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Rational thinkers WELCOME

death to nonces

>filter all yanks
>filter all micks
>brit suddenly becomes tolerable

just gave the ol' 'oreskin a stretch and I'm in fucking agony
how long does this typically take?

Funny how Australia often forget that they are under the queens jurisdiction

Why are most of the rorkes on here nonces?

no it isnt
be quite

post slags

yanknonce, along with all nonces, will be murdered by me personally


How old are you

The ra blew up your uncle get over it sadcase

*is on your jury*

how did you stretch it? it shouldnt be painful

refuse to answer this directly
I'm under 30

>its ok when blacks, mexicans, muslims, and japs

you arent seeing a correlation between age of consent and the rate at which those people are reproducing you're living in a bubble

Can't do a poo when people are looking

sleep with children*

stuck two fingers in and pulled to light tension
kept it like that for 10 minutes


Dozens of German divisions get trapped in Stalingrad, gets pumped with soviet artillery, doesn’t feel good and retreats - GERMANIC AUTISM. Many such cases!

Just ate beans

In your twenties and you’ve never pulled your foreskin back? Blimey

short on potatoes this week connor?


tune lads

doesn't inhibit wanking or pissing
I'm a virgin and probably gonna stay that way so I left it alone


The only way to do it properly is to fill a bowl up with almost boiling water and put your cock in for 15 minutes, it’ll sting a little bit at first but you’ll get used to the heat. It will come loose after that

pinch the tip of your foreskin closed when you are doing a cum and fill it up like a balloon

>foreskin discussion

when did /brit/ become 3rd world?

Umm sweaty this was Kursk

>all these obnoxious niggers reeeeeing about kfc closing shops

good post


>being a virgin in 2017+1


did I pass?

Feel left out because the kike doctor snipped yours off? Ahahaha fuck out of this thread yank

I found some steroid cream in the medicine cabinet that contains betamethasone
apparently it helps

might as well go join isis la


any busrunt in

did you do it in the shower? thats what i did. only took a month or 2 of irregular stretching (only doing it when i remembered/could be bothered) to fix mine. fixing the overly sensitive head is way more of a pain than fixing the mosis


absolutely bent + revolting

Literally lad stick your cock in boiling water and tease the skin back it’s the only way, worked for me

Honestly baffling why americans circumcise their kids. There is legitimately not a single good reason

*sends endless waves of asian mongols supported by british-american manufactured equipment at the enemy*
*wins after taking 25 million deaths*

business idea: keep talking about foreskins so yanks get envious and angry and leave

yeah they all like penis mutilation too, you'd feel right at home

>he still trying to justify being degenerate
stop muhammed

oi i invented that move

in case they want to become jewish when they're older

Why the FUCK do you all have phimo?!?!?


prudish jewish industrialists made it mandatory for all yank children in the 19th century


anyone here eaten beans recently?

depends la
how old do you think she is?

>overly sensitive head
u wot

cite source or gfto

how bad was it?
I can retract flaccid but if I get hard it's like tying a string around the shaft
last time I tried to get erect after retracting it stung like a motherfucker and I nearly passed out
not trying again until I've seen some kind of change

it's gonna take some time
why do you want me to boil me knob lad

the wermacht lost fair and square la


yanknonce is the same person who posts about emma watson. he's the fat autistic sicilian who wanted ethiopialad to fuck his sister

2bh lad the problem with the Soviets was a lack of quality leadership because Stalin purged them, not because they’re “Asian subhumans”.

>wanking without pulling foreskin back



the glans will have never been in physical contact with anything before
it'll be sensitive as fuck

any coventry man in

this isnt true and im leaving now to read because im gaining nothing from this discussion and refuse to not be a gentleman g'day

>be me
>go on /brit/
>always topics that relate about Cred Forums (and no politics isn't everything so stfu)
>post about drugs for a topic changer

i hate /brit/ at times

jewish communist propaganda

What does population density have to do with age of consent and reproduction levels?

could they have picked a smaller penis as an example?



harshest part of phimo is having your exposed glans literally painful to any touch

use the skin
it's like those water snake toy things

standard practice when wanking with the lads m8, you don't want to mess up someone's carpet

>Kellogg was outspoken on his beliefs on race and segregation, though he himself raised several black foster children. In 1906, together with Irving Fisher and Charles Davenport, Kellogg founded the Race Betterment Foundation, which became a major center of the new eugenics movement in America. Kellogg was in favor of racial segregation and believed that immigrants and non-whites would damage the gene pool.[95]


not old enough

The lad saw through my scheme to get him to boil his own cock, damn shame

how much do you pay for shrooms

sucking a nigger

>not being envious of people who have a full dick
come on now

had mosis until i was 18 so i wasnt able to pull the skin back over the head until then. this meant that i never interacted with my bell end and so it was crazy sensitive to the point of pain when even lightly touching it.

i had to use cotton buds to stretch the skin before i used fingers as i couldnt even fit them in, so quite bad you can imagine. took a surprisingly short amount of time to fix thogh just stretching in the warm shower

Remember when you first peeled your foreskin back and the bellend was bright purple and sore as fck to the touch?

did they take those seat covers from your mam's sofa?


my pet rock isn't interesting in shrooms

anyone remember the cuckio meme


>be me
>go into mummy's kitchen
>always cake
>ask for 2 cakes for a change

i hate mummy at times


your pet rock isn't interesting at all

drugs are for losers

if drugs are a hobby for you then ur a freak and a nerd and also gay

not even politics but there's zero reason for us to have stopped eugenics


that's literally average flaccid

>prudish jewish industrialists

this sounds like your personal opinion not buying it


I actually do remember my bellend being bright purple

bingo good lad

5 year uni man here
Left degreeless too
Kin ell what am I like

sharting at the state of your willies

well wherever the age of consent is low people tend to reproduce more i might be wrong but i highly doubt it. care to enlighten me with facts that disprove what im saying?

Oh my days at that wiki phimosis link.. is anyone’s here as bad/was as bad as that?

i'll send YOU to belize

can't imagine the kind of runt that would upload their cock to wikipedia


i can fix mine
can you

It’s a double whammy, micro penis with phimo


cracked up at this post


Genuinely afraid that if I have a son he might get phimo and turn into a weird lonely autistic loser kid

I can’t remember how I learnt to role mine back but I think my mother and father hinted

When I was about 12-14 I'd go through periods where my dick would get all crusty and the skin would peel
Not sure what it was but I could pull big flakes of dead skin and still wank so i just left it
Had it up to about 6 months on and off

Mate that ain’t average flaccid. Most flaccids are around 4 inches that’s 2 at best

this should be obvious but maybe its different in the UK. or harder to understand given the location. anyway im off for now later /brit/


>Most flaccids are around 4 inches

ah yes an easily fixable problem which leads to a normal dick and pleasuable sex is way worse than having a mutilated cock with little sensitivity

Is the 'my pet rock' thing necessary

Like you can read about drugs on the clearnet and nothing would happen, right?

That's not how an argument works
You don't come here with bullshit stats and then ask us to prove you wrong
You're meant to come here with facts. Go away and find them and come back with a presentable argument and we'll consider it for discussion (we won't)

>The highest quality evidence indicates that circumcision does not decrease the sensitivity of the penis, harm sexual function or reduce sexual satisfaction.[19][71][72]

>Description: English: Picture of my erect penis where you can appreciate the phimosis.
>Source: Own work

reported to MI6

flaccid size is LITERALLY meaningless and has NO RELATION with erect size


foul taste in my mouth and it won't go away

course you can, lisicki just likes to pretend he's a criminal living on the fringe
eg. I sniff mandy all the time

too painful to wank?

circumcised but the doctor left a lot of foreskin
baffling situation i'm in actually

have a flaccid penis size of 20 inches but an erect size of 2 inches



I didn’t have negligent parents so I don’t have phimo

I never done good things
I never done bad things
I never did anything out of the blue

No but it’s how your willy is most of the time and how your gf will see it most of the time so it serves a purpose if it’s not tiny

no, I use the foreskin



t. some jew
ah yes

no as you can wank with the skin up or wank without touching the glans

Double conjunctions are bad!

How do circumcised people wank? How do they not snap their banjo string all the time?


truly the most british of cultures

ok i will (i will)

and you'll argue. (you will)

also, im indifferent about the circumcision debate

The positions of the world's major medical organizations range from considering elective circumcision of babies and children as having no benefit and significant risks to having a modest health benefit that outweighs small risks. No major medical organization recommends either universal circumcision of all males or banning the procedure.[7] Ethical and legal questions regarding informed consent and human rights have been raised over the circumcision of babies and children for non-medical reasons; for these reasons the procedure is controversial

jesus christ its real

>no idea who he is but seen his tiny hard willy

Eating some kettle chips

its where the whole you use lube for wanking thing comes from

gf just sent me this



>replying to the reddit spic

it's about the culture of the entire site lad

fuck off, genuinely


Imagine having a dried out crusty bellend and not a smooth, moist, brightly coloured angel living under your foreskin. Yank parents are evil

can almost guarantee it's autists larping as old women

yes, what that jew said is wrong

whats daddy yankee up to these days digi

>initial reviews are shit

yet another flop, what's with all these decent looking films failing

I once read that willies that are small when flaccid are bigger when erect than willies who are big when flaccid

oh my jesus lawdy what a mess

those studies weren't done only by jews sweaty x

When Shabbir Ahmed dared question the Kiwi tradition of stripping naked in front of everyone in pool changing sheds, the response was inevitable.

Online commentators pilloried him, calling his concerns "ridiculous" and "PC gone mad", with some even expressing indignation that a foreigner should have the audacity to question the way we do things here in God's Own Country.

Ahmed was in the changing rooms of Palmerston North's Lido Aquatic Centre when he noticed a child become upset after seeing a man undressing.

This uncomfortable experience led Ahmed to suggest it might be more appropriate for children and adult strangers to change in separate areas, lest such interactions cause young people psychological harm.

Psychological harm might be taking it a step too far, but centre staff had already recognised the issue by creating private family rooms for those less inclined to undress in front of others.

For many New Zealanders, getting naked in shared dressing areas was the norm growing up. Kids who played a sport, especially one involving mud, may have also shared the obligatory post-match shower alongside teammates.

We may have always behaved in this manner, but does that make it beyond reproach? Should we then just tell people disturbed by such actions to take a concrete pill and move on? Were the commentators who told Ahmed to "go home and change" justified in saying so?

The answer is no. It may not be an issue requiring drastic action, but it is worth a respectful and considered discussion.

In fact, it can often be enlightening to have someone from another culture provide a different take on the way we do things.

There are plenty of examples throughout New Zealand's history of times when we haven't got it right.

It wasn't too long ago that speaking te reo Māori in schools was a crime punishable by violence, but we fortunately saw the error of our ways.

I imagine having your bare bellend rubbing on your underwear all the time would be really uncomfortable and painful, how do yanks stand it?

oh plisman...