Old one is almost full and about to die

Old one is almost full and about to die.

Just started reading comics in the last month; pic is everything I've bought so far. What other good ones should I buy?

Omega Men, Saga of The Swamp Thing, Morrison Animal Man, Seven Soldiers of Victory, Batwoman Elegy

The cape to non cape ratio worries me

save money by buying things used and trading

Puma Blues
Calvin and Hobbes
Locke and Key
Books of Magic
Moon Knight
East of West
Born: Punisher (max comics, subsidiary of marvel or something)
Age of Reptiles if you like art more than dialogue
Y: The Last Man


Shelf I filled while visiting senpai, rest of comics at University house

Superman Birthright

Too much cape or too little?

Thanks senpaitachi

Yeah, I'm going to look into used books. Can I usually find them at LCSs?

posted this a while back, haven't taken a new photo but acquired osamu tezuka's ayako, king ottokar's sceptre, and tintin and the picaros

bash my tastes pls

That harry potter book ruined my life

Should I buy the Simonson Thor trades or wait for a reprint of the omni that may not come? Do you think they'll reprint the omni for Thor 3?

stop reading saga, shit is trash, stay away from cape, it is also trash, muh opinions

what should i read then lol

Your Dragon Ball collection is triggering the shit out of me.

So for someone looking to get into classic Doctor Strange, should I pick up the recent omnibus volume one, or the Masterworks reprinting?

yeah, i had bought the buu saga years ago, then i wanted to buy just dragonball (not z), then i actually did want to get z so i had to buy more single volumes to make sure i wouldn't have to buy the 3-in-1s and get duplicates

Too many capes.

What do you recommend senpai

>Old one is almost full and about to die.

It still has 80 posts left. Don't do this.

Sage then.

Recent stuff.

SCUD the disposable assassin

Is the New X-men by Morrison and Quitely Omnibus worth getting? Trying to decide whether or not it's worth the $60 its right now on IST

it depends on the LCS. there are different ones. you have to ask them and the deals you get are decided on the owner of the store. if you can, look around at different places and trade in places where you see things that you want.

for me, if i want to trade, usually the LCS owners don't want to trade new merchandise on old stuff, so you find other older things that interest you and trade your used things for their used things. just tell them what your deal is if you're new or just getting back in to is and they should tell you what their specific house rules are

Mail Came

Read Mail

Greatest Comic of All Time

Full Stop

If that is how they are marketing that they are lying to you. It is like 10 issues of Quitely in the whole thing.

they'll also decide on discounts. it's one of those things that they decide. usually i take what i can get. i've never tried to bargain and it seems to be working just fine. i'm a poorfag and the important thing for me is to read the stories. there's no way i could afford to buy things new and there's no space for all the things i've read. it is not uncommon for me to buy things used off of the internet, then trade those things in at my LCS. i did that for cerebus. i would buy a few used, then trade those in for more cerebus, and then trade those cerebus in for more cerebus until i finished the whole series. i traded a used copy of x-men inferno for the 2nd volume of Roche Limit floppies. great deal

sometimes they have boxes that are discounted. i use those too

if you like lovecraft, you'll like locke and key. also the author alan moore dabbles in stories having to do with that. it think there was a coming that came out recently called Providence, but i haven't had a chance to read it yet.

i forgot Planetary

If you want strong art with female characters, go with Black Orchid and the tpb of Fathom as well as Dawn (dawn is a fathom related character)

two other female protagonist stories are

Ballad of Halo Jones

Placed the order for Bloodstain 1, Hellblazer 4 and the first Miller DD trade.
Have Gundam Origins 3, Punisher Born, Hellblazer 3 and the Claremont/Miller Wolverine coming in the mail this week.

Now it might cost more and take longer to read some stories than others.

Lucifer has been put in to 2 or 3 tpbs and would be quicker and more convenient to read, whereas to my knowledge that has not happened with sandman or hellblazer. finding those volumes are going to be more of a chore (especially hellblazer).

Hellblazer's got 15 trades, Sandman has 10. Not that much of a chore.

Tell me about Lone Wolf & Cub. Why do you say it's the GOAT?

>"Too many capes"
>No recommendations

Anti cape faggots can never put their money where their mouth is

Unfortunately they need to just admit that shitty superhero comics are on average still far better than shitty non superhero comics

Latest purchases were Black Science and Supergirl vol 2. Need some recommendations.

What did you like and what didn't you like? Without that info I'll just tell you to get the 5th Y: The Last Man.

Nothing is wasted.

Not a single page, panel, chapter or story in all 28 volumes (12 in those omnibus versions)

An amazing recreation of a time and place

Immense amount of history and knowledge without bogging down the comic

Perfect Action

The best villain in all of Fiction, love to hate hate to love everything in between.

It hits the entire emotional spectrum over the course

And doesn't botch the ending

Nothing short of perfection.

I'm a little wary of all these praises, but I guess I could grab some for Christmas.

Honestly I liked everything I bought the Bendis Avengers is from when I was young so hopefully I can be forgiven on that and I've been trying to find the rest of Y but its been a pain since my lcs is rather small.

You don't trust the Demon Road of Meifumado user?

Being a Marvel fan is suffering right now. Are their any good classic to modern runs worth picking up to get through the shit storm that is current Marvel? I love Daredevil, Moon Knight, most of the street level heroes desu. Also X-Men but I'm starting to realize most X-Men comics are just soap opera drama driven shlock most of the time. Contemplating picking up whatever Captain America Brubaker Omnibuses are still in print in hopes that they reprint his earlier stuff in his run. I had the first omnibus of his run but ended up selling it when I realized all of the middle shit had gone out of print. I had the first omnibus for a few years before I realized they printed more of the later stuff but was too late on it.


There is a lot of good classic Daredevil

And exactly one Classic Moon Knight

Guess I'll just make the safest, least controversial capeshit recommendations imaginable.

Batman Year One
Daredevil Botn Again
Kraven's Last Hunt

So I'm guessing the ones posted in are the classic Moon Knight run you're talking about?

Age of Apocalypse

i liked "Endangered Species"

pick up any x-men unlimited issues. they're usually cheap and deal with character development

i have not read the Onslaught epic yet.

I have no idea what you're saying here mate. I'll give it a try when the time comes.

Yeah you want any issue drawn by Bill Sienkiewicz

>Batman Year One

Well I strongly dislike Batman so that is a no go. I'll pick up the rest that you recommended as I get the time to do so

I'm as much a capefag as the next guy and there are plenty of non cape books out there worth reading. Since I'm in a less shitty mood than usual this week, I'd suggest reading:

Mouse Guard (David Petersen)
Andre the Giant Larger than Life (Box Brown)
Essex County (Jeff Lemire)
Underwater Welder (Jeff Lemire)
Daytripper (Moon/Ba)
The Contract with God Trilogy (Will Eisner)
Fagin the Jew (Will Eisner)
Yossel (Joe Kubert)
Dear Creature (Jonathan Case)
Incredible Change-Bots (or damn near anything by Jeffrey Brown)
Cannon (Wallace Wood)
Heck (Zander Cannon)

These are a good chunk of the books I like and own.

you can get most of Bru in Ultimate Paperbacks which are like $20 a pop.

Well then replace it with Daredevil The Man Without Fear, which is another origin story.
>Essex County
Mmm, yes.

Honestly half the stuff in your collection is not terrible like most people would tell you. Yeah it's not the cream of the crop when it comes to cape comics but at least you enjoyed them enough to keep them.

These are some recommendations I have, but I recommend them to everyone and they wont be exactly a reflection of what you already have.

Hulk: Planet Hulk is amazing.
Wolverine: Old Man Logan is also top tier.
Spider-Man New Ways to Die was my first ever comic I read, still holds up well.
Ellis' Thunderbolts is a great and is the precursor to Dark Avengers.
Ellis' Nextwave Agents of Hate

Generally harder things to recommend without knowing the person, I find because of how wide the spectrum is in comics.

Try $35 to $40 a pop. Marvel doesn't give a fuck about your wallet. Plus I'd rather collect the omnibuses since they look really fucking nice and also don't feel cheap like their current paperbacks do.

you seem like you'd enjoy pic related

I'll look into it. Sounds interesting.

Lone Wolf and Cub really can't be overhyped.

IST not have them?

Why do we have 2 threads?

Read the OP.

Get the trades. That omnibus is cumbersome as fuck. That being said, the likelihood of reprint is decent.

My purchases this pay day:

JLA vol 1
JLA vol 2
JLA vol 3
JLA vol 4
Arkham Asylum
Animal Man Omnibus
Dark Knight Returns
Dark Knight Strikes Again
Batman Black Mirror
Batman Gates of Gotham
Batman Black Glove
Omega Men
Time and the Batman
Swamp Thing volume 4
Swamp Thing volume 5
Swamp Thing volume 6
Swamp Thing volume 7
All-Star Superman

Why the fuck is Astonishing X-Men on there?!

Fucking nerds and them jizzing all over everything Hack Whedon writes.

I've read Samurai Executioner and thought it was kinda dull, is Lone Wolf & Cub like that or is it completely different?

Its incredibly worth it, one of the top 5 X-Runs

Bought this today.



Couple of things not pictured. Tank Girl, Millar's Swamp Thing, some Ranma 1/2, complete Nausicaa slipcase set, All-New Wolverine, Thor: God of Thunder, latest Batgirl TPB, I Am A Hero, Invisible Republic, Kill la Kill, maybe one or two others.

I just bought this for 20 bucks last week. It should be here today

Tell me about DMZ.

The fact that some series are split between DC and Vertigo imprints triggers me so hard. Either have to not group everything by imprint, or have to split up series.


>that lonely single volume of Berserk
Don't do this man, give it some company.

It's a fun apocalypse theme comic the US had another civil war it was divided and the line is in New York City it deals with a news reporter covering the dmz give the first trade a look if you like it give the rest a try

So is it action oriented or is it more about people trying to live their lives?

I've not even read it yet. It was an impulse buy on a 3 for 2 deal with some stuff I actually wanted.

Well it's dark and edgy as fuck, but you stick with it and you'll love it soon enough.

A bit about both it fallows the reported and shows how people live and the mess up things people need to do to survive in place like dmz

Madman for more Allred goodness.
Deadly Class, Low and Tokyo Ghost are all by the same writer of Black Science.

Read X-Statix.

I bought the Lovecraft and Conan the Barbarian collections from that publisher.

Great value for money. Cheap books, but pretty nicely made.

I got the conan one a while ago. I bought necronomicon and the complete lyonesse last week. I wish I could get the other books but they're oop and expensive as fuck so I'll just have to buy robert e howards other stories separately

This was my pick ups over the weekend at half priced books which all had a good price.

I have never heard of any of these books besides the JLA ones.

I picked up deadly class because it had a pretty anime premise to it and Godland seemed like a Kirby type of thing so im gonna try it out.

Anyone here able to tell me if any of these were good picks?

Best place to start with Marvel?


Deadly Class and Godland are both great. Dunno about the rest.

This one YouTube channel called ComicPop got me to try indie stuff over the big two so about once a week i pull some image stuff most of which has been good so far.

I ended up buying the first Invincible trade and immediately bought the next 7.

Thanks for the heads up on Godland user.

Please stop trying to seduce me into getting Invincible, I've got too much Big Two and manga to buy.

Meh, they're decent. Deadly Class has fantastic art and I really loved the first issue but I ended up dropping it after 8 or 9 issues.

Dude trust me i love the big two and manga and I have to say that Invincible brought so much life, fun, and superheroic storytelling.

Seriously i cant suggest it enough if you like cape comics. Like it blows my mind that i could have completely missed this series.

I told you to stop, why are you doing this to me? I don't want to push Nausicaä or MW even further back than I already have.

Year One
The Killing Joke
Death IN the Family (different from Death OF the Family)

Injustice is also nice.

This thread fucking sucks compared to the other one


Well, you shouldn't. Invincible is nowhere near that level and ends up dragging after a while.

ive only got up to the 7th volume of the ultimate collection. is there a point i should avoid in the series

Well that's a relief.

The main reason the book felt fresh was that it was new and exciting.
After a while it becomes just as bogged down with baggage as most big two books.


Anyone here recommend any teenage slice of life comics?

>hard mode: make it Cape related


Blue Monday.

How come everyone always "recently" bought Watchmen?

The Bellybuttons
Love and Rockets (it's a bit older than teenage though)

Gotham Academy might work.

>it's a bit older than teenage
Only at the beginning. Then it gets a lot older than teenage.

Haven't read the rest of the thread but this is really easy.

1. Buy sandman (all of it, in whatever format you can afford. one version has better art but it's at least $100 more than the omnibus I think)

2. Buy Lucifer (all of it, there is a short story thing outside of the series proper that starts it out, if you don't read that then the first few chapters wont make much sense. hopefully it'd be included in any collection but you should check for it first)

3. Buy the new Lucifer vol. that came out recently. No idea if it's any good but I haven't seen anything but good reviews.

4. I dunno, that should last you a week or two, ask again afterwords. Seriously though, Lucifer is the shit, it's up there with Dune and the Dark Tower for me as far as favorite media goes.


Just bought this. It's shit.

Not the comic itself, mind you, that one's great. Much better than Nameless IMO.

It's Legendary's shitty edition that bothers me. This is one of those godawful glued-on hardcovers that you can barely open without fearing that the whole thing will fall apart if you push it too hard. Utterly unreadable, I'm seriously thinking of selling this and buying the single issues instead, unless Legendary gets their heads out of their fancy asses and produces a soft-cover edition, which I don't see happening.

Sandman's actually around 13, not counting the Death graphic novels.
>Endless Nights
>The Dream Hunters
And while it may be a novella, I would definitely say to go for Dream Hunters, if just for Amano's gorgeous artwork. The comic adaptation pales in comparison.

P. Craig Russell or Le Meme Final Fantasy Artist? Hmmm...

>Using meme to describe things you don't like
Wow way to invalidate your opinion in record time.

Seconding the Nextwave rec

I need to get more Lone Wolf and Cub.

Don't read lucifer before sandman. That's like opening a book to a random page and reading from there.

Besides the fact that Sandman is dope as hell, it can be gotten in only two omnibus dealios.

As far as hellblazer... ehhhhh not really a must read. I've only read the first ~150 chapters or w/e they're called but it's pretty inconsistent, a lot of pretty bad chapters, lots of staff changes who either forget or contradict (or give it an overt fuck you) the previous stuff; lost my place and realized I didn't really get anything out of it so I stopped reading. Guess it depends on what your standards are for media, if you don't mind good/decent stuff then it's worth your time but there is so much amazing stuff out there I don't have the time for that stuff.

Death graphic novels?
All I've read is the series proper and lucifer, what all am I missing in this universe?

There's Death: The High Cost of Living, and Death: The Time of Your Life. The High Cost of Living is about Death spending a day with a suicidal teenager, helping him to appreciate what he has. High Cost of Living deals with Hazel and Foxglove after Death comes for their son. DC's collected them since in one big Deluxe Edition.

Which I had no idea about when I bought a sealed copy of Time of Your Life at a convention a couple months ago.

There's also The Dreaming, which is a Sandman spin-off. It's okay.

That's it? Kinda disappointing, the Endless has soooooo much potential. Thanks for the help btw, don't want to sound ungrateful.

Check out the new Lucifer series? I can't really see how they could continue it, unless they write in a way for lucy to come back to creation which seems a bit fucky, but I am still pretty excited to read it.

Why is the remastered version of Reads still unavailable online? I don't want to have to go to a shop and have them order it.

I need to pick up the new Sun Bakery.

Deluxe COIE sucks I've heard. Extremely tight binding.

Academy X is kind of slice of life-y

OP said he just started reading in the last month.
Watchmen is one of the most critically acclaimed comic books of all time.
It makes sense.

Most excited for more Scalped.

Well, that sucks. Was thinking of upgrading it. Can anyone here confirm this?

Also, found a copy of Anya's Ghost for a buck today. So that was good.

you talk like a fag and your shit's all retarded.

>X-23 Killing Dream
If you like that they released The X-23 Complete Collection number 1 which has her first comic appearances and other cool stuff.

There are only like, four writers in the first 150 issues of Hellblazer, and nothing is contradictory. I think you might just be an idiot, it sounds like you have trouble with comics unless they're incredibly self-contained and come highly recommended by others.

Why does everyone recommend Moon Knight? Can someone explain the appeal? Older runs and new (I guess), but especially those found in the EPIC collections.

Hi there!
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My most recent purchases.
The dust jacket on Supergirl came a little messed up. It's not that bad, but I expected better from ist.

He's a cool guy.

I'm jealous of the Supergirl omnibus. How good is the binding and page quality?

Prophet and Black Science are great if you're into sci-fi

>Danger Zone

Do I have bad taste. I have enjoyed all of these.

Moon Knight is just one of those Goldilocks characters who is interesting enough to have a lot of canon (but not too much) for good writers to play around with but isn't popular enough to have some executive management standing over the writer's shoulder to make sure nothing too risky gets written, and so recently there were a few good stories making use of that creative freedom.
It's not entirely because of the characters themselves, more like it's a perfect storm of a situation that comes around every so often to give B-list characters amazing story runs.

I'd argue beginner taste before bad taste.

Avengers Arena is fucking garbage.

I liked it. But I'm ignorant and I can't tell what a good comic is.

Thanks. Appreciate the response.

You liked seeing a bunch of characters get brutalized for no good reason while the writer's OCs get propped up? You disgust me.

Binding is okay.
Page quality is pretty nice

Mighty Thor (Simonson)
Venom (Remender)
Black Science
The Vision
The Fix
Young Animal DC books coming out
DC Rebirth
Tartakovsky Luke Cage

>Do I have bad taste.
Why do you care what we think? Just read the comics you enjoy.

What's the point of reading comics if you can't get the validation of random strangers on the internet?

I feel like people might be overhyping Sandman around here. Now I haven't read all of it, I just picked volume 3 and Endless Nights at the library, and found most of both to be just meh, with the issue about cats and the story where Dream was visiting the anthropomorphic personifications of stars as the only really good bits.
Am I missing something here?

>not reading it in order...

what are you even doing?

Using a public library.

This came in the mail today.

Mine too! It's so great. The page about the Mickey Z patches is great and the whole WWJ as Frank Santoro had my dying laughing.

I don't get the hype either, but I also don't like Gaiman's prose work


Is getting owl arrested, beaten, raped, and registered as a sex offender all after making child porn of his kids officially the worst thing WWJ has done now?


Owl deserved it.


Which do you guys prefer, the Marvel logo on top of their spines, or DC's at the bottom?

>no Bone

Honestly need to get those Scalped HCs before they go out of print. I love Guera's art.

hardcover when?

Personally I prefer Marvel's. The contrast of black, red and white is neat.

Read Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane.


Same here. I love how much the logo pops. Especially when it's white text on a red background.

The marvel logo is obnoxious when you see all book lined up on a shelf.

I've never posted my shelves before on Cred Forums - despite having collected stuff for a while. I've also got about 4 longboxes that I won't bother to post.

But I've enjoying seeing other people's collections so thought people might like to see mine. I've tried to divide the close ups into as few pics as possible so I'm not shitting up the thread - let's see how it goes.

Sorry it's all sideways - let's see how the close ups work out...

That's a bit better.

I can't believe I own a Watchmen Companion (a present) - without owning the book itself.

Wow, the spines for the Judge Dredd Complete Case Files are even MORE inconsistent in the UK versions? I would've thought it'd be the other way around.

And I know you guys will shit on me for owning so much of Slott's Spidey but I've genuinely found it a fun read that I can just waste some time with every now and again.

I reckon I'll wind up shifting most of my X books though. I still quite like them but I'd rather have something else taking up their space.

I'm happiest with all my Annihilation hardcovers. I picked them up well before the Guardians movie was announced so they weren't absurdly priced then.

Anyway, last pic. Feel free to bash my tastes.

They vary a bit I suppose - but I think they look more of a set when you have multiple ones lined up. I only have the four at the moment - but I think they look more even when you have 8 or so lined up.

You're one of the few people I've seen with the Luther Arkwright collection - how is it? I was interested in the first series, and then the complete collection was announced, but I still haven't gotten around to getting it (with the higher price tag and all).

Is it quite expensive now?

I thought it was really reasonably priced, It's still only about £25 on amazon here in the UK. I think it's worth an impulse purchase for anyone with a love of comics.

I'm actually always quite surprised I don't see it more here. I love it - but am pretty biased. I'm currently a lecturer in film and Arkwright was a figure I looked at when doing my PhD (I looked a lot at the convergence between different media etc.)

I'm bummed out I don't have more Talbot on my shelf but there's so much stuff that I want to read right now. My last buys where the Barks and Rosa Duck books. I think It's going to be a little while before I buy anything else.

Nothing wrong with owning something you enjoy

Thanks user, I think I'll leave his run at Spiderverse as I can just about still stomach that story - but not much about the 'Peter owns a company' has really interested me about the new stuff. I've got much better stuff to drop my money on anyway.

At the very least, it's nice to see a writer working on a run that is able to rack up a decent amount of issues. Seems to be rarer and rarer that a team stays together for more than 12 issues.

I wish they still did those Spawn books. They seem to reprint everything every few years, and now they have those tiny little trades.

I have those first three, plus book 4.

I got some TMNT comics.

p10 bump

Recent purchases. Got the Wonder Woman by George Perez Omnibus and Showcase presents: Shazam! coming in next week. Hype.

How's that Supergirl run? Been eyeing it for a while.


I only got it in June, haven't read it yet.

Love the Mouse Guard shelf.

Bad until Gates takes over.


Thanks! I hate how the flash winds up making everything seem like it's in a greasy cave. It all looks nice in real life!

I bought these two at a borders bookstore years ago. Can't seem to find these anymore

rescue bump

nobody enjoys waiting a decade for the next trade


It's a hell of a collection. Definitely a few books there I want.

I'm thinking of going for the Planetary Omni, Goon Library v.3, both Umbrella Academies, maybe a Scott Pilgrim HC, and the first Atomic Robo omni. And not Cred Forums related, but they've managed to get the rights to do all the Discworld in collectors hardcovers, so I'm starting to pick those up too, now that I can get a full collection.

Something like that. Payday is in two weeks, and I am currently swinging between buying as soon as possible, or saving up and treating myself to a huge blowout at xmas and buying a new TV, GPU, and as many comics from my wishlist as I can afford.

ms marvel is exactly what you're looking for

>I hate how the flash winds up making everything seem like it's in a greasy cave

just move a lamp nearby so theres good light, and change the white balance on your phones camera, often its set to something that resembles incandescent lighting.

I'd wait, there always good deals around xmas anyways, and everyone likes a good holiday haul.

I'm 32 so my xmas gifts are usually a book or two from my mum, a bottle a booze, bag of socks, and some candy, lol.

30 here, and it's much the same. I actually appreciate the socks though - something that 8 year old me would hate me for.

I might just buy a few things to round out the present pile, especially since I'll be at my sisters for Christmas, then January sales? I can't remember if these sort of things go down too much though?

And there's always the option of black friday for the electronics...

Black Friday I usually stock up on dvds. And usually on Thursday since I celebrate Thanksgiving on Friday instead.

How is the Duke Nuke Em comic.

R8 and H8, M8s




Anybody picking up the Punisher War Journal paperback that came out today? Maybe if this sells well they'll reprint the rest of the series.

I plan on getting it soon.

>someone else actually reads Sun Bakery
I just set up an account on TFAW so they send me it automatically when it's released.

>Steve Lichman
Wish I got in on that when I could.

>6 vols of red hood by lobdell...

are you a masochist?


Birthday gifts came in today. So far I've read all of Red Son, which was phenomenal, and the first issue of Suicide Squad.
It's great to have a backlog of stuff to read again.

Caught up on a bunch, but still behind on others. Still, damn good Recents this week




Then what do YOU use, oh wise user?

>buying comics
Im not a cuck

So you're just poor?

I'm probably richer than you since I dont waste my money on comics

I highly doubt you are.


Tell me about Chew. Seen it on a few shelves here, people seem to be pretty into it.

I personally like it because it very cartoonish. I also enjoy detective sorties. The story is about humans with special powers through eating and the main character works for the FDA enforcing the ban of chicken which has caused a bird flu type outbreak. Its an outrageous fun story that keeps me wondering whats really going on in the world of Chew.

That sounds odd.


What a beautiful duwang

>am i missing something here


>prose work

how is it prose? oh, you mean like when he uses words n' shit?

well, at least you listen to weezer

That's quite the response. Throughout and useful.

because he's insane and the art is good. his being insane gives the writers wiggle room. his being a more abstract character seems more conducive to freedom of expression

is kaijumax any good? is it juvenile? not that that's bad, just not what i'm looking for

i buy used, then trade them in for more used if my LCS does that. which three of them do. there's no way i could afford to buy things new and no space to put all the things i've read except in my brain.

I like the title of Godland, would you mind posting a pic of the cover and back pls?


>buying Cursed Child

I think he wanted something good, user.


>how is it prose?
I meant his books

>order from amazon
>"your book has been shipped!"
>few hours later
>"your book has been damaged. wait for replacement"


Just ordered these books yesterday. Huge fan of Matheson and this collection just came out of nowhere


>SS: Katana
was it any good or are you just a waifufag?
>Grell GA
I need to get on that shit

Havent read katana also I'm not a fag.
Grells run on GA is the definitive GA

>Grells run on GA is the definitive GA
Oh, I know.
Read Longbow Hunters. I've just been putting these off for a while.

>garbage manga
>literally Cred Forums movies
>shit taste in Cred Forums


How often do you guys reread your collections? Whenever I buy trades or floppies - they just sit there after the initial read.

>That first appearance of the vision

pretty awesome, which vision stories do you enjoy?

Fight me in real life, faggot.

>>literally Cred Forums movies
As opposed to non-Cred Forums movies?

OP, Get the other two McCloud books, Making and Reinventing Comics. they good shit.

Gotham Central
Morrison's New X-Men
Seven Soldiers of Victory
All-Star Superman
Whatever Happened to the Man of Tommorow?
Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader?
Vaughan's Runaways

If you end up liking Morrison's stuff, he has almost 30 years worth of stories at DC that are all worth reading, pic related.

>Morrison's New X-Men

Better than Whedon's Astonishing, and he likes that.


>Heck (Zander Cannon)
Oh God that comic fucked me up good

I tend to give a good run a read once every three years or so.

If there's something I'll never read again, I sell it.

Anything you're proud of owning?


When I go to work I usually bring my 3DS or whatever trade on the shelf catches my eye that morning. I like to have something to read or fuck around with that isn't my phone during lunch, or if I have to wait around somewhere for a while.

Yeah man, that's why I like it.

How am I doing Cred Forums?


Look into Lucifer




It's ok. Duke isn't quite as serious as I'd like him to be as a character, but under Gearbox they're trying to market him as a comedy character. It's the best I could reasonably ask for. Well illustrated, good action, bunch of T&A. Would recommend if it interests you at all.

Kaijumax is absolutely fantastic. It's not juvenile at all, it's all played completely straight and can be downright unsettling at times. The colourful and friendly presentation is wholly for the juxtaposition factor.

Do yourself a favor and buy the Season 1 TPB.


all this shit in the last month

I'm gonna pick it up. I've never read that Pun/Wolvie first meeting. And Lee's early work is so much more interesting to me.

You got that right.

Waiting on Omega Men and Dini's Dark Night to come in

Trying to figure out what to buy soon from an upcoming bonus

>Andre the Giant
He was a real life cape, you fuck.


The only thing shit there is Todd Macfarlane Spider-Man.

Nothing wrong with it, although buying the omni seems dumb since all those issues should be in $1 bins

>not Daniel's Deathstroke

Not enough Swamp Thing, get more.

Yeah I know, I'm getting the rest of Moore's run soon.
I'm skipping Snyder's run, I tried the first couple of issues at the beginning of the new 52 and it was too overwritten and not all that exciting for me.
I'll probably get Charles Soule run as well, I've heard good stuff from that one.



You might also want to try Hellblazer if you enjoy Constantine's hi-jinks.

Is this what they mean by chaos?




In societies where modern conditions of production prevail, all of life presents itself as an immense accumulation of spectacles. Everything that was directly lived has moved away into a representation.

The images detached from every aspect of life fuse in a common stream in which the unity of this life can no longer be reestablished. Reality considered partially unfolds, in its own general unity, as a pseudo-world apart, an object of mere contemplation. The specialization of images of the world is completed in the world of the autonomous image, where the liar has lied to himself. The spectacle in general, as the concrete inversion of life, is the autonomous movement of the non-living.

What are you babbling about?

postmodern bullshit

The spectacle grasped in its totality is both the result and the project of the existing mode of production. It is not a supplement to the real world, an additional decoration. It is the heart of the unrealism of the real society. In all its specific forms, as information or propaganda, as advertisement or direct entertainment consumption, the spectacle is the present model of socially dominant life. It is the omnipresent affirmation of the choice already made in production and its corollary consumption. The spectacle’s form and content are identically the total justification of the existing system’s conditions and goals. The spectacle is also the permanent presence of this justification, since it occupies the main part of the time lived outside of modern production.

Separation is itself part of the unity of the world, of the global social praxis split up into reality and image. The social practice which the autonomous spectacle confronts is also the real totality which contains the spectacle. But the split within this totality mutilates it to the point of making the spectacle appear as its goal. The language of the spectacle consists of signs of the ruling production, which at the same time are the ultimate goal of this production.

One cannot abstractly contrast the spectacle to actual social activity: such a division is itself divided. The spectacle which inverts the real is in fact produced. Lived reality is materially invaded by the contemplation of the spectacle while simultaneously absorbing the spectacular order, giving it positive cohesiveness. Objective reality is present on both sides. Every notion fixed this way has no other basis than its passage into the opposite: reality rises up within the spectacle, and the spectacle is real. This reciprocal alienation is the essence and the support of the existing society.

In a world which really is topsy-turvy, the true is a moment of the false.

Be quiet, fool!

>Bruce Wayne, Agent of Shield

Your room is a fucking flea market.

Yeah that and Lucifer are on my list of things I need to read. I haven't read (much) Hellblazer or Lucifer, but I know enough to know that I'll like it once I start reading it.

I've only gotten the first three trades of Hellblazer myself, I need to git gud.


If you enjoy hi-jinks and social commentary.
I would recommend Transmetropolitan is one of the best works from Vertigo that I don't see mentioned much in Cred Forums

Dat Empowered do. Why you missing some, tho?

Cause I still need to buy them, they're on my list, but shit that I need to pay for keeps popping up. I'll get Emp Vol 8 soon though. Started reading that book for the quick cheep fap, then I fell in love with the characters.

So tell me about it.

could you take a darker photo please?

Is written by Warren Ellis.
Is set some time in the future.
Is all about Spider Jerusalem who is a Gonzo journalist (based on Hunter S. Thompson) who has retired and secluded himself from society for a while, except he has run out money which means he needs to get back to writing and he can only do that on the The City (wikipedia describes it better than I can: "a twisted hedonistic amalgam of pervasive consumerism, sex, violence, and drugs where one can indulge in taboo activities such as cannibalism and child prostitution as a part of daily life."). Important thing about Spider Jerusalem he is a smart ass, sailor swearing, loud mouth, cynical kind of journalist who is there to find out about the important shit.

So you get stories about this journalist writing and investigating about cults, politics, sex, body modification, public perception, government interference and all kind of fucked up crazy shit but since this is Spider Jerusalem you get it in some of the most irreverent way possible. This future is really fucked up, funny, weird and still you can see the parallels with the real world.

Guess I could sample one trade and see how it goes for me.

sorry user

I want the >capeshit meme to die already

>Black Orchid
This is what Gaiman did before Sandman, right?

thrift store that sells books for a buck

Fredric Jameson sucks.

A good chunk of my collection right there. Rarely do I ever pay cover price for a book.


Latest pick ups. So hyped to find the Hawkman Omnibus without going online.

All 3 of those look badass.

get a shelf pls

or stack your shit less precariously

OP, try some short stories.

Abandon the Old in Tokyo, Push-Man, and Good-bye by Yoshihiro Tatsumi

Sleepwalk, Summer Blonde, and Killing & Dying from Adrian Tomine

Twentieth Century Eightball by Daniel Clowes

I have been away from home for 2 weeks.

Ha ha time for post.

I don't usually go to B&N, but whenever I go I always buy one of their Collectible Editions. It's like a curse

Beginning to fear the "in stock" Hellboy vol 5 I ordered was nothing of the sort. Fuck me I will be mad if I've missed it.

And here's some stuff that I had in my other flat which has finally come home.

Ignore the knife, I'm not an edgy 14 year old, I was just using it to open the packages and forgot to move it.

Rate possible haul:
>BPRD Hell on Earth TPB 1-6
>Planetary Omnibus
>Return of Bruce Wayne TPB
>Absolute Batman Inc

Also considering Gotham Central 1-3 instead of Planetary

at this point you should probably wait for the hell on earth hardcovers since it's ending in in december

Any idea when they'll start coming out then?

no specific dates but I'd say next summer

I think maybe before that. They know everyone's waiting at this point, and there's no reason not to jump in.

Why not the GC omni?

I'm on a budget and the 4 paperbacks are cheaper than the omni in canada

On a budget but buying an Absolute version?

Surely the trades are cheaper than that too?

What I've read of Morrison's Batman run is some of my favorite stuff and I expect to completely love Batman Inc and Ive been holding off for the absolute for a while

But yeah youre right it doesnt make much sense

Fair enough. You grab the Absolute of Batman & Robin? I talked myself out of it since there's an omnibus on the way which is dirt cheap. Like less than 1/3 of the price.

Nah I bought the trades before either the absolute or omni were announced although I might get it eventually

I have the absolute Final Crisis though and it's beautiful

>Academy X

I've managed to grab them all for cheap. Most I paid was £14 for Childhood's End, others were like £7 with postage or less. Picked up 2, 3 and House of M for a similar price not too long ago.

The last 4 trades look pretty pricey, unfortunately. Not shelling out £30 for them, which is what they go for on ebay and amazon at the minute.

Does anyone know what marvel UK pocketbooks are like? i think some uncanny x-men issues are only collected in those so far and i was wonder if it's worth an investment or wait for Marvel to collect or get the floppies