Why waste time and money visiting Europe and getting bombed by muslims when you can visit one of the many national...

>why waste time and money visiting Europe and getting bombed by muslims when you can visit one of the many national parks within the US

pic is mount rainier

is there something to do there?

hike and marvel at your surroundings

Enjoy nature, but most people seem to be too attention deficit to do that nowadays

Zion national park in utah

Too late, trump is selling off the lands and closing them.

Peice of shit white poeple.

what if I enjoy culture?

were are the proofs

But you'll LITTERALY get TRUCKED and splashed ACID all over you !


Oh the wonderfullll tourist trap cultures

Paris is Africa tier

I live in Paris AMA

Do you speak French?


Missing 411

are you muslim

damn, you can still order me a pizza though right?

>Be American
>Drive North/South to a different state
>"Wow, its like I'm in an entirely different country. This is basically the same as when Europeans drive drive to across borders."

American landscape is diverse af


>The American exclaims

and get shot

Compare Arizona to Montana, one is mostly hot dry desert and the other is frigid and mountainous

A better comparison would be the Great Plains to the Sierra Nevada to the rainforests in the Pacific Northwest

>The American ignorantly adds


It really is, though, even if you exclude Hawaii and Alaska

He's made it very obvious that he doesn't actually give a shit and is just responding to Americans for (You)'s

Of course

I'm only half serious, because you Americlaps actually think that going from state to state is the same thing as going from neighbouring country to neighbouring country

Also I kinda just wanna post these images

a lot of people in this country have visited europe but they have never been in the patagonia.
can you believe it?

No, "we" don't

You're projecting dumb shit dumb people say onto every single person because, well, I don't even want to know anymore
Usually you people are just plain mean and no amount of joking is ever going to change that

geographicaly it kinda is

Yes you do
I've been on this site long enough and talk to Americans enough to know that it is true

You’re mean

i guess european people have a hard time thinking about the true size of our countries.

not cultutaly

Why do Ameribros always seriously reply to bait?

The bigger the fish
The hungrier it is

because thats how the jews trained us how else do we keep falling for the hamburgers on a stick gimmick


euro is bully :(