Wtf France??


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Fuck whiny farmers
Contrary to their beliefs, they don't get to own all the fucking countryside, while enjoying big fat subsidies
Fuck 'em

Nice trips.

l'homme est un loup pour l'homme

Trips of truth

First they let population of African bulls grow and now wolves too.

hire a witcher

>360 to 500
Is that in hundred thousands, right?

fuck w*Lves desu baka senpai


the dangerous wild animals almost don't exist in europe anymore
Poland was inhabitet by bears, wolves, even a fucking Lynx years ago, now if they even fucking exist anymore, it's probably the top south-east corner of Poland

No, its really low.

>His country doesn't have wolves

In the 19th century we killed literally every single wolf on the territory because we had too many of them and they roamed around villages
we're trying to put them back

Simple solution for the farmers:
Shut up
It works here and it will work there

>virgin macaco FEARS the alpha wolves

Apex predator populations never get that big.

The population is so low that they'll notice irregularities in the amount of wolves. And then the farmer will get buttraped.

In Austria there is a debate going on because after being extinct for centuries there have been sightings of wolves recently. Hunters kill them on sight however. Hippies in the cities want to reintroduce them to Austria, but countryside people are against it.

Ironically, the only stable wolf population lives in a fucking military training area. Soldiers said they even saw young wolves. Hunters don't go there, the military doesn't give a fuck and apparently the wolves somehow got used to the sound of artillery fire and machine guns.

Wolves were exterminated in England around 500 years ago. Bears were hunted to extinction almost 1000 years ago. It's sad that we have such little wilderness left. The price of civilisation though I suppose.

The farmers are wh*te so they deserve this.

Wouldn't you get in trouble for shooting a protected species?

You also ate up so much forest that you're forced to find new lands.

>virgin furry worship worthless wolves

See I dont think a 15 000€ fine and possibly some jail time is worth it.'re basically saying you would just shoot endangered animals illegally because you feel like it.

canis canem edit

fight them hand to paw for the land, pussy ass bitch

You're allowed to shoot them if your personal safety is threatened.


wolfaboo faggot detected

We only have wolves and mountain lions in the Western US now, they were mostly exterminated from the east by the early 20th century but there has been evidence of them filtering back in because there's more forest cover today than there was in 1900.

Not me. Farmers if their livestock is being preyed upon on their property.

Wolves and coyotes are nigger tier animals. Ever see what a coyote will do when it gets in a hen house? One will kill everything and not eat them, they just do it for fun.

Wolves will kill an entire herd of elk and not bother to feed.

Au contraire, they estimate that cats kill tens of millions of birds every year, in some places like the UK they're putting a considerable toll on wildlife populations.

Seems like a good think to me desu famalam
Farmers in Europe are too uppity with their shit and have too much control

>Wolves will kill an entire herd of elf and not bother to feed
No they won't.

>a country known for its ladyboys makes a tough guy post
Post your cock and I'll tell you your price.

500 of wolves can't do shit to farmers across the country. The population of 500 is virtually nothing if you compare to amount of livestock owned by farmers. So yeah stop whining and carry on.

Your a fucking faggot defending other faggots wanting to bring worthless wolves because of your faggot feelings making the lifes of people who work harder.

Fuck yourself.

Bring back the those big ancient sloths and stick them right in the middle of paris


I see these things in the NYC subway system everyday

Russians know what's up.
People have grown soft if they can't bear the thought of a handful of wild beasts roaming their forests.
When did w*sterners become so hysteric?

they won't kill all the herd, but they'll cause panic and there was events of entire herds of sheep falling off cliffs after they went into a panic state in the past, as the pastures where wolves roam are in mountains

To be fair, Russia has a bit more room and empty space than, like, Germany.

It's only a few hundred, controlled population... that's nothing

we should kill french farmers

>absolutely seething
Go farm them bananas, Bettynho

Bit rude


They can't bear the thought of losing a sheep

I'd let him kill les fermiers bretons

*nips your revolt in the bud*

Extremely rare situations that can easily be prevented if taken into consideration.

That isn't common. I know what surplus killing is, and your average Wolf pack isn't going to be active in doing it. The amount of energy needed to take down an Elk is too much for the common Wolf to do often, let alone for sport or the hell of it. Nature isn't stupid.

They are already doing it:

>Wild animals

360? Heck, there's more in my area alone and they barely do any damage

Fuck Russians for killing these cuties off our coasts

This is fairly well known but state governments won't acknowledge it because if you admit that there's a breeding population of wolves in your state, you're required to spend money to protect them per Federal environmental laws.

There's still a lot left outside of the urbanized areas

>complaints our loss of forests for development
>call us thirdworld
fuck the west, fuck the animals

>500 wolves

Every animal except livestock will disappear it seems