So I'm not your teammate or your partner in crime

So I'm not your teammate or your partner in crime.

What am I user?

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A plot device for the better characters to work off of.

a show i didn't care about.

Two shows I didn't care about.

So is Dominator the Bane/Pepe of Cred Forums?

S1 peridot?

She's the big guy.

It's art and open for interpretation. I liked your idea of putting the eye in the heart.


A cunt.

The worst part of a great show



>hick dies after having boy-pussy filled with hot magma by space-goblin






Hero mode activate!

Wearing a shirt with two pieces of melting cheese.

If you aren't the Universe's awesomest evil doer, then who is it?

come at me scrub

Ah ah ah!

Cred Forums's FOTW.

in all honesty, a fusion of those two would be an endgame villain, both in power and sheer evil-ness

Fuck this bitch, Lord Hater is the greatest in the galaxy!

t. Peepers

Bill was okay, but the GF finale really was kind of boring and brought me down on him.

The sad guy.

that was anticlimatic as fuck, he was doing nothing but plotting for a trillion years and then let himself be beaten by such an easy trick


no only if it's mysteriously a cute girl bill

The Mabel stuff was painful, too. Gravity Falls wasn't the best show, but that finale was just the worst.

that was pretty stupid and the whole of 2b was a letdown

the end of wander over yonder was much better I thought, maybe in a way it's because it didn't need to be a series finale, since it was just supposed to be a season finale? to be fair there wasn't as much to wrap up

but the end of wander over yonder was more satisfying to me than the gf finale. i wanted more of woy though.

Could lord dominator even try to defeat Smokin' Swordsman and his dog?

ye, the WoY creators were informed about concellation of their series months after finishing production, so it's a season finale and nothing more. we got no new stuff coming, but nothing much unresolved either

he's just a warmup before the true final boss

That's a tough fight. Does Dom have her lava powers AND her ice powers?

i can get behind it

Does Bill inhabiting Mabel have some dumb fandom name to make it easy to search for pics of?

reminder that Lord Dominator canonically knows about Bill's existance

The bad GRILL

i say if he gets to keep the sword AND the dog, it's only fair if she uses both elements too

Oh is this new thread? Okay

Okay, so Dipper is obviously the Great Gazoo from the Flinstones, and Soos is Astro from the Jetsons, who the heck is Grunkle Stan supposed to be?

That looks a lot better! Not crazy about her giant grin, but otherwise it's pretty great.

a mild case of exotropia

i always assumed he was just being extraterrestrial version of himself

also Soos is party Scooby Doo


That girl, the exchange student from outer-space,
The one with the bright-green skin,
That girl, the exchange student from outer-space,
She's got those antenna coming out of her forehead, oh she's so cute.

I fell for her in an instant. How can I get to her heart?
I don't care about any other girls. It's like "FUCK YOU". seriously, "NO THANK YOU"

kimihakimidori, that beautiful green, I wanna lick your nipples
kimihakimidori, that beautiful green, I wanna lick your pussy

At night, when I couldn't sleep, I thought about you and studied!
"Hello" in Alien is "peflemon"
I wasn't paying attention in class. I thought about you and studied
"I love you" in Alien is "bancho"
After beating off, I thought about you and studied
"let's bang" in alien is "periperimoon"
That exchange student from outer-space, oh she's so cute.

My heart's beating so hard I think I might have a stroke, completely unrelated, but I have an inner-ear infection.
She's caught my interest, concentrated it, it's like a one-way road, my love won't stop, all the time.

I guess he's also got Elroy's hat. It's such a good combination of references that Grunkle Stan seems lazy in comparison.

10/10 would wank again

Does this imply something?

Wait a minute, that hat...

sorry for the watermark; I needed a visual


you mean the picture?



They Fug.

Kindly do society a favor and off yourself


this is the one case where it's as relevant as it gets
so even double dubs won't make me do it today




she's a sex guy

Dang I don't know how I missed this. Yeah, I know it's open for interpretation and all, but some ideas really do look/work better one way or another. I feel like the initial idea was a much better design than what I threw out there. Yellow skin just doesn't fit Dominator all that well.

And thanks! Personally, I like that she's still wearing those damn socks under the heels.

I figured the smile would be pretty fitting, since there's no way Bill wouldn't be forever smiling in the creepiest fashion he could muster if he had a mouth.

I think it might simply be a variation of the Water Buffalo hat from the flintstones.

A lovely lady.

Is this too Lewd?

true, it's just that we're sorta used to her tiny smile all the time

not for me at least

Cutest smile in the Galaxy.

Ow my heart


>What am I user?
Some thick-thighed slut I reckon.

Yes but it's Babel or Mabill which is annoying because Mabill is also the name for the Mabel X Bill ship (get ready for a million pieces of Japanese and Korean fan art/doujinshi/porn worshipping that pairing). Fans have decided that she wears a nun's habit and wields a chainsaw a lot but there are other outfits too. And of course there is Korean porn of her.

See exhibit B.

> tfw no punk gf with green skin to hang out with at Hot Topic



Nun outfit is weird, I like when they dress her up all snazzy.


nips draw cute possessed mabels



Of course, does it imply they fuck or they are only good friends

>Hot Topic
i always headcanon that she's actually wearing something really expensive , like full Rick

>which is annoying because Mabill is also the name for the Mabel X Bill ship
This is hilarious.

Huh. Wasn't expecting to ship that.


just a good friends
with good benefits

For Wander.


for Hater

Oh sorry I went to lunch but I'm back get kick some villainous butt!

That's nice

make sure this butt is not out of your league

No butt is out of my league for I'm coming for that booty!

Would someone please tell me what the purpose of this thread is? If I wanted to jerk off to Dominator, I'd pay a visit to the /aco/ thread.

Isn't Dominator Cred Forums's bad guy?

I don't know about everyone else but I've noticed if you don't start a WOY thread with Dom or make a Dom thread in general the thread dies real fast

are you saying there's overabundance of lewd stuff in this thread?

Starting the last thread with Dom was probably my most successful thread on Cred Forums in like eight years.

What is the purpose of Cred Forums?

Indeed, but Hater > Dom


How the fuck is this so precious

fair enough, Hater was even proclaimed the true protagonist of the show at some point

What is the purpose of life?

Whatever you make of it, user!

what is the purpose?

i keep asking myself the same thing

>people think Lord Dominator is evil


>She isn't, she clearly showed that in the final episode.


We don't deserve Wander


Surprisingly accurate

this question will probably open for interpretation forever
what we know is that she's an extremely immature person in the world of constant competition and countless villains
it's too easy to become evil in their universe, after that you just need a tad of common sense to become the best

I know underwonder is pure cancer but damn that fits well

Sylava is love.

This is OT but I like Bendy.

Is that a fucking witcher?

also the best ship name in a while

Are fusions still a thing?

I wanna toss Toffee i to this mix.


She has the chainsaw because one of the shows artists drew her with it.

>sylvia replacing wander with dominator

>and Wander replacing Dominator
fair trade eh

unexpected arousal


the idea of him being evil at some point in past becomes a few steps more plausible

I would if it wasn't occupied by that slow shit drawfag

I've always been pretty fond of that theory. It's a good theory.

I highly doubt he would have been even remotely as smoking as Lord Wander though. It was probably more like Peepers' current ordeal, though successful.

i mean, to experience such personality shift, he'd have to do something truly unimaginable

this is going to get weird

Well if his way of converting villains is anything to go by, his helpful, compulsive, and loving nature was always there. The question is was it something he did that he reflected on, or was it something someone else did that caused him to turn a new leaf?

Speaking of theories, think Wander might have made a wish at a galactic conjunction before? Maybe he wished he could have the opportunity to explore the whole universe.

Oh cool, I didn't know that pic was from one of the storyboarders.

he said that he knows what it is to be helpless. it can be read in many ways, but it's just more exciting to suggest that it was a sudden revelation, and he had a notably different ways prior to it

that's possible btw, he most likely wasn't there the last time for nothing, and now he acts like it's a not a big deal, as if his wish already came true

The flavor of the month past



tsk... nothin personnel, kid

Eh, I can give it a shot tomorrow.

She would never do this.

You're right. She would destroy all his hopes, watch him cry, THEN stab him through the heart.

this bubble is the most bizarre thing in the show
can be popped with a finger but withstands planet-sized explosion in its very center

No you silly bastard she is a good person.

Clearly it's all because he made a wish ensuring he could explore the entire universe. Therefore impenetrable orbble when it matters the most. It's all coming together.

t. Wander

>all this Dominator x Sylvia posts
Can someone post more of it?


>implying Wander has blood and his body isn't just pure fuzz

You faggots are worse than the dude villain fangirls who want to redeem them with wuv.

She's a psychopathic sociopathic mass-murdering galaxy-destroying abomination with zero redeeming qualities and no conception of human mercy or compassion.

You just like her because she's hot.

ask and you shall receive

>What am I user?

The character who ruined WOY.



She has no reason to be any one of those things and it's because she responded positively to love that makes us think she can be redeemed.

best ship

The star of multiple new rape fics.


I bet the countably infinite number of people killed by her actions would love to hear that.


What a fucking shitty character. So much potential wasted on an emo "I don't need no man" bitch.

Unfinished fan-art

Good. Less chance now of it getting tainted the longer it runs.

>psychopathic ... mass-murdering galaxy-destroying abomination
that's 80% of the show cast for you. Hater has so many bones of his victims in his torture chamber, he can literally swim through them, do you think he got it from the prop store?
> sociopathic...with zero redeeming qualities and no conception of human mercy or compassion.
she looks, dresses and acts like a teenager. being immature you can very well lack mercy
and compassion, doesn't mean you won't gain it later in life
honestly i hated her guts when she first came on screen, but the more happened to her the more i grew on this character


that filename kek

Is she the rapist or the rapee? I mean is it a "reader hatefucks dominator" fic or is it Dominator tortureraping Wander like in those guro pictures that pissed off the woy general thread?

>Anonymous 09/14/16(Wed)17:18:47 No.8628

>or is it Dominator tortureraping Wander like in those guro pictures that pissed off the woy general thread?

You have my attention

Literally the only brightside to it being cancelled


If we're smashing the characters together like in the op then I think it leans to the latter.



Hence why I like it when shows have an end. If they don't, they end up like Spongebob, Autism Time or FOP.

it's about a golden medium when the show runs exactly as long as intended originally. OTGW was 10 episodes, but nobody is upset that it's over, because it was meant to be just this way



OTGW was perfection the only cartoon from this shitty era to genuinely make me feel good. Shit was classy. I can only hope they never pander to fan demands and try to make a show out of it.

This thread is to /aco/ what /e/ is to /h/.





What's with all the nuns with chainsaws?

I didn't post it or save it, I think it was Korean fan art of Lord Dominator ripping out Wander's teeth and shoving toys up his ass while he was chained to the wall and gore and BDSM shit. I mostly remember what was in them pissed people off and I think the janitors deleted them.


Is there any solo dirty shit of Sylvia in that night club outfit?


sadly none

Looks like I've got some hunting to do. Were they at least drawn well?


Yeah they were really well done I mean technically from what I remember. But I'm pretty sure they were by some korean or maybe japanese artists.



She did not kill anyone. She let the people escape before destroying the planet.

of course. how silly of me. you are correct. let's move on and not have this song and dance again.

It's been a year, user, let it go.

Well, she didn't "let the people escape", some just survived having their planet blow up.

Only because this is a Disney cartoon it's not like they are actually going to show her murdering trillions of people and children in a Disney cartoon. If this was an Adult Swim show she'd kill them and eat them and rape what's left of their corpses.

Name one hot chick who has ever done this.

my ex-gf what a bitch

Sounds like a Bomb Queen (or whatever it was called) comic.

>Bomb Queen

That's just trying way too hard to be villainous it comes off goofy instead of genuine.

Elizabeth Báthory isn't bad looking.


Camilla in Vampire Hunter D

>Camilla in Vampire Hunter D

She's ugly as fuck.

>sadly none
Fucking bullshit. How could anyone not have made sexy art of a dinosaur-horse woman in skimpy clothing?!

I seriously hope you're not trying to give me a boner Miss Dominator.


the corpses also have to be of her own kids though


Wait what? Ryuuko is alive Satsuki is alive and so is Nui. Nui just became a giant piece of clothing

Oh, I really like this one.

Dom is the good girl.

not today




Good joke.


>wander has the ability to teleport and conjure up objects

She's still alive.

>this guy walks up to your gf and slaps her ass
>what do

Call animal control, motherfucker's gone rabid.

Reminder of who is the greatest in the galaxy



Fuck you you piece of shit.


I said it last thread, and I'll say it again, too little gay in here.


That's what I fucking thought.

it can always get gayer


That's the content I'm looking for.


Wow Wi-Fu's getting good, I actually thought that was a screenshot.


>it ain't me starts playing

You're cancerous



>that time Hater punched someone through a PLANET

may as well be a super saiyan desu

i like the idea of dom flashing her panties at people and mocking them for not being able to fuck her

and then they gang up on her and fuck her

not even Frieza could pull off something that bold

>thrown into space
>don't die



they tend to do that a lot

you know, get exposed to the vacuum of space without dying somehow



Ya'll realize that she's basically the same as Junko but not as nearly interesting or cool?


She is the very definition of "writing yourself into a corner"

hnngh that fluid looping

>still get emotional watching shit like this

This show is only good for the homolust.

Dominator a shit.

>tfw you will never fight for the Hater Empire.

they're not real

Excellent reply, try it again a few times but in a mirror. :3

dragon ball character

It's not fluid. The video stutters at the end. I can tell you don't have a very good eye.

>Posting based MAD

Hey guys look, Dominator just released an image of the next galaxy she's going to conquer.

When has a craig mccracken show ever gotten worse.

You know, I can totally Hater just randomly buying all the skulls and bones of every prop shop he finds, just to make it look like he's cool and edgy with tones in his torture chamber.

No, it really doesn't stutter on my phone. I can see it on my monitor, though. Weird.

A show that ended a season too early, and a show I intend to give another shot at some point, even though I hate the intro with the power of a million suns.

Fuck, I wish western releasers wasn't blithering amateurs and could into chaptered encodes.

I guess this thread is gonna die soon, see you guys in the next dominator thread, hope to see more /u/

Well we managed to keep the last two threads alive until it reached bump limit. I don't see why this one would be doomed to die.

For some reason I can see this being her origin story.

>I hate the intro with the power of a million suns.
why is that?

It's making my ears bleed.

actually fair point, now i recall that it took me some time to get used to

>even though I hate the intro with the power of a million suns.

You're not alone, user. The intro deterred me from watching it a few times and has gotten people I've shown it to raise an eyebrow.

Had to push through though because everything I saw relating to it told me it'd be 120% up my alley and boy was it ever

>She did not kill anyone.

Oyyyy I beg to differ so hard right now. It will be remembered.

Dominator did nothing wrong

When it premiered I was like "FUCK YEAH NEW CRAIG SHOW!!!". Then I dropped it halfway through the intro, because that's how awful it is.

All the Dominator discussion is the main reason I intend to give it another try at some point, but fuck man I would suck a million dicks if it meant chapter usage would be the norm among western releases.

it doesn't help that the guy who defeated her is pretty literally powered by determination either

you dropped the entire show halfway through the intro??

Karl, you dumb twat.

Yes, that's how awful the intro is.

While I feel like Dominator's a pretty weak part of the show, I gotta say I do love how she manages to convince people to check it out. The waifufagging is totally worth it.

Man, I struggle to believe anyone that's not a child wouldn't at least grimace when seeing the intro for the first time. It's got nice animation but that music is really..... a jarringly not good ear worm.

That Dom is fucking hot

tfw the intro was the reason reason reruns were getting better views
because people were freaked off their screens when seeing the intro the first time

That would be fucking hilarious if it were true

dominator got

Splooge is really good at hitting that cute/lewd spot.

>this is what Wander hears in his head the entire time

what's exact name of their art blog? googling 'splooge' is not helping much

Makes sense; the Water Buffalos were supposed to be sort of like Shriners/Elks Lodge/etc

>no new Ross art

Don't know if he has a personal place, but there's quite a bit of his stuff in the Cred Forumsllection.
You could try asking in the drawthread.


Just accept defeat. She's no longer my gf.

the search continues

I haven't had any luck finding it yet. One of these days, though......

finding specific piece of Korean art is a pain because
>it's very hard to google in Korean
>they produce gigatons of art every day

Absolutely. You'd think finding reposts would be fairly easy though, especially if it's porn or shock art.

turns out you need to know right places and people
for porn and especially shock content are rarely posted with a name, search tags and such

it's but the matter of time, ultimately


We know user. We know.

>I won't scatter your sorrow to the heartless seas
>Plant your roots in me

it's like somebody mounted her head to their wall

but seriously, how many characters were confirmed to be dead within the show?

Other than the original Captain Tim and his crew, and several nobodies Hater tortured to death, I'd have to go back and rewatch everything. Dom's entire ship was made of damn lava so she probably chucked any dead bodies (or hell even alive) on her ship into a pit.

As an addendum, Beep Boop and several of the bots could count depending on your view.

i wonder if "in memoriam" animatic dedicated to Watchdogs in "show stopped" was supposed to be serious

My skepticism on its seriousness is what prevented me from citing it desu

>So I'm not your teammate or your partner in crime.
>What am I user?

You are a silver center midfielder on /wsg/.

Wait, what?

>tfw we will never see this semen demon again
It's not fair

i have a feeling i've seen this pic lots of times, yet at the same time i have NO fresh idea what's going on there

Looks like an online football game with mod/skin support.

I'll take a wild guess and say /vg/ plays.

now that's what internet was made for

I hope Domineet is a self proclaimed Anti-SJW. It would only make it that much funnier and depressing.

i mean that's logically correct, SJW ideas would look especially dumb from her standpoint

God damn that picture is So Good I'm fucking inspired now

And yeah, it's just the whole "loudly crusading against people who have radical views opposite of my radical views" part that really cracks me up. She 100% would be someone who'd do that.

and now we realize that anti-SJW basically means Cred Forumsack
Domineet in MAGA hat when?

Hey i made that

it all went by so fast

Sylvia is cute. CUTE!


Best villain coming through

i think maybe i found one of the ones being talked about but it's from a russian tumblr not korean

i remember and there were multiple though maybe almost a dozen?

you might want to give up now though, i've tried to find foreign fan art i've liked and lost before and you're fucked, it's in another language and will be buried in the tons of new fan art and i noticed a lot of overseas artists do a regular purge where there fan art from up to a few weeks ago is either deleted forever or maybe just moved to a website you can't navigate unless you speak the language since it's all text based

>ywn see the fabled torturefic


God dammit I need more

Now I truly understand what a tragedy is

oh, i know about this person, he's the one who drew this too
if that was his work, there must be some for me to explore, since i know russian
thanks for the tip user!

There is hope afterall

ты - хyй

я этoгo ждaл :^)


a brief search of this guy's tumblr show he has some more guro, yet without LD

Man fuck it, I need more torture porn and guro and finding it is nigh impossible, so I'm just going to make my damn own.

Any requests? It might be a while but I'll deliver most of them.

Also, is there a reliable place to post them anonymously where they won't fade into obscurity/disappear like what we seem to be on the hunt for

I'm surprised the tumblr moralfags didn't get him. Or maybe they did. Aren't these pictures "pro abuse" or something. Unless russia doesn't care.

seems like a good start!

not sure what to say about the prevention bit.

Reminder that Little Bits is best girl.

Oh trust and believe, teeth pulling is on the list.

I think I'll just make a Tumblr for the time being until I get a better recommendation.

What's in the fucking box?

couldn't help myself

shit guys the crazy motherfuckers got a gun

do the Wander pulling off Dom's teeth to spice things up

Actually Tumbrl is a safe bet, it takes sufficient momentum to be harassed for your art. it's not even easy to do on purpose tbqh

Noted :^)

I've dealt with Tumblr harassment before. As long as I don't get doxxed I can handle some butthurt teens trying to mob me for teh justice lolz on something I can simply close out of if it's bothering me too much.

Why does both Dominator and Hater wear those black and white sneakers? Do all the "Lords" wear one?

what kind of art are/were you doing?

Well, Dominator's entire costume design is a "bigger and badder Hater", so assuming she really did rip the design from him and make it better then... yeah.

So, is this show actually good, or do you just like the waifu?

It wasn't even over art I did. I had asked someone who was... fairly controversial at the time who was freaking out to calm down and made a suggestion to step away from the computer because she was filling up the dash with really aggressive and manic posts. She responded by screen capping my reply, posting it publicly, and yelling at me not to tell her what to do and I immediately began receiving a flood of user messages telling me to kill myself and how horrible and controlling of a misogynist I was.

It was pretty damn stupid if you ask me. Only lasted about a week, though, because I didn't bother engaging publicly.

I'd put this show up there with Courage the Cowardly Dog. The only thing that prevents it from being totally on par is the fact it didn't feel complete upon ending. There wasn't that final really bittersweet feeling that left you feeling satisfied episode like Courage got.

Season one is trash.

they had determination to go at you for a week without you even responding? that's sad and hilarious at the same time

That's Tumblr for you. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

sounds like a morbidly entertaining place, once and if you get used to it

Could Wander redeem him?


one doesn't exclude another in WoY case. waifufags are the vocal minority but the show is very much worth it

It's certainly better than Steven Universe.

this guy would probably be the first one to seriously leave Wander mentally scarred

Didn't he like... die

>sufficient momentum to be harassed for your art

yeah you have to draw steven universe characters not fat enough for that

>and controlling of a misogynist I was

that is a brand new definition of misogyny for me

oh tumblr

that's exactly what i had in mind when typing it
that artist had a pretty big following, so a lot of people seen and got upset over it. same as in real life, the more famous you are, the easier it is to get into stupid shit

he'll be alright

not really, he's alive in 2/3 endings, and can get restored in 3rd aswell

aside from some good things, SU got a terminal case of waifubaiting

i feel like getting banned anyways

It was nice knowing you, user....

An amateur.

is this actually ban-worthy? i don't see anything outlandish with it

love it, would be perfect if she was more busty

oh shit nigger what are you doing

Steven Universe is Worse than MLP.



i drew a domi!

Will he take up the mantle and be the next wanderer?

Good job, user

A Cute

you take lewd requests? if so, visit /aco/

i usually take sfw request but trying some nsfw ones would be cool! there's a drawthread there? i think i only visited /aco/ once

just visit the Wander Over Yonder thread on /aco/, we love seeing new artists!


>loops fine in editor
>now it doesn't


this is a fan made WOY video made with the game of thrones opening. it's criminally under viewed so spread it around

Needs more Dominator.

That's pretty fucking well made. Thanks for sharing.

An autist, Paul.


oh dear

A bad crossover.


That fucking Wander



This was definitely the best homage to a racing/kart game I've seen in anything desu

god, this show is beautiful



y-ya'll have anymore of those guru pictures?

>Harvests a planet's Volcanium X
>Absorbs some into her suit
>Special volcanium that gives her an enormous power boost
>Also reacts with her body and her tits start to grow well beyond their already ample size
>Nervous system also affected, heightening senses
>Emergency systems kick in and automatically cycling it back out returns her to normal
>Knows she should purge the volcanium from the ship but can't help but keep experimenting and eventually becomes addicted to the sensation
>Keeps the volcanium in reserve ostensibly for when she needs to use a small amount for a power boost
>The pleasure and thrill of dominating is amplified so that when she has it in her system she spends hours afterwards barely conscious with ecstasy

fosters, ppg

Fosters was good for one whole episode and doesn't count

To be fair, PPG didn't get worse until Craig shifted his focus to Foster's.

how they felt the need to make bloo an asshole is still beyond me
also the fact that they didnt explore people (aside from kids) making imaginary friends was such a lost opportunity

true, but it tends to happen with series that keep on going

Bloo being an asshole would have been totally fine if he weren't one of the main focuses of the show. They definitely needed to explore more of the other friends and humans in the show instead of keeping it consistently condensed to a handful of them, Frankie, and Mac.

Then again the few times they did we got Goo and Cheese so uh....

Anyone have the pic where she's fat and in a hoodie? Like, she's all depressed and dumpy?

which one?

I just finished the flats of the teeth pulling pic. I'm hoping to have it fully rendered tomorrow and I'll be posting it to for anyone that's interested.

I'm debating on what I should be tagging it.

Also, anyone who has any requests or submissions or recs is free to send them. That blog will just be strictly WOY guro since it's so stupid hard to find and who doesn't love one focused spot for their jollies?

>What am I user?

Not the best drawn of that kind of crossover I've seen.


>you're all diamonds

I found one of the pics, but I swore there was one where she was having her belly grabbed


The bad lady.

Dat butt tho


Don't bother the rest of his drawings are that Creepy Susie shit.

Oh. :(






Fuck I laugh every time



>weight gain is a more mainstream fetish than pregnancy

I just can't understand people sometimes

I thought everyone in the McCracken-verse was into sneakers.

What's the worst episode in the series and why is it The Ball?

the only episode i disliked was the one with neckbeard

The Ball's pretty bad, but The Toddler was way worse. I skip every time.

It's a hug, not a grab, but do you mean this?

Thank you user

Put me in your sock!


The crew confirmed that setient planets died.

And also, probably that giant planet-sized dog, considering that his inhabitants become refugees.

Hated gets mad for being called gay with Wonder, so he kidnap him and Sylvia and slowly evicerate them, while showing this on every tv of the galaxy.

weird i didn't get banned like last time

i'm so fucking ready for this

fuck me, those digits are in perfect garmony with the post itself

That picture is beyond cozy.

If she don't need no man, then how come she has got two smooching rooms?

her bots and herself

Who has a room entirely dedicated to masturbation?

I've got six

>not having a masturbatorium
Get a load of this pleb.

the lonely people


Dominators eyes scream Garfield at me.

that face when she drinks tears resembles me of some character, but i still struggle to figure which one that is


>they're facing away from the ship

>that's gonna be one bomb-ass selfie

that webm has some 'Legend of the the Galactic Heroes' vibe. It's awesome, but dem feels


>all those fleets were surpassed by the insecure guy wearing kettle on his head

It helped that Hater started beating the fuck out of everyone.

one of many examples of Wander's tactical thinking
how many times he used guiding-blasts-by -himself thing?

intergalactic Converse is making crazy bank off the supreme villains

the intro infallibly reminds me of this masterpiece


forgot the link fuck


>aggressively strangles herself

>i'm wiggling my arms and jiggling me legs
>just like me grandmema

Why does Dominator has teardrop makeup? Is this ever explained?

That image is cancer
But I saved it anyway cus I'm a fucking massive LD fag

no, and we're not even certain if that's a makeup or a part of her face, as she has it when she steps from the shower

that smile she's making in the OP is fucking contagious tho

Here's an updated version

can somebody tell me if there's specific name for such grids? i see them all the time but it's never directly refered

>tfw image limit reached

Just adding the finishing touches right now

Man I know right? Probably the best get I've ever gotten

Wander's actions at the end of The Good Deed seem extremely out of character. Why would a single bad day completely rewrite his philosophy of unfaltering hospitality to a defeatist willing to let an entire system die just in case he made the situation worse? Like, it completely goes against his nature.

That's literally me least favorite episode, and the only bad episode of the series, at least in my opinion.

he's a man of priorities, and his own priorities clashed with each other
when his helping resulted into consecutive failures, he sorta assumed that not helping would be helpiful in that case

Eh, I'll just chalk it down to it being early in the series and the character not being fully developed with a solid foundation.

It's a shame so many of the compositions Andy Bean created for WoY haven't found their way onto the internet yet; they're one of the main reasons I watch the show.

Right? I really want the song that plays at the end of The Family Reunion and during the "never hurts to help" bit of The Hole Lotta Nothin

that episode's songs were damn excellent, all of them
sure Dominator stole the spotlight, but Hater's entire sequence was too good

And for whoever else wanted the guro

You're a hero to degenerates everywhere.

Good job and keep up the good work.
there's some scores, but they apparently don't include the ones you needed ;_;

He did some nice shit.

that's everythin i expected and then some. damn this is too good

now swap them in this situation

At least it has The Flower ; _ ;

I've already begun it :^)

this is gonna be gud :^)

it's ridiculously hard to find certain soundtrack pieces
i still can't collect Emperor Awesome's theme, for example

>that lighting

hory shit

No more pictures huh.

I dig Lord Dominator's theme.

Music videos for those who don't cringe too hard

If we´re linking videos I watched this one and I thought it was decent. I mean, it´s pretty simple and crappy editing, but some parts are pretty good.

I don't know if I could pick a favourite from that episode.

Black Cube of Darkness is another favourite of mine.

her theme is cool in how out of place it is in the show
everything sounds fairly Disney, and then her theme is straight Binding Of Isaac stuff

Call me a pussy, but I fucking love "Hater's Ballad". Not only it is catchy as hell and funny too, but the parts of "A dream that you loved me" and "You're the Greatest! Yes you're the greatest! You're the greatest... in the galaxyyyy!" actually gets me. I think it´s such a huge development for Hater to actually call Dominator the greatest in the galaxy; at that very moment he was redeemable. And he truly believed in it, he thought it´d work. And then Dominator laughs in his face and fucking destroys him. That has to be one of the saddest moments on the show.

Hater's entire character arc is one of the most enjoyable "turning a new leaf" arcs I've seen in a cartoon in ages. His redemption, I think, is what drives me to want that third season more than anything else.

And man, I was so happy with how they handled that entire bit where he was chasing after Dom. While I didn't want Dom to be at all reciprocative to him, and expected she wouldn't be regardless, her laughing rejection was definitely soul crushing. There's being turned down, then there's being straight up ripped apart and humiliated. Yikes

I love how he can barely bring himself to ask for Wander's help.

I like how he managed to suck up his pride long enough to get the plea across. Then he actually makes an effort to cooperate and accept the whole friendship thing Wander keeps forcing down his throat without batting an eye for the sake of it.

I also like how Wander rips the interrogation table out of the floor like it was nothing

I actually was considering the possibility of her accepting his advances, using him to destroy the rest of the galaxy and ditching him after. Then, Hater would go for revenge after her while the Heroes plan a final strike. But I´m glad they didn´t go that route.
Generally speaking, I´d dare say Hater is one of the most fascinating cartoons characters I´ve ever seen. He´s such a dick you can´t help but find him both heinous and hilarious at the same time. And despite what a despicable dick he can be, you still root for him, almost infected by Wander's unending faith in that Hater can become a better person. Even if I think Hater staying evil at the end of the series made sense for his character and was a good end for him, I can´t help but wish we had gotten to see him going good while still being a jackass. Probably in Season 3 they´d have had him conquering planets only to find people willingly giving them away because they're so grateful for defeating Dominator. He´d be pissed nobody fears him anymore but at the same time he´d consider changing his ways.

After Season 3 this would have happened...

holy fuck
this video improved the intro song like 500 times

Which one was The Ball?


the one with Buster the dog-planet

I had thought about that once or twice during the arc, but considering how she'd use her appeal to quash a threat, then immediately after just chuck them to the side rather than going the full mile, I didn't think she was going to go for it. Why bother when you have so much power as it is?

And yeah, I'm inclined to agree. The entire show was really well written, it completely floors me that it can get me to care so much for all the characters, no matter how scummy or bland they may seem, and I think Wander's philosophy is very infectious indeed. It's fucking incredible how he's able to convince people to do good on their own by exploiting what he learns about them in a way that doesn't feel scummy and root for the persons in question. I also love how with Dominator they drove home the fact that Wander "presents the path of good and doesn't force them".

And iirc, that's exactly what Hater was supposed to deal with in Season 3. I'm fairly certain McCracken himself confirmed that.

I need it

>doesn't force them

He kiiiinda does in the early parts of season 2 where he's RELENTLESSLY overdoing the whole get Hater and Dominator together thing without really considering any other factors

I was mostly quoting him from The Boy Wander. I think we can all agree that Wander just straight up stockholms villains into being good.

nothing like rigging up a galactic battle to promote a date

in the other hand, fighting is all they're doing anyway

Am I the only one who felt compelled by this show to try and be a better person, if only by taking some inspiration from Wander?

Not at all. I didn't particularly think I was a bad person, but Wander made me want to be a way better person than I am.

It's definitely given me something to strive for.

i don't yet know how exactly it changed me, but it made me develop some feeling about life i never experienced before, or had them long forgotten

so when is this next thread going to be up?

No ones stopping you from making it senpai

There you go, famicon