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Here’s a short list of sites that any new webcomic artist or writer will find handy:
>*-Struggling to find that perfect FONT? Create your own using this link;

>*-Don’t forget to brush up on that ANATOMY:

>*-What’s a list without some reference STOCK IMAGES?

>*-Here's a big fat compilation of CHARACTER DESIGN REFERENCE:

>Links to get a rough WEBSITE started up:
Easy to use tumblr webcomic
Do’s and Don’ts for starting a (embed)

>Contact sheet if anyone wants to put information down, like their site and webcomic:

>DISCORD CHAT going on,
Ask for an invite in the thread.

>Wise words from John Cleese:

>Invisible Ink:

>Paper Wings

>Fonts for your webcomic on Blambot:

>Writing Resources:

>Guide to promoting your comic:

>Comics for makin' comics!

hmm. correct numbering. correct cleese link. adequately identifying us as faggots. and good timing. thanks, person.

Today I'm finally ridding poor Gyomudo of his hard to draw extra spikes and veins and shit, and getting him back to a healthy NON-overcooked color. He'll be easier to draw now.

This thread was gone when I wanted to post this last night!

I can't seem to settle on a good way to denote flashbacks. I usually just put some kind of color layer over a panel but I dunno how effective that's been? I don't want to use sepia tone unless it's appropriate for the time, which is never true for my story. Most flashbacks are going to be to the 80s, never far back enough for old timey film effects.

site here:

I got the gist of it from the fact that the word bubbles had no tails, like when I do flashbacks or imagination sequences.
These scenes already incidentally seem a bit cooler and purply-bluer than regular non-flashback life, maybe you should go with that. It's almost the opposite of sepia-tone, and it's very 80sy for everything to look all nice and indigo..
Alternatively you could hit the whole thing with a taped-on-VHS filter.. which might be a little extra work, but it's a smash. I used it this one time. based it on these instructions

It might take some doing to translate that into GIMP functions but it looks doable, thanks!

dunno if you have an account but there's a comment at the bottom of that page from one "EggNogtheEgghead" who was going to try doing it in GIMP. might be worth dropping them a line

Anxously waiting for that superhero comic to get posted and that user to pick it apart

I want me some drama dammit

Ill make popcorn for everyone

How's your own webcomic, user?

How's yours, you hypocritical fuck?

Post that shit all day without backing it up yourself.

Shut the fuck up bitch

if i post my comic do you promise not to laugh/insult?

Yesterday's update! What do you guys think?

Hell yeah! Gettin me some popcorn

Hi! I was writing a scene for my supernatural detective comic today, and wasn't sure if the following piece of dialogue was grammatically correct or even understandable.

>William Walker: You read my case report?
>Carmen Pennyoga: You mean that blatant blackmail attempt to expose me? ---> I did, and I sure as hell won't be sending it nowhere further than in the cold case limbo for the rest of eternity.
I just finished transcribing another chapter of some awful weeb shit I wrote when I was in high school. If cringe w/ commentary interests you I've got it.

Every year so far, I draw this generic guy from the Prologue to gauge my improvement. This is the results for this year.

I've been awfully slow for the past while. I'm quite sorry about that.

Hopefully I'm close to going somewhere now.

Not sure where.

Composition's a bit dull, but it's a simple, effective page. Everything's on point, the page accomplishes what it sets out to do. Good job.

Why you gotta be like this, shitpost-kun?

It's an improvement.
Still got a ways to go, though

I think you might be too stuck on what you've already drawn.

The next time you try it, focus on constructing the model first. Make the underlying figure; understand how it looks as a three-dimensional figure. Then you can work on things like his clothing.

>no moth ass

There are certain people who come to the hallowed halls of /hyw/ solely to stir up drama because it's the only joy they can find in their monotonous, pathetic lives. Petty human things.

These threads were a mistake. Let this be the last.

Can I have a discord invite from the discord fairy?

As long as the guy saying 'wont' be sending it nowhere' is meant to be a gangster or other bad grammar user who uses double negatives, yeah.
'blackmail attempt to expose me' is kind of a double use of attempt. You've made it kinda the elbow of that sentence's arm. That's weird, but it's not exactly wrong

You're getting there, by and by. Finally he has a little forehead room. Not a lot, but it's definitely getting there.
did whatsername lady become a futurelady?


Well, the purpose of the exercise is to re-draw the same exact picture so it's more of a stark contrast at how different it is, I usually draw the full figure, but I admit I did kind of get lazy with the torso in this case, so thanks for the advice.

The whole forehead thing is definitely something I've been working on, it's easy enough on certain characters, but I find it difficult to draw a properly proportioned head on a more masculine figure that feels satisfying.

You should use more anti-aliasing, honestly. All of your lines are really subtly jagged.

and rightly so, the relationship between foreheads, crania, and masculinity is very touchy. it's good you have an eye for it, it'll serve you well as you improve

How do people feel about mini-webcomics, like short stories in the form of comics or webcomics?

As long as they're interesting, I always love comics like that.
Definitely go for it, I'd love to see someone in here making one-shots.

>What do you guys think?

Go be a hug-boxing idiot somewhere else, they asked for a critique or at the very least what we thought about it and where things could "potentially" be improved, stop ass patting everyone, or making fun of people for actually saying something somewhat constructive rather than just going, lel, all looks good bra' just keep doing you.

I have a lot of ideas already written out for some interesting really short mini-comics, my main one is such a beast of a thing that I am getting overwhelmed by it a little atm.

I'd like to see more of those, actually. Might be harder do built an audience with though, if that's something you care about.
Don't forget to introduce yourself and post some example of your art/writing.

>I can't read.
It's in response to the "Why you gotta be like that" directed at
They're saying that's a shitpost. Because it is.

No, you misunderstand. I'm not saying to stop redrawing it, I'm saying that your improvement is lacking substance because you're too focused on emulating the original. You should be trying to improve your fundamental skills so you can redraw the pose and character instead of tightening the surface level details on a bad sketch. Get a grip on anatomy and recreate this pose with that knowledge instead of tightening your lines and coloring.

Ah, I gotcha. Thanks for the input.


So long story short, I'm writefag that wrote the script for the first chapter of a comic if someone could read it and give some insight in where I should improve, thanks

I have a legal question. If you were to pay for your own domain for your comic, does the website copyright your ideas and art?


Fuck. Well is there a guide or sticky to doing this?

I am not a Lawyer, so the usual caveat applies:

Copyright law is complicated and varies by country, but in general (as I understand it), when you publish something, whether in print or on a website, you gain the copyright to it.

If you own the website, all well and good, but if you're publishing it on someone else's website they may have their own terms and conditions regarding copyright and creators rights.

So to your knowledge, if I were to buy a domain from GoDaddy would that work?

Having your own site help, but it's not necessary.

I don't know from what country you are, but most country National Library let you register your creations, which is basically a copyright

But I'm no expert

Alright I have some research to do, thanks for the help user

You're welcome, I hope I helped


we see a lot of these
yknow what i think? it's hard, it's a lot of mental energy, to picture a script as a comic. People who "can't draw" should just draw stick figure placeholders. copy and paste them if you need to. type out the word bubbles. then show us your comic outline

don't ever work with godaddy. just.. don't
the worst any site ever does is reserve the right to republish your shit to advertise them. To use a clip of your shit in their ad saying "come use our hosting site, look, we have this guy! and this guy!" that's standard promotional boilerplate with any industry, it's just in art they phrase it badly

Who have you had a good experience with then if GoDaddy is a no go?

Eren's monster gets riled up, and then things start to take a different turn in this Monster Lands update.

i hear good things about amazon hosting

little asshole. biting the hand that created you. good luck moving around with the limbs she didnt bother providing

Really? I don't know user... Seem kinda complicated, I tried to write in the slimpliest way possible so anyone can undertand whats going on. The sript in itself was to be read by the artis that was gonna draw it, bet I don't know any.

Well anyway I will keep what've in mind, and maybe try it out.



progress on the first page of my comic. should be done tomorrow, hopefully. postan on the site on friday

awesome. make sure to post it here too

Still looks good, but the rough lineart on the hair especially is a little off putting. I think your art might look nice with clean, smooth lineart, since your sketches already look so neat.
Are planning to color it, or are you just going to leave it black and white?

yeah i assume that part hasnt been inked yet

Are there any good sources/methods for picking up on some quick, simple phrases in other languages and/or guides on how to portray accents via text?

I want to spice up my cast with foreign accents but don't want it to come off as stupid and cliche, and I don't really have a means of surrounding myself with actual foreign accents and languages to learn from experience.

>I don't really have a means of surrounding myself with actual foreign accents and languages to learn from experience.
you have the internet. Look up videos of those people talking, try to transliterate it. you'll pick it up quickly.

that said, if a quick cheater's guide to that exists, i'd love to have it. save some fuckin time.


will do!

Yeah, it looks rough but hopefully when I flesh it out it'll come together. I'd love to ink smoother but with my sloppy pencils I don't think it's possible.

I'm going to leave it black and white for sure. I can't color for shit, haha

Final page of chapter three yeahhhh

aay, that's badass

>all these desperate attempts to save a dead thread
/hyw/ is finished. Let it rest in peace.

You just bumped the thread too

is that traditional?
I can't imagine how long of a process watercoloring a comic must be

Is it common to be content with your work on paper and then being disappointed with it once you have scanned it?
made me double look as I was just listening to this

No I didn't.

I'm not bumping it now, either.

/hyw/ has reached the end of its lifespan. The humane thing to do is remove life support and let go, forever.

Cheers, user!

Finally managed to get the WIP videos up (apologies for the music):

So why can't you let go? Why do you feel the need to let everyone know that you feel that the threads must end? Why are you making this about (You), and not /hyw/?

You could care less, but you don't. You care just enough to keep watching, and make posts that draw attention to yourself. You care about /hyw/, and don't actually want to see it end.

Work In Progress - one page, roughs.

Drawn last Friday, before heading off to ICE/Comics Uncovered, a one day comics focused comic con, followed by a day of talks, seminars and portfolio reviews by and for people wanting to work in the comics industry. I was able to get a portfolio review of some of my strips by Dark Horse editor Carl Potts, which was very useful. Worth a shot if you're UK based, though to me it does seem weighted towards the Realistic Action/Adventure end of the comics spectrum.

Just fuck off already, tryhard.

actually pretty hilarious~

still better than most of the spam we get
my goddamn sides. I love that she's screeching out whatever the hell accent that is and it still works.

>still better than most of the spam we get

In what way?

go read old threads

I'm familiar with old spam.

I'm asking what retarded reason you think it's better, except that you're the one doing it this time.

i'm just the guy trying to get you to shut up and stop giving it attention
because this is by far weaker than the shit we've been hit with, so if you starve THIS fucker, we'll be done with it entirely

>whatever the hell accent that is

I've decided Fili sounds Northern British, somewhere in the vicinity of Mel B or Sara Cox. Knowing this means she's more likely to use certain turns of phrase when it comes to writing dialogue.

Noli is a neutral Mid-Atlantic.

To open it up for general discussion, has anyone else decided what their characters sound like? Or do you prefer to leave it entirely up to the reader's imagination?

why is jimmy kimmel sporting a gorby?

Somehow in my head they were just both very neutral lazy american sounding.. like Simpsony. funny how heads work. now if I try to imagine them talking like this, I get a very 'girl pinky and the brain' feel. Whiiich is even better



>once we're safe, how will you know?
story of my fucking life

I'm going to 'milk' this character for those views

mmm, gotta love the bouncin' of those two big wonderful round eyes

yea man i noticed those eyes a bit too late.

I'd like to draw and write a story about a kid/young man who's part of an exploration team tasked with traveling and charting the world. The main inspiration would be Tintin, where in every location (mostly episodic), the cub photographer and book collector ends up in an adventure where he risks life and limb to get good photographs and collect rare books for the library he works for.

May or may not have an animal sidekick. Not intended to be kid friendly, will have action violence at times, but will definitely go for the charm of youth adventurer.

Any writing tips on making such a comic? Thanks in advance.

just riding your shanks, I'm incredibly impressed by anyone who can do animation

completely awesome.
would it be the boring real world, or something better, so the audience can discover the new places each time? I'd love it if you went full fantasy, and he kept photographing strange new undiscovered creatures. but even if you didn't, I'd still appreciate a sorta ducktales level of amazing unknown discovery

or maybe i'm just projecting the kind of comic i'd love to make, where the story doesn't matter as much and you just do a fun travelogue
only in my version it's drawing instead of photography


How's the practicing going fellow kids.

Hope you guys are practicing while doing your pages.

What webhosts does everyone use?

Is there a site that's good for hosting a furry porn webcomic that includes cub material? Inkbunny really isn't set-up that great for comics.

dudes and landscapes

as long as you mark it mature when you sign up, most of the hosts dont give any fucks about the specifics.
I posted this site of mine not too long ago but I feel the need to shame-brag about it again because I just transcribed another chapter. Everything I post here was written and drawn when I was in high school (10-14 years ago). I'm transcribing and commentating on it, and it's all awful. The chapter I just posted is about a magical girl saving her furry bank-robbing boyfriend from the staff of their high school, which wants to commit eugenics against him because he's the world's last epileptic. I'm actually proud of how bad it is.

But also I feel like my transcriptions aren't so good? I'm not a writer. I know a lot of non-artist writers show up in these threads, maybe you guys can give me tips on how to convert the comic pages into a narrative that makes sense? I transcribe them because they're poorly drawn, and my handwriting was very sloppy. A lot of stuff going on in them makes no sense without an explanation.

Okay so this is animation rather than strictly webcomic, but Cred Forums doesn't have a dedicated animation thread and Newgrounds is a little slow right now.
Plus, I've always known you guys to be really good about character design, pacing, and the like, which is what I'd really appreciate some feedback on here.

I'm working on an animated short. How's it looking? Anything you like/dislike or stands out to you would be great!

that sounds cute as hell. I wanna read it now.


Loved this page. So damn true.
No typos as far as I can see (though shinyness should really be shininess), but there's a lot of bad mid-word hyphenations. I realize you're putting a translation into the same bubbles and don't want to redraw them, but sometimes you might have to, if you're going like th-
I'm baffled that 'a bunch of rats whose tails are matted together from close contact' constitutes a mythical enough creature that it can be said to EAT tools. Did.. did Tadeu just make that up so he could steal them, and/or so he could piss off that jerkhole blacksmith?

Hmmm how am I supposed to separate the words? I mean, in portuguese you are never to break a word unless you break it syllable by syllable... but reading stuff in english, I always saw them broken randomly, so I tought there wasn't a rule for breaking words in english.

Also, Tadeu is not a liar, I am pretty sure he is just showing off his knowledge about the dragon of the rodents, but looking at it again, I kinda made him look more shady than smug, right?
I will fix all that stuff, thank you for the feedback!

>but reading stuff in english, I always saw them broken randomly
Really? that's Interesting, who's even doing that anymore? That was only a practice when typing space was at a premium, it has pretty much stopped since the digital age. and even then, the rule was to do it along syllables. since 'their' is one syllable, you shouldn't break it up at all.
The only time I see it come up now is when things have been translated from another language and they have to recycle the balloons.

and yeah Tadeu does not seem like a liar.. except when he's declaring himself a qeh'filte just for the laughs.

so I tried getting some feedback on this design a while back. I'm still kinda struggling with it, and I'd like to settle on it soon
left is what her species is supposed to look like naturally, but I think she's mutated herself up with some magic and whatnot.. bottom left is one idea but it's not very 'intelligent creature'y. and I want her to look like a proper witch and a legit final boss. this thing on the right seems kinda cool, but I'm not sure. Two different options for the rear feet shape.. not sure if those tails are doing anything.. might need a face that can emote more.. and it seems a shame to totally lose the pincers, and even weirder for her to LOSE fingers. might be too many limbs, seems a bit too busy (i'd like to be able to draw this multiple times without dying) and there's like, no torso.. i could use any input here, sketches, whatever.

I dunno what your story's about or what 'witch' means for you but I think she needs a hat.

Also if you like the reduced finger design but don't want her to lose hand-like qualities just give her more arms.

I know right? I keep wanting her to have a hat. I tried to twist her horns up into something like a hat, but I don't want her to look male. it's hard enough with aliens
okay but i DO think this sexy waist helps. she got dat 7-shaped bacteriophage-ass body now, with enough total fingers on her limbs that I think it'll work. still gotta decide on those feet and tweak her head some, but I think I'm closer now

How about a hat made from fungal growths, or a hat made of fuzzy mothlike antennae?

oooh those could work.. ima sketch a few

This lineart's nearly done, just need to touch up that forced perspective in the first panel.

Could I get in trouble for giving her a brand name iPhone or no

I don't think anyone has ever gotten in legal trouble for something published in a webcomic. that said, do you WANT to give apple more publicity for producing their shoddy products? I wouldn't

It's just easier to reference my own. That said, Michael uses a Galaxy and teases her for using Apple products while she teases him for caring.

yeah writing and drawing from real life is always good. and i'm all for verisimilitude

hey qt :D
we should talk on aim or something
i have a skype too if you want to show me your comic so these assholes dont bother you

I like it, it does feel a little Newgrounds-y

I don't know why but in the opening scene (0:00 to 0:08) the line weight contrast between the MC (I'm assuming) and the background seem a bit much, even though the background goes out of focus

For the scene where the tiddy babe appears and walks towards him (0:20-0:24) it's kinda odd that her hips and hair sway but her torso doesn't. Even if her tiddies are just concealed weapons there'd be some movement there.

Her face staying mostly the same position while her hair sways in time with her hips also looks unnatural. If you haven't already, I'd suggest getting someone to act it out and filming it for reference. Acting it out yourself also works. I also think that the head tilt could use some more tweens

But yeah apart from those two things it's pretty good, hope my (limited) animation advice helps

the bf pointed out to me that my site navigation is shit so i should link to the beginning of the chapter i was talking about

>Sketch out a whole page over a couple of days
>Pencils are like 98% complete, but I don't know what to put in a shop window in the background
>Don't want to start the inking before I figure out how to finish this one unimportant detail
>Progress grinds to a halt for weeks

I finally figured it out so I can start on the inks with a clear conscience, but I'm annoyed with myself for this stupid hang up.

You could always make subtle changes to the position and/or shape of buttons, cameras, etc, while still retaining the general look of the thing, just so it's not exactly the same as an actual product. Leave off logos and branding as well, or change them slightly if you think it will work with the tone of your strip ("ePhone").

For the most part though, you can get away with using real world brands if they're just used in a neutral way, as part of scene setting and background. You're likely to run into problems if you're being actively disparaging, or focusing on things like you've been paid for product placement.

SALE: 25% Off Select Items

Have that one for free. Now get back to work.

Is /hyw/ ded???

It's late/early still but also yes

>bumping a dead thread

What do you faggots use to add text and all that? I want to use the generic manga text as that's what I'm used to.

>What do you use to add text and all that?
Not SAI. Clip Studio Paint and Photoshop have text tools, but apparently SAI doesn't. Even FireAlpaca and MediBang Paint can do text layers.
Illustrator is the industry standard for adding text to artwork.

> generic manga text
What do you mean by this?

Oh you know, all those silly moon runes they have in manga that don't actually mean anything.

>>> generic manga text
>What do you mean by this?
The text everyone uses to translate manga. Probably a dumb question as it's probably a common font.

So, first of all, the close-ups overlaid on the shots look bad. If the close-ups took up a lot of the frame and had greater contrast with the figure of they were overlaid on the figure they're magnifying it would work, but instead it just looks worse than cutting to a close-up.

On the girl...that doesn't look like large breasts or golden balls in a kimono. It looks like balloons or a lot of socks. If you want to give the impression of boobs, and ESPECIALLY if you want the viewer to believe those are gold balls, gravity needs to be pulling on them. Like, really hard.

And like the other guy said, if you're going to make her move, commit to it.

A friend asked me why Dr. Botz is full of blue goo if she's mostly mechanical. I said it was cyborg electrolyte fluid!

They didn't get it, and then I went and felt bad that there'll never be a Revengeance 2.

Trying to find a particular font is like looking for a specific needle in a stack of needles.

If you want some fonts that are free for making comics with, then try

Whenever I have tiny background details like that to think up, I try to make it fun for myself. People probably won't notice what I put there. Arrange some of the shop merchandise to look like loss.jpg

Psu plz join

>You're likely to run into problems if you're being actively disparaging, or focusing on things like you've been paid for product placement.
which is sad because those are the two times i want to use real life brands the most

makes sense to me. The robuts in alien had gross white blood and that was effective.

Thanks for your honesty, you've given me some good places to improve upon.

bump for free money

and one more
I'm having more fun with my shitty comic than with my good comic lately

Maybe it's because you were able to just do what you wanted to with your old stuff, but you're keeping yourself on too tight of a leash with your new things.

Or maybe you just need to get back to the basics and re-learn stuff all over again to recapture the magic of dumb highschool comics.

Or maybe you just REALLY like looking at the stuff you did as a kid and picking it apart.

i read "Disintegrated 9th graders" and now I want to see that

Original font, donut stee- use without license.

Yeah, I don't think ePhone or anything like that would fit the tone, I like to make the setting as genuine and familiar as I can. I don't intend to endorse or disparage Apple, it's just used as a tool through which she accesses her media like photos or music, so I think it'll come across as mostly neutral. I appreciate the advice!

It's nice getting to draw this girl again

Might'a done


Remember when I made comics? that was funny.

yes, but wasn't it a different one? wait, did you have two?

the one I just posted was just a practice for various action poses.

i like the poses!

It's been awhile since I've first come up with these characters, and I wanted to post an example of how character designs can change over time before the story starts.

Here are some examples with The Destructor and Edith where I had the general look down, then altered it over time.

I first drew The Destructor two years ago and Edith was drawn one year ago, so I had a bit of time to think about how they’d look lol. With Destructor I gave him a more angular, boxy shape as opposed to the rounder original design. I hunched him over more and just pushed the general idea of him until I got the desired outcome. I wanted to emphasize the Conan-ness of him.

Edith was made spikier obviously, her outfit was changed to make her torso area more blocky as opposed to the old triangular shape. Her head shape is also more square in the final. I kept pushing how old she looked as well so now she's ancient as hell. These two appear in Monster Lands eventually.

>This isn't even my final form

Drawing waifus on my lunch break


Doodle of one of my characters

After my last tablet dying on me and a year of no drawing, I finally got back into the groove and started a new comic last week. I do a weekday schedule so that I can have some leeway and brainstorming during the weekend.

Essentially, Welcome to Zyx City is about the daily lives of the citizens of a semi-futuristic San Antonio, renamed Zyx City for reasons that'll be explained in the future. One of 'em 4-panel slice-of-life type of comics, with some lore that'll be sprinkled in here and there.

Pic related, 3 of the comics I've done, the rest can be seen here:

I remember you! Glad you're still around. She sure has changed over the time.. of the years.. of the ages..

>Blue-Black color scheme lagomorph talking to orange-green color scheme canine about their duties on the police force.

I honestly can't tell if you're shitposting, making a very flimsy pass at a "parody", or you are just so unaware of your subconscious inspirations that you just did this without realizing it.

I've been trying to get back into all of this lately. I'm doing what I should have done from the start, making buffer pages for Little Bot.

I'm also still trying to decide on a style for her before I can start her story. I want it to be Ghibli-esque, mixed with my own style.

Pic related, my first drawing of Cylupan, 2010.

To be honest, the first time I drew those characters was around when I was in middle school. They're a part of a trio of galactic policemen, a dogman, a rabbitman and a fishman. I'm gonna introduce the fish later on, he's the mechanic of the 3 officers.

The fact that Zootopia did the same thing years later (except with a female rabbit, a fox and not in space) is just a coincidence. Though, the change from a blue shirt to a green one was because I like green fabric on brown fur.

Everyone busy working on their comics? That's good. Carry on creating.

It's just pretty early. Cred Forums is usually pretty slow at this hour.

Slower than usual at least.

The people who have jobs are dragging themselves out of bed to go to them, and the people who don't are still asleep.

Yes. It is very very common. But don't be disheartened. Just open up Photoshop, set up the threshold to a nice level, and work on getting rid of all the clutter from the transition with the pencil tool on a new layer

Sleeping til noon is my god given right.

good color schemes is good color schemes

God, fuck off coldfusion, just fuck off.


didn't see you bumping on page 10

Your comic is pretty funny.

Well if you're approaching this completely seriously I have to tell you: you're going about introducing your cast poorly.

Audiences don't come predisposed to care about your characters. You have to either flesh out those characters to make them care, establish a sequence of events that draws interest, or otherwise engage them. Your comics are nonsequiters that don't really have jokes or emotional weight or...really much of anything. They're all just two characters interacting in ways that don't really tell us anything about them as people (the best you've got so far is "a guy and a goat don't like each other, a smiley-face man is oblivious, and these two cops want to go to space."). And two of them end on what I guess are supposed to be jokes? And there's one page that's just a computer screen that means nothing to anyone but you.

When you write comics, you need to be able to step back and remember that your readers aren't you. They don't have the same context you do and they won't be interested in things just because they exist. You have to actually express your ideas, create conflict and surprise them.

Could you draw her frowning?

I've got my own croc OC, but am having trouble with anything but a big goofy grin.

Excuse the sketchiness of muh lines, but the eyes, and sides of the mouth really help convey the emotions for anthro characters with snouts. You sometimes have to get a feel for the emotion you're trying to convey, and really push those expressions.

Different user here, but it's also good to keep in mind that part of the fun of long snouts and such is how you can contort them and mess with shapes to convey mood.

I mean, you should already be playing with the shapes that make up the face, but exaggerated stuff like long snouts makes it more fun to piss around.

Wow, thanks a bunch. This is helpful.

True true, I'm just more or less dumping nonsequiters with only a hint of story. I do actually have have an underlying plot for the comic from start to finish, what I'm doing right now is just introducing characters, though I could go about it better.

I'll do a lot of brainstorming this weekend for next week's batch of comics. In the meanwhile, here's today's comic.

Finally up to the 100th page! Going to do full color this time, it's been a while, and I'm looking forward to it


this is some cool stuff, love the atmosphere and designs!

that rabbit looking character at the top in the middle is top tier design

use him more

thank you!

And he'll be around a lot more-

>I do actually have have an underlying plot for the comic from start to finish, what I'm doing right now is just introducing characters, though I could go about it better.

You'd really be better off just...actually trying to figure out what you want to do with your comic and starting there instead of alienating any potential readers. Pumping out comics constantly isn't going to help you improve if you just make them thoughtlessly.

Hmm, true. I've already introduced like 16 characters already, might as well start up the meat of the comic. I'll introduce more characters later on in the story if need be.

Tomorrow will be a new day.

I was a little reluctant to add a modern reference but it's got a nice science-fictiony sound to it, and it's easy to grok.

Looking at his face for four panels like that is...really boring. Have you considered varying up your shots or having more active background events?

Here is my comic.

man do i know how he feels. you wait to 'just know' shit.. and you're a lot more worried about not seeing trouble coming than you are about potentially missing out on a bit of fun
i had fun watching her playing with his hair.

That's a good choice of font, and you didn't make any grammar mistakes this time. Good man.
What's being slammed there, a sliding glass door? or is she slamming up against one? some lines help us see there's glass, like a few diagonal white lines. you can also make slightly lighter patches where her skin's touching it.

Shut up, Coldfusion.

There is a background event. One that will be more relevant later.

I'm not saying there ISN'T one, I'm saying the way you're presenting it isnt great. The entire page is seen from the exact same perspective, the distance we see it from only changes in the last shot and the characters are barely moving. It's rigid and stiff.

Changing the perspective a few times, having the characters move more naturally or changing the focus to the waitress would really help ease the monotony.

The waitress?

I don't follow your comic and I have no context for who she is.


First two panels are a flashback told in the style of pottery.

Does anyone else have insane work schedules that dominate their lives? I wish I had enough free time to work on my comic, I'm at work right now, have been here for 12 hours, probably gonna be here for another 4 or 5, and by the time I get home I only have time to get a shower and go to bed for a few hours before I gotta be back at work.

>or is she slamming up against one?

That one! I took your advice and made it better.

I've got a job. I've got a family. I got the webcomic I post here. I like to draw porn. I've got a short porn webcomic going on. I'm prepping for a much larger on-going porn webcomic.

So yeah, I'm busy.

livin the dream, dude.
you need to ask yourself whether this is going to get better within a few years or whether it's not worth it.

Well, I have to pay my ex $800 a month in alimony (luckily we didn't have kids, so no child support). I wanna say its not worth it but I also don't wanna go to prison

Fucking alimony has got to be the stupidest shit ever.

That's because this thread deserves to die.

i thought if your own income went down, that went down

Webcomics were a mistake, etc


is the guy writing a Judge Dredd fancomic still here?

Sup Cred Forums.
Did a bit more writing and rough doodles for "Life's Blue and Green" today.

Here's the description for each main character and a few side characters:

>Marie, an 11 year old orphan, is on a journey in the small town of Witchway to uncover the secrets to a map her father left her. Optimistic and outgoing, Marie is always willing to put her ambitions on hold to help her friends
>Morgan is the 11 year old grandaughter of the witch responsible for Marie's parents missing. Serious and monotone, Morgan is dedicated to helping Marie uncover the map's secrets to atone for what her grandmother did
>Jerome. Owner of a coffee shop Morgan frequents and victim of the Witchway infamous Poultrygeist, the spirit of a chicken that seeks revenge on fast food chains
>Chupacabra (Chupacabro according to Marie). A vicious blood-sucker that becomes attached to Morgan and her hair. Frequently treated more like a small dog than a real threat
>Lucifer. A fallen angel that takes to Witchway residents. He's not a villian, but he's definetly not a very nice person. Especially hates witches and their kin.
>Morgan's grandmother. Nothing is known about her except that she's responsible for hundreds of people gone missing. She's been in hiding since Morgan's birth
>Joylene is the town's resident succubus. Taking more to middle schoolers, she assumes the identity of an 8th grade girl. Completely harmless and is very good friends with Morgan. Also serves as an informant for bits of information Morgan may not be able to track down


this is damn sweet. Some parts of it sound almost suspiciously good. this wouldn't happen to be a cartoon pilot in disguise and you're trying to get feedback before it goes on the tv

Tell me your idea, loser.

I have the opposite problem. Have so much free time I never know when to work on my shit.

Thanks user!
I really wish it was a pilot for a show. I've already got a good 30 different ideas for arcs and I can't draw nearly as fast as I'm putting more ideas out for my comic.

Hopefully I'll get started on the first few pages soon and things'll kick off from there.


Hope I finish this page tonight..

You can do it. I got two done today.

proud of you

It's been a while since I've posted, We're in the middle of Sarah's fight with tyrone.

She uses fire and he uses water. This is a WIP of the next page

>get two new subscribers today
>based on the pages viewed, they only looked at the last couple of pages

Not sure how to take that. It's an ongoing, not a gag-of-the day sort of thing. Maybe they'll read through later.

man, that's gonna be one-sided
that's the trouble isn't it? People go to the front page, they see your latest page. That is not usually the one you want a new reader to see

I'm pretty happy with how this page turned out.

drawing action stuff is fun

Your improvement is pretty tangible, dude.
But when did they get outside?


And that's just a big glass window. You can see light reflecting off of the glass near the tops. Kind of.

ohh okay.
I thought they were, like, deep underground and/or in the middle of a massive, cavernous factory building. but you know, it wouldn't be the first time I fucked up general perception

Nah, it's just like a hallway that connects two buildings.

ohh like a skyway. right on

Yeah, that's it. Just on ground level.

talking talking blah blah good times

Still not quite finished but got a good amount of coloring and cleanup done.

Does anyone draw fanart of your comic/characters, /hyw/?

Other than requests around here I have a very nice friend who practices their art using my characters sometimes. Not much outside of that, for obvious reasons.

user, you should know the difference between people new to comics making honest mistakes and people set in their ways that you can't help.

>Jerome. Owner of a coffee shop Morgan frequents and victim of the Witchway infamous Poultrygeist, the spirit of a chicken that seeks revenge on fast food chains

I really want to see something like this guy getting possed by it and throwing rocks at a fast food chain's main building while clucking.

And that Lucifer design looks pretty sweet.


Yes what?

I used both ms paint and
and when I save the shit, even when png, it saves as jpeg, WHY.

It worked?
Why on fb it shows as a jpg then
what you think of the art style?
It's the dude who made the hot dog comics,
I finally got a tablet which is a god send.
I was getting serious cramps in the last two fingers of my right hand from freehanding on ms paint. I'd wake up with cramps. Too bad no gf to shove my fingers inside her warm snatch to relieve the tendons.
How the fuck is everyone doing?

a lot of sites, like Facebook, recompress and re-save images as jpgs to save space.

Usually in colored work you'll see a drop in quality, especially with work that has lots of reds (for some reason)

I got several pieces when I first started and it made me very pleased and motivated to continue. It hasn't happened in a long time though.

I'm bogged down with school work and commissions right now but I've had a comic idea for a long time, tell me if this sounds really derivative

>low-fantasy setting with ~late 1700s technology, limited magic
>little girl comes from a line of pyromancers, of which she and her mother are some of the last remaining due to persecution and fear of fire magic
>mother dies, and the girl sets off to the capital of the empire in hopes of finding some medical marvel to bring her back
>attracts the attention of a gruff wise sensei-type (basically an ultra shredded old dude) who begrudgingly accompanies her to keep her (and her dying art) safe on her journey, and plays straight-man to her wide-eyed determination
>empire is ruled by an ancient bastard who has kept his throne by spending fortunes on prolonging his life, and the heir is his snively great-great-great-great grandson who's always looking for his chance to get the throne (since the two of them have systematically killed everyone else in line for the throne, and are constantly out to get each other)
>after the girl and her sensei have a run-in with the law, the prince catches wind that there are two powerful fighters looking for a way to reverse death
>begins sending elite mercenaries to take them out

>comic follows a world-traveling/coming-of-age story as the girl learns to control her powers and they approach the capital city, fighting a host of wacktacular bosses along the way

I've got a problem, /hyw/. I've got all these setpieces and characters that I draw and enjoy, but no plot. How can I develop these things into a story?


I changed the design again lmao

Maybe you should do it another time and make her less generic.

That kind of stuff really doesn't matter when writing a story. You can take what you just said and apply it in countless ways, some of which are amazing and others that are abysmal.

While it's good to know what your plot points and setting are, you should focus on deciding on how you will actualize your storytelling. Define your characters as people: who are they, what's their disposition, what are their opinions, what is their emotional range and tendency. Try to determine both their internal and external motivations. Get a grip on what you want to express as a writer: what are your themes, what do you want to do most, what tone do you want to set, how transparent are the characters, how do their actions realize their and your goals?

These are the kinds of things that make your story worthwhile, and once you have a good idea of how to answer these questions you can combine this with your plotting to create engaging conflicts and resolutions.

If you're starting with characters then put 'em under a microscope, really get to know them and whether they're super deep and dynamic or really simple and static or anything in-between. Then you can decide what you want to do with them and build the plot from there.

She's unique enough. Perhaps you just get triggered by animu girl?

I agree with the other user, she isn't distinct aside from having proportionally HYOOG TEETS. You could tell me that was supposed to be any number of characters and I'd probably believe you.

No, I like anime. There's just nothing unique about her.

Yeah, I agree with the other anons, nothing really pops out.

but maybe she has a great personality.

No, your drawing just looks bland.

I definitely appreciate the writing advice but it's not what I was asking for. Developed characters obviously take precedence over the setting and plot, but I was specifically asking if the plot seemed overdone or derivative.
Though I suppose you're right in that the story itself doesn't really matter as much as the storytelling.


This is my Comic, I posted it on one of these threads back in like, June or something.
I'm drawing them on a graphics tablet now.
I'm planning to eventually submit them to the syndication companies to be printed in newspapers once they look a little more concrete. I'll pick and redraw the best ones when I have about 200 or so done. I've got about 105 done now. What do yall think?

It's just a bland, black and white drawing of some anime girl. There's nothing interesting or dynamic about the drawing, but there's nothing wrong with that. You are just showing the new design.

The generic design is the problem. You could sneak her in as a background character for that RWBY show and no one would notice. Or most anime for that matter.

She just looks generic. There's not really enough details about her to make her stand out from a background character.
Give her some more stand-out features. A facial tattoo or a leather vest with spikes or a huge scar on her eyes, or a nose ring.

On a side note, This is part of why I don't like anime, It all kind of looks the same. Maybe that's why a lot of anime's give their charachters such crazy hair

It looks like an A-1 Pictures design. Still, very good art.

Make her generic, but your suggestions are bad too.

Less generic, I mean

If you want her to stand out you need to make her more detailed, give her more unique design elements, or exaggerate your caricature further. You can't read anything from this design at all.

surprisingly lots!
in these threads we do fanart for each other from time to time

Starting up the story arc for my comic. Meteors have been bombarding the city park for a while and the citizens have to find out why such an occurrence is happening before something worse happens.

Any thoughts?

How to promote my webcomic? And other art?

I think those guys are fucked, given how many pieces that meteor broke into

Hmm, now that I think about, media doesn't really delve into that idea.

A story usually blows up a meteor into pieces, but the pieces never come down to rain on Earth. I guess they just probably disintegrate in the atmosphere, but it is an interesting thought to think about.


Finished this page!

>It sounds GREAT!
>So, what do I OWE you?
>You KNOW my POLICY: heroes RIDE FREE.
>Thanks, HONEY.
>...what DID she SAY?

skip to 2:25

oh shit my man, that's the tits right there. You're an absolute madman.

You...changed the gloves a little?

I didn't even notice the second half of the page wasn't bolded.

So great to hear from you again! Glad you got a tablet
Yeah mousecramps are terrible. Of course now you'll have to learn how to avoid wrist strain and thumb soreness, but you'll get used to it.
>no gf to shove my fingers inside her warm snatch to relieve the tendons.
that's rough, man. no large breed dog's mouth for that either? because they'll do it. dogs will let you do that if you need it. they're good dogs.
anyway you should draw that in your comic. either of that. I'd read the fuck out of a comic about helpful GF with wet snatch, and/or helpful nice dog that holds things in his mouth. These are just ideas.

I don't think I've seen that particular combination before. It sounds good to me. Especially the coming-of-age part. not quite as sure i'd be as able to buy that she thinks she can revive her mom from straight up death. Would she come to terms with it not being possible at some point? or if there really is a way, would it be realistically difficult to acquire?
>bogged down

You keep getting better at drawing, so that's okay.
unique enough, yeah, in the literal use of 'enough'. but one of the least unique animu girl characters in comics. Still, I'll reserve judgment til you start
you guys are talking about crummy modern anime. nobody likes those. they take the plain prissy character and make them every character. but i'm sure in this comic, she's the only one like that, and the others will be more distinct and make her stand out, right?

Hey I've been wondering where you went! I like your comic, a lot. It's weird how well it manages to do the kinds of humor nobody else but newspaper strips ever got right.
Thing is though, I thought you were currently running these rougher ones while you something-something more new polished ones in the main story or whatever? But now it's been months and it's still these. Not that I don't like them, but I vaguely remember you saying they were supposed to be temporary

What? I didn't even notice the bolding the first time. Is that an homage to that one comic writer everyone hates for his random incorrect bolding?

>would she eventually come to terms with its impossibility?
Yeah, a big central theme is growing up and playing the hand you're dealt

Hey, I'm glad to hear that!

In modern newspaper comic fashion, there isn't really a running story, except sometimes.

I ran a bunch of REALLY rough comics for a while while I was moving into my new place and setting up the tablet. The Magic Forest started up again drawn digitally on this date-

I really feel like they're looking better then ever, but there's still a mountain to climb, like something's just not quite there yet.
Idk if it's the writing or the fact that it still looks a bit sloppy.

oh, you know, I see it now. But the tool you're using is doing a good impression of not-digital
But yeah, you seem to have the exclusive license on making fun of issue-y things and still managing to be funny.

oh also, your page layout is terrible. I'm just saying that because it looks like it's the default that host gives you, not something you personally did. I don't know if you have any ability to modify it, but if you do, it's a good idea. because it's terrible

Yeah that shit is all laid out by Universal Uclick, formerly Universal Press Syndicate.
I might start a tumbr or something and stick them up there as well.

I drew a thing.

lookin good. definitely getting better.

psst, you forgot the white rubber part on one shoe


>Someone went to the trouble of fixing user's generic crap art
>It looks 3 times better than before
You're a cool guy

WIP of the next page

sweetdreams isn't a big fan of contractions is he?
what does that say, foggy-en splosion?

Foggy-er splosion.

There was already a page where there was a Fog Splosion.

ah okay
and by that i mean bump

I think I'll post the process of this page as I make it. Here it is in the earliest sketches.

Also to bump this thread

>That surface-level Jojo "reference", right down to copying the speech bubbles straight from the manga page despite being backwards.

Please fuck off.


Man, I don't know where you've been but I've been referencing Jojo since the begining.

Or at least, since chapter 3.

Is there a program that just add text with a decent variety of text options, like fire/ice text, but it's simple to use?
Photoshop is too much, Gimp basic text is shit and is too convoluted for making complex text.

I had some luck with Manga Studio

Pic related took an 1 and a half to do slowly...

I'm just generally drawing landscape. (Made up landscape so i literally draw what i can make up...)

Anyone else practicing to do things your uncommon with doing.

For me its Expressions (both body and facial), Landscapes, Visual Sound FX are a few example... Oh and drawing under time limits!

Special-effects text doesn't usually come pre-packaged, because it would seem gimmicky and only useful for amateurs. everyone else would want it customzed, so theirs isn't the same special text as everyone else's, y'see?
But you CAN easily look up instructions on how to do it yourself (this is the main advantage of photoshop, there are tutorials for everything) and it's a lot easier than you think to get really impressive and totally unique and customized stuff

That's one cool tree. I always forget trees can sway as they grow, they aren't always perfectly upright. Cool to see people practicing.

That's not my point, you retard. I'm criticizing you for being a lazy cunt.

I don't think doing homages is lazy. It's not like you go "Fuck, what do I want to put in this panel.. uh... shit I'll just copy something"
No. You go in, doing your comic, you look at it, you go "I wish this was JoJo" But no matter how long you stare at it, it's not. But maybe just one panel can be, and it'll remind people of a comic you like, and they'll go "aahhh he likes that comic! this must be a cool guy like me"
and that is what homages are, and we all do it.

I have a street gang in my comic and need help with a name.
Helpful tips-
Their colors are black and white
It's a pretty noble gang, they only kill if threatened
The motto is 'you're with us, or against us'
The government in this world is lazy and only cares about making money so the gang mostly consists of lower class
It's in the near future, 2060's
the name needs to make sense with a plural. Like the Blood*s* and Crip*s*

The Chessmasters

The Floobs

So they're black and white and their motif is literal black and whiteness. so like.. the yinyangs or the pandas or something.

Well, lets say homages are okay, which for me it is.
BUT I have to stop you at one point homages most of the time have to be subtle. Here Dewd could have maybe used the "Oh! My! God!" A bit more creatively the purpose for the expression was mostly exaggerated surprise which he did, BUT it might have been better to hold it off for a good comedic affect.

That aside dewd do you practice at all, this isn't criticism I just genuinely want to know and see.

The Aristocrats

Yeah, I have an art class in college.

Seems cliche

first 100 pages done!

Now onto the next- 200 and something?

that's when you actually do the Aristocrats joke, then It'd all be worth it

Show me your art so I can see how good you are

I don't know about subtlety if something is a direct reference for the purpose of being a direct reference. You might as well be blatant with that. Just as long as you don't go full "Member this?" and make that the entire joke.

I'm doing a subtler homage in my comic right now, and so far nobody has pointed out the new character's name is an anagram. subtlety can be good as long as the homage isn't meant to be funny in and of itself

however in BOTH cases I think it should suit the situation. It shouldn't just suddenly be referencing a thing out of goddamn nowhere, or you slip into manatee gag territory (and even then most of those at least had the impression that a writer really did have a stream of conciousness go down that path). I have no idea if this one suits the situation or not

whoa, color!! what's this witchcraft
Also that toothety long eel is full of nightmares and I love it. How do you... like.. how do you decide "I'm going to give it this texture where its muscles bulge along chevron-delineated segments" ? because I swear I used to have that kind of creativity, and I lost it somewhere

>A singlee page in ink wash took me over a week.
>Its shit
I feel like I trapped myself in a project without future

Hey I know how you feel. You may want to consider a more relaxed style of inking. Overworking is a common problem and often artists try too hard on some details even though the reader doesn't even care. So, what I'm saying is, before you blame yourself, make sure you're just not being a perfectionist and overworking a little bit.

>dat lizard-ass
you have my attention

Done, will post it to the site tomorrow when people are actually awake.

I said ink wash, the medium is naturally undetailed, my issue seems to be the time wasted waiting for layers to dry.

Like clockwork

Shut the FUCK up, Coldfusion.

Shallow references where you just copy the format of the original even though it's backwards and barely works in the context of your own comic are fucking lazy.

The Satan Boyz

>god oh my.

Plagiarism and references aren't the same thing you retard.

Oh. Well. Never mind then.

Who needs good art when you have witty dialogue!

I'm dying on the inside

I'm thinking of posting this page of my comic around, but the problem is that english isn't my native language, so I'm aprehensive that the english here isn't perfect.
Can anyone tell me if the text here is all fine?

Oh god my?

Your text is fine but be careful writing something that involves wish granting. It can be hard to follow what is the actual wish and what is just the character's dialogue

God my oh?

I too love toothy eel-

The way I draw monsters is by loosely sketching out something and adding/subtracting from it till it looks right. Then I do the same thing when I ink!

I don't have a flash of insight, it all kind of figures itself out on the page

Wait artist here go to art school? That's pretty neat how is it there?

To be honest I don't like the idea of modern art schools, they have lot of issues I dont want to be acquainted with.
Well your right about just blatantly putting a reference out their, but if I could summarize what I think could be done is to make the homage actually be fitting in the comic. Again the "My Oh God" thing doesn't bother me being in the comic its just it really could have been planned a bit better.

But thats just my take on it, it's dewds comic anyway.

Just drawing some vases, a hallway and my room at the moment.

Learning about shading, 1 and 2 point perspective.

As for the "Oh My God" thing, I wanted to put it in there before I forget, because I forget stuff easily also That old guy at the booth is the only old person I have in my comic.

I don't think he's going to art school, bruh. He's taking high school level art electives.

Isn't that still good though? I mean a college level art professor is required to teach you as much about art in general, but a high school level can choose to go above and beyond their curriculum.

Basically I see both levels of teaching to be very helpful when dealing with artist.
Mind if I see a few examples of your still sketches or whatever you have?

He just said it was college level.

Yes. You miss understand me. He's taking the most remedial art class. The kind you can take in high school.

A college art elective in a non-art school is not the same thing as a college level art class. The curriculum and standards are basically the same as high school electives in most cases and don't even approach entry level at an art college.

Nah, this stuff is pretty legit, I took high school level art and it didn't teach me the stuff I am learning in college.

How fucking ghetto was your high school if they didn't teach two point perspective?

A college art elective at a non-art school is literally a college level art class.

It's not the same as an entire program at an art school, no.

You realize there are classes in colleges that aren't "college level", right?

I went to an art college. They're kind of a sham, but realistically, some of the classes were alright.

They don't even let you choose your major until your sophomore year, and your first year you take all sorts of foundational classes (A basic/comprehensive 2D media class, a basiccompresensive 3D class like some wood/metal work etc. Lots of foundational drawing classes using ink, charcoal, graphite, etc. Nothing but still lifes, models, room perspectives, exterior perspectives, landscapes, cityscapes, etc.)

So then your second year you start taking the stuff you want to major in, so I started taking a bunch of Comicing classes, illustration classes, paint, digital stuff etc.

But no matter what you go into, you have to take all those foundational classes. Even if you're going into Photography, or graphic design or something, you still have to take the foundation drawing courses and basic classes for understanding how to compose and/or translate something you see into a flat image.

It just occurred to me that the only art classes I took at a high school level were pottery. I had no idea highschool ones would teach perspective. I'm not even sure I was aware they existed

No shit, dumbass.

I'm not trying to be the 'post your art' guy but I would like to compare myself judingly to a person that went to art college.

>They're kind of a sham
Oh I won't argue that, just that what's been said here is just a bit disingenuous.

Then we agree: there are classes at colleges that aren't actually "college level."

A great example being most art electives.

>most art electives aren't college level

Here's where you're going full retard again.

You gonna substantiate that?
Maybe tell me how it's different from remedial English?

The difference is we're not talking about English.

Person A says I'm taking an art class in college.
Person B acts like they're going to an 'art school' and getting sick skills.

Don't want it to sound like an excuse, but I don't have anything to post right now. I'm working on some comics that I will be posting soon, but I went to school in the late 2000s so I've been out for about 8 or so years.

And I didn't even graduate. I withdrew after 5 semesters, because they didn't really seem like they were interested in a sort of master/pupil relationship. They treated you more like paying customers.

It was a private, therefore pretentious school, where they treat every single piece of shit that anyone turned in as some special snowflake amazing redefinition of art.

I left because very few of the "teachers" seemed interested in teaching you a craft, rather than just getting you money. Most of the teachers were hacks to begin with, but there were some that were kinda known in the comic industry, where were pretty nice.

I mean, to put this into perspective, I had a drawing class where a guy turned in a piece of sheet metal that he dripped water on and allowed it to rust a little. That was his final. That he turned in. For a DRAWING class.

You get the feeling that people could have smeared their own shit on a canvas and it would have been heralded as high-art.

Don't give your money to an art school.

To put this into perspective, I found out years later that I went to the same school that fucking Andrew Dobson went to.

>To put this into perspective, I found out years later that I went to the same school that fucking Andrew Dobson went to.

Could have just started there and all would be understood.

When you become a big boy and go to college, you'll figure it out.

Hey dudes, I updated my patreon a bit.

>Dobson went to art school
>just got accepted into art school for a painting major
>supposed to be one of the better art schools out there

Now I'm really worried. I want to go to art school so I can become a better artist, so the idea of passionless teachers who don't challenge me sounds horrifying

Just like there's artists in this thread that aren't professional level.

All of them, actually.

Last comic of the week before big things come storywise. The first big arc of my comic is finally going to start next week.

Any thoughts?

also sorry guy, can't really have any thoughts or interest in this without context. On its own it looks like nothing

You should move the window in panel 4 to the right. In the previous panel it looks like it's to the guy's left so it's weird seeing it right behind him in the next panel. A Small and pointless critique, I know

Also, good job on establishing setting. You really get a feel for depth in each room in your comic

Shit, I meant Left. Move it to the left

Oh yeah, for got the link to the series:

I knew something was off. Anyways, thanks. If ya didn't know, purple is Mr. Xancton's favorite color.

yo, raccoongirl person whose name I forgot but I know I used to know:
just FYI, when you updated two comics on the 12th, it threw me off completely until today when the flashback ended and I went back a few pages. I never saw the first page of the flashback, so I didn't know we were in one.
It's not a good idea to update multiple pages in one day unless you have it set up like Sisters or Boozle


Interesting concept, though I'm not sure why you chose San Antonio as the setting.

Keep on doing what you're doing.

Are we really going to go this low?
I don't care what beef you two have, just don't drag the thread to this kind of petty, not-quite-namecalling bullshit.

My newest page of trinkets for sale. With this week's page, I learned clip studio paint has the option to use reference layers making coloring characters infinitely easier and quicker.



Finished this page!

other than that neat

oh man, gettin' fused together like that.. that's rough
Uhh isn't the left dragon missing a horn in the flashback?


I'm looking for a writer to collab with just to fill my time. after giving up rotten strawberries I couldn't think of any more ideas, doesn't help that I'm an awful writer.

I'm the guy working on .

I'd be more than willing to do something while doodling more pages.


I'd be willing to help you workshop some ideas, but I've got no idea how to contact you. Throw something out, a Discord, a Skype, an email, whatever.

is my discord. go for it.
might not respond to quickly, I'm going to be out for the night on mobile.

monster time.

always welcome. i love how his manacles are threaded through a giant segment of chain.
randomly, have you read Forming by Jesse Moynihan?

>have you read Forming by Jesse Moynihan?

Nope, It doesn't look like anything I'd be interested in.

yeah it doesnt LOOK like it, but like, under the surface, it's some pretty crazy mythological shit with a lot of research put in

Hey guys. I can never finish anything alone because I'm too self-conscious of my level, so I want to start a project with a writer that doesn't have very high expectations at all (which doesn't mean I don't try my best but yeah)
So, anyone. I usually read more manga but I also love different styles of comic too, and my style isn't fixed yet.
So yeah, anyone, hit me : Chrismos#0416 on Discord.

After almost finish my first seven pages, and after deciding to change the name of the series to "Editors of Reality" (the name of the main big bad guys), I feel like speed drawing or sketching one of my main characters. Costumed, of course, because he's going to have a heroic costume, eventually. That scarf is magical, btw.

This guy is Mr Christmas Ghost.

I also decided to give in making my own comic font. Spacing was wonky and I think I found a font I like with proper characters for Spanish language.

PS : I know how dumb "I like manga" sounds, so let's just say I read pretty much everything, disregarding the genre or target, same for comics.

Are the Discord chat links dead?

But it's really ugly. Really. Really ugly.

i feel like Mr Christmas Ghost is a name that would sound a lot cooler in spanish. SENOR NAVIDAD FANTASMA! .. eh maybe it's not that good there either. what gives?
nice art. i'd move his eyes slightly downward
really really is. and it works it.

The chains in panel 2 look like he's pooping them out.

gotta admit at first I thought he had a tail and it was in clever tail-restraints. nobody ever remembers the tail

His actual name is David Yule, and he arrives as a ghost-like entity when the story begins: hence why he's Mr Christmas Ghost. It would be something like "Don Fantasma de Navidad", which is not very badass, but funny sounding.

He's not really badass (he knows how to put a fight but he's short and slim, so...). He is very smart, though.

In this story, this time, Mr Yule will be the far descendant of an alternative timeline Franklin Richards. I tend to like long faces, so maybe that's why his is so long shaped. I guess I overdid the leight. But... But... I cannot say why, I like it. I usually hear your advices in this thread, but this time...

I just like his current shape. And he actually looks like I wanted him to look like. Which is something it usually doesn't happen in my first attempt.

I usually take note and do change things based on your feedback, anons. I hope you can forgive me this time.

Thank you for the input, in any case.

it's not so much that, a long face is fine, but the extra length is usually chin, not eye-to-nose distance.
It's okay though, you're allowed to mess with proportions in any way that looks good. Just as long as it DOES look good to you. I give advice like that in case someone was secretly going "why does this look a bit off to me?" and then maybe I helped them see it. I don't give it because they absolutely MUST follow it or anything.

Oh, that's cool. I usually do mess the proportions and don't realize until I finish, so it's great to have someone to point problems while there's still time to fix it.

I'm happy this time because I didn't mess them a lot. At least this time the face is rather symmetric. I usually screw my pictures when I make one side of the face way wider than the other. And I also have a lot of problems with the forehead and the ears, which tend to be... awkward, small or both.

>forehead and ears
Ah... Which is not the reason he doesn't show them this time. I swear. I do draw them, when I have to, even if I struggle to make them right.

What's the bump limit in here
past 400?

>Not liking things because they're "ugly."
Pleb as fuck.


Yeah. And?

Well, guys, I've got no original ideas. But I do have an interest, a passion, a feeling that I've not relished in ages. The feeling of watching a new episode of Wacky Game Jokez 4 Kidz. For those unaware it was a web animation made by Max Gilardi (hotdiggedydemon) about a crook who is forced to make internet videos about video games. I miss that show, I miss it dearly. Max's other content since has been great, but nothing else he's made since has been quite like it, so right now I'm developing a continuation of the show in webcomic form, to finally round off the story, because fuck, I really wanna see more of it.

that's kinda weird but also kinda awesome. maybe you should contact the guy once your development's in full swing, see if you can get his participation, or at least his endorsement

pls guys I want to make art

I'll try, it'll be pretty awkward to message the guy to tell him "HEY CAN I USE YOUR IP FOR MY FANFICTION BASICALLY", but hey, it's a worth a shot. I don't even know what to say.

I think you said it perfectly right here
you miss it, you don't see anyone else doing anything like it, so you're continuing it to round off the story because you want more.
you don't ask, since really i mean he can't stop you, you basically just say he's inspired you

That does leave me wondering how much of an asshole I'd look like if he told me he would prefer not to see it continue and I did it anyway.

Comic hosting websites pls?

the answer there is a pretty clear 'why?' because if he has a good reason, that's a good reason for you. and if you disagree, then that will indicate what about your project is going to differ from his. each little thing you ascertain that makes your own thing unique is a step towards figuring out how your creative process works

Smackjeeves and Drunk Duck come to mind, tumblr works too.

Yeah, I was thinking fuck whatever he thinks too. He will have a passionate fan, and he will like it.

Depending on your own moral fiber, I'm sure if he said no, you could tweak the characters just so that they aren't "his", but your own.

which is how a great deal of great things were born anyway

I'd have to tweak a ton of shit. The premise of the show is a very odd one to say the least, and if I didn't change enough it would come across as a straight ripoff rather than something that was meant to be a spiritual successor.

And what? I think that makes you a pleb.
No need to be defensive.

>I gotta troll someone what do I do, boss?
>I know, say they're defensive!

Lemme pinch your cheeks.

What? I said you were acting defensive. If you don't agree or think I'm projecting, just say so. Asking "So?" and being passive aggressive are just ways of behaving, so I'm telling you that.

fuk u

So i'm going to make a comic about insects. What are some comics/movies/tv-shows with bugs in them? Already watched Bug's life, Antz and Ant Bully.

there's one in this thread but they're all basically space furries or something

>Already watched Bug's life, Antz and Ant Bully.
try watching something good instead. i guess I can't think of one, so.. make one good. I've wanted to have a 'it's knights and whatnot but they're bugs' story forever. shit practically writes itself. beetles as armored knights, roaches as monks living in the dwellings of the gods, dispensing their gifts of tacks and pins and whatnot as weaponry for the heroes..

shit even IF you were going to go cutesy, at least watch maya the bee.
the original dammit!

>try watching something good instead
Well, Antz still holds up pretty good. Ant Bully was fucking pile of shit. I just watched them because i wanted to see how they show grass level. And yeah, i am going more cutesy rather than brutal how bugs are, i kinda need some reference to that bug perspective.

i have so many ideas for webcomics but i don't know which one to do first, how did you guys choose?

Start with the shortest and simplest, to practice with.

Save the Epic Sagas for later.

is there a way to convert an epic saga into a short simple story because all of my ideas are kind of long form

>scan a page
>get it onto my computer
>it looks 100% more shit than it does in person

Each little step is an stand alone story that presents an element in the saga. It's the most used way, I think.

for example:

story is about a great war between various factions with deep political intrigue

write about one soldier in one battle.

yeah antz was good writing. but i mean, the art..
I dunno, maybe read Bondage Fairies. Maybe watch that "ants!" episode of phineas and ferb.


>I gotta ...troll...something.

I used to be really bad at drawing people getting up
I feel like doing a comic has made me better at drawing people getting up. even people with unusual anatomy.
have you guys enjoyed benefits of practicing?

Scanners do that
Its a conspiracy

I'm trying to put more thought and effort into my backgrounds, make them look less generic y'know?
Do you guys know any good references for buildings/urban environments? I've been using a photography blog for reference, but I'd like some more material.

Any Godzilla movie with Mothra in it. I'd argue Gieger's Alien are pretty insect-like. James and the Giant Peach is a must.

Oh, and watch Bee movie.

I could go for some of that too. If we find a good resource we should put it in the OP

Been out of Cred Forums for a long while, hope you're all working hard!
Currently working on character designs for chapter 7. I'm satisfied with these so far; just 4 four-or-so more main character to design then a bunch of cannon fodder soldiers (well, cannon's haven't been invented in TGK's universe, but you know what I mean).

I just hope those chain-mails won't be too much of a pain to draw once I'm inking them panel-after-panel

>have you guys enjoyed benefits of practicing?

I look back at my old art and sometimes wonder what I was getting compliments for, so I'm definitely proud of how far I've gotten

I'll be taking a break from my comic after I finish drawing the current chapter (moving abroad caused my to miss close to 4 weeks worth of page drawing) JUST to practice my drawings.
Chapter 7 & 8 (+ Epilogue) will be the conclusion to the first arc, so I really want to "wow" my (few) readers when it comes back

awwww a little fox guy.. and a bear dude! Those awesome shields remind me of that king arthur cartoon where they could make glowing animals come out of their shields to assist them. I love how much personality and distinction they all have despite having similar outfits mostly

just fyi though that's not what a bear nose and muzzle looks like. I mean it looks good, if you're just choosing to go differently with it..

>I love how much personality and distinction they all have despite having similar outfits mostly

Thanks! I always try to give characters that'll appear in one chapter a recognizable silhouette. I just makes the cast so much more fun to draw, ESPECIALLY when, as you've pointed out, I can't play much with the outfits or hair because they mostly wear similar chainmail over tunic with cone helmets; the author or Carrion Girls is also very good at it when all Valkyries wear a similar Early-Middle Age Scandinavian dress

I definitely do have to look at bears more carefully though; he did end up looking a bit more like a fat wolf than a bear

Well, you could go explore the city/town you live in and take pictures. That way you get reference photos you hold the copyright to.

nah, a fat wolf is absolutely a bear. this looks like a kitty. triangular nose, distinct muzzle surrounding mouth from the front.. you got the 'nose leads right into the bottom of the split lip' part down, but because the nose isn't big enough and doesn't go down far enough, it doesn't have enough vertical muzzle space

randomly, I did this sketch of a bear a little while ago, where I didn't draw the outline of the nose, because of how weird it makes the snout look. it might help. In any case, gotta be round man.

Maybe you could find/make a chainmal brush or something like a digital screentone with a chainmail pattern?
That wouldn't look quite as good as hand drawing it, of course, but it might save you a lot of frustration and time.

Also, those are some great designs, I'm looking forward to seeing more of them.

WIP of the next page!

isn't her accent missing from 4th, 5th, and 10th panels?

Oh darn.

Also I notice I accidentally had the speech bubble on sarrah when i should have had it off screen.

yeah I thought about that, in panel 10? I got the impression that was someone talking to her.. but I thought perhaps she was just repeating it.
If you ever Do do that, the best thing to do is put it in quotation marks, if she's actually quoting someone.
but yeah I assumed it was meant to come from offscreen or a word balloon

need more commands for stuff to do

I almost did a whole page. God save us.

Also is there a good technique for inking by hand? I've got a good set of Faber-Castell pens but my lines are generally crooked and my detailing sucks with anything under .7 mm.

speaking of shit that's kinda like prequel, I'd appreciate any input on Gyomudo's new not-falling-apart outfit. I'm thinking just pants and a turban, maybe a kinda tank-vest thing? if anyone has ideas..

/ic/ here.
Rmemeber to use a scanner app if you are doing traditional
(microsoft has an app scanner, google drive for android has one included, camscanner for IOS),
Remeber to read our sticky if you want to learn how to draw and to promote your comic.

And remember to read the /lit/ sticky too in case you want to learn how to mae a story.

Did Roboanon ever clean these up?

Oh, hey thanks. Testing the Drive app scanner.

Interpretation of Power Girl from DC - not bad...

What exactly are you struggeling with? Drawing a line confidently in ink? If so, the exercises from Peter Han's confident sketching thing might help:

Other than that... use thick lines for stuff that is close to the viewer/a major shape and fine lines for things that are far away and for interior detail.
Or use thick lines for places that are in shadow and thin lines for where the light hits. Or a mixture of all these!

are you looking for the batman/work on your art thread?


not so fast thread!

Hey, good job with that comic. Just caught up to it, and I'll be submitting commands regularly now.

Do you particularly care about people giving multiple commands, as long as it's not spam-level?

It's like someone keeps secretly pinching their butts while they try to ignore it and have a normal conversation .

my comic sucks, just like my life

Traditionally in comics, lowercase lettering is never used. This was mostly in print form, due to the fact that printing lowercase often didn't show up properly in the final prints, so comic text was always done in all-caps.

Bolding was done to give emphasis to some words, and visual variety to the text, so that the dialogue didn't seem, and the text didn't seem monotone.

I wouldn't be able to tell

and no, whatever is fine

Working on a style.
The subject isn't that relevant right now, but i wanted to share.

Mare Pussy.

This is what i was afraid of...

and that's why i made a non clothing version

It's some kind of centaur express service, like a taxi or a bus.

Looks nice