autism who thinks he’s some sort of literary scholar



which game

I remember a time when I was on the path to noncedom (liking 16yo girls) but then god spoke to me. He showed me some saucy pictures of Eva Longoria and an article about her using a vibrator cause she's sexually aware.
From that day in year 9 on I have only liked women that are over 30

I kind of want to make him an occult character so thief mage sounds kind of good. Now I just need to decide on whether to make him a werewolf or vampire. I was a vampire on my last playthrough so a werewolf makes sense but a Dunmer Werewolf just sounds bizarre.

the proto trump

>dark chocolate
hello denise, how are the kids

sausage fingered twat

Richer, more successful, more handsome version of Da Trump.

I'm not a prim housewife

giving joe rogan a listen

vampire seems more appropriate but i wouldn't go either

did you lads try out bannerlord yet?

dark chocolate is fucking lush

*creaking rubber*

what gets me is i try to mind my own business and post little tidbits of information because i have an inherent desire to communicate and i people still talk shit. ive come to realize no matter what i do, someone will find an issue with it. the same way i dont like your underage banter you think im some weirdo. dont really care what some 20 something thinks of me 2bh

cant tell the difference between navy and black socks

Forgiving who you are
For what you stand to gain
Just know that if you hide
It doesn't go away

read all yank posts in a yank accent, so when one of them uses /brit/ terminology is sounds bizarre

Ciabata and olive oil for lunch, cause dad visited Rome before I was born

im not tho

not with that attitude

watching the young turks live

hey there young man

going to be odd when the yanks lose their hegemony status to the chinks
wonder how the first major conflict between the two will go

the chad duke

You’re a loon


all the same poster

Based DOCTOR Duke

w/e you say

Started working unsocial hours retail job and you can literally smell the virgin on the runts

lost my virginity lads wahey


man looks like a demon

if people consistently talk shit to you, then maybe you're a bit of bellend mate

jesus wept

always in the last place you look lad

Saw a guy with a furry tail casually sticking out of his back pocket at Woolies a few nights ago, this was at about 2120. He smelt like hell too, awful.


read all posts in my accent

kant reed n dat


Is it 1998 again

DOCTOR Duke is a great man

all jokes aside why should what people on Cred Forums think of me matter to me when they have no idea as to what ive been through to make me the way i am. that being said its obvious the reasoning behind your posts is just for lulz which should be proof enough of how deranged you and yours are.

dont respond

Hope you get raped by a pack of rabid niggers

the university is taking disciplinary action against me for keeping a traffic cone I found in a parking lot in my room. how fucking retarded is that

any kissed a girl man in?

our woollies is better than your woolies

shes lost control is the best joy division song

That's not Duke, lad.

you got fingered as a kid so now you want to finger kids?

>dire yank posts

Time to log off

don't think you need a traffic cone to stop traffic to your room lol

quintessential underage b8 post everyone


And so the tautological double conjunction became my new favourite.

look at the way those wrappings bite into her legflesh!

yeah fuck off

>being honest
i care

What is this abomination

zero excuses for noncery of any sort

You’ve literally gonna nuts, you’re teetering on the edge fucking pedo scumbag

you belong in the slammer

yanknonce is having a breakdown i reckon

should mention im a virgin

1. girls are cute

football manager save is not going well

Tonight is the night we uproot the yanks from brit

horrid little pervert, fuck off

underage b8 weak af as usual

>no idea as to what ive been through to make me the way i am.
screams fingered as a kid to me

*pushes the irishman aside and starts chatting up his date*

You’re fucking repulsive you sick cunt. No one wants to understand your kind. You’re a mentally ill sicko.

Go and find somewhere you belong because you aren’t wanted here you new world SCUM

nowt wrong with being a pedo as long as you don't act on it

What was the last meal you ate?

im gay haha u massive bender

who you playing as

fuck off mick

Hey moon
It's just you and me tonight
Everyone else is asleep
Hey moon
If I was to fall
I would fall so deep

jesus what a mess this has devolved into
yanks are mentally ill and im going to bed


Would literally laugh out loud if the yank got fiddled with as a child

>Hope you get raped by a pack of rabid niggers

>The USA
>The United States of Underagefingering

yanknonce deserves the rope tbqh. would do it myself if i were close by and wouldn't get arrested for it haha x

currently managing Dalian Chaoyue in the Chinese league

some serious mental illness going on display here

You’ve admitted it

Unironically reported to the relevant authorities, God knows what images you have on your computer

Give me ONE good reason as to why Harry Kane shouldn't be in jail right now.

Have you got a Giovanni's (Deliworld) up there?

You like Roman meals?

>not even SJWs support noncery
You're on your own, sicko.

>yanknonce deserves the rope tbqh. would do it myself if i were close by and wouldn't get arrested for it haha x

might go watch some anime

don't make it into a race thing pathetic little weirdo.

Not an appropriate use of that gimmick, get out

you're black just admit it

Some faux spaghetti bolognaise concoction I whipped up but the spaghetti was conchiglie and most of the red stuff was from a jar and some grapes

would rather live next to Michael X than an actual nonce

dey oul kuffah
*motions hand*

Oh look the yank autist is race baiting

Terrible. You deserve the rope, fact.

whens the next no fap update?

>If you dislike nonces you are black
tbf I've never heard of a black nonce

>and some grapes
you were never my friend

Honestly can not fathom noncery

go to bed liam

>alt right accounts are banned instantly as soon as they say some bad words
>literal pedo accounts oooh aaah yeah now there's a moral dilemma...

spaghetti bolognade, the fizzy tomato drink

The grapes were for dessert


The Royal Family is the NONCE FAMILY.

Every UK citizen, through their support of the monarchy, is complicit in the perpetuation of the scourge of pedophilia and child abuse.

Would genuinely like to wring the neck of this dirty fucking pedo tramp

Absolute pondscum

As are you

advocating violence against groups =/= explicitly being against violence

Good. Keep track of those nonces.


No, I thought it was just the one in Green Point?

The alt right is an ideology of peace

Yeah alright mr fucking Colt clan country