Wonder Woman #6 Storytime

"Wonder Woman: Year One" part 3!

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Aphrodite and Athena?

Seeing muslims in a Wonder Woman comic always makes me think of that iconic image...

Ah, so we're giving Cheetah the role of the Kapatelises... That's a cool modernization

Another snoozer...

What image?

the gods? Athena= Owl, Zeus= Buck, Hera = peacock


Was this a good theme ?

And yet you're here

Etta Candy is black now.

It's a good fight theme but not what I would want out of a main Wonder Woman theme...

Sorry you have bad taste, I love this book so far

damn that's cute

You're about 4 years late to the party

I'm not sure why she was arrested. All she did was come to the country accompanied by a military man.

Zzzzzz oh is the storytime over? Damn Greg Rucka has been a bust so far. He is out of WW stories.

She has no visa, duh.

How are they going to collect this in trades, anyway?

This. Too aggressive for her main theme.

Diana is cute. CUTE!

>Literally George Pérez



She wasn't born with her super natural strength?

Are they ignoring Azzarello's run?

Yes. Yes they are. We've known this.

This is my first issue

One for Lies, one for Year One.

Yes. Rucka is very specific concerning his own interpretation of Diana.

Rucka has said explicitly that he's going to be dealing with Azz's run. Probably by dropkicking it off the side of the world, but it's going to be dealt with.

I have a question about issue #5 and thought here would be the right place to ask.

Does Cheetah have a healing factor? She must have in order to be impaled by a spear through the gut and in the next issue be perfectly healed?

Oh. You really should go back and start at the Rebirth issue instead. You're missing out.

Let me guess she is a lesbian like most of his female main characters?

Rucka's Wonder Woman has been solid so far. It needs though to step up a bit with the action part.

I'm hoping the Cheetah interlude issue in four weeks will clear that up.


Gorgeous cover.

>Language has Afroasiatic roots
>Island is on the Black Sea

>he doesn't know what afroasiatic means

Sure I do, but afroasiatic does not stretch to the black sea. It ends at the Arab peninsula

I dunno. But I suspect there's a lot of subsonics laced in there.

Zeus is the eagle
The buck is Artemis

Steve being a hue slut is my favorite part about his comic.

>Dr Perez
>it's literally George Perez

Rucka, you sonofabitch

>They are so filled with fear here.

literally Earth One dialogue.

Ahaha, I caught the name reference, but didn't connect the character. :D

Steve is a cutie.

And now Artemis is here

My god. After reading Azz WW this is a snoozefest. This is WW is so vanilla. Amazon? Generic princess more like it. Give her a mermaid tail and some thingamabobs. Steve is equally boring and generic. The art is pretty yes but I feel it has a children's book feel as opposed to a book aimed at older readers. It lacks the nuance, cleverness, pathos that the new 52 had.

Blame the Finches for squandering that potential.

I still suspect that their job was to make Wonder Woman as shitty as possible to make room for Rucka though.

Rucka's old run was really good. I don't know what happened to his writing. The mandate to make this sunshine and roses by Johns is not helping WW. Now if it is out of pure spite to just throw shade at Azzarello....he can't. His work so far is nothing new. In fact it is a step backwards. WW had a unique feel to it new 52 ...mythic and epic. This. I just don't know what this is. Even if the Finches messed up, this is no better. IN fact this is worse. Diana is a doe eyed idiot yet we supposed to believe has been around for thousand of years. A good writer should jump at the opportunity to expand on Azz world. His Gods were amazing. Rucka could have reconciled the new 52 by exploring the non God foes. But this run is a prime example why WW will never be as good and consistent as BM and SM. The tendency to mary sue her and write foes that are not that interesting.

>Plane crash in a DC comic

What gifts did they gave her? Being able to break the bars? She already could do that.

A Wondy with curves are always gorgeous

I hate this colorist.

No she couldn't.

Amazons can't bend metal bars?

Not that user, but if I understood correctly, the Amazons were immortal in the way Elves usually are in fantasy settings. They can live forever, but aren't invulnerable. She lost that immortality when she left Themyscira. The gifts the gods gave her are seemingly all of her superhuman abilities that Wonder Woman usually has.

Yeah, but weren't the amazons already above the average "normal" folk?
So the gods made her uber-uber?

Welcome to the country you will save from disaster inumerable times. Now, get in the cage, bitch.

I think her departing from Themyscira deprived her of anything that made her above normal. So, in the simplest of powerlevels she was a 2 on Themyscira, became a 1 when she left, and was elevated to a 3 when the gods gave her gifts.

I'm guessing they gave her her superpowers

Isn't that usually how it always goes? The Amazons never had Wonder Woman's nigh demigod flying brick powers, they're just abnormally strong and gifted warriors. But Wonder Woman gets that special sauce from the gods.

Alex Ross you absolute madman.


>a dove appears to Steve
Cool reference.

everybody with the same face

Oooh, what's the sauce on this? Seems like Rucka is going for deep cuts with continuity and creator references this issue, but I don't know them all!

wonder woman #2 of the Perez run

Meant to reply

>tumblr nose

aaaaaaand we're done

Rucka and Scott have already said that Diana and Steve are gonna fuck.

Awesome! Thanks!

Did they specifically say sex? Or just romance?

Damn Steve, you're like the perfect boyfriend. You're like a dork except handsome.

Oh God, I just wanna hug her and tell her Steve is on the way. This girl's too adorable for her own good.

She can melt them, though.

They all talk about advance technologies but did we really see any in the previous issues?

At least she's fat again

Where? Also how autistic are you?

I am just going to pretend that that Diana still exists. Just on a different Earth from this Diana.

i dropped the modern day stuff but i'm loving this year one.

Is no one talking about the Perez cameo? i loved it

first panel.
and clearly very.

How great is that explanation for the plane.

It is kind of nice to see Amazonian Super-Science/Sorcery reincorporated

I generally hate it when the new writer decides to just toss out everything the old writer did. I also hate the relentless march back to the status quo. "Nice story you wrote. I'm going to A: say none of that shit happened and portray everything you wrote as if t were a bad dream."

I also really hate that they go out of the way to make sure that the old scholar who studies languages doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground and that a 20 something year old woman is going to put him in his place. What a joke. The way to show exclusivity isn't to just repeatedly mash the "men don't know shit" button. Had they skipped the old man part and just gone straight to the woman being called in, what's the functional difference?

Jesus. I'm all for inclusivity, believe it or not, but they're just so ham handed about it. Do you understand what I'm getting at? You can have a woman be the expert and talk good about her without propping up a "old white man" as a dunce to do so.

It's an example of good comic writer nerd shit where he's weaving these different things together seamlessly. Even shit no one really cares about. Like why does she have a jet and can fly

>that the old scholar who studies languages doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground

I took it as showing how this is a similar but different Wonder Woman than post-crisis. Perez comes in and gets the vague outline of her story but he's slightly out of date in Greek. Now with nu52/Rebirth we're getting the updated Year One in Latin.

also isn't that bitch Cheetah or something?

Out of curiosity, what's essential reading for Wonder Woman fans?

>Perez comes in and gets the vague outline of her story but he's slightly out of date in Greek.

Oh, so it's not only a hamhanded technique, it's also a not so subtle fuck you to the "colleague" who came before, huh? This book is a joke and I'm done with it.

I just assumed it was the usual kind of subtle ragging on of comic book people that they do to each other. Of course, nowadays everything is so political people get all pissy and over read everything, so it probably would've been better to make a bland namedrop.

we're wildly divergent on this, i took it as a classy hat tip

Rucka loves Perez's run, so I don't think any slight at all was intended. As someone pointed out upthread, Rucka also included a nod to Perez's second issue, with the dove scene.

Best description for this run so far: vanilla

Even the new origin for her powers... it's safe and boring and has no weight whatsoever

>DC has changed plans for October's scheduled Wonder Woman #8, replacing the previously-solicited story by Greg Rucka and Nicola Scott being removed in favor of a "one-shot interlude" by Rucka and artist Bilquis Evely. Rucka said that this issue "arose very organically," despite it replacing the originally-intended story for that issue.

>"The ‘interlude' issue arose very organically out of the stories we’ve been telling in both 'Year One' with Nicola Scott, and 'The Lies,' with Liam Sharp,” said Rucka. "The opportunity to focus on Cheetah, on the origins of Barbara Ann Minerva, is one of those decisions that I think is going to add even more to what we’re doing.”

>DC goes on to describe this issue as "a tale that spotlights Cheetah’s past, young Barbara Ann Minerva is sent on a quest to find answers to the Amazons’ most ancient secrets!" Here is an eight-page black-and-white first look at the issue.

>Evely recently completed work on the "Sugar & Spike" serial in the Legends of Tomorrow anthology from DC Comics.

>"This story is very thoughtful and human,” said Evely, "and I'm trying to bring this to the pages as well. We visit a lot of different places and archaeological reference points, which means I get to have a lot of fun! I think the readers will never see Barbara Ann in the same way again, after what Greg has been doing here! This is a singular opportunity I couldn’t pass up."

>Despite the new story, Wonder Woman #8 is still scheduled for its original release date of October 12. DC hasn't disclosed if and when the originally intended Rucka/Scott "Year One" Part Four story will be published.


That's how you know it's the lie.

What is the new origin? Lesbianism?

>Extraterrestrial life that looks like a human being is scientifically sound.
Ok, then.

To me Azz's Wonder Woman is the one true Wonder Woman. Rucka's Wonder Woman is just some Bizzaro abomination.

>You can have a woman be the expert and talk good about her without propping up a "old white man" as a dunce to do so.
I thought it was more about showing Minerva's personality.


>why isn't my picture book for children more mature!?

I agreed 1000%

>To me Azz's Wonder Woman is the one true Wonder Woman.

Only a casual would say this. Specially when Nu52 shit is just something Dr. Manhattan did to make the heroes weak.

Not sadly, is only how the real world see the Wonderfull and afraid from him for ignorance, envy or stupidity

>Plane Crash


Art looks decent and cheeta backstory could be interesting if rucka keeps it compressed enough.
But that cover makes me hope rucka isn't going to be pulling "girlpower".

>To me Azz's Wonder Woman is the one true Wonder Woman.
Azz's wondy was nothing like wonder woman was originally intended, though.

>To me Azz's Wonder Woman is the one true Wonder Woman.
hahahAHAHAHA no

Okay, I'll bite.

What is a "thingamabob" in this context?

Reference to Disney's The Little Mermaid.

Aw. She's all cute when she's scared and uncertain.

Not that guy, but a dude's entitled to his opinion. Jeez.

>why is everyone shitting on this guy
>after he called this other comic a bizarro abomination
I liked Azzarello's WW. I like Rucka's current one too. Aside from someone committing the cardinal sin of calling any Nu52 version of the character definitive, he went and hyperbolically shat on another run while doing so.

Not to mention it's not like Azzarello's run didn't also ignore pretty much all of Wonder Woman's previous history either, so complaining about it being done here is a bit hypocritical.

I loved Azz Wondie, but all of these Azz only casuals make me sick. Azz Wondie was terrible for continuity and future stories, this classic Wondie we're getting back has so much more backstory and possibilities.

That's right and we shall add Snow White while we at it. Steve Trevor has to be the most boring love interest DC has. The guy's personality has the depth of a puddle. After kissing amazons for centuries why she wants to screw Steve is mind boggling. His bland blondness or the tattooed up Green Arrow lookalike there to save the poor Africans... shows they have no idea how to make this character interesting. He was written better in the new 52. I would have questioned why someone as complex as WW would even be interested in him but that would be Azzarello's Diana. This Diana is ironically watered down to be bland and inoffensive despite some claiming she is some female symbol of empowerment. New 52 Diana and even Perezs Diana did not make her choices nor was her power set or immortality etc because she wanted some army sausage. That ironically is what Rucka and co is doing to try to make Trevor relevant.

Use linebreaks, you namefag sperg.

Dude, i love Azz's WW, but his WW was the blandest character i've ever seen.

She grew up in an island filled with violent feminazis and despite being immersed in that toxic culture for all her formation, she was still a good gal who loved everyone and was super nice.

In the story she never made her own choices, like most MC in Azz's stories. She'd just be dragged by other characters and told what to do.

Seriously, if there's one bad thing about Azz's WW run was Diana herself. She had no character.

hera and strife were better than diana because diana was a piece of stale bread

>saying no girl power in a wonder woman comic

Please. Wonder Woman book was boring and forgettable before Azz came along and made it interesting. And it became boring and forgettable again once he left. Rucka's Wonder Woman book? Basically Marvel's Wakanda with women.

No. They were just a race of women created by Athena(or Hera, I don't remember), then after they were raped and enslaved by Hercules, Zeus gave them their own island to live on forever, away from man. Then Hippolyta asked the Gods for a daughter, which they gave her and blessed her with a bunch of special abilities.

Original Rucka
Spirit of Truth
Maybe some Golden Age if you're into that stuff

And then Rucka decided to retcon the clay origin and made her Captain Marvel (aka Shazam).

You mean Azz?

They both did. Azz's is Zeus bastard with god powers via birthright and Rucka's someone's bastard with god powers via poorman's Captain Marvel/Shazam.

I'm not really enjoying the wide eyed naive dipshit wonderwoman.

"Oh dearie me, you want me in a cell, ok."

"Oh no, whatever will I do without Steve Trevor"


"Oh no, you want to be to a feminist lesbian, ok."

"Oh no, he touched me that means it was rape."

"Oh no, my imaginary animal friends are talking to me again."

"On no, you want me to disarm myself in unfriendly territory, ok."

"Oh no, you want to exile me from home because of your delusions, ok."

So this is just WW Earth One. Rucka couldn't let go they gave it to Morrison so is just writing it here now. Have to say it is pretty bland imitation.

Hera is the peacock, Zeus is the eagle, artemis is the buck, athena is the owl. Unsure who the last would be.

From a quick google search, the mouse would seem to be Apollo (Prince of Mice), the tortoise Hermes (amusingly), and the dove Aphrodite.

Disney princess Diana is cute


>To me Azz's Wonder Woman is the one true Wonder Woman

I'm surrounded by casuals. I feel dirty.

Then why did you come to Cred Forums?

wonder woman says who they are later ffs

She always had god powers you dipshit, she was clay blessed by the gods, the only difference now is that she lived a normal live in Themyscira before turning into a Superman level threat.

This place was good once upon a time.

I like Azz's Wonder Woman
Maybe i never like Wonder Woman to begin with

Maybe, you probably just haven't read it though, because you're a filthy, disgusting ,casual piece of shit.


Shelf threads and JSA storytimes. The only two places you can actually discuss good comics.

At the start of Rucka's current Wonder Woman, she clearly didn't have god powers you retarded piece of shit. Notice how she was only capable of removing the bars from the wall after the visit from her imaginary friends.

You forgot to upload the cover

>Felicity makes an appearance

Got to say I'm really not into the idea of them retconning the New 52 origin for a brand new one. If it was going back to the post-crisis Perez continuity again I wouldn't complain but this is just trashing two perfectly good backstories for no reason.

>To me Azz's Wonder Woman is the one true Wonder Woman.

Dude, no. Just, no.

Owl - Wisdom of Athena
Stag - Artemis, Eye of the Hunter (enhanced senses) and communion with animals
Turtle - speed and flight of Hermes
Mouse - Hephaestus replacing Hestia for sisterhood with fire?
Dove - beauty of Aphrodite

The peacock is obviously Hera but I have no clue what gift she offers. And that just leaves the Eagle for Demeter, strength from the earth.

>Ignoring Azarello's run
That's just sad.
No wonder the poor guy's so cheezed off lately.

Also, this issue wasn't bad, but I feel like this whole premise was already done by Grant Morrison. And it was much better. And it was only like, a few moths ago.

If you want a hero empowered by different gods, why don't they just get around to making a Captain Marvel ongoing?
Been waiting on that one for a while.
We could even get the Thunder Kids back in here!
I miss the Thunder Kids...

Wonder Woman's been empowered by the patron gods of Themyscira since Perez

It used to be Athena, Artemis, Aphrodite, Hestia, Demeter and Hermes as the token male.

He won't be ignoring any of the versions. He's just retconning them and streamlining them into one specific origin. So taking elements from them all.

Fair enough.
Doesn't change the fact that we've been waiting for a Shazam and the Thunder Kids ongoing since Flashpoint.

Messner-Loebs Wonder Woman is space pirates and tacos

when Cred Forums was calling kid Loki a fag and wanting just a Thor story in JiM?

or when Cred Forums thought Slott, Bendis, Waid, and Johns were ever good?

has she talked to any animals yet?
best forgotten power

Is there any Wonder Woman runs where she just goes around solving things without using any violence whatsoever?

The first issue was literally having her crush War's helmet and explicitly calling everything that happened in Azz's run a "lie."

Wonder Woman 006 (2016) (2 covers) (digital) (Minutemen-Thoth)


Wonder Woman - Rebirth 01 (2016) (2 covers) (digital) (Minutemen-Thoth)

Wonder Woman 001 (2016) (2 covers) (digital) (Minutemen-Thoth)

Wonder Woman 002 (2016) (2 covers) (F) (digital) (Minutemen-Thoth)

Wonder Woman 003 (2016) (2 covers) (digital) (Minutemen-Thoth)

Wonder Woman 004 (2016) (2 covers) (digital) (Minutemen-Thoth)

Wonder Woman 005 (2016) (2 covers) (digital) (Minutemen-Thoth)

I like her immunity to fire


The one thing I really want to see here is Diana's cell filling up with gifts from everyone passing by.

Wut? He's hot and looks good with his shirt off but he doesn't seem like a slut unless you've somehow proven his squad was a huge gay orgy.

And a twisty story with one of Diana's true archenemies and a great reveal at the end


>Turtle - speed and flight of Hermes
>Mouse - Hephaestus replacing Hestia for sisterhood with fire?

lolwut m8
that makes no sense at all

Hermes is the hawk
Hephaestus is the turtle
Apollo is the mice



except you seem to be retarded and they literally said Hephaestus was the mouse


You retarded, hick son of a bitch, read my post again, read your post again, then read a fucking book and learn basic reading comprehension.
Gods always blessed her with power, before it was in the moment of conception, now she has a normal life and was only given powers in a moment of need, NEITHER makes her Shazam, BOTH have gods gifting her with powers.

Thanks user!

>Great. Now I have to share my cell with a goddamn owl.

What other stuff in DC has been retconned since Nu52? Anywhere I could find out?


>Marvel's Wakanda with women.

Actually, Wakanda was Paradise Island set in Africa with black people.

You are literally retarded. Congratulations. Your lack of reading comprehension is stuff that gives teachers nightmares.


Rucka going to wonderbat us again?

>but this is just trashing two perfectly good backstories for no reason.

B-but user. Rucka's fínally fixing Wonder Woman for good. The ninth time is the charm!


How can you prove his squad WASN'T a huge gay orgy.

Did you see those hotpants and happy trail from Year One part 1?

i love this sea shantie!

Stop. Nobody's doing that again for a long time, least of all Rucka now that he's finally able to use Steve.

wait, so she actually stopped a bullet with no enhanced reflexes or agility, just as a plain (but trained) human?

Amazons are still leagues ahead of us. Diana is 6'2" and they have the tech to replace Steve's appendix

Help me understand Cred Forums, you go to through a tantrum with a writer like Bendis who gives little care and concern on how he would handle characters he'd been given responsibility for and writes and tampers the shit out them. And then here's Rucka, yea the guys have his flaws who doesn't, ei? but it think his past works are testament enough of his competence as a writer who tries and attempts to take care of the character he's been entrusted. Whos's or what's the ideal writer?

>speed and flight


>entire book is "no way thats real, i totally dont understand"

Pretty much

I admit I didn't read it because I dropped the book
But then Rucka is the one who is retarded, because mice is associated with Apollo, and Hephaestus would make much more sense as the turtle (I believe he might even have been associated with a tortoise once)

And Hermes as a turtle is even more idiotic
Hermes is strongly associated with the hawk in mythology by the way (and was even a bird like god in Azz' run)


>Not to mention it's not like Azzarello's run didn't also ignore pretty much all of Wonder Woman's previous history either, so complaining about it being done here is a bit hypocritical.
Except Azz's run was the first run of the reboot. Those events never happened because this was a clean slate. It's not the same.

So she's exactly like Diana has always been. Diana is boring. Femtopia is boring. Sorry Tumblr I know that gets your titties in a twist.

Both Rucka and Bendis are shit though.