Ever After High/Monster High: Tea-Riffic Edition


Maddie features prominently in this episode! She is way shorter than Briar and Ashlynn, do we need to update the height rankings? Oh yeah and new character I guess.

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Meeshell sounds adorable, actually looking forward to her book next month.

>"boy, I wonder what that meeshell's last name is" the episode.

Meeshell kind of botched the theme song, didn't she

With her "dari di di di, dari da da da, taaadaaaaa"

Nahh, it was very adorable singed by her.

>once again Apple and Raven are no where to be seen
>Briar and Ash becoming the new main characters
This really needs to stop.

Ash is literally one of the worst characters.

Since her whole character is 'oh noes I can't be with Hunter because he's not in my story', once she did get with him she should have ceased to exist.

They could at least refer to her shoe fetish again.

The more these characters take center stage, the less I'm enjoying this series. It's clear now there's nothing left to do but to showcase the new characters, until they make a new movie or the webseries start a new multi-part storyline.
Also Meeshell's not that great a singer.

I claim maddie as my daughteru


They're not even trying anymore.

It was really nice to see Maddeline so prominent in an episode, but is kind of wierd to see her hangin out with Briar and Ashley, i mean, they really doesn´t seem to have a lot in common, i don´t know, i alway thought that of all Apple´s friends Blondie will be the most likely to become Maddie´s firend, you know Blondie is also crazy as Maddeline, just in a diferent way.

>Briar and Ash becoming the new main characters

ugh, please no, could at least be Briar and Faybelle, that way at least we could follow Faybelle crazy villainous antics

It's like hearing Fluttershy.

...That was the themesong?

not much you can get on "webisode" money sadly.

It's worst than that: the entire building blocks of her character she started with are gone.

Rebel/royal conflict with Hunter, gone; best friends with Apple and that close group, gone, she'll be bfs with anyone now; busy worker in a shoe store, gone; lover of the woods? Haven't been there in awhile; Cinderella conflict? One episode with those sisters.

At least Briar has places she can still go. I don't know who Ash is anymore.

so how do w fix her character?

>once again Apple and Raven are no where to be seen
They're working through relationship issues.

>inb4 Barneyfag fucks it up again

Everything in EAH is so lukewarm now, is there any real threat anymore, any sort of conflict at all? It all seems like character introduction and mild shenanigans

>any sort of conflict at all?
The final resolution to their story. And Apple accepting she's gay for Raven.
They can make new plots to focus on other characters but that seems to be meh.

You mean Raven finding out about what Darling did and wrestle with her conflicting feelings?


Did anyone tell Apple it was Darling?

Everyone is a good daughteru

Depends how they handle, Destiny the daughter of the Author

Because right now it's destiny 3 and free will 0


Probably? She knows it wasnt daring at least. Kitty probably told her it was dexter at first

They had stop Apple from commiting suicide

It's dead guys. EAH and MH are dead. New dolls are shit, new web episodes are shit. Mattel doesn't care not even for Barbie at this point. I think they're tierd of the fashion dolls now. I mean fashion dolls are kind of dead qith today's youth.

That Monster High movie might not be so bad. And I'll hold on hope that they'll do SOMETHING good with EAH now, but right now, things are looking bleak.

Well, guess I'll ride it until I jump to star darlings

As long as this is the ending I'll be fine.

It looks okay but the characters look so lifeless and alot of favorites may have been canned or reduced to background characters.

All lights must fade.

Every story must have an ending. Even if it is a simple fade to black

Aren't there new books coming out next year?

Yeah. Faybelle fucks shit up more

She is best girl


that's how they broke it to apple that she is gay and darling was her prince.
>"Good news Apple it wasn't Dexter who woke you up it was Darling. Now please get off the top of the roof"

But she only came down when Raven agreed to go out with her.

Watching Desensents on Disney now. Great movie. What if it was made into a flash cartoon like Monster High?

wasn't it?

Oh right, sorry.

no I mean I'm like 90% sure they have short flash cartoons for descendants en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Descendants:_Wicked_World

>great movie

It really wasn't, it's typical modern day Disney channel original movie trash

>What if it was made into a flash cartoon like Monster High?

But it is a 3D CG cartoon like Monster High.




Was bored........

Maddie: time to increase the population BITCH!!!!!

Does anyone besides like me really like the new opening theme.


Nah, I also like the new opening theme too.

Wait sorry didn't read my mistake. Why don't you like the opening?



Bring back the stepsisters. Maybe make one of them try to steal Hunter from her?

Have you seen them? The threat has to be credible, and that ain't.

She gonna shoot her feet?


I am so tired of white girl princess problems the show. When can we get story stuff with any of the interesting backgrounders?

Now Apple routinely has nightmares about the Evil Queen, and only sleeping with Raven can calm her down.

I'm butthurt that we got hot dad Dracula when the franchise went to shit. RIP my hopes of him getting a nice doll.

Apple is pure. PURE

so all we are missing is Once upon a pet?

It's not really an "opening song" perse

Opening tier:
Ever After HIgh

Insert song:
Power Princess

Ending song:
Do you wonder

So, there are new dolls coming out, and new books as well, so for now, the franchise is safe.

But nothing on the show. In fact, the director of the Meeshell episode revealed that this was his last episode for the show.


She has too learn.

Pure LUST, yes.





You got it.

More like an NGHHHH face.

I think a Twitter post said there's more animated content coming out in 2017.

The song is good, but the opening itself (particularly the long version) would be better without reusing footage from the past opening and the show itself.

They got Justine and Nina now, maybe they'll get more focus later down the line.
>that left arm not fully attached to the elbow.
They told me in art school that that's a good way to NOT get a job in the industry. Ah well, cutout animation is hard when it comes to animating arms and legs. This isn't the first time I've seen this mistake in the show either.

Serious question: I know this is really aimed at little girls. But even then doesn't this show send serious mixed signals to their audience. Since they want to put in their minds the idea they want to pretty princesses and also to be empowered. But princess aren't supposed to be the heroes of the stories, Their job is to live a comfy life in a castle and want for a prince to marry. Going on adventures would ruin their hair and mess up their pretty dresses and we can't have that now can we.

Wel, there are the Flip the Script diaries, and October 4th is the next book coming out. But yeah, those are it.


Wonder Woman is a princess. The show is changing the story of what a princess is supposed to be. And even that "comfy life" you're talking about is a life full of responsibilities to their kingdom, not an empty life hanging on the couch,which the franchisor makes clear.

>the director of the Meeshell episode revealed that this was his last episode for the show.

Good, it was really boring.

>I think a Twitter post said there's more animated content coming out in 2017.

The "Power Princess" angle they're going with now is teaching girls to be more adventurous and NOT rely on men to do the dirty work. But you can still enjoy feminine things like dresses and whatever.

You bad boy/girl


>Wonder Woman
Yes, but she's not a DISNEY PRINCESS and not one that usually throws tea parties and such. Has Diana ever put on a ball gown and danced a waltz? I don't think so.

These aren't the princesses who want to be spoiled and live a life of luxury, they're the ones who find languid royal life boring, and fall in forbidden love with the roguish captain of the guard even though he isn't a noble. Two entirely different tropes here.

>Has Diana ever put on a ball gown and danced a waltz?


>That's a cocktail dress not a ball gown, user.
You need to get out more if you can't tell the different between the two.

Cocktail dresses are shorter, that's just a regular dress



I believe that style is called an evening gown

Need some futa lewds fanfics, anyone?

>I think a Twitter post said there's more animated content coming out in 2017.
Is there? Because the storyboarder for Epic Winter said that it was her last work on the franchise as well.


It was nice while it lasted

Unless they have a new team set up, that's dissapointing since Epic Winter was just meh.

Lizzie's too kawaii
I'd like to see her do something again.

Lizzie sets up Chase for a match with Darling so Raven can save Apple frim a seemingly dangerous situation Kitty and Maddie cooked up.


>These pieces
Good user.

Now I want to see Wonder Woman in an actual ball gown but I know that will never happen. ;_;

Is Kitty being mischievous or does she want a threesome?


Raven impregnating Apple.

>Cerise: hey, dad?
>Badwolf: yes?
>Cerise: I’m a wolf-girl, right?
>Bad wolf: yeah?
>cerise pulls out a photo
>Cerise: and this is?
>Bad wolf: Cheshire’s daughter?
>Cerise: right, and if I’m a wolf girl?
>Bad wolf: she is a cat girl?
>Cerise: correct. And if you take away the girl.
>Bad wolf: a cat?
>Cerise: yes, and another name for a cat is…
>Bad wolf: feline?
>Cerise: yes, what else?
>Bad wolf: Pussy?
>Cerise: yes!
>[both laugh]
>Cerise: by the way, I like pussy. Im gay.
>Bad wolf: oh… Alright, that’s fi-
>Cerise: I’m also dating Kitty
>[Badwolf has Vietnam flashbacks about Cheshire]

Working on one





does the medicine kill the baby?


Miss White are you sure this new law requiring witches to where thongs and short skirts really necessary?

don't judge me phillip


But I'm Doc.

I think Ashlynn is dumb enough to find that threat credible.

>Is it just me or do Ashlynn's cousins have a bit of a Brit and Tiff vibe going on?

Ahaha shit I forgot they were so not actually ugly. Other than the one's chin they're only slightly different from all the other girls.

Courtly Jester is my new fav next to kitty, im glad shes a student. But i really dont like how she has a crush on alistar, thats just lame...to throw a romance in . i hope it doesnt actually be thing

>Ahaha shit I forgot they were so not actually ugly. Other than the one's chin they're only slightly different from all the other girls.
>TFW we will never get a doll of short thick cousin of Ashlynn.
I really wish the story lines in EAH focused on the more side characters.

>I really wish the story lines in EAH focused on the more side characters.
What else are Briar and Ashlynn?

I think he might mean the side characters of fairy tales.

>What else are Briar and Ashlynn?
How about other characters they have barely fleshed out?

> But i really dont like how she has a crush on alistar.

Well, Alistar is a big deal in WonderLand, he is the son of the Alice, so probably all wonderland girls have some sort of crush on him.

>tfw we will never see a spipn-off series about Alistar having anime-like harem antics with all the WonerLand girls.

it could work you know, something like bakemonogatary, where Alistar is helping them with their supernatural problems, and all fall in love with in him.

I felt inspired. Here's a stepsister.

God, we should be so lucky.

>Harem anime
Hey stop stealing my ideas, user.

theres always someone in these threads wanting an Alistar harem, like why? He's so boring, but so is Bunny and that's why they work together. Kitty would get bored of him in a week or less and maddie has had no interest in anyone ever. The best you could hope for would be Lizzie, seeing as the Daring ship has sailed, unless they bring back Chase and they have a thing.

I think I'd rather see Lizzie with a harem of Wonderland boys. Sons of all the random side characters. Every so often she has one executed just to remind them who's in charge

Wasn't sparrow an option to be her love interest? While I agree that romance is lame to just toss in, I feel like her having a crush on him would be a bit more fitting, what with her 'Wild Card' nature

What went wrong?

The typical spread of Monster High problems, too many new characters, too many old characters dragged along to do nothing but represent their new dolls
Shitty songs
No Pharaoh doll


I've never really liked the chubby look for Apple specifically. It's not bad, it just doesn't fit HER. Every 'reason' in that pic would apply to literally any of the princesses anyways.

If someone's gonna be a chub it should probably be the one whose gimmick is sleeping all the damn time.


Aww, how romantic.

>Alistair actually has a jester fetish
>bunny starts applying too much makeup

I believe the first books trolls referred to Apple as plump

It fits with her not looking like her fairytale version of "fairest of them all."

The thing is, she is exactly like the platonic ideal version of Snow White, EXCEPT for her haircolour. And despite doing everything she can to live up to that ideal, people can never look past the hair.

>when you get demoted to a background character

I really thought Darling would have more of a place in their new "Power Princess" theme.

Of all the characters I would associate with "Power Princess", Briar and Ashlynn aren't what I would call at the front of the line.

I just realized they couldve replaced Briar and Ashlyn with Apple and Raven in the recent episode and it wouldn't have made a difference.
They seriously need to bring back Briar's sassiness and love for extreme sports, and make Ashlynn more interesting like by having the stepsisters always try to ruin her day, but failing each time.
Seriously, why is Ashlyn getting so much focus? Must be orders from Mattel or something.

And the glasses.

She never wears those, for exactly that reason.

Which begs the question: why doesn't she simply dye her hair black?

Because subconscieously she is trying to fight her Snow White complex

I'm sure when she was little, she tried to dye her hair black.

Like when Raven was younger, after her mother was sealed; she dyed her hair to match her father

Her blonde hair was probably heavily publicized from a very young age so hiding would be fruitless since everyone knew about it but were able to hide her sight and keep it known only to a select few.


>Seriously, why is Ashlyn getting so much focus?
I think it has to with giving the shipper too much fodder and someone must of told them to knock it off.
Cedar: You, two really need to get a room. It is starting to be ridiculous.

>Rapple has given the shippers too much fodder, and it's decided to sideline them for a while and let that cool off. Briar and Ash take point in the meantime.
>Faybelle gets more screentime since she's one of Briar's villains
>Increasingly homoerotic rivalry ensues until Bribelle is as big a ship as Rapple
>Briar and Ashlynn are sidelined, and Justine and Farrah take point in their absence
>Several episodes into this run, Gary realizes how emotionally charged the Justine/Duchess rivalry is getting, but it's too late to stop it. He glances across the design table.
>He sees Steve looking back.

They probably can't show too much of what Lilly does on a day-to-day basis, I get major 'town bike' vibes from her.


Really? I got more of the "cool big sis" vibe from her hanging out with the Hero of Haarlem.

I mean, she kinda sorta might've been Poppy's prom date but that's only an interpretation of them facing each other while dancing in a blink-and-you'll-miss-it bit.

Yeah, I'm with , I think you're wishful projecting.


I think it is the hair and her eyeshadow, it gives her a flirty, coy Jessica Rabbit look.

If you are a Rapple shipper gimme a Hell Yeah!!!!

Hell Yeah!!!!!!!


Steve you glorious mother fucker

My otp





If there was one girl in the series that's almost 100% hetero. It's Cerise, she is a die hard meat eater and SHE WILL TAKE THE D & KNOT!
>Dat Cerise face that says I will ride you until I break something.


Do you think if Daring & Rosabelle really got together, would they have an open relationship? I'm thinking Cerise could be Daring's mistress or something.





I do like to imagine there's some stuff going on on the social media around EAH with all the shit that happens.

Holly writes fanfics about her friends, or at least fictional characters not-so-subtly based on them. Apple follows her story blog, although at the moment she seems to be oblivious that Holly's romantic epic about the princess and her lady knight is a Apple/Darling fic and Raven, who DOES know, refuses to enlighten her.

Holly is good friends with BlackSwan95, and has long back-and-forth discussions with her about Raven/Apple vs Darling/Apple. She does not realize, despite it being fairly obvious, that BlackSwan95 is Duchess's anonymous smut blog.

Is there like one or two anons in this thread that are Crapple fags or trolls? Because that gets old fast in these threads.
More hetero less cancer.




>Down with Rapple

I thought you said you wanted LESS cancer, user.

But they look so cute together.
>TFW Apple would be too insecure to let Raven wear her glasses.
See Apple is totally wrong for Raven.

The only way Dexter would be a good character if he went full Aizen.

Stop pushing that, user. Aizen wasn't even good even in Bleach, so don't bring your shit taste into EAH.

Im sorry for your absolutely garbage taste in men, I can forgive Sparrow though because he is the least boring piece of whitebread this show has to offer



So, a Persona style Monster High game, yeah or nay?

I can dig it

Never played Persona.

Never watched Monster High kek. But 'Persona style game' is enough to grab me.

So who would be party members and who would be Social Links? I'm guessing Ghoulia would be on lock for navigator.

Sparrow's the worst of all of them though!

It speaks deeply to how boring most of the guys on this show are that the loud jackass in a fedora is still preferable to them.

How the fuck did a show that turned out that collection of twerps also produce Based Daring?

And when is Chase going to return to give the show some more GOOD guy characters?

Honestly you summed it up, outside of Daring, Sparrow is the only other one with something of a personality, Chase has some potential but I dont see Mattel giving him any attention soon.

New Monster High lewd fic: hentai-foundry.com/stories/user/NidoranDuran/21860/Clawdeens-Heat-Fix

Humphrey's not so bad. He's a better dorky nerd than Dexter. Proven to be more useful too.
Sure wish they'd have one of the girl's be a technical nerdy genius. Something for girls to look up to.

>TFW Tiny is best guy.

The gif version

Might want to add some frames there.

>Sure wish they'd have one of the girl's be a technical nerdy genius. Something for girls to look up to.
Wrong series for that.

I can't believe MH pulled a Mike Wazowski on Ghoulia

>YKW I'm not trolling I actually like this pairing. Maybe as a male user on a Chinese posting board I feel kinship with Dexter.

Im gonna puke.



>Go away Apple you don't deserve Raven.

>Stop being such a thirsty bitch, Apple.



I like it when Apple does this. She's much better to me than you.





>TFW we will never see her again. ;_;

Can i pls know who makes these?

I make them. I don't have a name here, but I make these for these threads.





Just marry already!!!!!!!






Nice highlights backgroundscenegirl-tan.




Post more ice girls



I can't belive I've missed this for like two days. How come none of you sent me a 'we started an Ever After thread' email.

Give me Drawing requests, please. I'm bored.

How about Apple as Raven's assistant/secretary.


Apple dressed as the Evil Queen asking Raven dressed as Snow White if she wants to take a taste of an Apple.

How about these two making a snowman?

I think you mean 'bite', user. The pun works better.

Apple and Raven as children sharing am apple.
Cerise and Beast Daring in a foot race.
Lizzie chopping Sparrow's stuff in half.


Hey, Cupid finally got some.

Don't get me excited, user

Empire was the best song, you penis. Other songs were really forcing a hip hop vibe that I didn't like though. And I have a strong hope they'll make Pharaoh a doll for comicon or something, isn't that what they did with Gil and Manny years after they were introduced? I was young then, things get hazy.

I wish Dex had a personality like Daring except he thinks he's wicked smart. It would give him dynamic and give him room to actually grow and not just whine about how hot Raven is. Also I love Cupid and want her crush to not be a hipster homo, she deserves more.

If I don't have to see Crystal again, it's worth it

Great idea
"Apple, Schedule me a noon date with Dexter"

"Tell him you hate his guts? On it."


I can't wait until Halloween, the time of the year I can put out my Skelita without feeling overly autistic

Yeah, spooky ghoul is the best.

I like this outfit a lil better
I'll draw North eventually I have a crush on him too

Don't be a puss put her out all year, if gays can marry i can obsess over little girl toys in peace

That's not how you spell Raven

Why must you lie to yourself

>Why must you?
You know if they do an epilog to Ever After High, it is going to be pic related.

Now for something different, let's jump back a generation.



jesus christ that Dexter though











and some gay shit with Dexter for you specifically

No, because I'll be married to Apple, not Dexter.


First time I've ever done a conversation.



muh heart.

There isn't really anything to go for the hetero department

>Dexter is a boring piece of shit
>Bunny and Alistair has literally nothing going for them since spring unsprung; the last interesting thing was user's story "Love Story"
>Ashlynn and Hunter has been nothing even longer.

>series finale we get to see Tiny's face.

I liked this Jackie Story

5 bucks says that at a point, Cheshire and Bad wolf were dating in highschool.

you know, for Cedar's family, I do like to think of Pinocchio as asian.

That way the family is a rainbow of colors; perhaps after Cedar become (black) human, she decides to carve a child out of some red wood.

So, can we assume that Evil Queen had a very tsundere relationship with Good? Or are we just going with she was a bitch from beginning to end and only got with Good so she could have a daughter.

>and dexter was a princess.


I think she was just always a bitch, she may have recognized some attraction to Snow, but she has accepted her fate as the evil queen, so she ignores it, or uses it to annoy Snow


Awwww she is so cute

She's not sorry.



They nuked her anyway. Nerdy Girl replaced by generic Evil Zombie girl/

I'm sorry, but what is the appeal of GHoulia? She doesn't talk.

Cute super genius with a love of video games and comics, and I liked that she didn't talk, she was a zombie but she wasn't slow or dumb and got shit done

How do you know she wasn't Omelette du Fromaging everybody?

Well in the original 2d stuff they gave her a completely different face shape and posture than everyone else, so she stood out. She's my favorite but I never bought a doll of her specifically because the doll doesn't look like her animation model. She's the cutest and the best, I love her lopsided death grins.


I can dig it



Yuck...there is being a little chubby but that is disgusting. THAT IS NOT A HEALTH LOOK!



So apparently these are the new EAH Power Princess Tribe dolls

>Molded on leg detail

I love the parents these are too good

Are these on Amazon, i'll buy them right now

>Black Alice

>'Blacked' White Rabbit, too.


I think the artist made them prior to canon designs, so they just mixed them into canon. In the end I don't care I just wanna bang Courtleys dad

I watched the new Meshell episode and she's a horrible singer. Like, was she really the only voice actress who could sing in their cast? Also why in the great wide world was Briar and Ashllyn /surprised/ the Little mermaids daughter was a mermaid? God this show is getting me riled up.

She absolutely butchered the intro, it felt so forced

I think even if she sang a different song it would be a bit more tolerable.

Oh absolutely, her rushed version of the song is so unpleasant and awkward sounding



1. Darling

999999999. Ashlynn

Duchess Swan

Not enough singers most of them were done by one person. Bad autotune

I want to see the Charming sibs actually acting like family. Like, at all. Does Darling even talk to her brothers, ever?

>TFW it's not going to Ghoulia that's for sure since the reboot.

The most we've seen Darling talk to either sibling is in Dragon Games, when she talked to Daring about not being Apple's prince.
But I don't think we've seen all three interacting with each other in the same scene.

did they interact in Way too Wonderland?


Been away from the news. Any new interesting Ghoulia variants lately?


The brothers talked about Darling, curious where she went, and they were surprised to find out she was the White Knight, but that was it.
Still none of them appeared in the same shot.

And I gotta say, as someone pointed out, it's weird how Darling, the poster child for "Power Princess", doesn't make more prominent appearances in the show anymore. I thought having her play a large role in Dragon Games was a transition period into being a main character.
The "controversy" over the "kiss of life" probably squashed those plans. Then again, this content is produced far in advanced, so who knows

It is odd, the Princess Tribe doll line could have easily featured Darling, but instead it featured Maddie along side Holly and Apple

Pretty sure the last one was the 'sweet screams' line. Don't think she's gonna get any some time soon.

They could spin so many interesting plot threads out of Darling and Dexter being twins. You'd THINK they'd be close, right?

Imagine Dexter trying to take Raven out on a date (or Daring and Apple I guess, although that ship is sunk) but being fucking incompetent so he asks Darling to come along and make it a friend thing so it's not weird and he doesn't spaz out. Darling and Raven go on some kind of hijinx behind his back while he's off getting them popcorn before a movie. You could nudge it into shipping really easily too, if you wanted.


Not trolling but they replaced her in the reboot. Sorry but she's gone user.
And been replaced by the girl in the middle

>(or Daring and Apple I guess, although that ship is sunk)
So what kind of prince did you think they should replace Daring with? Because once mommy dearest hears about that you know that she will make Apple get so new arm candy.

Would you want to talk about Dexter if he were your brother?

A boy toy named Troy

Someone softer, wears darker colots, is magically affiliated, and is already close to Apple.

Oh, joy!


Go back to sleep, Ice King.


You know siblings don't always like each other right? Like sometimes they complain about each other? It's still interaction.





She probably thinks of him more like a cute pet. In personal experience she seems like the kind of girl to have a loving, charitable yet vaguely condescending relationship with the runt of her parents' litter.





I have to ask? The anons posting all these Rapple images, you're girls right? Because I'm just not into that crap but I'm a guy so what do I know. I prefer hetero because all those lesbo relationships in shoujo anime made my head hurt.
>INB4 monster mansters superior to fairy tale boys
MH has the best hetero couples the chemistry just works better.

So what's your favorite MH couple?

Ima girl, yeah I ship Rapple, but mostly because it just works far superior than any of the het ships, I can't get into Dexter he's so bland, Daring and Sparrow are really the only Fairytale boys who I would be interested in seeing more from because they have personality. F/F ships work best in EAH because the girls are just more interesting together

The monster boys are far superior than the EAH boys, and the het ships are handled better, I love Deuce and Cleo, Draculaura and Clawd, even Holt and Abbey, and Ima miss Johnny Spirit and Operetta, they had a fun dynamic

Yeah, the relationships are more relatable to me in Monster High than Ever After High. Fairy tales were never my thing but being male could be the reason. I mean I could like it for the imagery in say a Disney film but never could identify as the main character. I guess that's why I go for Dexter x Raven because I definitely don't see myself as Apple.
>Ok do female anons see themselves as Apple or as one of the other females on the show?
Sad to say I see myself as closest to a Dexter, so take that as you will.


It's less about identifying as someone in the show and more about how well two characters have chemistry together and Raven has far more chemistry with Apple than she does with someone like Dexter.

So would female anons cut Dexter a little more slack, if he was a rule 63 princess instead. I'm thinking a lot of females into EAH see themselves as Rule 63 Dexter but I could be wrong.

Nah, it's more of the characters rather than their gender. Changing gender wouldn't change how boring Dexter is.

I can get that, I don't personally see myself as Raven or Appe,but I'm bi so I just naturally enjoy them as a ship.

I'm not against Dexter/Raven, I see what she sees in him, him being so kind to her in the harder times of her school life being so hated. I do wish he was written better because I want to enjoy their relationship. I'm not blind to the inevitable, I know they will end up together in the end, which isn't awful really because while as uninteresting as I find Dexter, he treats Raven well.


I don't know about that. It always seems that it's Apple is the one pushing the relationship with Raven. While Raven being passive just takes it. In contrast to her interacts with Dexter she seems to take the lead when they interact.
I think Raven likes Dexter because he's the safe choice and reminds her of her dad the 'Good King'.

While Apple is definitely the more dominate and aggressive one it's not like Raven hasn't taken some initiative and gone out of her way for Apple, like cake making and school participating for Apple when she clearly doesn't do that sort of thing. holding hands, making a magical matching butterfly, using the word "love" twice with Apple when she hasn't even once for Dexter.

Moanica D'kay, is her name. I like her design but she has less character than Ghoulia, And Moanica can speak.

Pretty much what said. F/F work better, though I don't really ship things. And I still like Cleo and Duce the most.

I'd definitely be okay with being friends with Dexter of any gender, hopefully he'd be less bland. I don't relate with him though, Pic related. If I related with a guy it'd be Daring

Well, I think Dexter x Raven is a slow burn thing. And Dexter has to really over come a lot of his baggage. Raven definitely feels something for Dexter and I think does have a crush on him, too. Dexter just needs to be confidence is all.

I just don't think Raven sees Apple as a love interest. They are close but I think from Raven's point of view. It's just a really close sisterly/best friend type bound. Apple is going to so heart broken when Raven and Dexter start going steady.

I think the thought of her and Apple is at least a possibility in her mind. She definitely treats her as more than a friend/sister and their chemistry just works.

Yeah, Monster High just has a thing for throwing together good hetero couples without even trying at times. I think the problem with EAH is that the genre isn't geared to making interesting hetero matchups since in most stories where the girl and guy finally get together is usually where the story ends.

I don't know I could be bias since I really don't like Apple. She seems like such a phony on the surface and all that dark hiding just under the skin is a bit unsettling. She's just way too bossy and clingy for my tastes. I mean she's bffs with Briar and when is the last time with have seen them hangout or hug it out? Dexter might to be boring right now but I think he would be better for Raven in the long run.
Question: Don't these girl/girl relationships in media usually end in disaster? Why would you want that for Raven? Don't really care about Apple.

She's not phony at all, sheltered but not phony. She lived her whole life living by a specific set of rules and had it drilled into her that if she didn't follow them she'd go poof. She heard people gossip about her hair and how they felt it would affect her ability to be queen so she set out to make sure she would work as hard as she could to be that worthy queen..And yet she has still been kind and respectful towards Raven and has even started coming around to the idea of choosing your destiny. She is the character in EAH with the most development.

And no, they don't usually end in disaster. Quite the opposite as of late.


I wouldn't say phony, just really confused and forced in a certain direction she doesn't understand. Like a real Teen! But yeah, she's too clingy and bossy for me too.

I will admit, it took me a while to warm up to Apple White, just because the notion of repressing who you are to go along with what society says you ought to be…yeah, not a fan. And that’s a big part of Apple’s characterisation - she likes the role society’s set out for her, and she has trouble understanding that other people don’t, or taking that seriously and not just treating it as childish or selfish that other people don’t want to ruin their whole lives so that the select few get their happy endings (seriously, Raven’s future as shown in the Storybook of Legends involves homelessness and imprisonment in the show and utter corruption of the soul in the books). She gets better as time goes on, though, and I got to like her. And that’s sort of the key to why I like this pairing. These two are on absolute extremes of the main political difference in their society, but they’re still close as anything, and over time they come to see the merit in one another’s opinions. Raven learns to see that there are consequences to her choosing to step out of her role, and Apple begins to see that, actually, there are consequences just as bad to blindly obeying the rules of one’s story. And they drive each other mad, and they have petty fights, but they still more or less get along. Even when the drama between the Royal and Rebel factions is at its height, these two generally try to prevent things from escalating further, and though their fights tend to be a bit more serious than just factional conflict, they’re usually either resolved quickly or don’t mean the complete collapse of their friendship, even if things are tense for a while. Considering the number of break-ups, make-ups and massive rifts that tend to dominate in a lot of my other ships, it makes for quite a nice change of pace.


The animation really has improved so much


I can see the appeal but I just think that the conflicts resolve way too easily for Raven and Apple in the cartoon. In the books, it is a little more believable since there is much more turmoil in the pairing.


Why do people see this as a romance pairing? Are your yuri goggles on too tight people? I think Apple might think she's gay or just Raven gay maybe. But I think Raven is hetero or maybe bi-curious at best. This forcing of an Apple/Raven couple is annoying because when we had this in Monster High. We knew DL/CD were just really good friends. Clawdeen might be a lesbian but Draculaura seems very hetero. Can't Rapple just be the same as the Draculaura/Clawdeen situation?


I don't see it as the same situation at all.

Apple is really good friends with Briar, Ashlynn, and Blondie. She doesn't interact with Raven the way she interacts with them.

Raven is really good friends with Maddie, Cedar, and Cerise. The way she interacts with Apple is not the same.

Their relationship is one of the more important parts of the story so far, and it seems to me like it's presented in a rather different light than how they both regard their close friends.

I like the pairing because I think they have a good dynamic and a lot more chemistry with each other than anyone else. I don't see how it being popular with the fans is "forcing" it.

Frankly I am a little cagey with the "that's just how female friendships work" thing because a lot of the time it sorta seems like insinuating there are grounds for pairing two girls is completely ridiculous at any level of intimacy lower than them making out more than once.


>I like the pairing because I think they have a good dynamic and a lot more chemistry with each other than anyone else. I don't see how it being popular with the fans is "forcing" it.
I don't know I just think the story writers and story watchers have confused the intimacy of the story between the characters and the intimacy of the characters themselves. I really don't like the 'jointed at the hip' mind set that Apple has. Which makes it hard for Raven to not doom herself by not following her destiny. But Raven is damned if she does or doesn't, so a future without Apple would be best for her.

Raven and Apple's dynamic is definitely the most interesting thing in the whole franchise, and their chemistry does allow for fun shipping fodder, but their unique relationship and interaction that they have, how they're closer to each other in ways that's not like anything they have with their own group of friends, could also be seen as sisterly instead of romantic.
And even though Dexter's a huge dork, he's more tolerable in the books, and admittedly would make for a Good King for Raven. They really should show some more character development for Dexter, but the way the cartoon's going, it doesn't seem likely.

Also, there's no way a toy company that does bussiness globally is going to have their main characters in a franchise be a same sex couple. Raven and Dexter's going to be a thing, but the question remains: who will Apple end up with?

Is this an upcoming episode? Must have more Cerise and Ramona. Wouldn't that be great if they were a big part of the next special? Wouldn't that be great if there was another special?

>I have to ask? The anons posting all these Rapple images, you're girls right?

Why are you even asking that?, This is the board where Bronies came into existence, BRONIES, the adult men that fap to pastel colored horses, not little girls, ADULT MEN, and these are the same kind of people that are in that Adventure Time thread, that Steven Universe thread or that Zootopia thread, adult men, yes there are some adult females but always, all the time in every thread there will be more males that females even in those beff cake threads that occasionaly appear here in Cred Forums.

I´m baffled that someone could even ask if we are really girls,by aking that you are really ignoring a big and important part of Cred Forums, that Bronies came from here for a reason, that Adult Men like such ourselves really like girly cartoons, like girly things and that we really dig same sex relationships between horse ot humans, seriously, even in those Voltron thread there are most males that females, and the most prominent ship in those threads is between two male chracters, are you going to ask them if they are boys for shipping two male characters?.

So again, why are you even asking that?

From an episode already released in the south. Fan translation of the entire thing is available in a previous thread. Just explains how Ramona has recently returned from boarding school.

Most of the posters here are girls, user.

>Also, there's no way a toy company that does bussiness globally is going to have their main characters in a franchise be a same sex couple.

But there is this thing.

Korrasami, why it can´t happen with another franchise?

>Most of the posters here are girls, user.

I´m sure it is, user. *wink

Because Korra didn't have a toyline attached. After the debacle of ATLA's toys, they decided to forgo any revenue streams through that part of the industry. It helped that Korra was initially conceived as a limited miniseries, which made pulling that off actually feasible. But because of that, they didn't need to worry about international toy sales.



>who will Apple end up with?
>What is softball, user.
In other words, it doesn't matter. She will marry some handsome prince that's tolerable. And whenever they do the deed, Apple will be off in her own little world. Thinking it's Raven doing her with a strap-on.

>who will Apple end up with?
They'll hopefully go through with Apple/Raven.

>They'll hopefully go through with Apple/Raven.

Let's have some hope.

>Wow, North there are some really disillusion anons in this thread.

Denying it won't stop it from existing.

>“You can sit with us, Raven,” said Apple, gesturing toward the table full of princesses.
>“Another time,” said Raven. “I should join Maddie.”
>After so many hours together, it felt strange to walk away from Apple.

>She [Apple] took Raven’s hands and made the most direct of direct eye contact Raven had ever experienced. Apple’s confident smile twinkled, brilliant, inspiring. “You can do this, Raven Queen.”
>And for the first time, Raven believed that she could. “Okay,” she said. Her heart was thumping, slammed unexpectedly with a tremendous amount of hope.

Delete this

>Milton Grimm: I best instigate why Ramona wasn't at Ever After High to begin with

I imagine Maddie is that character that when she does experience love, she doesn't know what it is she is feeling and thinks it's bad tea

>TFW it doesn't look we will ever get that crossover will we?


>"... oh, and maybe it'd be about time I found out where the hell the Storybook of Legends is gone."

Obviously Ramona is the personification of the storybook

Notice they aren't in the same timeline at the same time?

They destroyed it.

Do the Grimm brothers know it's been destroyed?

Apple hasn't told them she had Raven destroy it.

As far as Milton knows, the book was never found.


They've hinted at it and thats all i need to fuel me

Rotten to the Core and Chenoweth's number were the only good parts

That's not now real princesses are.






What is this
someones daughter?
or what

Looks like Apple and Ravens Daughter

I don't know how to feel about this.

She was a backgrounder in Monster High for a while, dont know if she still is

She's mine and Raven's pride and joy.

remember when Monster High went Anime?

She is not, sadly. I think the animators named her Venus and the designers liked it and made an actual Venus Mc Flytrap they could make a doll out of.
It's planned to again apparently? I love Anime Spectra she's actually creepy and mysterious. Hope its legit.

Did any porn come from that?

I hope so, the animation was clunky but it had its charm.


All Ive seen is that CG movie where they go to hollywood

Is the cartoon just as bad or are the movies just terrible?

cartoon is just a bunch of short animated stories, like under 3 minutes, the movies in comparison are way better

Not that I know of but Abbeys really thicc in it

For Monster high, thats it basically all the time now. The cartoons are just a way to make the dolls make sense. and they are forced as hell.
Ever After High is better than Boo York In almost every way.

He was talking about Monster High, not Ever After High.

I was talking about Monster high, not Ever After High. EAH has no CG movies






>TFW anime Clawdeen is a man eater.
Oh if only I lived in that universe.

wait, that is a real MH anime?, i thought it was just some fanart.

it is very real


Within that single conversation, the moon appeared to turn Clawdeen into a werewolf, and the sun burned Draculaura into a crisp. How?

Solar eclipse perhaps?

>Pic related
Sorry, closest I could get to your answer.

Anime monster girls are cute! Cute!

Why do I even bother with these threads anymore?

What are you looking for exactly?

A non-reboot Monster High though I do like Moanica's design. And a decent hetero couple in Ever After High but of course I know I'm asking for things that will never be.

>decent hetero couple in Ever After High
What is Daring and Rosabella.

>What is Daring and Rosabella.
HA! Rosabella barely hangs around or relates to Daring when he isn't being a furry. That is a terrible bad pairing. I have nothing against Daring or Rosabella themselves but together they are awful. states my view closely

They just started being a thing recently, and Daring's really only character development has been with her.
You're way too negative here.

Fuck you, that's how.


Dating Norman

Well what we got?
>Daring X 3 different girls
any other ships are bland (Ashlynn/hunter) or a character is insufferable (Dexter)
There is much in the way of good hetero fodder


Kitty speaking the truth

If the hiatus is over, and the weekly schedule is back, we should have a new episode any time now.

>Made a request on aco
>Made a request on co too
>Nobody draws these cute characters
>Artists only draw princy o'faggot Marco Diazoo or fat SU characters or worse


Because if it ain't on CN or Disney, it don't exist.

I don't go on draw threads very often because the lack of EAH and MH. Whatcha' look to request?

>bashing based Diaz

>I'll still never get anything from Star Darlings

I want to ___ Piper

On aco i requested some yuri lewd between book party Ginger and Lizzie because i don't believe that they wanted to read only books

While on co i requested this

Thats why Ginger doesn't wear GLASSES she needs to SEE with to the book party,

There were never any books.

Because if you want draws you need to go to the /toy/ thread and ask.
>TFW I'm not kidding.

Woah really! Yo I gotta go on /toy/ once and a while. Didn't know they cared about characters, only the toy itself.

More art

Hot damn nicely done

I think it's because you rapple people scary off the drawfags. STOP IT!

Or at least shift topics to Monster High from time to time, please.

You just want me to dump art? Okie dok
Thank you Bud
I wouldn't doubt it.

And The image limit was reached gosh dang >:c

There really isn't much to discuss

At least with the reboot resetting stuff

Though I am curious where this leaves Astronova if she is the blue fairy

The new cartoon style is always fun to discuss


How many ways can you say it looks like shit?

As many ways until Mattel stops being fucking awful

Honestly I could accept the reboot cartoon more if the style of each girl wasnt so off. They look like they were drawn by different people who never collaborated once on how they think the girls should look. Cleo looks goddamn awful holy shit who honestly looked at her design and thought "Yeah this is right, this doesnt look off".

Out of all of them, Frankie has the nicest look

The Welcome to Monster High movie needs to hurry up and come out.

It looks pretty beautiful, heres to hoping the storytelling and characterization is decent

We can wonder if any of the old characters will later show up in the reboot. Doesn't that normally occur with long running franchises that get rebooted regularly?

Considering how they might put more emphasis on human / monster relationships, I expect Jackson and Holt to eventually appear.

Well they kept Venus, Twila and Toralei, and Abbey is apparently going to be there seeing as she did get a reboot doll but I hear she wont be in this movie.

I imagine they will bring back a lot of the older monsters, including Jackson and Holt for that human/monster drama they can use.

But I also dont trust Mattel very much no matter how many times they say 'We arent getting rid of anyone permanently' I'll believe that when I see Clawd and Howleen

I wonder if the Monster High IP can split into old G1 and G2 so we can have the best of both worlds. At least when it comes to the novels.

Thank you

New thread when?

You can also wonder how much canon from the first film will go over to the next films

Next film is Electrified, all I know is the fashions make me die a little inside

lets wait until 500

If we can make it that far.

Yeah for any new merchandise they usually release the names of the items. I haven't seen Operetta, Nefera, or Robecca. So I hope they show back up again but I ain't holding my breath.

When the next episode comes out, presumably.

Theres a wiki page somewhere with all the copywrites they own, we could just see if they re-newed them. On this page there were like 4 wolf pun names, I'm assuming they're Clawdeen's new siblings. I'll try to find it

Also since its supposed to be when the school was first made I doubt we'll see characters that joined monster high from old movies. Like Robecca, Rochel and Lorna. Frankie isn't supposed to be there either but she's a main character so I don't think it counts.

ALSO Nefera always boasted about how she went to Monster high before Cleo. So theres actually no way this stupid reboot makes sense. >:c

So are anons that are into Ever After High into any other Fantasy settings?
>INB4 GoT, OUaT, or Tolkien
I, myself find it hard to really get into most fantasy settings closest it get for me is Warhammer 40K. And that's a blend of sci-fi and fantasy.

Ever After High is fairytale, not fantasy. Distinctly separate genres to me.

Having said that, I used to be a massive fantasy and S.F. buff. A Song of Ice and Fire, Wheel of Time, Riftwar Saga, The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, Earthsea, etc.

If you're interested, I may have one or two recommendations.

I think you might appreciate the Discworld stories, which is fantasy with a wink and a laugh, especially the latter books which transition from fantasy into steampunk magitech, using magic to create everyday household appliances like phones or rock & roll (Yes, Rock and Roll is magic, didncha know?) Otherwise the Peter David books of Sir Apropos of Nothing, which take the knightly prince idea and turns it around. Also, puns.

Cleo and Nefera can never really make sense, since they are based on historical figures with blatant inaccuracy.

What are the Monster High games like?


So, the monsters, you're OK with. The fact that they have always been around, that whole alternate history, you're also OK with. The fact that that alternate history includes alternate versions of our historical figures, THAT's too much for you?

Just pointing out an obvious truth that making sense was never a high priority.

so how many kids would have Melody stolen before the other gave her a intervention?

She doesn't seem to have too much interest in stealing children, she just wants to drop them hot beats

Maybe she's secretly a shotacon, that's not something she would want everybody knowing.

Looks like Welcome to Monster High torrents were released today. I've seen some dvdrips so far



They were made with the real people in mind, they are not the real people

I played one on the Wii once and on on the DS a few years ago, Garbage unless you're a little girl or not critical and just like fun