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MAIN TOPIC: Dredd vs The Warden
Stand Suggestions are OPEN.

(ALSO, try not to suggest 1:1 copies of characters and events in JJBA)

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To everyone that stumbles on this thread and doesn't know what it is about:

This is a collaboration fanfic project from Cred Forums. The basic premise is that it's a Jojo-based story made out of Cred Forums characters, no matter how obscure or unfitting they may be.

We are currently finishing Part 6.


So, we're going to write the Dredd vs Warden fight now, right?
For now, we have the following suggestions:

Can't we just somehow erase the images from the raid? We can't do this everytime the booru gets vandalized.

Ok let's see, so far the Warden has:

>Holding onto a piece of evidence, [Glory Road], when the rules states that it must to be stored inside the evidence locker.
>Orchestrating several attacks across the world with an unknown number of casualties
>Hoarding an illegal substance (Stand Jawbreakers) when the regulation dictates that they must be disposed immediately.

We can also add the formation of a private army with the massive amount of mechanismos, or turning the prison guards into a paramilitary group. And the last one is the kidnapping of a law enforcing agent.

Can you delete images from a Booru? My attempts haven't worked so far.

Well I see died in the night exactly how I told it not to do.

I did have it condensed And "finishing" is a bit too strong. I don't see it getting finished in any less than five more threads unless there's some real effort suddenly put in by more than just me.

Only if you uploaded the images yourself or are the booru admin/creator.


Jesus, did the last thread die that quickly? Fuck.

It was made in the middle of the night and Cred Forums has been on TURBO MODE posting since July as compared to any other point in Cred Forums's history.

Why is it that the old thread always dies in the middle of the night and the new thread is always made in the middle of the night?

Maybe we should just create another doc for the images then?

Though creating a new booru with one of us as administrators would be the best option.

So... why don't we just create our own forum for the rest of Cred ForumsCo's Bizzare Adventure? Not trying to be mean here, just curious more than anything.

And how do you say we go about that then?

A Discord feels like it'd be simpler, but it's still overcomplicating things. This is still a Cred Forums project. Just ignore shitposters and they'll get bored eventually.

Learning how to restore the docs would also be an improvement. Though I'm not sure why we haven't just locked them yet.

I though it was because Cred ForumsCo/ was a Cred Forums project. Actually, even with all the occasional problems, I like it how it is.

Also, I think we get more recognition while we're here.

Ah, that makes sense. I was just thinking it'd be easier to look at past ideas and stuff since it seems that eventually archived threads end up getting deleted over here.

Docs are locked, stand doc excepted. We're a Cred Forums project through and through, it feels wrong changing that now.
New Booru would probably be a good idea because I don't know if the guy who made it is still around, but I kind of like the picture doc suggestion too.

tl;dr: if it's a separate forum there's no chance in hell of us getting new contributors, and without them this project's just going to wither and die.

Yeah... that makes a lot more sense now.

Especially since now that I think about it, I still want to do that Skippy Side Story with help from the Cred ForumsCo folks here, ya know?

And considering how fast the last thread was already archived... I'm kind of scared of starting my own now that would just focus on the side story in case I end up screwing over you guys with it.


Yeah, after comes the arc of Daffy's sons and then the part where the group finally escapes from Pure Imagination.

What I want to know is which characters still need to be drawn, I have a drawfag friend that would be into this shit

from this part or any part?

From this part there's Oso, Vicky, Daffy's kids, and the Membranes I think?

There's also the thing with Deadlock.

The major events left are
-Fight Snatcher
-Fight Giffany
-Daffy's other kids are released from supermax
-Dredd VS Deadlock
-Sticks using Droopy to get into PI
-Droopy VS Woody
-Dethklok's concert
-Fight Vicky
-Escape PI (somewhere)
-Bobby's rebellion against the Warden
-RoboDale VS Gameboy
-Final battle Dora VS the Warden

A lot, to be honest. pick a character from one of the docs and comb through the non-nuked part of the Booru to see if they have art already. Even if they do, anything is appreciated.

So. Warden vs Dredd. Might as well spitball ideas for this before writing it up, right?
I'm thinking Dredd should use pretty basic ammo types at first (electrocute, hi-ex, hot-shot), before - at Warden's urging? - transitioning to weirder ones like "STAR drain", "grappling hook", what have you. Unfortunately, he's got too much of a stick up his ass to have the imagination required to beat the Warden.

From any part really.

>pick a character from one of the docs and comb through the non-nuked part of the Booru

Don't you have like a simple list of characters?

How about Jonah Hex and [NAMELESS WORLD]? (It looks like a skeletal eagle with sorta Confederate flag-shaped bone structure on its ribcage.) He's likely to be the protagonist, or at least prominent, in part 8.

So Dredd calls the Warden out on whatever code there is for the crimes the Warden has committed, Warden tries to laugh it off, Dredd pulls a gun on him, the Warden says that line about how long it took Dredd to finally snap, Dredd fires the basic ammo, the Warden dodges and taunts him saying he'll need to think more creatively than that, then Dredd tries the STAR drain thing but it's all down hill from there for him since the Warden pulls him into PI with a big old monster hand from his stand's chest.

Once in the world of PI, then what?

What does the Warden do to beat Dredd before getting to the baseball thing at the end of the fight?
It does not need to be long, the Warden is OP as fuck and this serves to fully cement that fact.

>"Code 5244, Warden. Possession and utilization of Class S controlled substances is a first-class offense; any captured Stand Jawbreakers are to be destroyed immediately. Using them is as illegal as it gets, Warden! That's non-negotiable. You're under arrest!"
>Warden smiles, like you would at a puppy that doesn't realize that its reflection isn't another dog. "Oh, same ol' Dredd, predictable as always. This is for the greater good." (in a baby-speak voice) "Can't we bend the rules one teensy little time? For me, buddy, and for the greater good of the jail?"
>Dredd snarls. "I don't care about the greater good. I care about the [LAW]." He unholsters his Lawgiver and aims it at the Warden's head, his fist and gun glowing with Stand power. "And [I AM THE LAW]! This is your final warning, Warden!"
>The Warden lowers his head and starts shaking. At first he seems upset, but then he throws back his head and starts laughing.
>"Well goodness me, Dredd, I gotta admit, you took a lot longer to snap than I thought you would! Kudos to your steel will, but then again… even steel can rust!"
>Dredd: "Electrocute! Non-fatal!" (He fires, ridiculously quickly.)
>The still-laughing Warden gets pulled out of the path by the tentacles of [PURE IMAGINATION]. Dredd fires again, but it pulls a rubber glove out of its doorway and blocks the shot.
>Warden: "Dreddy, Dreddy, Dreddy! THAT'S your opening move? It must take effort to be that boring! You're not going to beat me unless you use your [IMAGINATION]!"

I will give it a try, how is the ratio of male female characters that already have artwork?

Nice. Perfect.

Only thing I think should change is
>like you would at a puppy that doesn't realize that its reflection isn't another dog.
>like you would at a puppy that doesn't realize how small its own reflection really is.
or something clearer you might come up with.

I'm currently taking the whole cast of part 6.
The ones that need artwork are Parts 7, 8 and 5, I think.

>Dredd grimaces, thinking to himself. Then: "[STAR] drain."
>He fires multiple shots at the Warden. Pure Imagination blocks them, but from the bullet holes a shower of blue stars flows into Dredd.
>Warden suddenly throws up as a side effect of the [STAR] drain, but laughs. "Now that's more like it! I didn't even think of that. I would've thought of something BETTER but, well, that's why you're not the Warden, Dreddy."
>Dredd: "Lasso!" (A golden rope comes out of the gun and binds Pure Imagination's arms, stopping it or Warden from moving.) "[STAR] DRAIN!" He shoots multiple times, hitting Pure Imagination's head and torso, draining even more Star. The Warden grins wildly, despite being bleeding from multiple wounds now.
>Dredd pauses, with his gun trained on the Warden's head. "Give it up, Warden. Turn yourself in. I can keep this up all day."
>"Yeah, you probably could. But that'd be boring, huh?" Warden and Pure Imagination both flex, effortlessly breaking the lasso, and PI picks Dredd up, opening up its gateway.
>Dredd: "Drokk it - no! High-ex!" He fires an explosive shot at PI, but it passes harmlessly through the gateway.
>As he's hurled in, the Warden yells. "Sorry, Dredd, but it looks like that stick up your ass isn't doing you any favors in a fight!"
Where should he end up in Pure Imagination? Some sort of public humiliation arena, I imagine?

"A puppy that thinks it can beat an wolf in a fight", maybe?

Ooh, that sounds really good there.

Probably yes, the Warden probably takes it as a execution, with an audience and all.

Last time the Warden did this to Wong he just kept it in a pure white void (which was the inside of a cloud, a detail I never got around to revealing and hoped was obvious since right after Dora's group was floating down to the ground on a cloud).

So a cloud arena maybe?

Also, maybe he's even dressed up as a judge at this point.


How about a hall of mirrors, except all the reflections of the Warden are actually the Warden?
Combine that with the proposed baseball scene, and I think that would work.

We're already having a hall of mirrors for the Shirley fight.

Baseball field. Every member of the Warden's team, and every member of Dredd's team except for him, is the Warden.
Warden gives his speech about being a team player, and then says "by the way, I believe this is yours", and bats the high-ex shot Dredd fired into PI at him.

I like that.

Which reminds me, Homestar's Stand is lacking a description (I wanted to discuss that once we reached part 8 because it could be a plot element)

>the high-ex shot hits Dredd, causing a huge blast that propels him into the sky and out of the field.
>"and it's outta the park!" yells the announcer of the stadium (which is another Warden or Bender/Grizz)
>Dredd lands right behind the Warden despites being flung on the opposite direction

It would be a good opportunity for more Bender/Grizz commentary.

So the Warden drags Dredd into PI, Dredd's on the pitchers mound and the Warden is up at bat, the demon or whatever gives Warden a bat, he does his little speech about being a team player, then hits the shot Dredd fired back at him, then he lands behind the Warden before getting the shit beat out of him with the bat.

For added comedy, the Warden doesn't even run the bases, one of his PI doubles runs the bases for him.

>Warden drags Dredd back into the real world
>Bender and Grizz shrug and keep giving commentary on the now-ongoing all-Warden baseball match

Lol, that's pretty funny! Great Gag there!

Speaking of Bender, if he's having a cameo in part 7 as a member of the robot sect, he could run away dismissing deadlock's followers as a bunch of idiots, then he stumbles upon a jawbreaker and eats it, causing his chest to explode so he needs a group of robots to carry him away along with HARDAC's remains.

>"And that's all for the newcomer! We eagerly await to not see that loser again this season. Now we are back to our regular sameface galore!"
>Dredd picture appears either in a screen in the field or in the panel itself next to his stats, like in a baseball trading card.

>the stats read like a kid's overpowered OC that can do anything

The Warden's stats or Dredd's?

Membrane himself is already drawn. It is just Gaz who hasn't an art about herself; Jorge drawn some concepts about how her Stand [Dark Castle], but unfortunately I forgot to save it.

Both, but Dredd's is less flattering.

Forgot pic

Are there going to be any backstory chapters for the Warden like with Pucci? I know the OP said it's not a 1:1 but those were some of my favorite chapters in SO.

Only if they're drawn like the Warden did them in crayon.

Warden's backstory isn't as interesting as Dredd's, though, and it'd be kind of hard to fit in at this point in the story.
Warden's background is just "fucked up kid with a fucked up prison warden for a dad grows up to be a fucked up warden; later reads Daffy's self help book and gets the idea to power up his Stand".

Do we have any backstory for the Warden? I recall that in the original draft his plan was connected to LeTerally, but that connection was reduced to the Warden just getting inspired after reading Daffy's book.

Yeah, we cut any connection the Warden had with Daffy other than reading his book and trying to pull off the same kind of thing he tried.

Daffy wanted to make everyone in the world into literally himself, and the Warden wants to make the world part of his stand.

And speaking about Daffy, Look what I found:

So not only did the Warden read Daffy's book, but found Daffy's dairy?

I dunno, all this talking about Daffy reminded me that we had an Over Heaven-like story, and since the old links were dead i did some search.

I think the Warden reading Daffy's dairy is how he'd know about Daffy's other sons, and while he would like to imprison Plucky within PI, he's too well known and connected to touch, so he targets the other kids in hopes they'll show the same potential.

This can all be revealed to Dora's group by Shirley and Gogo after they're defeated.

Warden collecting Daffy's kids like some fucked up action figure collection? I dig it.


Is that supposed to be a Space Channel Five reference?

So before the reveal that Daffy had other sons and they are what's inside supermax, Warden explains (to Chane? Dredd?) that he took inspiration from two books: he shows "being yourself" before revealing that he got his hands on LeTerally's journal, then we cut back to Daffy's sons busting out of their containment.

>The inside of the supermax section is nothing but rows of toy boxes where the inmates are kept in mint condition.

It'd be Chane. It's a good point in the story to show the two interacting.

Daffy's incident made the Warden very aware that it IS possible for one man to change the whole world with his own power. After that he made a point of trying to know everything about him from reading his book to finding his secret diary.

I imagined it would be Chane. From the conversation he held with Mirage, he looks like the Warden's own Pucci.

Yes, that's what I was thinking.

It should be a conversation we cut to right after Giffany is defeated, as the doors to Supermax are opening.

A could totally see a single chapter for this.

wait, what comes first? the fight with Giffany or the breach in supermax?.
Also, since we were talking about toy collections:
>When Daffy's sons escape, either Giffany or the Warden freak out saying: "NRFB!"

First we finish up Warden VS Dredd

Then Dora's group VS Snatcher and whoever his back up is.

Next Snatcher lies about their being a key to the door of PI necessary for escape kept locked away in some area.

Dora's group fights Giffany, who is the guard of Supermax.

After Giffany is defeated and the doors of Supermax are opening, we cut to the Warden talking about the two books with Chane.

Then Shirley the Loon, Gogo Dodo, and Woody Woodpecker all get loose.

Woody fucks off to whenever as soon as getting out while Shirley and Gogo get into a fight with Dora's group for whatever reason.

Next is Oso.

No. Though it may be now.
>that voice acting
>that funky animation
This is gold. Thanks for posting.

Looking forward to it.
What else do we need for vs. Dredd? Just making it pretty?


Should El Oso make another appearance in the audience of the concert?

>Cred Forums project that isn't waifubait
>no one cares

Writing the rest of it out properly, yeah.

>being surprised

For Snatcher's fight, I had a couple of ideas about it recently. Might post them since the Dredd vs. Warden fight and that scene with Membrane and the Stand-powered robots are the only stuff left to be done before that fight happens.

While watching some scenes of The Boxtrolls, I noticed Snatcher has a thing for riding robots and using machines in general, so I imagined he would be probably riding a sort of mecha as he is pursuing Dethklok through PI. The mecha itself would be a pastiche of the ED-209 from Robocop, with the only major difference is that it would have a huge face of the Warden on its front. He would use that mecha plus his backup to assault Dethklok since his Stand [Smackdown] isn't stated to have an ability or be fast enough like Tower of Grey or Geb to attack multiple people at the same time.

Also, I think it should be stated in the beginning of Snatcher's arc that he has started pursuing Dethklok hours ago, as he received orders to punish them before Warden had his meeting with Penny/fight with Dredd.

>part 8 has a basic plot outline (and there was another plot progression in the archive).
And I found it:

Who do you think vandalized the docs and booru?

Some guy. That reminds me though, what are we going to do about the Booru? Make a new one?

The members of Dethklok could mention that they've been running from him for hours when Dora's group shows up.

Well, I might go a head with finishing the Warden VS Dredd fight myself, but I'd still like to see if that other user who started it will finish it and I have no ability to write for Bender/Grizz commentary since I don't understand the voice actor reference that combo is based in.

Discounting the staff, is Vicky the strongest stand user in PI?

I think Woody would give her a run for her money, but the two never meet.

Or should they?

I guess so, the others candidates are Woody and El Oso, maybe gogo dodo depending on the amount of reflections around him

Hmm, March 12th.

We've developed so many more things since then it'd be easy to include later chapters to accommodate for our current plans.
We don't need to actually write those chapters since the Warden only mentions some things contained within the dairy, but it's still good to have an idea of what should be in it before referencing to it.

The next chapter of Over Feathers would be about the cruel reality of the Old Country, then his time at the Looniversity, being experimented on, then finding love, then leaving the country and deciding he should have more than one love.

Then it would detail how he made people into himself to gain power over the years, how he came back to see his native village swallowed up by the corporation sucking the souk out of the old country and liberating his old friends from their daily grind.

>March 12th
Damn, that's close to the start of the project. You are right, now we have a more comprehensive timeline.

>liberating his old friends from their daily grind.
and recruiting Snoopy, and how the hell he got Lowly Worm on his side.

Pretty sure Lowly joined Daffy because Snoopy kicked his ass, right?

But yeah, the only thing I wanted to bring up with that is a chapter about love and how the Warden used it to identify Daffy's offspring.

Unless it falls into the possession of Wizard Daffy in part 7 (I still have no idea what that is about, but I'm sure I'll be told all about it once we're on that part), the other stuff is probably not that important from a narrative stand point for the plots of the remaining parts.

Here's an attempt at continuing.
>Everything goes white for Dredd, next thing he sees are his feet fused to a pitcher’s mound in a massive baseball stadium and the Warden is up at bat, and on first, and on second, and on third, and in the outfield, infield, and every other position as well as filling the stands
>Another Warden a hands the Warden a baseball bat, he starts to do warm up swings
>Dredd pulls on his legs; he even unloads a few rounds into the mound with no effect
>While doing his warm up swings, the Warden begins to speak “Dreddy, you just haven’t been a good team player. We might not have an all-star team with saps like Membrane and Hill warming the bench, but at least they’re playing their roles right, unlike you who can’t seem to get it through your thick helmet that I’m the only law in this jail.”
>Dredd shoots at the Warden, but all his shoots veer off, then he tries to shoot his own legs off, also to no effect
>The Warden continues “You see that’s what I’m talking about; you just can’t play the role you’re given even when it’s right in front of you. Well, I suppose that’s your one remarkable feature, you can defy my expectations by doing exactly what your job description states. By the way, I believe this is yours."
>The Warden bats the high-ex shot Dredd fired into PI before arriving at the stadium at him.
>The high-ex shot hits Dredd, causing a huge blast that propels him into the sky and out of the field.

>"And it's outta the park!" yells Grizz, the announcer of the stadium
>One of the Wardens runs the bases and the Warden collects four high-fives from Warden’s coming in to home plate
>Dredd lands right behind the Warden despites being flung on the opposite direction
>The Warden then proceeds to beat Dredd with the bat several times but not enough to kill him.
>"Well, you fought the law... the law won!"
>Dredd has to call his stand [FOUGHT THE LAW] as a badge of shame from then on
>Grizz: "And that's all for the newcomer! We eagerly await to not see that loser again this season. Now we are back to our regular sameface galore!"
>Dredd’s picture appears on the big screen above the field next to his stats, like a baseball trading card.

>Dredd is brutally beaten, covered in blood, and lying on the floor when they reappear in the Warden’s office
>"Well that was… fun? Officer Dredd, now that that’s over, I expect you to be back on your rounds, on schedule! I pay you to work, not lay there bleeding!"
>As he finishes saying this, he looks around and notices Penny is gone.
>The Warden shurgs “Well, I can’t say that I would’ve stuck around to watch that either. Not like she could’ve gotten far.”

>The Warden presses a button on his desk “Professor Membrane, hello? Can you hear me?”
>Cut to Membrane's lab where he’s busy assembling things
>Warden, over the intercom: “Those special order robots better be ready by the end of the day.”
>We see Membrane holding a stand jawbreaker above his head to the light source so he can examine it while a robot with an open chest is seen in the background

So now we're on "Being Other People".

This part is pretty sparse on details, so there's a lot of room for creativity.

Let's just focus on this part for now:

>Come across Snatcher chasing Dethklok, beat the shit out of him, hostage taken, Warden gives no fucks, find out from him there's an area of Superjail even more locked up, he tricks them into thinking a "key" is in there for getting out (he's lying)
>Fight Giffany, beat Giffany, Daffy's other kids are released from supermax into the rest of Superjail
>You dun fucked up
>Shirley and Gogo Dodo fight here?

That's a sizable chunk that needs expanding.

Well let's see if this thread will have better luck not dying in the night.

So Snatcher is riding a mecha walker thing.
Who is his back up?



One of the other characters suggested to be a guard was Spike from Tom & Jerry. Could be him?

I recall that his Stand was a swarm Stand, he could fulfill the need of additional back up.

Hmm... For Skippy's Story (which I'm calling [HEART OF MELODY] until I can think of something better, since I'm basing the title on part of one of the Part 5 Light Novels), I just had an idea on a pretty downer beginning.

>Starts in a cell in the normal part of Super Ocean, before Dora arrives and the plot gets kicked off.
>We see Screwy Squirrel alone after his cellmate was transferred to either Solitary, the Psyche Ward of PI, where he's looking at a picture he smuggled in of his sister, Slappy with himself and his son, Skippy.
>Screwy: I don'ts belong here. I don'ts got a [STAND], but I can'ts get out with [MELODY] Either... Not without aloitin' the guards anyways.
>Screwy focuses on Skippy's image and gives a sad smile.
>Screwy: Sorry Kiddo. Looks like I won't be seein you again...
>Screwy then goes over to a desk and starts writing a letter for his son and Sister, talking about a club called the "Coco-Banana," how he was framed for another schmuck's crime for noticing that something seemed off about the development a new type of [MELODY], how he missed his family and finally a few musical notes that come from Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2.
>Once he's done and the letter is put inside an envelope, he sneaks it in his uniform before the guards come and take him to see Bobby Hill.
>While talking to the doc during a check up, he hands the letter and asks Bobby to send it to his folks.
>Bobby, being a nice guy, agrees and sees Screwy off.
>Next day at the prison, Screwy is found dead in his cell, apparently smothered by his own pillow. While guards take the body out, Screwy's ghost is with Grim (Billy and Mandy) before they head off to the Neitherworld to see where Screwy ends up.
>Screwy stops before entering the portal, and takes a moment to look back and speak. "Eh, I hope the Warden gets crushed by thoity anvils, one on top of the otha!"

I think Screwy was framed by the side story's big bad or something. Well, once I figure out who it is anyway.

So I elaborated an outline for Snatcher and Spike's fight while Cred Forums was down:

>The following chapter begins with Susie treating Dora’s burning injuries that were caused by [Dark Castle]’s laser. She is using a first aid kit that was generated from the [Drops]. Meanwhile, Wall-E’s pet cockroach is healing Inch High (who is still unconscious) with [Sunday Clothes] and Pericles is at the sky still making a scope of the area around them.
>Suddenly, the group hears a commotion not too far from where they are. They rush to where the ruckus is happening, fearing they are about to be ambushed by another enemy Stand user, when they witness the Dethklok group being chased by a robot that looks a pastiche of ED-209 from Robocop. The major difference of this pastiche is that is has a huge face of The Warden modeled in its front. On top of the robot, they see a dirty-looking man with a top hat riding the robot (Snatcher from The Boxtrolls). There is a panel making a close-up on a badge that Snatcher is wearing in his chest; it looks like a copy of the Mega City Judges’ standard badge, and it has “SNATCHER” written in huge letters.
>As Dora and Wall-E are trying to absorb what was going on in their front, Pericles points that three of the Dethklok (Nathan, Murdeface and Toki) are carrying Skwigelf and Pickles, who show grave injuries in their backs – some of those injuries having the imprint of what appear to be humanoid hands. Susie suddenly says she recognizes the band due of listening to some of their songs while she was a free person, and pleads to the group that they should help Dethklok.


>As Snatcher gets closer and closer from Dethklok, the robot suddenly stops. Snatcher looks bewildered trying to understand what happened, and as he looks around to see what is wrong with the robot he notices Pericles not too far above him with his Stand on sight. Snatcher quickly figures out the robot must be on the power of “the bird’s Stand” and moves to pull something from his jacket, when an explosion happens below the robot caused by [Boots] and makes Snatcher fall from the robot. As Snatcher recovers and raises his head, he notices Dora and Susie standing next to him, the two of them looking menacing. Snatcher, however, remains unimpressed and ponders that, when the Warden ordered him to attack Dethklok, he imagined he would very likely to have problems dealing with a big group but didn’t think something like that would happen.
>As Dora prepares to do something against Snatcher, Snatcher notices Dora’s bandaged arm and asks what happened to it. Dora, confused with her enemy’s lack of fear and apparent calmness, rudely replies that she just had hurt herself and it is none of his business. A smirk appears in Snatcher’s face, as his Stand [Shakedown] suddenly appears behind him. Dora and Susie have time just to gasp in shock (“Are you a Stand user?” says one of them) when [Shakedown] lurches on Dora and tightly grabs her injured arm. Dora suddenly lets out a loud scream of pain as Susie stares at her horrified and Snatcher calmly gets up and watches the scene with some pleasure.
>Dora’s screams call the attention of Pericles and the Dethklok, who (everybody but Nathan, since he is not Stand user and makes stupid questions about what is happening) watch Dora in shock. Toki, who happens to be the Stand user of Dethklok besides Murderface, comments “that fucking weirdo is doing that again”!, revealing that the same thing happened to Skwigelf and Pickles as it was shown in the injuries with humanoid hands’ marks.

>[Shakedown] still holds Dora until she falls in the ground in shock due of the intensive pain she just felt, and Snatcher sardonically apologizes for not explaining that he was a Stand user and what his Stand does, finishing with “But then again, you are prisoners, and thus that is what you shall receive in [Pure Imagination], lads.” This makes Susie snap of her shock and turn at Snatcher with a very angry expression in her face, as she uses [Slug Bait] to attack Snatcher. But once more, Snatcher acts unimpressed as his Stand quickly dismisses whatever Susie tried to attack him. One of the robot’s arms then is launched against him, manipulated by Pericles’ [Master of Puppets], but [Shakedown] reacts fast enough to grab the arm before it hits Snatcher and starts turning its metal composure into rust. Observing this, Pericles deduces that Snatcher’s Stand power probably has something to do in accelerating the erosion of anything, and yells at Susie to stay away from Snatcher’s Stand right away.
>At the same time, Snatcher realizes that things are becoming too complicated for just him alone to handle and with a lot of people ganging on him at the same time, and decides that it is time to call his “back-up”. He then runs to behind the robot and kicks a specific spot there, causing a secret hatch to open and revealing a sleeping bulldog inside (Spike from Tom & Jerry). Snatcher yells “WAKE UP MUTT! WE ARE BEING ATTACKED!”, causing to Spike wake up in a comic manner, then glaring at Snatcher. Snatcher explains to him that his theory they would have problems with a big number of people turned out right, and points to Susie, Pericles and the three conscious Dethklok as their targets. Spike sighs and ponders, “Different day, same crap” and summons his Stand as he and Snatcher move forward to attack the group.

And it ends here. The next part is when the fight begins, but hadn't much idea what should happen there.

Oh wow, that's pretty awesome!

Also, I think I'll go on and get a Doc. started for [HEART OF MELODY] as well... and I'll be sure to lock it so vandals don't try to mess with it before it even starts.

Oh yeah, I forgot this part that happens between Susie asking the group to help Dethklok and Snatcher having his robot blown-up

>Pericles is reluctant in doing so since he is more interested escaping from PI as soon as possible and doesn’t want to meddle with the affairs of the other residents of PI, but Dora chooses to do Susie’s wish as since Susie likes those guys they (Dora’s group) could at least help them in escaping from Snatcher, and rushes to aid them. Pericles tries to warn her to don’t make anything reckless, but at that point Dora is already far away which makes Pericles growl in anger and follow her. Susie asks Wall-E to stay on hide as he can be easily attacked by Snatcher’s robot, and goes to join the other two.

Pretty good so far, still need to add in proper dialogue throughout later though.

While I don't think Pericles would leave the group after all they've done for him, this makes me think he won't stick around once they're free from PI. He might take out some of the Warden's robot army in the real jail before fleeing as a parting gift to his aviation challenged friends, but he'll escape while the escaping is good.

Very good. Thanks for your work, user.

Only thing I would like to add is this:
>Dredd lands right behind the Warden despites being flung on the opposite direction
>Warden: "Oh! And just one more thing I forgot to mention..."
>The Warden then proceeds to beat Dredd with the bat several times but not enough to kill him.
Or anything to give the feel of sociopathic businessman that the Warden is supposed to represent in this.
Akin to

There's also this piece you forgot to add:
>Dredd’s picture appears on the big screen above the field next to his stats, like a baseball trading card.
>His stats and description reads like a overpowered OC.

Keep up the good work.

Well, there is the disk he tried to retrieve from the evidence locker, which it was important enough for him to risk the whole operation. What is it in this story? a map? In the end, he may still go after it before departing.

>Dredd is marked as a rookie while the Warden is an All-Star

Right, so he breaks off from them as soon as they escape PI to grab that before making his escape.

The disc thing is tentatively a map to the homeland of the Scopemen, Pericles was hired to find it some years ago by someone.

That can be changed, but it's what we had last we discussed it.

Sounds like something that could be part of the epilogue or as a flashback in a following part. Even if the group know that he escaped, Pericles remained in the official records as a missing/deceased inmate after the explosion, then he is shown handing the disk to whoever hired him.

>then he is shown handing the disk to whoever hired him.

That was part of an idea for the epilogue where he hands the thing off some someone wearing a hooded robe.

If the disc leads to the Scopemen, shouldn't we leave that reveal for part 8? If it doesn't come up in 7 I think it'd be a bad move to dedicate the epilogue to it.

Maybe, or if we want to keep his identity hidden until part 8 it could be one from his inner circle, leaving his connection to Ethan hidden until said person reappears in part 8.

I like the idea of Ethan appearing as a random gamestore employee prior to the reveal that he's behind the Church, so it should probably just be a hidden figure. Don't mention what it is in the epilogue, just set it up for part 8.

Had a so dumb it's good idea for a stand, using name for the sake of transparency.
>[ONE WAY OR ANOTHER] (tentative)
>user: Gerald
>appearance: an Arakified merman with Gerald's unibrow, bloodshot eyes, and a perpetually pissed expression
>power: the stand is deceptively simple- it warps Gerald to wherever his target least wants him to be. He usually warps subconsciously, but if threatened can pick the person who will determine where he warps to. Gerald himself is a more or less normal sea lion, but his stand, born from his suppressed rage, is perpetually pissed and always looking for a fight.

I was thinking he could have a Mcguffin in his bucket, and during the confrontation with him he'd keep warping between the heroes and villains because both sides don't want the other side to have whatever he's guarding. You wouldn't beat him so much as convince him to call his stand off and willingly give the thing you want to you.

It's a single suggested scene in the epilogue with no real context. No reveals will be made about what the disc does or who Pericles handed it off to. It's only real purpose is to show "what they're doing now" when we get the final look at all the surviving main characters.

It won't be the final scene of part 6's epilogue either since that will be reserved for Mr. Nobody.

Love it.

I see him playing a role in part 7 when they need to cross the ocean as part of a leg of the race.

IIRC Ethan lives with the gang in their apartment building. He's a reclusive tenant, but is otherwise seemingly harmless. It just makes the reveal that he's the big bad more surprising. It's also a reason why he could manipulate the gang with letters/phone calls and not get discovered.

Yo, I started the doc for Skippy's Side Story:

Kekked heartily.

I'll add new threads to the archive when desuarchive turns back on.

Ideal for a McGuffin race. He needs to be in part 7

Archive came back up today.

I think the archive is missing threads from when it was down though.

Archive is updated now. Real sorry, was ill. Now, let's get to business. What is going in part 6 now?

Dora's group VS Snatcher and Spike then this is what follows.

Wow, Cred Forums is going real fast all of a sudden. What's going on?

I had a ideia for a fitting Stand for Monica. Though I still don't know a fitting song name for it.

User: Mônica Souza

Name: [Vou Subindo] ("Going Up" - Turma da Monica) or [Sansão] (Jeyci Mendonça)

Appearance: Bound to Monica's plush bunny, Samson. Its power only reaches its peak while being used by its official owner (maybe she can pass on the Stand to someone else if she wants to), but anyone can use its powers if they steal the bunny.

Ability: When Mônica willfully collides the bunny on an surface or on opponent, a brief explosion of Melody is triggered in the form of a bright [onomatopoeia]. Mônica can completely custom the effects and properties the blow will have on the target. For example, "POW" will cause it to be bashed with enormous force, equal to a punchghost's punch. "Splosh" will make the collision splash water. "Crack" will crack the target in some way. "Zoom" will make the object be thrown to wherever the user wants it to be. As a sub-ability, the bunny is indestructible.

User Description: Mônica is a kind, innocent, but occasionally ill-tempered girl. She is sometimes revealed to be immensely strong in her own comic, often beating up bullies bigger than her.

Maybe she could appear as an ally in South America during Part 7.

For the next fight, I think Susie, Pericles and Toki are good enough to make the team against Snatcher & Spike. I'm still thinking in a way that could fit Murderface, but according to the doc his Stand is only useful when he has a bass with him.

I have to read more about Toki's Stand as well, since it seems can create objects made of Velcro that can be useful/lethal depending of how Toki creates them.

Two hours and then a thread is gone. It's been like this for three months.
That's the norm on Cred Forums now.

If I remember correctly, there was a bit of dialogue (or at least some thoughts) somewhere where Toki lies about what his stand looks like and doesn't like summoning it because it doesn't look very metal.

I expanded the last part a bit:

>Pericles summons 「MASTER OF PUPPETS」 again and manipulates one of the robot’s arms, launching it against Snatcher. However, Snatcher notices this and his Stand rushes toward the arm to stop it, when 「SHAKEDOWN」 catches the arm, Pericles notices that it quickly turns into a reddish brown color before falling apart.
>Pericles: (thinking) “Ze robot’s arm… Just as I supposed, that Stand’s ability isn’t increasing the damage done to his victim, that arm was perfectly fine when my Stand took control of it and now is nothing but a pile of rust, which means…” (yelling) “Suzie, fall back! Don’t let yourself be caught by the Stand’s grip, it will rot away your flesh if he gets you!”
>Snatcher: “Ah, there it is! You figured the power of my 「SHAKEDOWN」 all by yourself, congratulations!” (Internally) “Dammit, these hooligans are really giving me troubles, too many targets for my 「SHAKEDOWN」 to break apart. Well, I’m not going to be outnumbered for long”
>He runs behind the robot and delivers a swift kick to the machine, causing a secret hatch to open and reveal a sleeping bulldog inside, Spike (Tom & Jerry)
>Snatcher: “WAKE UP MUTT! WE ARE BEING ATTACKED!” The dog wakes up, stretches a bit and let out a big yawn before staring Snatcher with a bored expression.
>Spike: “Uh. What is it, boss?
>Snatcher: “Are you deaf? We are under attack by a group of rebellious inmates, look!” (He points at Susie, Pericles and the conscious members of Dethklok) “I told ya, after last month’s incident, these ruffians got enough courage to form a bigger group and ambush us, believing it would be an easy fight”
>Spike sighs: “Different day, same crap”, he summons his Stand as both guards move forward to attack the group “one, two, three…bah, this group is no bigger than the one from last month. This is gonna be easy”

Cool beans.

Just make sure you make it clear what order it all goes in.

I didn't see the stand for Spike on doc, so I repost it here.

Stand name: [WHO LET THE DOGS OUT]

Appearance: A silver dog-like stand that resembles Tyke, with numerous bite-sized holes in its' body. The holes are closed off with prison-cell like doors and disappear when the stand activates its' power.

Type: Swarm Stand

Ability: [WHO LET THE DOGS OUT] main body can be used as an average punchghost. However, when the stand is struck, it lets out a lesser version of the stand, Called [LI'L TYKE],that in addition to clawing and gnawing, can let out [BARKS]. If the user is struck instead, 3 [TYKES] appear. Weak by themselves, when used with the other [TYKES], blast off their victims further. Each [TYKE] lives for a minute, before rushing off to [WLTDO]. Barks are "sonic boom"-style projectiles.

And since the archives are back, I was able to go find it.

>the first time we see William's stand it takes out a base guitar and puts its finger on a string
>everyone around William begins to cower in fear

>the first te we see Toki's stand is when Murderface is asking Toki about "taking care of" the party
>it's feminine, cute, and waif-looking, like Paisley Park
>Murderface calls his stand shit and tells him to stay the fuck back and not interfere so he doesn't ruin something


I also thought that crossing the ocean could be part of the race, along with boarding an airship (so Big Guy Nobody can do what he knows best)

Perhaps as a staging point for another leg of the race.

So how does Murderface and Toki become involved with he current fight we're on in part 6?
So far they've been running away for some time, what causes them to turn and fight now?

I don't think Murderface can join the fight since he needs a bass guitar for 「RIDE THE LIGHTNING」 to work. Toki is the more good-natured of the band, after seeing a bunch of strangers risking their lives to save him and his friends, he may decide to stand up and help them.

Did any of the animitronics have a guitar?

There's also the possibility the Warden may have provided them with instruments before they did whatever they did to have him send Snatcher after them.

I've been thinking about their reason to aid Susie and Pericles. I think either Nathan or Toki points out they should help "the two chicks and their bird pet who stood out to save their asses from the fuckface in the big gay robot", while the other would reply, "Yeah man, that just like one of those episodes of that hippie gang with the talking dog!"
"The Groove Gang?"
"That's right!"
Murderface then intervenes here, being the selfish asshole he is, "Whoa, are you guys saying we should go there and help those weirdoes? We barely escaped from the fuckface with top hat, and we even don't know if those three might be cannibals who were planning to get us!"
Nathan: "Dude, the bird can't be a cannibal, because we are humans and he is a bird, fucktard."
Murderface: "That is besides the point! We are stuck in NAMBLA Land and we have found nothing but fucking freakshows trying to kill and torture us!"
Nathan: "Faggot, for once in your life, try to be more fucking grateful!"
Murderface: "The fuck I... Hey, where he is going?"
We then have a panel of Toki marching toward Susie, Pericles, Snatcher and Spiker, with a STAND aura glowing around him.
Murderface: "Toki, you fuckwit! You're gonna get yourself killed!"
Nathan: "Shut the fuck up, Murderface. He is the only one of our gang who has that... what Deadlock said that one time? Stand? Well! At least he can do something here, unlike you useless faggot who has powers but does jackshit!"
Murderface: "Fuck off! I already said my [Stand] needs a bass to work rightly!"

I like it.

Should we censor all their swears?

yeah, to keep consistency with the scene after the concert.

Also, reading this back and what I posted earlier today, Toki's lines need to be altered since he has the tendency to say almost every word in plural. Something like:

>"Thats fuckings weirdos is doings thats again!”
>"Yeah mans, justs like ones of thoses episodes of thats hippies gangs with the talkings dogs!"

You know, I kind of want to make the guitar rifts that are heard whenever they swear an effect of Murderface's stand.

Solely because it would be funny if he was able to do a guitar solo by swearing contentiously for several minutes.

I guess will just wait for when dethklok gets written by you guys for now.

Is there any already written major character that I'm missing and you guys think deserve a vector art too?


Nothing jumps to mind. We're still in the thick of the Snatcher conflict.

Well, hmm, was a vector done for Trevor?

Maybe Dethklok?

This is woefully pathetic.

Aren't you the guy who draws the fat goth chicks?

>When the Man of Steel race enters Chile, the news coverage is rather bizarre

Handsome Tulio is a monster who rose to power as a dictator by destroying all who opposed him in personal combat.

He's like the leader of Robo World in Redline or something, only more dangerous.

Well bump.

I'm working on adding dialogue to that Snatcher greentext up above.

What the hell is this.

Handsome Tulio is a champion of champions.

Last year when the Hunger Games threads were all the rage, Tulio won one of the games.

After 24 games and 24 champions, the champions were pitted against each other in another game and Handsome Tulio won the first champion of champions game.

We should have Handsome Tulio as someone who already has a corpse part.

And I've done stuff to and what came before it so it has proper dialogue.

I'll add that to the doc later I guess since I'm not posting it to the thread right now.

This is my final bump to the thread before bed.

>Tulio was hired by Nobody to search for a corpse part in South America
>After he found it, he went rogue and seized control of the country with his newfound powers
>the previous president blew his head off

Nice, the story is pretty damn good so far.

Also, depending on how bad/good you want for Snorty Art Major to be, maybe it could be Duchess (Foster's Home) or Dean Mccoppin (Iron Giant).

I think Duchess was in part 4 as a Stand inside [Hotel California]

I haven't read part 4 yet, so do all imaginary friends count as captured Stands in part 4?
Those characters get suggested now and then.

yeah, at least the ones from foster's appeared as independent Stands inside [Hotel California], and then the Stands of the LHC joined them.

Cam we have The Trickster in Part 7? Maybe have Jane send [Driver 8] (with one of her personas controlling it.) to tell him that he needs to give up his piece of the Corpse because it's stopping his medication from working.

Well, I think Duchess was made into a Stand that showed up in Foster's back in part four, but Dean seems more of a scrap-metal artist than a guy who'd use green gelatin molded to look like lemmings to fill up a swimming pool.

I'll still consider McCoppin though, and I'm glad you like it!

And now, I'm imagining the Snooty Art Major as going on a quest for Veangance after Skippy, and awakening his own stand in the process.


Anyway, if anyone wants to comment on the skippy doc, or at least give suggestions on characters and such, feel free to do so over on the doc, mainly so that the thread here can focus on finishing up part 6.

Gotcha, thanks.

What's next on the agenda? Snatcher and Spike still?

How did I mess that up? Did stuff to and what came before it.

I think he'd be a native of the country, and that he found the skull of the hero.

We have Loki slated for part 7 as wanting to kill President Nobody for personal reasons.

Yeah, I'm waiting to see if that other user will continue.

>We have Loki slated for part 7 as wanting to kill President Nobody for personal reasons.
Yes, but how does that related to James Jesse?

Oh, the Flash rogue. He's not the first person I think of when someone says "The Trickster", he has nothing to do with what I said then.

Unless we make it have something to do with what I said, like The Trickster was part of someone's campaign during the election.


Oh, oh, he's a native of the country and controls the populace with his [Television Rules The Nation] (TRTN for short) through hypnotic news broadcasts.

Anything he says through a form of media is unquestionably believed by anyone who hears, reads, feels, or, if possible, smells/tastes it.

I didn't find anything about Trevor in the part 6 doc. Could you at least say what's the series he's from?

Trevor Bruttenholm is from Hellboy, though we never defined his Stand's name or ability, only that it resembles Hellboy

So I take it [Heaven Can Wait] (that was the most well received suggestion that I remember) was never added to part 6's doc then.

There was some talk about the Stand having the ability to detect traps and tell Trevor how to avoid or shut off them. Also, one of the suggested names was [Heaven Can Wait].

His look btw is suggested to be his older version which appears in the Seeds of Destruction arc from Hellboy and the animated movie Blood and Iron.

I'm here. I have some more stuff to suggest but I'll post later. Had a long schedule at the university and I want to rest before doing anything for the rest of the day

I'm not really sure how to go about posting the changes I made to the stuff you wrote since it would take up a lot of posts.

It mostly consists of changing the statements of them saying things to them actually saying things.

I saw him being mentioned in the threads, but apparently some things still need to be yet added to the docs.

I think I'll wait for you guys to finish writing Trevor for now.

I guess the next pic might be about Dethklok then. What were the descriptions of Toki's and Murderface's Stands?

They are in the end of the doc, in the Old Script's Ideas section.

Unless someone is finally going to nut up and finish writing the beneath the jail stuff, his big roles are already finished.

>Robotman was originally scheduled to be our Gyro
>in the new Doom Patrol, Robotman is stranded in a gyro
It's like pottery

There have been weird things like that with almost every part.

As soon as we started working on part 6 Dora's voice actor got in trouble for swearing.

We thought about including Jack in a later part set 50 years or so after part 1 and it was announced that season 5 of Samurai Jack takes place 50 years after season 4.

We were born from meme magic and now we are its conduit to affect the world. I have no problem with this.

Okay, that is freaking awesome art! Kudos man, Kudos.

>how exactly "The Hero" died is never made clear
>just that it required a great sacrifice
>at first it seems as though then President Luthor may have had something to do with it
>at some point it is shown the near the end, Luthor had respected The Hero

Luthor isn't president in part 7, nor was he the previous president.

Unless you're saying he was president back when the hero was alive, which was a long time ago by part 7.

Yeah, in the past when "The Hero" was around. I'm a sucker for the Supes/Luthor relationship.

Maybe we could work him in with the Frolo angle.

>Frollo is embittered and an asshole NOW because he saw the greatest hero of all time perish trying to save the day.

>It wasn't on the Superbatman/Ty Lee/Lemongrab case. That one got resolved quickly. The only reason it gets recorded so many times is because it was their first time working together.

>No, The Hero as Frollo knew him, died in another venture. But whether he ascended or truly died. Frollo still doesn't know.

>Since he's so clouded by how HE viewed The Hero, He thinks the holy grail HAS to be as grand as he imagines it to be.

>Quasimodo however, saw the Hero for what he was. And although he understands his greatness, he also knows that even the Hero came from humble origins. Thats why he suggests the wooden cup.

Just replace Quasimodo in that with an elderly retired Luthor.

Fine, bump while we're waiting to pick up on the story telling again.

Well I've posted what you wrote so far to the doc with the dialogue I came up for it added in.

Also added the Nathan-Toki-Murderface exchange with a note between that and the part above it that there's still stuff to fill in there.

Speaking of which, I noticed that the gross sisters Stands are also missing in the list.

Ok, back. Here is what I have so far - tried to add some dialogue as it was asked too.

>Susie and Pericles stand face to face to Snatcher and Spike as they back off as much as possible to stay distant from the enemy duo. Susie is still steaming and glowing in anger for what happened to Dora. Dora, meanwhile, is still lying in the ground unconscious.
>Pericles: “Susie, calm down. Getting yourself nervous won’t help us any in this situation.”
>Susie: “Professor, you saw what zat bastard did to Dora! And she is still laying zere!”
>Pericles: “Susie, please don’t do anything before zinking. Those two are probably using her as bait!”
>But the talk is useless, as Susie screams “I CAN’T WAIT ANY LONGER!” and sends [Slug Bait] toward Dora in an attempt to grab her. However, a tiny bulldog-like Stand appears before [Slug Bait] and starts barking at it, creating a sonic boom-like attack that pushes the Stand away.
>Susie: “What?!”
>Pericles is speechless, but stares at the Stands surprised just like Susie. Spike, looking all smug and cocky, waves his finger to Susie. “Now, now young lady, don’t try to aid your friend. She is going to be punished for trying to harm an officer of Belle Reve, and I’m here to make sure no other prisoner step up to do a riot over it.”
>Susie: “Get out of the way, you horrible dog.”
>[Slug Bait] tries to fly toward Dora again, but once more is repelled by another sonic boom created by the dog-like Stand’s bark.
>Spike: “Geez kid, are you that dense? My Stand, [Dogs Out], won’t let you rescue your pal until she receives the proper treatment for mistreating officers.”
>Susie: “I said, get out of the way!”
>[Slug Bait] flies toward Spike and it seems it is going to jump on him. Spike sighs still looking smug and confident. His Stand, [Dogs Out] moves swiftly to his front and is about to bark again.
>Spike: “Kid, I’m not the type who likes to repeat…”


>Suddenly, Spike feels the ground below him shake and wobble. He looks below surprised as he realizes the ground has been turned in human flesh, as [Slug Bait] didn’t fly to strike him but to spread its smile the area around Spike. Snatcher stares at Spike with an expression of shock and confusion.
>Snatcher: “Hey mutt, what the hell is going on?”
>Spike: “I-I-I don’t know boss! It looks like I’m above… human skin!? [Dogs Out], don’t let that thing come any further!”
>[Dogs Out] is about to bark when [Slug Bait] makes a sudden move and flies down to punch the skin-like ground where Spike is. The hit causes Spike to lose his balance and hits his head in the back, which results in [Dogs Out] to shake for some reason. Snatcher remains motionless, looking shocked.
>Susie: (making a pose, while still looking angry) “I generally find dogs adorable, but you are a really bad one and needed some discipline.”
>[Slug Bait] proceeds to fly toward Dora, grabs her and returns to Susie, as Snatcher’s [Shakedown] attempts to grab [Slug Bait] but is too slow to do so.
>Snatcher: “Hey, come back here you filthy…!”
>As that happened, Pericles notices [Shakedown]’s arms fall apart as they stretch away from its body and they are unable to reach [Slug Bait] to return to Susie.
>Pericles: (Internally) “How interesting… Zat Stand has a really poor range despite its destructive power, which explains why his user needs the hund to aid him.”
>With Dora back to the group, Pericles turns to Susie. “Good work, now we all have to do is get out of here.”
>Susie: “B-but Professor, look at her injuries!”
>There is a panel focusing in the area where [Shakedown] touched Dora’s arm: The skin looks gruesomely melted, lots of blood drops coming out of it. There is panic in Susie’s face.
>Susie: “What are we going to do? Even Wall-E’s cockroach will be unable to treat zis!”



Are you sure their stands aren't described anywhere else on the doc?

At least the archive is currently working, but the doc lags the shit out of my browser now for some reason.

>Pericles: “Susie, I… I…”
>Toki: -off-panel- “Wows, thats looks awfuls mates!”
>Susie and Pericles turn to him, startled. Toki, standing behind them, waves his hand in a friendly manner as smiles innocently.
>Toki: “Buts not to worrys abouts, I can helps hers!”

Now, a few more notes for the upcoming scenes that I haven't elaborated in full detail:

-[Dogs Out] is shaking because Spike has been hit, and now is going to create more copies which go after Susie and Toki
-Toki will trick Spike and Snatcher with [Battlefield] by creating unicorn horns around them as if he is imprisoning them. This will fool them at first until Snatcher notices he can bypass the horns, since they only affect non-living objects, and yells at Spike to go after them.
-After seeing Spike being hit two or three times and more copies of [Dogs Out] coming out, Pericles figures out it isn't a wise idea to hurt Spike and advises Susie and Toki to find another way to stop him.
-At that point, Spike is losing his apparent calmness and will start using [Dogs Out] in a more aggressive manner.


-The "something" that Snatcher was going to pull out fom his jacket as I mentioned here before he was stopped by Dora will turn out to be a hand grenade, as he tends to use weapons whenever he feels cornered in PI
-Snatcher will use the grenade as a last resort against the trio since somehow Spike will be immobilized and unable to attack anymore - I don't know what will happen there, and I would like someone else could add up or suggest what will happen in this fight
-However, as he throws the grenade against them, Toki summons another unicorn horn which sticks the grenade right where Snatcher and Spike are. Snatcher looks baffled as he thought the horns were useless, but Toki smugly explains to him that the horns created by [BATTLEFIELD] stick anything that is a not living creature
-The grenade explodes, "killing" Spike and injuring Snatcher with shrapnels. Snatcher tries to escape during the explosion but Susie appears behind him and impales him with a piece of metal taken from the destructed robot


>I would like someone else could add up or suggest what will happen in this fight
I'll work on that later then.

Some things I'd like to point out are Susie should probably be jealous of Dora's injuries and Pericles should be less caring since he knows death does not take here. He would try to prevent Dora from being killed though since he's experienced the re-spwaning process and also would not want the Warden to get any sense of satisfaction from having killed any of them after grouping up.

-Snatcher looks surprised at first, but starts laughing as blood coughs out from his mouth: "My, you are a dense broad alright! Do you know that no one really dies in [Pure Imagination]?"
-Susie, looking furious as ever, pushes the piece further into Snatcher, causing Snatcher to twitch in pain.
-"Yes, I know. But you hurt the only person in zis sick sad world zat treated me with kindness and saw me as a friend."
-Snatcher, coughing more blood: "Fair enough, fair enough. I can see when I'm beaten. So... just to show I'm not a sore loser..."
-He pulls a key from his pocket. Susie looks at him bewildered.
-Snatcher: "Here, take this... Use it in a place called Supermax... There, you and the bird and those group of morons can escape from [Pure Imagination]... and return to the real world!"
-Susie: "...Is zat right?"
-Snatcher: "Of course! After all, this is for defeating me and that stupid mutt!"
-Susie grabs the key, looking at it, puzzled. She doesn't notice Snatcher is now grinning with is teeth all stained in blood.
-Snatcher: -internally- "Heheheh yeah, good ahead and use the key, stupid woman. Little you know the key won't free you, but something far more fearsome and horrible that will cause your death."
-Susie then walks away still looking at the key as Snatcher remains stuck wherever he is bleeding to death.
-Cut to a different place. We see a gallery of dormant prisoners imprisoned in what seems to be large transparent boxes, as if they are giant and collected action figures. This sequence ends with a panel focusing on three prisoners - Shirley, Dodo and Woody.


The next chapter should then start with Toki healing Dora's injuries before she dies of internal bleeding by using the other ability of [BATTLEFIELD]. Pericles asks in awe all the possible abilities of [BATTLEFIELD], and Toki innocently explains that he uses his Stand not only to make art crafts, but to also treat his friends whenever they hurt themselves in something stupid.

Other things would be Dethklok sticking with Dora's group for a while as they share information for each other - how Dethklok managed to piss off the Warden by refusing to do the songs he requested and resulted in them being ambushed by Snatcher, and how they are all trapped in PI until Susie reveals Snatcher gave her a key that is said to free them all. The Dethklok are excited to use it but Pericles intervenes again, theorizing it must be another trap by Snatcher for they have defeating him. However, the Dethklok refuses to listen to him and persuade Susie to take them to Supermax. At this point, Pericles is fed up with everyone ignoring his words and threatens to storm out and leave them at the mercy of the horrors of PI.

Murderface tells Pericles to go suck a bird's dick and he and Susie go to Supermax to try the key, as well as to find a bass to Murderface so he won't be called useless anymore. Nathan stays since he can't do anything anyway, Pickles and Skwigelf stay to be treated by Toki and Wall-E stays as he is still treating Inch. Dora, who is already cured, goes after Pericles to ask him to don't abandon them and apologize for being so reckless lately.


What comes next, I thought they will eventually meet Giffany, who will try to intervene them from using a key but ends up fighting them because Murderface is a stubborn dick. She is eventually defeated but once they use the key they end up freeing Daffy's sons, and soon realize the grave mistake they did (At least Susie will, Murderface will very likely to act confused and make retarded questions such as "What the *riff* just happened? We were supposed to be free not to release those *riff*ing things!")

I'll come back later to add more ideas. For now that's all I can suggest.

I'm thinking Dora might get healed mid-battle and be the reason why Spike can't attack anymore.

She's still down on the ground, but [Boots] is up and making the dog chase his own tail.

That's okay. Feel free to change anything that would be too OOC for those characters, as well as sequences that don't make sense for the narrative.

I think my interpretation of the current group is none of them are all that emotional aside from Wall-E.

Dora is more stoic, Pericles is calculating, and Susie takes joy in morbid situations.

I do have some ideas, but I'll work on it later or tomorrow.

This is much more fun than having to come up with it all on my own.


Oh, here's what I found for the descriptions of the Gross Sisters' stands.

Shorty (Gina) can pull objects to her, but only objects or a group of objects that do no exceed her mass. She's able to pull bigger objects if someone else is pulling on her, as if it were an invisible rope. It just looks like a glove.

Lanky (Nubia) has a stand that coats things, turning them blue. Coated objects and people have higher durability and greater resistance to damage, it also causes passive attacks (anything that isn't a physical attack) to slip off of them. It just takes the form of a spray bottle.

Strongfat (Olay) has a punchghost. It does punchghost things. It's fuck huge and never fully in frame. Its ability is to be the biggest thing present.

I don't think we ever decided on names for them.

>I think my interpretation of the current group is none of them are all that emotional aside from Wall-E.

Yeah, honestly I'm not very hooked in Part 6's main group mostly because of that. In the previous parts the main cast had a good variety of personalities, ranging of assholes like Eddy and Cartman to charismatic types like Plucky and Hank, to badass mentor types like Bluto and Scrooge. On the other hand though, supporting characters like Bobby and Dredd are really interesting and engaging, and Warden must be my favorite main villain since Daffy.

I can understand that.

Though I do think it's important that each group of main characters feels different from the last one, otherwise what would even be the point of having different characters each time?

Anyway, I'm in the middle of tweaking/editing the written out stuff you posted a bit ago, then, if it's not too late at night by the time I'm done doing that, I'll try taking a crack at spinning those notes into something.

I hadn't thought about splitting the group like that before.

I think the major problem is that it is hard to make some smooth character development when the main cast is mostly composed of sociopaths or morally questionable people. Of course there are cases where that is done in an amazing way like Ostrander's Suicide Squad, Dorohedoro and Hellsing.

I think the main goal in stories like that, on the point of view of writing, is to make the protagonists and also villains as likeable as possible, specially if they escape from the old routine of "good vs. evil".

In their case, it's not about good VS evil, it's about them wanting their freedom.

I guess the biggest good in this part would be Bobby (or Penny), he's the "good guy" but not the main character. Dora isn't good, and she isn't aware of the Warden's plans, she and her group just want to escape, but the Warden is standing in their way and has already provoked them into retaliation.

Which makes it easy for Bobby and Penny to have the firepower they need to fight the Warden.

As an outsider, I'm honestly excited for when you guys get past this part. Naturally, I can't complain, as I've only helped a few random times when these threads happened, but I'd love to see what results from 7 and 8.

Well, like Jolyne, I see Dora as being loyal and protective of her friend's.

I feel like Part 7 is our chance to make a really good story instead of coming up with a list of fights. We could take everything we've learned so far and make something great.

First section written out.
>Back to Spike, [Dogs Out] is shaking and produces three miniature copies of itself which fly off in Susie’s direction
>We see Toki knelt down next to Dora, blocking the source of a colorful glow being applied to her arm
>As the miniature dogs rapidly approach the group, mouths open and teeth showing, unicorn horns suddenly spring from nothing and surround them as if they were caged. This causes them to stop dead in their tracks, comically colliding with each other to avoid slamming into the horns
>The horns continue to sprout until there’s a wall between them and Spike
>Unknown to them, Snatcher had been sneaking closer and was caught in the middle of the wall
>We see a look of panic on Snatchers face as a horn impales him, but then after opening his eyes and feeling around his body, he realizes the horns passed right through him with no ill effect
>He looks around and notices Susie and Toki are moving the still unconscious Dora farther away
>Passing through the horns he yells at Spike, “What are you doing, you mangy mutt?! They’re getting away; the horns are fake!”
>The miniature copies of Spike’s stand run back to him and jump back into his [Dogs Out] as Spike takes off through the horns after them, his [Dogs Out] barreling in front him until [Slug Bait] punches it, knocking both it and Spike to the ground
>More miniature copies of [Dogs Out] are produced by the main stand and begin chasing them like a pack
>Pericles has been flying overhead and swoops down between Susie and Toki, “The dog’s stand appears to multiply each time it is struck, we will need to find a way to either defeat him without touching him, or end this in a single blow.”
>There’s a shot of Spike running with his pack now, his calm, almost sleepy look is gone, he’s completely wrapped up in the thrill of the chase now as his stand and its replicas all open their mouths to start firing sonic barks at the group

I also did edits to the previous stuff, but it will hate to wait to be shown until it's on the doc I guess.

Not sure if I'll be able to give the greentext treatment tonight or not though since it's getting late now.

This is so much easier when I have a path to work off of instead of a vague implication of events supposedly happening.

>As Spike gets closer and is finally in lunging distance, he finds himself suddenly turning and spinning in circles, as if he were chasing his own tail
>He looks down and sees that he’s following a trail of red footprints forming a very tight circle
>From his limited vision, he sees Dora, still with one arm over Susie and Toki as they are carrying her away, glowing with stand power. She’s looking over her shoulder, he can only see one of her eyes briefly a few times a second now, and it is gazing at him with a look of pure malice
>Snatcher is watching from a distance, he’s gotten back in his robot and is gaining ground “That worthless mutt.”
>Snatcher again reaches into his jacket this time pulling out a hand grenade “To think they’ve made me resort to this.”
>Snatcher is just passing where Spike is slowly turning into a blur as he continues in circles (it almost looks like a mini-tornado is beginning to form around him) before he throws the grenade
>However, as he throws the grenade at them, Toki summons another unicorn horn from the ground which sticks the grenade in mid air right in front of Spike
>Snatcher: “What? I thought they were merely illusion-“ BOOM
>The explosion stops Spike, killing him, and topples Snatcher’s robot again
>Snatcher is lying on the ground now covered in injuries from the shrapnel and also pinned under the robot; he looks positively baffled as he mumbles “Those useless horns…”
>Toki strikes a pose and smugly explains “The horns my [BATTLEFIELD] makes sticks anything that is a not a livings creatures.”
>Snatcher uses his stand to push the robot off of him and begins crawling away before Susie appears behind him and impales him with a piece of metal taken from the destroyed robot, pinning him to the ground

Who cares?

It's just a bunch of idiots who went over there to stir up shit in an attempt to make us fight with them.

>says the shitposter from redditchan

>direct linking to another site

Crikey, someone trying to stir shit up again?
I honestly hope 7 is cool. The lack of groundwork is a little worrying, but we have some awesome ideas and I think Nobody will be a cool villain.

There are a lot of ideas for part 7, just for locations we've kicked around

A leg of the race taking them through kaiju Hollywood
-Stopping at the Bagge farm
-Tricking out their cars so they can cross the ocean
-The sunken Looniversity
-A South American country under the rule of Handsome Tulio
-Being sent to the Moon

The legs of the race are going to be wild, not even counting whoever they meet along the way.

Not to mention participants in the race include everyone from Spongebob, Asterix and Obelix, to the Beatles themselves.

The ones I find myself interested in are gender swapped Sam & Max (because we have dozens and dozens of lines of inspiration to work with there), Cybersix for the atomic superman and robot rights angle (there should be some political motives going on in the race given President Nobody organized it), and Navis since I think it'll be interesting to see how Interpol has adapted to Nobody's policies.

Of course they're all side characters with specific plots going for them, we still don't know who are part 7 protagonists are.

I kind of like Jack (Yellow Jacket) for that role. He was suggested with no prior knowledge that in his reboot he was Earth's greatest hero and son of the president on that Earth. That's the kind of weird coincidences I like about this project.

>A South American country under the rule of Handsome Tulio
Free helicopter rides?

>in his reboot he was Earth's greatest hero and son of the president on that Earth.
Actually, he's the first superhero of Earth 4 and father of the US president.

First means you're the greatest until someone better comes along.

I'm just impressed with a random public domain character selected because of his lack of superhero name on a hero roster spread actually has a recent history like that which fits so well with the themes of part 7.

>Snatcher’s eyes widen in pain at first, but then he begins laughing as he starts coughing up blood: "My, you are a dense broad alright! Do you not know that no one really dies in [Pure Imagination]?"
>Susie, still with an indentation to her eyebrows, pushes the piece further into Snatcher, causing causing him to squirm in pain.
>"Yes, I am aware. Zis is just compensation for harming one of ze few people in zis wonderfully disturbed world who shows me humanity and sees me as a friend."
>Snatcher, coughing up more blood: "Fair enough, fair enough. I can see when I'm beaten. So... just to show I'm not a sore loser..."
>He pulls a key from his pocket. Susie looks at him bewildered.
>Snatcher: "Here you go, take it... It opens a special place in here called Supermax... There, you and the bird and that group of morons might find a way to escape from [Pure Imagination]... and return to the real world!"
>Susie, with a dull expression and striking a pose of skepticism: "...Is zat right?"
>Snatcher: "Of course! After all, this is for defeating me and that stupid mutt!"
>Susie continues to stare at the bleeding dirty little impaled man on the ground before Muderface grabs the key before kicking Snatcher’s head
>Murderface: “All right! Now we can get out of this *riff*ing place!”
>Susie is too busy looking at Murderface to notice Snatcher is now grinning wide, his teeth all stained with blood.
>Snatcher: -internally- "Heheheh yeah, go ahead and use the key, moron. Little do you know what horrible fate it’ll unlock for all of you."
>Murderface is running back to the rest of the group while holding up the key with Susie following him as Snatcher remains stuck wherever he is bleeding to death.

>Cut to a different location. We see a gallery of dormant prisoners imprisoned in what seems to be large transparent boxes, like a collection of giant action figures
>There’s a close up on three of them, each with a bird silhouette with in (Shirley, Dodo and Woody)

I was over the character limit by 10.

Anyway, I just wanted to bump the thread with the continued tweaks and expansions I've been doing.

>The next chapter begins with Toki continuing to heal Dora and his band mates’ injuries
>Pericles: “What a remarkable ability, this [BATTLEFIELD] of yours must have countless applications.”
>Toki, innocently: “I mostly use my stand in makings the arts and crafts, but I’s also uses it to treat my friends whenever theys have done somethings stupid.”

We should probably title the stuff with Snatcher "Band on the Run" instead of "Being Other People". I'm not sure when "Being other People" should actually start. After Supermax is opened?

What does the rest of Cred Forums think of this project?

Like most boards, anons on Cred Forums stick to the threads they come to Cred Forums for and remain unaware of most other threads on the board at any given time.

Then why is there so much bad blood between this and the other Cred Forums threads?

From what I can tell there is significantly less bad blood between these threads and other Cred Forums threads than other Cred Forums threads and other Cred Forums threads.

Well, good luck not dropping off the board during the dead hours.

More on those notes and expanding them tomorrow I guess.

You guys needed something drawn?

Yeah. We always need some art. Skim through the Parts docs, find a character you want to draw, and draw away. I request the main protagonists of part 5.

There's bad blood? Really? Worst I've seen is a few guys who tried to get us to fight with the Channel-tan folks.

So I searched araki for reference and if you dont put the word robot in there it's just bdsm.

And I thought you were talking about Whitesnake

They're either ambivalent, like it, or loath it.

I'm unsure about putting a definite time on how long the Hero's been dead for. It's definitely more than 50 years prior to the race, and I was thinking closer to 100. Almost everyone who knew him is dead, and he's more myth than history now.

What about Dick Dastardly and Muttley? I almost feel like those two might need to be there in some form for the race...

Hey, this is the dame writing the Skippy Side Story, and I need a few suggestions for the following characters:

>1. The Kidnapper who causes Skippy to get his stand, [YAKKITY SAX]
>2. The Survivor of the [CENSORED SECURITY] Raid
>3. The Grumbling Employee who doesn't like what the organization is doing, sees Skippy, but lets the kid go unnoticed just to do something good to counter what the company has them doing.

I've been considering the Grumbling Employee to be like, Elisa Maza from Gargoyles or something while the Survivor might be the AoStH version of Sonic, or even a character from the old SaTAM cartoon... but I'm not entirely sure yet.

Also, were there any more plans for the Loonatics after part 5? Because thinking back over the epilogue and Danger Duck waking up, I had a weird idea involving Yakkity accidentally "Awakening" aspects of the Loonatics that came from the characters they were cloned from, and Danger might end up channeling Daffy due to whatever deal BJ put together for the duck's ghost at the end of part 5.

If there weren't other plans, I'd be happy to try and fit them into Heart of Melody, if that's ok.

>Also, were there any more plans for the Loonatics after part 5?
Originally, the protagonists meet them, now as civilians, in a settlement next to the hole that was the Looniversity and warn them about the monster at the bottom of the pit.

>the monster at the bottom of the pit.

Alright. If they don't have too big a role in Part 7, then I'll just have Heart of Melody be a thing for at least Danger Duck to catch up on getting some action in, and also probably show off whatever his [STAND] ends up being.

Also, just WHAT WAS the monster at the bottom of the pit meant to be?

It was Telephone Avatar. Rolf got him there by jumping down the pit made out of the remains of HIM.

Hold on, isn't Nightmare Bitters that is in the Looniversity ruins?

Yeah, she is the thing that's currently residing at the bottom of the pit, but the loonatics refer to the other abomination that was being made by the WB and sunk with the looniversity (which was retrieved by Ethan at one point between part 6 and 7)

Oh. I thought you referred to that pit. Sorry. I forgot. But yeah, this seems to be it.

They're already in it as agents of President Nobody.

Their job is to keep the race exciting.

Wrong pit.

It's the hey kids monster, or whatever the fuck we called it. It's going to be Ethan's mount in part 8.

>Wrong pit.

And he already climbed out of that pit at the end of part 5 since we thought it excessive for the son of a Shepard taking 7 years to climb out of a hole.

Didn't he immediately fall back in though?


We changed that since we weren't going to use Rolf again and decided to give him a happy ending after all the shit he had to go through in part 5.

No, he survived, but so did the Telephone Avatar if nothing has changed.

Rolf killed it and used pieces of its body to help scale the walls of that pit they fell into.

Was no one paying attention when we were doing part 5?

There was a suggestion that in part 8 a flashback reveals that TA crawled out of the hole, only to travel to the Looniversity's pit and let himself be absorbed by the monster to further its development.

That was its disembodied spirit.

So uh... I still need suggestions for the kidnapper, the survivor, the grumbling employee and whatever else might be good for the side story I'm working on.

Anyone got anything they want to suggest?

Ed Bighead for the employee or the kidnapper?


Maybe for the kidnapper, yeah.

Cheburashka for the survivor?

Where are they from? I've never heard of them until now?

Cheburashka is a series of Russian puppet cartoons.

Cheburashka himself is a weird creature, that just... is. Although I think it is a mutated bear cub, honestly. The point is, he looks cute. Ideal for a "survivor"

Here's the Wikipedia link for the series:

/r/ing Gaz and Mandy at the beach

>the survivor
Wheelie from Transformers.

Cute, yes, however, I'm kind of nervous about using a Russian icon if what I'm getting from the wikipedia page is correct. Mainly because I'm worried about getting the character wrong, and I have a feeling pissing off Russians that grew up with the little guy would be a very, very bad thing.

Thank you for the suggestion though Taffy.

Welp. Didn't expect that one. And he is human sized, I believe in the original movie...

Which series did you have in mind for Wheelie anyway?

He's really a child-like thing. Trust me, I am a Russian. He's naive, forgiving and trusting.

And while I am at it, Volk from Nu, Pogodi wasn't used, I think. He's that typical low-life bandit, gopnik, however you call him. Might be a good side character.

Well, I'm American, but I'll see what I can do if you help me out and tell me when I'm getting him out of character.

Might have Gena the Crocodile appear as a STAND for the little guy though, has [CROCODILE ROCK] been used for a Stand Name yet?

Okay, I'm probably going to need a crash course on this guy's series too, ain't I? Mainly because I'm not sure how to fit him in yet.

No, that hasn't been used yet.

Krokodil Gena is a racer for part 7. I'll surely help you, don't worry.

Here's Nu pogodi:,_pogodi!

Basically, like Tom and Jerry, but Wolf and a Hare and less violent. Volk could have the terminator Hare as a stand.


*Cue evil laughter here.*

Now to figure out what [CROCODILE ROCK] gets to do...

Okay, thanks for clearing up the bit with Gena before I started describing Crocodile Rock as a STAND on the doc.

Also thanks for the help, the help is DEFINITELY more important to me right now.

Although you could always use his "Zoo" version.

Good point. Still need to figure out what [CROCODILE ROCK] can do as an ability though.

What needs doing on part 6, again? Is it still waiting on the Snatcher and Spike fight?

no, that was done already. Next thing is when the group enters supermax, fights Giffany and releases Daffy's sons.

I suggest that it produces bubbles of different sizesfrom the pipe. The bubbles can be linked together to create shapes. The more bubbles linked, the more durable and complex the thing can be. 10 bubbles can provide a baseball bat, while 500 can provide a tank. Something like that.

Yeah, that was done, right now I'm

>Dora is sitting up, rubbing her arm and rotating her shoulder: “So what did you guys do to piss that guy off so much?”
>Close up of Nathan’s face, then that ripple flashback effect kicks in
>Dethklok are smashing up a garden using instruments and making obscene motions using statues in the Warden’s likeness, such as miming one statue’s severed head blowing its own dick before Snatcher shows up in his robot
>Ripple back to the present, still on Nathan: “I have no idea, we were just minding our own business when that *riff*face showed up.”
>Murderface: “Who the *riff* cares about that now! We have a way out of this *riff*hole!” as he holds up the key Snatcher gave them
>Toki and Nathan’s mood is improved by the sight of the key, until Pericles speaks up
>Pericles: “I find it hard to fathom that you are this unintelligent. That key is nothing more than bait for the gullible and naive.”

But I've been busy with work and shit to really do anything more today.

oooohohohohoo sounds like a lot of fun! I'll go on and add that to the doc, Taffy. You're a brilliant person, you know that?

Thanks for your praises. Might as well help with something since I did jack shit for part 6.

I'm thinking to expand some more of this for today Since the scene with Dora talking to Dethklok and Pericles trying to stop them to go to Supermax is already being expanded, I want to throw the ideas I've had for the Giffany arc.

Haven't been on here since Starduck crusaders, what happened to the booru?


You... don't want to know.

Did anything else get fucked, or was it just that?

Autist filled booru and docs with awful shit. Booru needs to get nuked, docs are locked.

A bump before I sleep. Live, Cred Forumsco/. Live and be living.

He was fucking with the docs, but I locked 'em. Pretty sure it's safe to unlock 'em, but I'll give it an extra day to be safe. Pretty sure everything else is fine. Hope you like what you see, a lot of shit's gone down since Starduck.

Speaking of the Booru, what are we going to do about it? Make a new one, or switch for an online album of some kind? I'd hate to lose all the art.

Well if we could find whoever made the booru, they could do a rollback on it to before it was vandalized.

There lies the rub, I have no idea who set it up. For all we know he ditched this project right after he made it.

The question of "who" is easy, just find the first image on the booru and look at who uploaded it.

It is the question of "where" that is difficult. If that user was still actively involved in the project then they would have probably noticed there's a problem by now.

The reason why Cred Forums projects so often fail (aside from short attention spans) is because anons who set up things like docs, boorus, and wikis often times fail to upkeep them.

You should keep docs 1 and 2 locked since they're probably as done as they'll ever be.

Hey user. Not the guy you asked, but how is this?

Sort of made star striped boney "wings" and "tail feathers" for the motif.

Not that guy, but that's really creative. Nice work, user.
Are you going to color it too?

Maybe. Let me do some outlines first.

Also what were Nameless world's powers?

I remember Truth/Lie detection was mentioned, but some felt it overlaped with Huey's thing (is huey still a thing by the way?).

Being able to see "velocity and trajectory" of objects was mentioned for its utility to a gunslinger and a race car driver for crazy ricochet tricks and car stunts respectively.

I liked the velocity thing better, personally. Fits a cowboy better.

I figured as much. So the eye corpse part he eventually gets may augment his stand then? Perhaps into gaining "Velocity based" laser vision in his wonky eye, or the aforementioned truth sight (though again... considering its superman's eye the former makes some lick of sense.

Sorry again that I'm posting part 7 stuff in the part 6 thread. Its just the part I'm super excited about working on... whats current status of part 6 by the way? I'm currently reading my way through the thread again now.

in the mean time enjoy a couple of quick sketches of a Kamen Rider styled Hank Pym and Crazy Jane with Robot Man's Jacket.

Currently we're in the build up to the group splitting.

I believe Susie, Murderface, and Nathan heading to supermax where they will be confronted by Giffany.

Toki is staying put to heal Pickles and Skwigelf while Dora stays with him so she can go talk with Pericles.

I'm not sure where Wall-E is in all this yet. I want to work in something where Giffany becomes clingy towards him at some point.

I love that drawing.

Just reminding that Giffany can't be seen by non-Stand users, so whatever reaction Nathan will have it will be mostly likely he will have no idea what Murderface and Susie are seeing while they are in Supermax.

Also I just wrote a scene where they finally find a bass for Murderface. Will post in minutes until I finish what I'm brainstorming.

I was thinking Giffany just uses some of the animatronics from the arcade to attack them with and one of them has a bass.

I guess she probably has a handful of animatronics in Supermax, donated by Gaz most likely, which she uses to assault targets whenever she feels the need to get violent.

In the scene I was going to pitch they first were going back to the arcade to get a bass (Gaz wouldn't be there since she is absent doing something else), but I think animatronics being used in Supermax as robotic guards under Giffany's control is fine too. Would be less time consuming for the narrative's flow as well.

Yeah, I'd say just throw some animatronic Wardens in Supermax. It could be set up like a circus freak show or some fucked up Disneyland attraction.

There is the question of how they even find Supermax.

I had the idea that the key would always be slightly pulling towards the door it opens.

Alright, the scene of them going back to arcade scrapped, here is the rest that I've written for today.

>The next scene opens in Supermax. Its exterior side looks like a fancy art gallery building, with huge red neon letters being used to announce the name of the place.
>Inside, we see Susie and Murderface going through a corridor where they see the sleeping prisoners incased in plastic boxes. (Those prisoners are some of the most notorious psychopaths related with comic book & cartoon media, which will give a good room to certain characters make a cameo in this scene)
>Susie: -smiling- “Nice place… reminds me of zose wax museums about serial killers zat I used to visit.”
>Murderface: “Eh, not impressed.”
>He picks the key from his jacket and looks at it. There is a number and a letter printed on the top of it – L3. He then looks at the boxes and notices all of them have a number and a letter as well.
>Murderface: “So, supposedly… this key must open some kind of secret door here, I guess.”
>Susie: “You zink so?”
>Murderface: -shrugs- “Yeah, why not? I mean, I bet one of those guys is not a real person, but a mannequin that they put to deceive the prisoners so they wouldn’t realize one of those boxes is an entrance that leads out of this place.”
>Susie scratches her head, looking hesitant.
>Susie: “You know Monsieur Murderface, I’m starting to zink Professor Pericles was probably right… Zis key isn’t going to get us out of here, but instead it might be a trap designed by zat horrible man.”
>Murderface: “Stop worrying Susie. That *riff*ing gay bird is a paranoid loony tune, that is for sure. I don’t even think he is an actual parrot like he says, with that mutant giant head of his.”
>???: “Excuse me, may I help you two?”


I was thinking they wouldn't even get inside until after beating Giffany.

Unless beating her somehow frees all the prisoners.

I suppose Vicky could've also been in Supermax.

What IS the point of Supermax anyway? Is that where the Warden puts prisoners in PI who have become boring so he can just leach the STAR energy out of them without their boring ways infecting the other inmates?

>Susie/Murderface: …?
>They turn around and see that one television screen that was behind them and was turned off is now showing a girl with pink hair and wearing a police uniform (Giffany from Gravity Falls). She is smiling to them in a friendly manner.
>Murderface: “What the…”
>Giffany: “Hello and welcome to Supermax. My name is Giffany and I am the guard responsible for taking care of this place…”
>The screen then goes static for a moment and when it returns to normal Giffany is now seen in a tour guide outfit.
>Giffany: “As well as your guide. You see, Supermax not only is designed to hold the worst of the worst that Superjail has contained, but also a living gallery where visitors can see who were the prisoners who caught the attention of the Warden with their ultra-violent and uncontrollable attitude.”
>Susie: “Sounds a nice concept, even zough I have a huge dislike for Ze Warden.”
>The screen goes static again. Giffany is now dressed as a school teacher (sweater and glasses and things like that) as she uses a stick to point in a picture of one sleepy prisoner inside a box (The character used here is Barracuda from Marvel MAX books)
>Giffany: “To make sure anyone wouldn’t try to escape, the Warden specifically created plastic cubes that include a special formula that drives the prisoners to a rapid state of drowsiness and, finally, sleepiness. It is an ever-lasting formula that affects them as long as the cubes aren’t destroyed or opened, and I always advise our visitors to do NOT trying to violate the cubes unless they want to meet a quick grisly fate.”
>Murderface: -looking bored and annoyed- “Wow… so interesting and informative. Come on Susie, we are wasting time.”


The concept here is so against all that the Warden has been set up to be.

With everything we've established so far, I think the MORE violent an inmate is, the less likely they are to end up in Supermax. Only the ones who attempt a pacifist route should end up in there so they don't go giving the other prisoners any sissy ideas.

>The two move forward, Murderface trying to ignore Giffany as much as he can.
>Murderface: “Now, if I remember the alphabet correctly, after K comes L, and I just saw that one dude there had the letter H, so we might not to be too far from L.”
>Susie: -rolling her eyes, seeming annoyed- “Hrrmm…”
>But as they move forward through the gallery, they pass over another TV, which suddenly turns on. Giffany is there, now using her guard uniform again.
>Giffany: -still all smiles- “Okay, I couldn’t stop notice you’re holding a key sir. May I ask what is about?”
>Murderface: -looking startled- “Wait what? Are you a virtual *riff* or something?”
>Giffany: “Hahahah, something like that. But please, don’t use vulgar language next time. I don’t really like it.”
>Murderface: “My *riff* I won’t use. And the key is none of your *riff* business.”
>Susie: “Well, the key… we… uh, we found it outside. And we learned it is from zis place.”
>Giffany now looks at them inquisitive.
>Giffany: “That key is from HERE? But it couldn’t simply be found outside unless…”
>But before she can finish Murderface and Susie have moved forward. Murderface walks in a hurry as Susie tries to accompany his steps. As they go into a new corridor, they find another TV monitor which turns on showing Giffany again.
Murderface: “What the *riff* is this? Is this thing following us?”
>Giffany: -now staring sternly at the duo, her friendly stance all gone- “You two, I order to give that key to me. Right. Now.”
>Murderface grabs his testicles and shakes them to Giffany. Susie grits her teeth nervously, realizing they are going to get in trouble in again.
>Murderface: “Take this instead, you virtual *riff*!”


>Giffany: -now glaring at Murderface and Susie- “I will give you 5 seconds to comply.”
>Murderface: -showing a middle finger- “Comply this!”
>Murderface: “No one is going to stop me from escaping from this piece of *riff*!”
>Murderface: “Especially some video *riff* that it looks it came out from one of those sissy dating games that Toki likes!”
>Murderface: “Let’s go, Susie! I’ve had enough of this!”
>Susie: “Monsieur Murderface, I zink it would be a wise idea if we gave the…”
>The screen then suddenly goes black. Murderface and Susie stare at it, confused.
>Murderface: “Huh? What happened?”
>As he finishes saying this, thousand of monitors fall from the ceiling and stand above him and Susie. They all turn on at the same time and we see a huge Giffany divided in all of them. She is cross-armed as angrily gazes at them, skull-cross symbols flying behind her. Susie looks up with a dopey expression, whereas Murderface is mouth-opened, looking terrified.
>Susie: “Well, never mind now.”
>Murderface: “*RIFF*ING HELL!!!”

So why he would imprison Daffy's sons in there if they are set up as dangerous? Because them creating chaos in PI would fit with his views, unless he had the kinky idea of watching them motionless like exhibitions, or they did something he didn't like so they ended up imprisoned with the "boring" inmates.

Or maybe it's where high STAR potential inmates are kept so the energy can be more efficiently leached from them.

Also, where is Nathan in all of this?

I wrote that hours ago, before you had the idea of having Nathan in this scene.

Also what he can do since he can't see Giffany and he won't be able to do anything against the animatronics since anything that is touched by [Digital Love] can't be touched by anything else that is not a Stand.

If Giffany is being displayed on a screen, I'm pretty sure Nathan would be able to see her.

Other things I was going to elaborate but I have to keep for tomorrow or other day.

-Giffany sends the animatronics to attack Murderface and Susie and retrieve the key. Murderface tries to destroy them but his punches and kicks passes through them since they have been [digitalized] by Giffany's [Digital Love]. In the other hand, the animatronics can hurt them with weapons that also happen to be [digitalized]
-Susie tries to stop with them with [Slug Bait], but again they easily pass through the human skins and other things created by [Slug Bait]. The animatronics start surrounding them when Susie makes [Slug Bait] punch one of them thinking it can do any other effect. For her surprise, [Slug Bait] is able to hit the animatronic, and trying a hunch she sends her Stand to punch all the other animatronics realizing anything that is controlled by Giffany can be touched by Stands. She takes this chance to escape with Murderface as Giffany figures out another way to assault them.
-As they run, Murderface thinks he had enough of all this shit and decides it is time to use his Stand. He picks the bass he got from one of the animatronics (they found out it hasn't been [digitalized] by Giffany because she didn't see it as a lethal weapon), warns Susie to go away as much as possible and starts playing as Giffany's reinforcements arrive.

Cont. in other post.

I dunno, she is depicted as a sentient Stand in the doc, so Nathan seeing her through a screen would be weird. It would be most likely he would ask Susie and Murderface what they are seeing while he sees nothing but blank on the screen. But I'm just giving a skeleton of what could happen here anyway, and given this project is not following Jojo's rules 1:1 some things will changed.

I think Vicky should show up earlier before her fight with the gang as foreshadowing and boasting about how she's the strongest stand user in PI.

All of PI is the construct of a stand and Nathan has no problem seeing all of that.

If she's on a screen he can see her, he can't see anything that's been [digitized] though.

-[Ride the Lighting] ends up destroying them all, since it is also a Stand, as well as some parts of the surrounding until it reveals an old computer hidden in a wall. Giffany shows panic and Murderface realizes the computer must her main body or something and prepares to do another performance to destroy it. Giffany controls the computer by sending a cable toward Murderface's solo in an attempt to [digitalize] it so Murderface can't interact with it, but something happens (either Susie smashes it with some trick or Murderface acts faster than Giffany) and the computer is mangled before the cable reaches the solo.
-Giffany is defeated but not entirely destroyed as she is still sentient and will be back later. Susie and Murderface resume their search for whatever that will be opened by the key, until they eventually find the area where Daffy's sons are. The sons are released once Murderface uses the key and impusively assault him and Susie in a very violent manner. They are nearly killed until they are rescued by another character (either Giffany, Dora or Pericles) and escape before the sons has the chance to kill them all.

That's what I have for today. Sorry if some of those pitches didn't work or fit with the story's basic idea.

Actually, objects [digitalized] by [Digital Love] remain visible to anyone. They just can't be used by anyone else except Stands.

That's pretty cool. I was thinking one of Pym's outfits could be based around his Marvel Fairy Tales appearance. It's pretty fabulous and the fact that he was in a Pinocchio retelling fits in with identity and all that.

Maybe he collects the most violent prisoners in Supermax so their "routines" don't get old? Every kid has their favorite toys, but they still switch 'em out so they don't get boring every once in a while. Either that or he has it for ego-stroking purposes or what said.

I'm favoring the STAR sucking thing, but putting his toys away when he gets bored of them is in character, so both of those work.

It's why El Oso tries so hard to be entertaining.

I'm still working on this group splitting part, I'm really struggling with Nathan and Murderface's lines.

What would she do beforehand?

>Nathan: “Ugh, don’t be such a downer.”
>Murderface: “Yeah, go suck a fat bird cock.”
>Pericles looks annoyed, but says nothing and files off
>Murderface: “*riff* that guy. You see this key? It *riff*ing move on its own! Watch this.”
>He lets the key rest in his hand and it begins nudging in a single direction.
>Nathan: “Yeah, that makes sense. We should go check that out.”
>Toki: “Ams still busy healing Pickles and Skwigelf.”
>Murderface: “Well I’m not waiting around for that. I’m getting the *riff* out of here ASAP.”
>Nathan: “I don’t have one of those stands, so I can’t really do much in this situation, but I’m gonna check this out too.”
>Susie closes her eyes and rubs her temples “I suppose I should tag-a-long zen as well.”
>Susie picks up a rock or something and put a mouth and an ear on it before handing it to Dora
>Susie: “If zis turns out not to be a trap, I will let you know.” She looks over to where Pericles is perched “Try to keep zings together until zen.”
>Susie turns to go after Nathan and Murderface as they’ve already started wandering off when Dora speaks up: “Susie, don’t die.”
>Susie smiles a bit: “Ah, and zis was such a grand opportunity to experience all of my top ten ways to die. Do not worry; I will not give ze Warten zat satisfaction.” And Sisie hurries off to catch up with Nathan and Murderface

>Dora turns to look at Pericles who has been joined by Wall-E now as they watch the giant Warden faced source of illumination fight with a cloud dragon raining daggers in the distance
>Dora sighs and walks over there

OK, I have no idea how to handle this scene. Basically Dora needs to admit she fucked up and paid the price for not listening to Pericles.

I actually dig that look a lot more. At least as far as the suit is concerned. The main motivation between a weird kamen rider/ghostrider hybrid was because of the whole motor race thing.

Have some more WIP colors. Sampling them from some DCAU stuff/ Thoughts?

Well while waiting for someone to comment on the part 6 stuff I just dropped, I just had an amazing (to me) idea for part 7.

One of the legs of the race ends with all the racers and their vehicles being loaded into and then next leg of the race begins with them being air dropped into the country controlled by Handsome Tulio.

This is when shit gets real as the racers have to dodge bullets, shells, and whatever else Tulio's military can throw at the invaders as they race their way to the check point.

President Nobody can't be blame for anything since the person who dropped them into the country is in fact an air pirate.

>is in fact an air pirate.
Don Carnage?

>racers accidentally get dropped into banana hell
>Nobody claims a sky pirate under Tulio's employ stole the ship and Tulio is threatening the racers
>naturally there's a corpse part he wants in banana hell but legal red tape kept him out of the country, Nobody paid the pirate to take the racers there
>uses the pirates thing as an excuse to declare war on Tulio's country so he can search for the corpse part at his leisure with Murrica's military

Forgot the quotes around "accidentally". I can see it working.

Yes, Don Karnage.

I couldn't remember his name.

We could probably also have a cool down chapter on board his ship.

And if we still want "big guy" Nobody in the part, he can still crash it to create the situation where they're dropped in the country.

Of course war is averted with the mysterious decapitation of Handsome Tulio in what looks to be a people's revolt.

He possessed the skull of the hero.

It should also be noted that this particular leg of the race is the only leg of the race where Dick Dastardly does not stop to cheat since he has had past unpleasant dealings with Tulio.

Anyway, here's a bump before bed.

And tomorrow I will probably continue to slog my way through part 6 trying to get it closer to being "done" since we are hitting arc fatigue now and are only about 2/3rds of the way there.

Well It seems Someone has locked me out of the docs, Taffy can you see what happened?

Sure thing.

Cred Forumsrge got Taffy'd, will fix when on computer, because app doesn't allow it for whatever reason. All other docs seem fine.


Doc is fixed now.

Morning Bump

Morning folks, going to try and get started on the introduction for Yakkity Sax today. Ed Bighead will be the Kidnapper, but will not have a stand.

Still need a grumbling employee for [CENSORED SECURITY] who may end up turning traitor, otherwise I may just end up using Elisa Maza from Gargoyles.

Will also need the following now that I think about it:
>1. Someone who knows about [STANDS] and will explain them to Skippy while he and Cheburashka are looking for the Coco-Banana Club.
>2. A destination for the group to head to after Roger and Jessica Rabbit join them, that will help the heroes get stronger before heading to [CENSORED SECURITY] HQ, may also lead to rescuing some of the captured students from Slappy's school. I'm considering the Acorn Kingdom/Knothole Village from Sonic SatAM though.
>3. Opponents and other allies for the heroes to encounter on their adventure.
>4. Potential [STAND] users and their [STANDS]
>5. Jessica Rabbit's [STYLE]
>6. Whether or not Skippy's [STAND] gets remastered into [HUNGARIAN RHAPSODY No.2] and if so, what it looks like and what it can do.
>7. Who the Big Bad in charge of [CENSORED SECURITY] is and their true goals.
>8. What could be going on behind the scenes that makes Grumbling Employee quit.
9. Potential ally that focuses on [HORROR MELODY] that isn't Jack Skellington or Beetlejuice.

I've also been considering the idea that 'Editing' stand users might cause their [STANDS] to be forcibly changed, or "remixed."

Another idea I've considered is that there may be "Sub-Melody" types for tragedy, romance, and other genres as well, but not sure if I should go with this one.

Original suggester of Nameless World here. You are based as fuck.

>So the eye corpse part he eventually gets may augment his stand then?
I believe that, much like Gyro/Johnny, he isn't going to start the story with a Stand.
Hmm. He should probably have a Yellowjacket outfit if we're using Charlton Yellowjacket, no?

I think he just pulls the "I have yellowjacket copyrighted" thing to mess with Jack.

Bump for safety

OK, so some ideas I've been mulling over.

When Susie and Murderface are fighting Giffany, Murderface's stand should short out all the shit in supermax. This takes Giffany out of any position to attack them and she retreats for the time being to get reinforcements.

The key they have is only for L block, so it doesn't release everyone in supermax, just a handful of people.

Woody runs off as soon as he's free.

Murderface, being a shithead, pisses off Shirley and Gogo Dodo enough to where they become hostile. Instead of a hall of mirrors, Shirley and Dodo can use the reflections off of all the plastic boxes in supermax.

Dora and the others should defuse the situation when they finally get there since Susie told them what was happening during the Giffany fight.

The Members of Dethklok should express that their manager usually takes care of this kind of shit for them and ask where the fuck he is.

This is when we cut to Belle Reve and Deadlock has just smashed through the wall 6 Juggernaut Star Scours the Universe style. He lands on the ground floor which is currently totally filled with robots ready and waiting to be deployed to PI.

The Warden thinks one went rogue and thinks it'd be fun to have Dredd fight him.
Dredd VS Deadlock until the Warden gets bored and sends all the robots to PI making it clear the fight was only for his amusement.

Deadlock lands in PI with dozens and dozens of other robots and a scene from Robotamay begins playing out with all of them getting blown up and fighting monsters. Deadlock (Nemesis) quickly deduces the actual point of all this and is disgusted by the organized chaos. He then begins subjugating the other demons in PI and starts a manhunt for his band.

Back with Dora's group, the robots have found them in their search for Dethklok, but Giffany has hijacked them all to try to kill them again. Inch High is finally better now and his [Angry Inch] makes them all pretty much invisible to Giffany.

More ideas to come.

I'm not sure how they'd recruit her. I think Wall-E would need to do something to win her over. Or maybe she becomes infatuated with Deadlock.

Giffany needs to settle on a robot body and I guess she starts helping Deadlock from here on.

In Supermax, we see on of the boxes damaged in the earlier fight is being ripped apart from the inside and Vicky emerges.

(Shirley explained what Supermax is about after the fight was stopped back there, it's like a power plant for sucking STAR out of any inmates the Warden has become too bored with to let roam free in PI)
Actually, let;s have it so Dora's group gets to Supermax because Woody found them and led them there.
(I know, this is getting confusing because this come before some of the stuff I've already posted)

Anyway, Woody is with the group at this point and an off hand remark from Dora about Wall-E's "la cucaracha" when explaining to Inch how it helped fix his trauma sends Woody into a traumatic flashback and turns him violent.

Back in Belle Reve, Penny is now beneath the jail and has met up with Trevor where they are discussing the potential power boost the vortex can give to stand users and realize the Warden is benefiting from it.

Then we cut to Sticks who is figuring shit out on her own through multiple deep dives. She arranges to meet with Droopy through Bobby and they both vanish in front of Bobby's eyes.

Back in PI Woody is proving to be a force to be reckoned with until Sticks and Droopy appear.
Droopy VS Woody.

With Sticks back with them, and with Droopy escorting them, they now have a leg up on the systems in place in PI.

As Dethklok begin their concert in an attempt to destroy PI from within, Droopy is able to convince Gaz to let them go to the Watchtower.
Vicky intercepts them on the way there.

Once Vicky is beaten we're out of PI and in the final stretch.

>I'm not sure how they'd recruit her.

Wall-E and Toki being the only characters with a sense of social skills and empathy in that group could convince her to stop attacking them. She realizes not everyone in the group deserves to get killed - and really, I can't blame her for trying to kill them after what they do in Supermax - and decides to help them but only because Wall-E/Toki showed her some sympathy.

So they give her flowers?

>The president of the US uses a bunch of mercenaries to topple a latinamerican goverment
This amuses me to no end

>When he loses the skull, his face briefly warps back into his normal self before further reverting into his pilot version

>Giffany needs to settle on a robot body
I had an idea: she takes one of the robot body that are dumped inside PI. During the final battle, said body is destroyed and she jumps into one of the MK 3 mechanismos, gaining a boost in firepower and remaining in that body for the rest of the story.

Given Nobody's personality, I can't imagine that he'd be up for a military invasion. I like the idea that his inner circle all interpret his orders differently, though, so I could see one of them wrangling the racers into taking down the government.

So how does Giffany get out of PI anyway?

I don't think she's with the group when they fight Vicky.

So the power structure would look like
-The Dada Party (who are on the same wavelength as Nobody)
-Nobody's supporters

The supporters all have their own agendas. Some are for Nobody, some are trying to use Nobody, all of them see him differently and have different interpretations of his policies.
This works with how he is in Doom Patrol since one of his things is that everyone sees him differently (but all can only see him as if he's in the corner of their eyes).

So where was I?

Right, still need some input on this scene with Dora talking to Pericles after Susie leaves to check out supermax with Nathan and Murderface.

Neither seem to be too sentimental, so I'm not sure how this conversation would go.

Pericles is feeling annoyed that no one is listening to him?

Seems so, he also spent a good time being killed over and over, that's another good reason to be on a bad mood. There is also the fact that he is still looking for that disk, he may feel that he wasted too much time being inside PI.

So he'll express that he feels they are wasting time here.

Does he feel as if any action they take within PI will be devoid of meaningful gain?

Next is probably Gaz.

This one's a little messy and cartoonish, but I hope it isn't too far from what you guys expected from the Stands.

I know all the parts are great, but some are more prevalent than others. Do you guys think part 6 is the weakest Cred ForumsCo/?

When you will be done with Part 6 characters, who will you do next? Part 7 characters? Becuase, desu, I dig your style. Could you make some for part 5 too?

I dunno, since the whole thing was supposed to be "break Von Drake, retrieve the map (and disk), get out of the jail and happy ending" but he got caught and spent who know how much time inside a murderous dimension. All that enthusiasm that he had after meeting Dora and co. in the ward is probably running out.

I'm new here


I'm going to continue on until Part 8 at the least, so maybe I'll even do a collection on Part 8 like I'm doing with Part 6. I'll do some of these for other parts too, but now I need to focus on Part 6.

Of course you don't know, no one knows, the story isn't written yet.
Make some shit up and toss it at the wall.

He spent like a week, tops, being killed over and over again.

I don't know how the fuck he's feeling, he's an evil mastermind in a dimension designed to break characters like him. He's been ignored when he was right all of ONE time since he was saved from being gutted over and over again.

It's felt like an over-reaction to me ever since it was proposed he'd get fed up with the group just because of Murderface being a shithead.

Instead of moping, he and Dora should be plotting. They should be going full devious at this point, trying to get inside the Warden's head after all the fucked up shit they've seen what his [Pure Imagination] does.

They should be talking about how the Warden is an extremely petty, self-absorbed, egomaniac and how they can use that to escape.

We're writing fanfiction. We've been doing this for about seven months now.

It's a pretty weird fanfiction but I like to watch you guys do this kind of thing. Maybe I'll suggest something once I figure everything out.

Cool. We're needing some help to keep things going on lately.
We're always open to new help and new ideias too.

I get the feeling Pericles should be trying to figure out how to twist things to his advantage. He's in a shit situation, but he knows he can make it work, if he can just SOMEHOW put the pieces together. Maybe he uses Dora as a springboard?

Right now they still have no idea how to get to the watchtower, which they have been assuming has the way out on top. Pericles should know his chances of escaping are almost zero on his own and that he needs to keep his allies.

They should come to the realization that they need to ask someone who works for the Warden inside of PI about how to escape. They consider interrogating Snatcher, but he kind of evaporated after dying and they have no idea where he'll re-spawn at.

Later they could ask Giffany about this during the second fight with her and she realizes that she's never been out before, causing her to realize she is also a prisoner despite being something made to keep other prisoners in-check.

>Dora takes a seat next to Pericles and Wall-E, while rubbing her now healed arm “Looks like I paid the price for not listening to you.”
>Pericles spares her a glance with his good eye “If you are concerned for my feelings, do not worry. I am merely still coming to terms with our situation. Though we may have saved those dummkopfs, it ultimately changes nothing.”
>Dora: “It does change something. We now know more about the Warden and the way his stand works. His secuaces didn’t stick around when they died; their bodies evaporated. We know the Warden can pick and chose where a person re-spawns at within this place now.”
>Pericles: “All the more reason to never let him get the best of us. If the devices of his stand ever manage to kill us all, he will undoubtedly separate us into individual unspeakable tortures.”
Dora: “He must be getting something out of all this. It can’t all just be for his amusement. As shallow and petty as he presents himself, people like him always have a bigger plan.”
>Pericles just stares off into the distance in silence
>Dora turns to Wall-E “How’s Señor Inch coming along?”
>Wall-E opens up his hatch and takes a peek inside; Inch is still unconscious wrapped up in [Sunday Clothes]. Wall-E closes the hatch and makes a “Mm-mm” sound
>Dora: “He still needs more time, huh? Just how many deaths did he go through?”
>Dora lies down on the ground; [Boots] is out and not far from her keeping watch
>Dora: “As soon as he’s healed we’ll at least be able to talk to the outside world, and then we’ll be able to cause the Warden some real trouble.”
>There’s a swirl of menacing kanji about Dora and Pericles as they laugh a little

Then it'll go into and what follows which will need some tweaks to include Nathan. I'll do that later.


>So how does Giffany get out of PI anyway?
The same way the rest of the group escapes PI, though I'm not sure if she followed the group from afar or went to the watchtower by her own initiative

I thought she was sticking with Deadlock who was setting up the concert.

I don't want Giffany to be with the group when Droopy VS Woody is happening, I feel she's too OP to allow that fight to really go anywhere.

That could work. Speaking of Droopy, how is he going to defeat Woody? Does his lethargic nature dampen the effect of the drills?

I have put no thought at all into that fight. I'm just devoting any spare thoughts on this project to what is immediately in front of me in getting from one beat to the next.

From the extremely narrow way I'm viewing this project, that fight is miles and miles and probably days away.

Though if you want to take a crack at it before I get there, by all means, that'd help a lot.

Night Bump

And that's been tweaked a little and added to the doc.

Next up is the actual fight. Susie and Murderface (and also Nathan) VS Giffany.

Alright, so this is where we are right now.

Expanding this is what's up next.

I'm just bumping the thread so it'll still be around when I finally get to the fleshing out.


Bumping the thread with what I have right now. Need to go read what Murderface's stand actually does.

>Giffany extends an arm and with a command of “Advance!” the scraping metal noises begin as a march of broken down animatronics from the arcade, mechanismos, and other cobbled together scrap robots advance on them like zombies
>And they really are slow like zombies
>Nathan scoffs – “Really? This is the best you can throw at us? Our shitty fans are more intimidating than these things.
>Murderface: “*riff* these things!” as he tries to punch one of them and phases right through it.
>Nathan also tries hitting one with a chair (there were chairs for sitting throughout the place like a proper gallery), but it also passes right through them before he gets punched in the face
>Nathan: “Robot ghosts?”
Giffany, with a monotone laugh: “Ha, ha, ha. Not quite. Anything that’s been [digitized] by my [Digital Love] becomes incorporeal.”
>Nathan and Murderface just stare because they don’t know what that means until one of the animatronics kicks Murderface in the ass
>”In other words, they can hit you, but you can’t hit them.”
>Murderface: “This is bull*riff*!”
>Susie summons [Slug Bait] and begins turning the ground into flesh, trying to trap the horde by grabbing their feet
>Nathan and Murderface are visibly creeped out by this
>The animatronics are unhindered by the arms, mouths, and muscular divots attempting to ensare their feet
>The group is now surrounded
>In desperation, Susie makes [Slug Bait] punch one of them; to her surprise it is able to hit the animatronics
>From there, she realizes [digitized] objects can still be hit by stands and has her stand grab one of them and start tossing it around to clear a path further in the direction they were going.
>As they begin fleeing, Murderface notices a bass guitar on the ground near one of the animatronics and dives for it

More on that tomorrow then.

Final bump before bed.

Hopefully someone keeps the thread alive.

Not get off-topic or anything, but has anyone checked the booru lately?


This thing is gonna stay that way until A: we make a new booru
B: the creator comes and purges it. B is unlikely.

I went ahead and made a new booru. Stuff is still wip, but I'll make it better. Fill it with the pre-shitstorm pics.

Cool. I can't wait to see your Part 7 stuff.

Nice, thanks Taffy. I'll get to filling it when I'm off work.

Thak you, man. Booru seriously lags out on computer, so not much I can do.


Also someone should add

in place of the imgur gallery under the comic section of the OP

Oh shit, you're still alive! Nice work as always, my man!

Oh man! You are back!


So, looks like the artist for the part one comic is back from the void, so that's some pretty great news for today I would think.

Anyway, I still need help with the stuff listed here for the side story I'm doing:So, suggestions are welcome.

I have not read the side story you are working on (too busy with the main story), but would Casper or one of his uncles work for a horror melody specialist?

Possibly, I'll certainly keep it in mind!

I recall we had Mr Hollywood as an antagonist for part 5, but we never used him. He could be an enemy in the side story.

>Mr Hollywood (Two Stupid Dogs)
>「Talkin' Loud」 (Incognito song)
>Appearance: A small-sized hybrid between a bird and a piano/pipe organ that rests on Hollywood's shoulder.
>Abilities: Sonic booms
Talkin' Loud can project powerful and destructive sounds from its mouth or pipe-like protrusions. It can also boost the power of other sources of sound that Hollywood uses, such as his own voice or musical instruments.
>Error-to-Sound amplification
By pointing out the mistakes of others, Hollywood can increase the power of his stand dramatically. This increase has no stack limit, but has a very short half-life.
>Power: A
>Range: D
>Speed: D
>Precision: E
>Durability: A
>Developmental Potential: C

Bump it to the stars.

I guess I'll just dump the actual final version here.

Very nice though I can't stop thinking that Muriel looks like my grandma

I'm gonna miss seeing the Warden's face everywhere once he is blown to smithereens

Nicest. Good to know you're back with us.

>>Error-to-Sound amplification
That seems too... direct for me. Instead, it could be a semi-automatic Stand that lets him set rules and attacks anyone who gets them "wrong", or something along those lines. That'll give the heroes a good chance to think of some clever workarounds for his power... and for him to get blasted by his own Stand.

Nice. Thanks Taffy.

Is there anything we need to hash out besides just sitting down and writing?

Excellent work, as always.

If memory serves, Monstroso had a similar Stand in part 5.

If you just want to spitball then go come up with some ideas for Woody VS Droopy and other stuff that happens once they're out of PI.

We still don't know what a person needs to do to get a power boost from the vortex.

We still don't have any ideas for Dora VS the Warden aside from how it ends.

Seriously, read the doc to see what we have for what section.

Having something more to go on when I get to parts that I write out makes the process go so much faster.

Dora should definetly step on Warden with [BOOTS].

I think the boost the vortex should give Dora is that she can now have [Boots] place footprints even in midair.

I think I'm going to just copy all the images on the old booru and paste and tag them all in the new booru then. Of course, I will only get the relevant actual coco artwork since I can't really take All of them.

My god, this is going to be too much.

Do it. Save the docs.

Fuck. I meant the Booru.

Bump for Reviewfag

I dont know, man. I've saved all those images now, but I'd rather save them on another doc or something lockable. What if this booru gets raided again? Can you lock it once the project is immortalized?

Technically, yes. Disabling logup and not letting anons post. It can be immortalized.

Oh, ok. I'll do it then.

I love your art style. It brings a good grin to my face.

A bump before I sleep. Live, co/co/


Speaking of, I think we're short on the Warden's face quota in Supermax.

Any suggestion on what it should be appearing on?

in the neon sign?

name : mina
series; jelly jamm
stand : maximmun fun
power: Metal Absorption

I was thinking more like his face would be on every box the inmates are in.

Like his face is above the plastic with his arms coming down over them and where his hands meet, that's where the letters would be.

Then in the middle of every so many rows there'd be a key hole where the Warden's gap is.


So this comes after Anyway, I'm trying to work on the next part, but I'm not finding any description on what [Ride the Lightning] looks like.

From the ability's description, it seems the stand also has a bass guitar and will only come out if Murderface also has a bass guitar, but there's nothing on what the stand looks like.

There's also no solid number of what the range of its effect is.

Based on the description, is a short ranged stand (I assume the "V range" in the description was supposed to be "C range"). The original idea was that his Stand looks intimidating to contrast with Toki's Stand (and hide the fact that its power is shit)

Well, here's what I've come up with so far

>Murderface picks up the guitar; he shouts “Get as far away from me as possible!” to Nathan and Susie as he begins to glow with terrifying stand power
>Susie grabs Nathan and uses her stand to scale the walls, up over the rows of boxes
>Murderface places his pick on the guitar, the stand energy around him begins to take form, skeletal hands manifest as well as a skull based bass guitar
>Murderface: “It’s time… to [Ride the Lightening]!”
>As Murderface begins to furiously play a solo the bones touch the strings of his stand guitar and begin to play alongside him
>Waves come out of it in every direction, at first they seem to be doing nothing, but as the animatronics creep closer to him, they begin to smoke; their outer coatings begin to burn away as if a highly corrosive acid is eating away at them
>The effect’s range continues to expand and the more furiously Murderface plays, the faster the corrosive power takes hold
>The monitors Giffany is being displayed on also begin to burn away causing her to recoil to the top most ones still out of [Ride the Lightening]’s range
>The Walls also begin to burn away; the boxes are showing damage, but are not breaking
>Giffany notices the wall panels have fallen and the power lines are exposed, they begin to sizzle and smoke
>In a last ditch effort she sends a cable whipping at Murderface at the fastest speed she can mange, but he just plays even harder, causing it to burn away before it reaches him
>The monitors begin to lose power, as they flicker Giffany reappears wearing sunglasses and wearing a leather jacket saying “I’ll be back!” when they finally lose power and fall

Not too much this thread but let's get crackin'.
Half the fun is in the fact that random anons can stumble upon this and help if they want to. Plus it's a Cred Forums project, always has, always will be.
Glad people seem to like this one, I guess it's approved for the doc.
Weaponized onomatopoeia? That's actually pretty awesome, I approve.
Autism, but the good kind.
Thanks, Taffy.
Good to see you again, great work as always.

I unlocked docs for part 6-8. Figured not many people would go back to 1-5. Keep going everyone, it's too late to stop now.

I was reading desuarchive about his the original concepts of his Stand and one said "It actually looks complete trash and has nothing to do with his dick".

Would be funny if his Stand does have this terrifying power but the appearance is the lamest shit ever imaginable, which would make Mariah's Bastet and Tamami's The Lock look masterpieces of creativity in comparison.

>In a last ditch effort she sends a cable whipping at Murderface at the fastest speed she can mange, but he just plays even harder, causing it to burn away before it reaches him

Should specify here that she is trying to reach his bass to [digitalize] it, like "You won't be able do nothing once I get your instrument, punk!" but then the cable melts and she realizes she won't be plug any other object as long [Ride the Lighting] is playing, so she retreats to make Murderface think he won. But in reality she is making sure none of them knows her real body is inside an old computer so they won't destroy it and thus stop for her real.

There is something I need to check about Giffany's main body and [Digital Love] in general, so I'll post what I'm thinking later.

Giffany doesn't have a "main body" she's a program that surfs from electrical device to electrical device.

Good idea with her trying to [digitize] the guitar. I'll work that in before I add a bunch of stuff to the doc later after I've written it.

I also add in that the guitar falls apart after the solo is done since it's just a shitty guitar that can't take that kind of playing.

According to the doc and the description by the guy who originally pitched [Digital Love], it says she has a main body. The description says she is the Stand herself too, hence why she was often refered as Foo Fighters expy for this arce.

>Appearance: Herself, for reasons that will become clear soon.
Abilities: 「DIGITAL LOVE」is the stand of a sentient computer program trapped in an old computer and is the only means through which its user can interact with the real world. Its range is a 2KM radius around where her 'body' is located.

The old script even had something about Gaz downloading Giffany to her handheld game so she could accompany the rest of the group as they explored the prison. It is also what originally resulted in the idea of she downloading herself to a robot body so she could have more means to help the group.

I'm ditching that.

I'm just going to have her free floating, but bound to the interior of Supermax's electrical grid until she's able to grab a robot and hijack that.

The new booru has the artworks of the old booru now. Though some pictures I had problems tagging went to the tags "no_part" and "unknown_character".

If anyone could help me with these tags, it would be really good. Also, does anyone have that pic of Red Guy and [Take Off Your Pants and Jacket]? Does anyone here know where [Adagio for Strings] is from either?

Adagio was one dude who got really excited that his character was slated for part 8 and made a lot of art for him. Just put it under part 8 for now.

Last Nighttime Bump

Same from me.

I actually have a scene coming up that I'm looking forward to writing: The scene with the Warden and Chane in the Warden's office talking about Daffy's book and his diary, and then the reveal of the third book.

I wasn't really digging the Daffy's other kids angle until these past couple of threads.

I'd like to get whoever wrote Courage VS Wile E. Coyote in part 1 to help when we get to Droopy VS Woody Woodpecker since both of them need to have some form of MELODY going on.

Well, here's hoping the thread doesn't die in the night.

Wile E guy here, would be glad to help. Been slacking on writing for this project, need to get back on it.


>I'm gonna miss seeing the Warden's face everywhere once he is blown to smithereens
Don't worry, soon we'll have something even more cancerous than that in part 8. It's not like we're [losing] anything.

Did someone save the voocaroo voice impressions?

Because the ones in the pastebin seem to have expired for me.

We should probably put them on a doc too.

>and then the reveal of the third book
wait, third book?

Oh good.

It's still a few fights away, but I'm getting closer to it with each day.

Being Other People.

If Shirley hadn't written that book, the Warden might not have ever found her.

my other writing's been slowing down enough that I've been catching up lately. mean to read over all of Superocean before I start really going into it, but definitely some editing ideas. namely mean to do some trimming up Dan's dialogue to sound both intellectual and a Southern caveman, and take a hatchet to the early psych ward parts. love what it does with the bonding and using Stands to drive a man insane, but it draaaagged to read. some ideas, just more concise. I really loved the promise of the Ocean arc from the beginning, and want it to work without just barging in and overhauling it a third or fourth time now

then into detailing out the fun shonen fights, though Dora's a little less quippy than a lot of our heroes so we'll see how that goes

also I might have minimal input on Autistico. it's definitely big and overwhelming as a whole with 10+ fighters in a lot of the battles, and I don't know some of the big characters as well as I feel like I should

Yeah the psych ward arc dragged quite a lot, but it had fun moments.

I don't mind non-quippy protags (I actually like Jotaro despite a lot of west fans put him as one of the dullest Jojos), but Dora has been my least favorite protagonist so far. Her characterization isn't that terrible, it is just there isn't a lot to get excited about her.

I like the psych ward arc as is.

It could be broken up into multiple "arcs" to make getting to it in the doc easier, but I'd really hate to lose what's there right now.
The build up in that arc was amazing, and I'm not just saying that because I didn't have to write it.

As for Autistico, I personally don't want to have to revisit that until we're done with part 8. Maybe by then I'll have finally forgotten just how much of it I had to write and will be able to look at it with fresh eyes.

she's extremely practical, and that's kind of fun as an antihero, just harder to get depth and variety out of her. kind of want to play with some of her lines to keep that comical stoicism ala Samurai Jack. harder to work with, but a fun change of pace from a writing perspective

the ward itself is fine, but there's a LOT of repeating and being told what's going to happen and then it happens. I was actively speeding over whole sections of
"do we go left or right?"
"Left because I know better cuz universes."

it can be extremely expedited while keeping the tension. basically halving the reading time required (comic version or writing version) by just having their dialogue narrations going over Wall-E and company as they do it, not a dramatic, breath-holding moment every second. because it sounds like as long as Sticks knows what's going on, she knows what will happen. then when something goes wrong, she knows what will happen anyway

it's just... REALLY saturated with that in the steal the map bit. I don't want to take away the events in the process, but a montage or two and a little less scenes of people talking about what just happened and will happen could really help the lazy pace that made me stop caring about it and spice it up

I thought you were talking about the breaking of Von Drake parts.

Dora's main quip thing is "Can you say [Spanish word or phrase]?" when messing with someone. We've been using that less and less as we've gone on because our Spanish fluent anons haven't been chiming in when we need them.

Yeah, the fact she is different from Courage, Johnny, Tom, the Eds and Plucky gives some freshment. I just don't find her that interesting, personally.

>comment about the ward and the map bits

Reading that reminded me of a conversation I had a friend with once. He said that when he tries to do a comic script he tries to avoid using dialogue as much as possible since comics being a visual medium he doesn't want his to be muddled with too many conversations and prefers to focus in the actions that happen in each panel.

what was his STAND again?

Von Drake was actually an addition I stumbled into that was really enjoyable! highlight of the pre-expedition part in my opinion. very minor editing/trimming here and there, but that's mostly pretty solid

Because I think part 5 proved the exact opposite of that since it was just a continuous string of saying what was happening without much proper dialogue.

That was the main complaint while writing that part that I noticed anyway.

I think that's why part 6 has been so damn dialogue heavy and much harder for me to write. Went full force in the opposite direction than what came before.

Part 5 was all "we're under attack! FIGHTS FIGHTS FIGHTS" whereas part 6 is more plotting and scheming.

I imagine part 7 is going to be like you're strapped into one of those spinning carnival rides where the floor drops out from under you and then suddenly dubstep music starts playing.

I actually had an idea for him to be in part 6 before it was written, as an undercover Interpol agent with a stand called [LITTLE GIRL] which could allow him to control hormones like Ivankov from One Piece. Switching genders was the most obvious ability though, but he could also use it to heal things, change size, etc. Though the stand name was later taken by Clarissa's dad.

inter-party dialogue I might pitch in for, actually. the only real writing I put into 5 was "we need something funny here"

also when I was ashamed that Patrick was on the phone but never said "No, this is Patrick." this shit was BUILT on memes, fellahs!

I should have Clarissa's dad in Supermax in one of the boxes. The corrosive effect from Murderface's stand burns his box enough so that when the monitors fall, they crush his box and kill him again.

I really gotta keep up on that reoccurring background gag of him dying in PI over and over again.

Vicky's box could've been next to him and when she breaks out of her box she kills him again as he's re-spawning.

I was talking about a comic book script specifically, not what are you doing here. Most of the writing process in these threads is a mix of script format and prose format, and the latter is always going to require dialogue.

What I refered to sandcastles is how the issue of having the characters talking for too long and dragging the pace is a similar problem with comic books. That was mostly the issue in the psych ward arc. The following parts aren't having the characters talking extendly, so the dialogue isn't being a problem in them.

Part 5 has a shit load of room for adding dialogue.

I always thought of her as a more reserved Jolyne. So far our protagonists have shared some similarity to their JoJo counterparts, but I feel like Dora is a bit to stoic in places. What could be neat is showing her become more trusting of others, and showcasing her unwavering determination in the face of extreme odds. Once she truly accepts you as an ally/friend/good person/whatever, she's going to whatever she can to help you. She'll go out of her way to save a friend.

In fact, as a reference to the show, it could be that she always looked for help when she was younger, and now she doesn't want to see anyone helpless ever again. There's also how practical she can be. She wants to reach her destination no matter what, so she's going to go for the most straightforward way of doing something.

There's also a not in the doc about her having Joseph-sque exclamations (OH MI DIOS!), so I don't think she'd be stoic.

>In a last ditch effort she sends a cable whipping at Murderface at the fastest speed she can mange yelling “You won't be able do anything after I [digitize] your instrument, punk!”, but he just plays even harder, causing it to burn away before it reaches him
>Giffany is now in the highest monitor still out of [Ride the Lightening]’s range, she sees the whole room is coming apart
>The monitors begin to lose power, as they flicker Giffany reappears wearing sunglasses and wearing a leather jacket saying “I’ll be back!” when they finally lose power and fall
>One of the boxes cracks open a little releasing the gas and we see Clarissa’s Dad waking up inside of it before one of the monitors lands on top of it, slicing him in half

>Susie and Nathan return, stepping gingerly across the burnt ground
>Nathan: “Huh, brutal.”

>The group presses onwards until they finally find the L block
>It’s just more rows of the same boxes with prisoners in them, only now there’s a large relief sculpture of the Warden over them with his arms stretched out going down around this row
>They notice there’s a keyhole in the Warden sculpture’s tooth gap
>Murderface: “Finally! Now let’s get the *riff* out of here already.”


Being Other People starts here

>Scene is of Chane in the Warden’s office, sitting across from his desk
>Warden: “Well here’s a face I haven’t seen in forever. How ya been old pal?”
>Chane: “Busy, for the most part, working hard to achieve your vision. Soon the world will be yours and utopia will be within reach.”

>Warden: “Oh Chane, flattery will get you everywhere. But I can’t take all the credit for this big huge dream of mine. It’s important I remember all the little people who made this happen.” The Warden reaches under his desk “Starting here!” as he takes out a book and almost slams it down on the hard wood.
>Chane: “A self-help book?”
>Warden: “Not just any self-help book, the one and only book published from M.E. LeTerally: Being Yourself.”
>Chane: “I suppose he did set almost all of the events of the past decade into motion.”
>Warden: “That crazy duck proved one average Joe had the power to change the world all on his own. I had to find out how he did it.” The Warden is smiling a sinister smile now “And that led me to this…”
>The Warden brings out another book from beneath his desk, it’s a musky old journal with “OVER FEATHERS” printed across to the top in fading letters
>Warden: “The personal diary of M.E. LeTerally, details his less than exciting upbringing and his sudden rise to power.”
>Chane: “You credit some of your insights to learning from his short comings?”
>Warden: “Well, not really. But it gets pretty saucy when he talks about his crazy love life; seems he was feathers deep in the next girl almost as soon as pulling out of the last one.”
>Chane raises an eyebrow
>The Warden continues: “Which got me thinking the head of ACME can’t possibly be his only child, and that strong stands must be in the blood.”
>The Warden is now digging around in his desk
>”So with a little digging, I happened across my first break through.”
>The Warden pops up a third book on the desk, the one Bobby talked about earlier, a second self help book with the title “Being Other People”
>”And from there…”
>The scene changes back to Supermax, the key has been inserted and three boxes are opening
>In a narration box: “…the hits just kept on coming.”

>The boxes open, there’s a three way panel split showing Woody Woodpecker, Shirley the Loon, and Gogo Dodo all waking up, their eyes opening with menacing kanji pouring out of the boxes

The previous part with Snatcher and that stuff I'll re-title to "Band on the Run"

What we're in now is finally "Being Other People"

When Deadlock breaks into the Jail, that will be "Where's my Bread and Butter?!"

I'm hoping to get some help with the dialogue here since I'm not entirely satisfied with the way I've presented the Warden in this somewhat quite office scene with Chane.

>Murderface: “What he *riff* is this supposed to be!? Where’s the way out?”
>Woody is the first to stir, he opens one eye, then the other, then he bins to laugh uncontrollably, slow are first “Ha… ha… ha…” but then faster “Ha-ha-ha-HA-ha!”
>He shoots out of his box and into Murderface’s arms before kissing his face
>Murderface drops him immediately and begins wiping his face and spitting “God dammit, it’s a gay bird!”
>Nathan: “You don’t know that. I mean, how can you tell that he’s gay from that? You go around kissing guy or something?”
>Murderface, still wiping his face – “SHUT UP!”
>Woody let’s out his trademark laugh again before jumping in the air, clicking his heels, and disappearing as a red blur headed towards the exit of Supermax
>Murderface is now pissed; he grabs Shirley and Gogo Dodo by the necks, and lifts them up out of their boxes yelling “What the *riff* is going on? Where the *riff*ing exit?” and begins shaking them
>Susie is trying to make him stop and Nathan looking in the direction Woody just ran off in

Now we're getting into Susie and Murderface (+Nathan) VS Shirley and Gogo Dodo. That'll be for later or if someone else jumps in now before I get back to this.

Fucking hell.

Every time I leave the thread it dies.

Every time I dump more story into the thread it dies.

>Patrick was on the phone but never said "No, this is Patrick."
As the one that wrote those scenes in Patrick's office; Fuck, I knew I missed something.

So let me see if I have Shirley's stand power right.

She can use [Ghosts N Stuff] to turn incorporeal and place suggestions in people's souls to make them do what she wants?

So while Murderface is shaking her and Dodo, she vanishes, finds Murderface's soul is disgusting, but Dodo's soul is compatible and places a suggestion in it for him to fight these guys.

Gogo Dodo's [Cult of Personality] gives him a boost form any likeness of himself in the area (reflections in this case, but maybe also shadows), the boost is equivalent to if there were that many of himself all doing the same action.

So what's Gogo's first move?

After that I'm cutting away from that fight to Woody who is out and about, stumbling around like a jackass until he sees Dora and reverts to his womanizing ways. Dora's group (Dora, Wall-E, Pericles, Toki, Pickles, and Skwigelf) is already on the move because Susie told them of their situation through that rock she put flesh on earlier. They don't know where Supermax is, but Woody does and chimes in when he hears the girl talking about it.

Then cut back to Shirley and Dodo fighting Susie's group.

>So what's Gogo's first move?
If he's still being grabbed by the neck, then his first move should be wrestling himself out of Murderface's grip. Once dodo put his hands on William's arm, he notices that it's like several people are grabbing his arm.

Does Murderface wear a watch?

Might be neat if Dodo sees his reflection in the watch and then breaks the grip.

Nope, he doesn't wear one.
At first, Murderface laughs at dodo's attempt to break his grip, then he feels that someone else grabbed his arm, then other, and another, the pressure in his arm increasing each second. Murderface asks himself how the hell a tiny bird can have such strength.

So he'd have to swing Dodo around from where he first grabbed him (after Shirley vanishes) so he's reflecting on the plastic from all the other box cases.

Booru creator here...

The fuck did you guys do to the booru?

Who should be the first to notice Shirley's reflection?


We got raided again days ago.

Read the thread, it's been stated at least a dozen times.

Then someone made a new booru because no one was able to fix the old booru because no one had the ability to delete the vandalism.

Is the reflection visible to non-Stand users? since William is busy with dodo, then either Susie or Nathan may be the ones that see Shirley's reflection.

Noticed we never seemed to have a design in mind for Wayward Son, so I scribbled something up. Forgive the sketchiness, did it on the back of a spare receipt at work.

But guys, Skwisgaar is the one that misplaces the s in the words, not Toki. The rest of the dethklok characters were written well though.

Just to remind you guys, I think it went this way most of time:
Nathan is the intense common-sense/leader
Murderface is the extroverted, loud loser
Toki is the softy
Ski is kinda odd, but is a functional
Pickles is the most functional compared to the rest

All those Suzie, Nathan and Murderface interactions in these were perfect. Nice work, user.

It's known that Murderface can do a groovy guitar solo with his dick, maybe it would affect the properties of the if he did it like that, but that's just an random ideia.

>So while Murderface is shaking her and Dodo, she vanishes, finds Murderface's soul is disgusting, but Dodo's soul is compatible and places a suggestion in it for him to fight these guys.

Reading the Stand's ability, it seems can affect any soul as long it has a major influence over said soul for too long.

Right now I imagined Shirley interfering in Murderface's soul out of spite by suggesting to it that Nathan and Susie find him a loser, so he must turn against them. This happens just after Dodo starts using [Cult of Personality] to hurt Murderface's arm.

Initially resistant to the idea, Murderface would then try to use [Ride the Lighting] on them after Nathan randomly insults him again and thus causing Murderface to snap and attack Nathan and Susie. This commotion would cause to Gogo set free and he would look around and see his reflection in the nearby boxes, and already pissed he was nearly strangled by Murderface he would boost his Stand's power even more to attack Nathan and Susie due of Shirley's influence.

As they try to make distance from a crazed Murderface and Dodo, Susie notices Shirley's reflection in one box despite Shirley being invisible, and notices her next to Murderface and Dodo telling them to kill Susie and Nathan. Then Shirley notices Susie has spotted her, glares at her and runs toward Nathan and Susie. Susie suggests they better abandon Murderface and return with Dora and cia. because they are being attacked by 3 enemies. Nathan agrees but just they are about to escape from Supermax Shirley approaches Nathan and suggests to his soul that Susie is a back-stabber and she is manipulating Nathan to abandon Murderface so she can kill him by herself. Susie notices this while they are nearby a plastic box and impulsively sends [Slug Bait] to punch the box where the reflection is seen. The effect is nil, so Shirley smirks to Susie and continues suggesting to Nathan to turn against Susie.


Aw man, I was the one that had to copy and paste all the artwork from the old booru to the new. Please, let us continue with the new one for now.

Niceu user.

Are you sure? I was reading Dethklok vs. The Goon in the other day to see the how the characters talk and Toki misplaced 's' in several words. Though the Dethklok wiki says both he and Ski have problems with that.

We can always keep the new one as a backup until the old one gets fixed.

Toki also has an accent, but is not as pronounced as Skwisgaar's

That crossover seems pretty metal. Did it have a storytime on Cred Forums or something?

In the cartoon, I only saw Ski doing that. But if they are both implied to do this, all will be well.

I guess Eric Powell must have confused their speech pattern then. Oh well.

Nathan starts backing off Susie and accusing her of being psycho and will return to Murderface despite the latter is still being influenced to kill him and Susie. Susie tries to hit Shirley once more and sends [Slug Bait]. Shirley smugly claims through the reflection "It is useless, idiot. No matter how you try, this is not where I'm located", only to Susie reply: "I imagined so, zat's why I will do zis instead."

[Slug Bait] then swifts its direction to where Shirley is supposed to be standing (despite being invisible) and punches her. The trick works, and Shirley acts surprised as [Slug Bait] punches her more and more to send her away from Nathan. Nathan starts returning to normal, and asks Susie what he was doing. The attack on Shirley briefly breaks the influence in Murderface and Dodo as well, but Shirley returns to them to reinforce her influence on them.

Back to Susie and Nathan, Susie explains to him, "Ze blonde duck apparently has a power zat allows her to influence people while she is being invisible. She was going to turn you against me, and I guess zat is what she did with Monsieur Murderface and zat weird green creature."
Nathan: "Whoa... how metal."
Susie: "Come on, let's pick Dora and others and see if we can at least save Monsieur Murderface."

user, before I even read all of this and give feed back, I need to point out to you that Murderface does not have a guitar right now.

It broke after he finished his solo.

He can't use his stand right now since he doesn't have a bass guitar.

And also I thought it'd be funny if Shirley wouldn't want to touch Murderface's soul.

Now that I've pointed that out.

Why would Shirley try to turn Murderface against Susie and Nathan? They haven't done anything yet, only Murderface is being a shithead.
She could just impart on him that he is a loser without any direction to it.

He can still attack the others when Nathan insults him, now believing that they think he is also a loser.

Susie should notice Shirley's reflection in something and have her stand reach for her, demanding she undo the effect while Gogo Dodo (I have to use the whole name every time since we had another Gogo in an earlier part) is attacking them, trying to get away.

Then it goes into Susie trying to get them to retreat for now and Shirley tampering with Nathan out of spite to Susie.

Then we cut away to Dora's group where they meet Woody (or would this be better as a flashback after they arrive?)

Dora's group is already inbound, Susie told them about this through the rock she put an ear and a mouth on before they left.

Of course they're still going to try to get to where Dora is since Susie knows that they don't know where they are, but Woody has already found them and takes them to Supermax.

But again, Dora's group arrives at Supermax before they get out of the place.

>Why would Shirley try to turn Murderface against Susie and Nathan? They haven't done anything yet

The same reason why someone wrote this

>but Dodo's soul is compatible and places a suggestion in it for him to fight these guys.

Why she would turn Dodo against them in first place if the only problem here is Murderface? Wouldn't Murderface be her primary target until Susie and Nathan tries to help him and she doesn't like other people is trying to save this guy who just hurt her and whose soul is disgusting?

>Dora's group is already inbound

I knew there was something about the rock with the mouth and ear somewhere in this. Susie's last line supposed to imply she needs the group because they can figure out a way to remove Murderface from Shirley.

I thought up her suggesting something to Dodo since I assumed she was already aware of what Dodo's powers are.

I like to think they spent some time in PI together before the Warden put them in Supermax.

Though I can see all the holes in that now.

She should still wipe her hand on a wall or something after touching Murderface's soul.


I was hoping to make an entry for Scud in Part 7's list (armed with Panic Switch) but SOMEONE fucked with the docs again.

>Shirley suddenly vanishes from Murderface’s grasp
>Murderface: “What the…?”
>The focus changes to Shirley, who is now ghostly and accompanied by a stand of a similar build to her own, only with a veil over its eyes
>Shirley’s eyes are glowing red as she reaches for Murderface, a small lightning bolt comes out of her finger as she whispers “You’re, like, a total loser.”
>As the bolt connects with Murderface he’s now holding Gogo Dodo with both hands, swinging him around as he turns looking for Shirley “What the *riff* did she go?”
>The thought repeats in Murderface’s mind (You’re, like, a total loser.)
>Murderface pauses and then begins thinking (What? No I’m not, I’m awesome.) (A total loser) (*riff* you! I’m great!) (Loser, loser, la-oz-a-her)
>Muderface then swears out loud – “*riff* YOU! I’m not a loser, you are!”
>As he does this he lifts Gogo Dodo higher into the air, we can see him reflecting on some of the plastic casings of the other boxes
>Gogo Dodo suddenly begins to glow with stand power as he puts his hands on Murderface’s arms, the pressure on them increasing every second
>Murderface: “How the hell is a twig like you so strong?” (Loser, loser, loser) “Shut up!” Murderface drops Gogo Dodo
>Nathan: “Ugh, what the hell do you keep yelling about? The bird got away, deal with it.”
>Murderface turns to Nathan – “What, you want some of this? You think I’m a loser too?! I’ll *riff*ing kill you!” and he dives at Nathan who dodges easily enough

>Susie this whole time has been looking around for any sign of Shirley, she finally catches sight of her floating in a reflection, she’s near Gogo Dodo, and she’s doing something to him
>Susie spins around and looks at Gogo Dodo who is alone now, but he looks mad, and stand power is wrapping around him like a jacket as he begins to swell with power

>Susie turns to Nathan, who is looking both bored and annoyed while holding Murderface back with one arm, and says “We should fall back and regroup with ze others, ze duck girl is doing something to manipulate Murderface and ze green bird.”
>Nathan: “Yeah, sure.” As he pushes Murderface away and begins walking over to her
>Susie notices again Shirley’s reflection on one of the plastic box windows; she’s hovering around Nathan now “That girl just wants you to, like, abandon your friend here.”
>Susie impulsively sends [Slug Bait] to punch the box where the reflection is seen to no effect
>Shirley turns to look at her and smirks before turning back to Nathan and continuing to work her stand on him “She just wants to get you alone so she can kill you herself.”
>Nathan: “Wait, what? Oh *riff* no!” He backs away from Susie “I see you’re game, you’re some kind of psycho fan girl who wants to lock us in a closet as some kind of sick personal collection and feed us vegan burgers or some other *riff*ing disgusting thing!”
>As he says this he once again catches Murderface’s face with his hand and throws him back without looking
>Murderface and Gogo Dodo are now entwined in a ball of violence
>Susie sees Shirley’s reflection laughing at her, so she brings out [Slug Bait] again and sends it to punch at the reflection, to still no effect
>Shirley: “It’s like, useless you stupid goth chick. No matter how hard you punch, it’ll still never hit me.”
>Susie: "I imagined so; zat is why I will do zis instead."
>[Slug Bait] then kicks off the reflective surface to where Shirley would be standing in the reflection and punches her
>The trick works; Shirley acts surprised as [Slug Bait] continues to punch her away from Nathan
>Nathan starts returning to normal, “I think I blacked out for a minute. What were we talking about

Just restore the unfucked version and pop it in there, that way it'll stick when people go back if/when this guy comes back.

>Murderface and Gogo Dodo also slow down their punches, but Shirley returns to them to reinforce her influence on them
>Back to Susie and Nathan, Susie explains to him, "Ze blonde duck apparently has a power zat allows her to influence people while she is being invisible. She was going to turn you against me, and I guess zat is what she did with Monsieur Murderface and zat weird green creature."
>Nathan: "Whoa... how metal."
>Susie: "Come, we need to regroup with Dora and ze others to better our odds in saving Monsieur Murderface."
>A voice in the distance chimes in “No need for that, we’re already here.”
>The fallen monitors from earlier explode to clear the way for Dora, Wall-E, Pericles, Toki, Pickles, and Skwigelf
>Dora: “Got your message just fine.” as she holds up the rock from earlier.

Continued in a bit, just wanted to post what I have so far.

Gogo Dodo should give them some trouble before Susie asks how they got here so fast, then a flashback to meeting Woody, then Woody pops up in the present and him showing up causes Shirley to stop attacking because she's somewhat afraid of him and also because she knows him.

Then it can go into her passing the whole thing off as a mood swing and explaining what Supermax is for and also how she came to be there.

>Gogo Dodo does not consider talking to be a free action and lifts the box he was imprisoned in above his head before he tosses it at them
>Dora summons [Boots] who kicks it back and also makes it explode in Dodo’s face
>Susie has [Slug Bait] out and is keeping Shirley at range “Ze enemy is only visible from reflective surfaces.”
>The members of Dethklok take this opportunity to run, retreating back to the entrance of Supermax
>Gogo Dodo is up again, he’s looking between two plastic windows for that mirror tunnel effect
>He takes off like a rocket before the boost effect he gets from this subsides and he’s aiming for Dora
>He’s caught by a cable that smacks him away, Susie looks around and sees that Pericles is the one controlling it, to her relief
>Susie, still on guard and looking for Shirley – “So, how did you get here so quickly?”
>Dora, not taking her eyes off of Gogo Dodo – “We had some help.”

>Flashback to a few minutes ago, the rock Susie left with Dora has just announced “We are under attack, zis is most assuredly a trap as we suspected.”
>The group is now on the move (everyone is healed and back on their feet now) in the direction Susie’s group went in
>Only problem is there’s a lot of weird shit in that direction, so where and how far is a mystery to them
>Suddenly a red blur darts past them, then doubles back
>Woody Woodpecker is now in front of them, running in place
>Woody: “Well hello hotness.”
>Everyone who has a stand in the group now has their stand out and at the ready
>Woody: “Hey, hey, no need to be so hostile! I’m a lover not a fighter, and you, señorita, look like you could use some loving.” He winks at her as he says this
>Dora: “Dios Mios, we don’t have time for this. Unless you know where Supermax is, you can take your passes and keep running.”
>Woody: “Hey, I just got out of there.”

>The group looks at him, some with skepticism, some dumbfounded; Pickles and Skwigelf don’t know what the fuck is going on
>Woody, now half singing, kissing Dora up the arm – “Nothing would be sweeter than to help a señorita in the-“ he backs off to avoid being smashed by [Boots] “… slammer.”
>Then he laughs to himself a bit, though he freezes up a bit while doing so as if he just remembered something awful
>Woody, regaining his composure – “Come on, follow me!” as he jumps into the air while doing his laugh again and begins running backwards on his trail
>Flashback ends

>Back in the present Gogo Dodo is charging again when Woody pops up from behind Dora – “Hey bro, how’s it going?”
>Gogo Dodo stops mid charge and falls face first on the ground
>Woody: “Ha, ha, you crack me up. Is sis around?”
>Shirley becomes visible a good distance away, Woody waves to her “Hey sis, these guys are cool, so how about you chill~~?” On that last word he does a calm waves hand motion
>Shirley looks a bit nervous before shrugging and saying “Oops, mood swing.” Woody laughs at this

And now to figure out how to spin this into Shirley telling them about Supermax.

What if he keeps coming back though?

Same shit, different day. Eventually he'll get bored and leave, same as always.

Hey all, one of those voice guys here, been out of the threads for a long while now. Was curious about what the current topic is.
If anybody's interested, I can try to voice something in the next couple days.

I've got the files saved still, can upload them again if need be.

>Everyone has finally calmed down and are sitting down in a large circle, everyone except Woody and Dethklok who are off screwing around, Murderface saying “It’s the gay bird again!” while the others laugh at Woody messing with him
>Dora, ignoring what’s happening in the background: “So, what is all this?”
>Shirley is sitting on top of one of the toppled boxes, filing her nails “This is Supermax, it’s, like, where the Warden puts inmates he’s gotten bored with so he can keep sucking the STAR energy or whatever out of them without having to look at them.”
>Dora and Susie exchange a look before Dora says “The stuff stands are made of.”
>Shirley now has Pericles’ full attention – “And what does the Warden do with this excess of STAR energy?”
>Shirley stops filing her nails for a second and looks at him – “So you guys must be, like, new to [Pure Imagination], right? You know about the re-spawn thing that happens when you ‘die’ here, yeah?”
>Pericles, with a great deal of resentment in his voice “I am aware, fraulein, please, enlighten this old mind of mine the relation between the endless torture and the STAR process.”
>Shirley: “So, like, every time a stand user dies in here, the Warden feeds a portion of their STAR energy to his stand before it revives them. Makes it that much stronger, you know?”
>There’s a look of disgust on all of their faces
>Susie: “So zis place is like a power plant for ze Warden’s stand. Or a milking factory.”
>Dora: “What would happen if we freed everyone here?”
>Gogo Dodo finally speaks up – “You don’t want to do that, you really don’t. Almost everyone in here is a crazed killer. They’d just kill each other and the Warden will keep getting power.”
>Dora: “So are you three crazy killers then?”

Getting closer to getting out of [Pure Imagination].

Voice Vicky and her stand plz

>Shirley: “I’m like, a novelist, not a killer. I came to Belle Reve to give a lecture on the psychology that went into my self-help book, Being Other People, when the Warden threw me into this place.”
>Gogo Dodo: “We’re here because of our dad. We three share the same criminal father, and the Warden wants use for our STAR potential.”
>Gogo Dodo is still nervously glancing over at Woody, as if he’s afraid he’ll be overheard by him
>Dora notices this and changes the subject – “What if we cut the supply lines? Keep these guys in their boxes, but pull the tubes.”

>Cut to Dethklok, Woody has finally left their company
>Nathan: “I need a beer. At least 100 beers after today.”
>Pickles: “Man, this place sucks. Where the hell is Deadlock? He’s supposed to come get us when a gig goes to shit like this.”
>Skwigelf: “He’s probably offs screwing somes tosters.”

>Cut to outside Belle Reve, we see Deadlock standing on a hillside looking at the prison, fire licking up out of his armor plating

To be continued rolls by

And Being Other People arc is done. If someone can go over the dialogue and improve it, that'd be great since I felt it got too dry there, but I don't know what to do about it at this hour cause it's late and my brain is tired.

Anyone know the guy who drew this? It's too murky, and Jazz looks weird.

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His stand, Grass By Our Home


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