Superwoman #2 time

Superwoman #2 time

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well atl east somebody is picking that back up

Thanks OP, waited a long time for this

That do sound nasty
>Playing Bongos naked
John you cad

Thank you user


jesus fucking christ


Shit is going down bros

>New 52 Lois is still dead

I mean, I know this isn't permanent, most likely this arc will end in an epilogue like the one found in Detective Comics #940 but continuing to feature SuperLois on the covers feels like a cruel trick to fans after all the black eyes DC put Lois through to prop up the failed SM/WW ship

Decent, albeit oddly creepy, cover.

Variant cover is WAY better than the regular cover (which is also solid). Really nice!

Yeah I just left my LCS and there was one left of the variant. I'm really enjoying the two cover releases so far.

>panel 3

legion teasing y'all

I really don't see the need for N52 Lois coming back at all.

Who is this bitch?

Why is Lana with Steel?

This is horrible writing.

Because that's how it's been for the past 2 or 3 years

Damn, the plot thread isn't being thrown under the bus after all!

This is HORRIBLE writing.

she even reprogrammed the mother box to say her name


I can't tell if DC editorial missed that, or if they're stepping up whats allowable


Finally.. Lena returns

Like Rucka, Jimenez has gone full cuck, so I'm out. I hope he enjoys getting flagellated by all the Lois fans who hate him.

Who the fuck is this?


aaaaaaaaand dropped

I wouldn't be surprised if they left nu52 Lois dead. You know, so they can get back to the status quo of Lois and Clark, working at the Daily Planet, fucking each other and doing the same shit they've been doing for 75 years.

It's easier to sweep dust under the rug.

This is actually an awesome twist.

my immediate reaction was worry that this'll be like a Earth-reverse genders book but so far it's working and that's me stressing

>awesome cast
>solid art
>great covers
>SHIT writing

Is this the worst written Rebirth book? Or even the worst Rebirth book period? It's certainly the one with the most squandered potential.


Theyve only been fucking for 25 years.

People thought something was up with Lena during Johns' JL so maybe there was and Johns wasn't able to get to it, so he's letting other writers take over

>Theyve only been fucking for 25 years.

Sorry, they're only been almost fucking for 75 years. :rolleyes:

remember adventure comics when lex cured her and then crippled her again for no reason

Yes, I loved it, some of my favorite comics ever, BTW was incest the thing between Conner and Lori(???)

So he isn't married? That's terrible, his whole character post-Supes return was "muh family" and I think he still has a daughter.

That's not Justice League.

>Lex making Superboy run throughout time to find the ingredients
>Only to take it all always

Lex is a fickle god

Justice League is just boring. This is outright BAD.

When was he ever married? Natasha is his niece.

>it's OK when DC does it

>Shit is going down bros
Yes, down the trash chute.

>Cred Forumsmblr can't handle strong women comics
It's only okay then Whor does it eh?

>He thinks people like Whor
I don't think I've ever seen someone praise that here, I hide a lot of threads about that though.

I remember when some people here thought this would be Whor Done Right, how wrong they were.

I thought we were done with that shit.

>A black guy dating an Irish girl

Seems unlikely since the Irish have no ass

DC lied. Memes died.

Isn't Lena the one who sent Luthor & nuSupes to Apokolips? Has that ever been explained?

Is she working for Darkseid?

I praise it's Loki stuff

>it's OK when DC does it
No, it's not, I'm hoping they will rid of this stupid shit when they remember their old life.
BTW Pete Ross even exist in this world.

Lena Luthor and Kryptonite Man?

It wasn't explained and most people assumed it was forgotten. She shot Lex and then disappeared.

Note how the covers are laid out. They all depict Lana dealing with Lois' death. Hell, one literally has her standing in Lois and Clark's shadows.

That's... interesting to say the least.

I'm confused, why Batwoman

Maggie Sawyer and Batwoman were a couple until DC editorial forced them apart.

Wildfire looking fucker on the left of Natasha's robot lab

Good thing Lana didn't pull a Lois.

Poor lex i can hear the desperation in his voice

I think i should stop worrying about the conflicting bizaro origins in rhato with forever evil.

I like this page

I dig the suit

>inb4 Cred Forums fails to realise its a joke making fun of the concept.

Im liking the prison plot thread.

Judging by the last issue and the "muh refugees" panel earlier in this one, it's not.

It was explained in Justice League #52, partially (ie Luthor made some assumptions)

A metropolis that does not accept refugees would be absurd.

Accepting people who hate your way of life is absurd.

>stepping up whats allowable
God i hope so.

This is the worst Superman family book, in my opinion. I kinda liked New52 Lana, and I like the Blue/Red Superman homage, but this is just dull, feels like one of those one off failed Marvel characters, like Silk if her ongoing was bad.

Lex is making up for his Johns Mary Sue treatment and JL membership by jobbing his ass off during Rebirth, holy shit, he's like a C tier Spiderman villain between this and Action Comics.


Shame too, cause I like the art and the story. Why Jimenez gotta go SJW on us?

>gay latino

Coalburning has been Jimenez's fetish for over a decade. He tried to do it to Wonder Woman in the early 00s and DC said no.

He's latino?

Steel and Lana was a Greg Pak thing

Bye guys, not reading anymore.

Yes but Jimenez willfully kept it going, didn't break them up, and didn't have Lana go for Jimmy or some other white guy.

I'm out. Fuck that shit.

According to wikipedia he is actually a homosexual, so it is not his fetish

>He's latino?

I'm guessing the fact that he's white is why you're asking this. The US Census defines anyone of any race who comes from either Spain or Spanish Latin America (Portuguese and French Latin America are not included) as a Latino or Hispanic. It is designed to be as broad as possible for the purposes of pandering, it is a meaningless category.

Fuck you Jimenez, I had faith in you
Fucking faggot

>I actually bought this issue cause issue 1 had me intrigued

Fuck this shit.


Someone please explain to me how this is bad?

The word "mansplain" showed up and even though it doesn't seem like the writer is actually condoning it or taking it seriously as a concept, it triggered everyone. Also newfags who are just now learning that Lana is dating Steel getting even more triggered.

Can't wait till we inevitably see the return of Montoya as the Question, I'm sure those threads will be filled with rational and thoughtful discussion.

First issue was a lot better. I'll stick with it through the end of the arc see how it goes, but I'm not as excited about it as I was.

Didn't mean to reply.

That shit can't trigger me I actually find it funny

>They all
Literally only one cover does this.

Is that Lex's Mother Box or does she have her own? Wasn't she in a coma when we last saw her in Action?

Steel literaly said he did not care if he was mansplaining user.

It was a joke.

I can sort of understand why people are jumpy about mansplain it was the focal point of dcs failed foray into sjw teritory with that godawful wondy comic.

Im still mad about green arrow calling himself a social justice warrior but i am enjoying the book.

What i really want to know is did thatcherfags get as buthurt at johns constant butching about her as the trumpfags did at his single throwaway line that was really just an excuse for a return to the status quo. Im guessing not because trumpfags seem jumpy in general whenever something is going to be made great again its seen as a dig at trump (most of it is probably subconsciously inspired by the current use of the slogan but thats just because its a really fucking good slogan)

The reuse of the lex lex lex bit should seem horrible but im somehow loving it almost as much as the original gag.

But Ollie is an obnoxious SJW. That's his character.

Yeah i know and it has been portrayed well for the most part but auctualy calling himself one was a mistake.

echhhhhhh why does it feel like I'm reading marvel.

Superwoman 002 (2016) (digital) (Oroboros-DCP)


Superwoman 001 (2016) (digital) (Oroboros-DCP)

>The baloon of the bearded guy

I hope this girl from Cosmic Adventures is Lena, I can't remember correctly



>it's okay when DC mansplains to us
>DC are OUR guys

I'm literally dying of laughter.

>What i really want to know is did thatcherfags get as buthurt at johns constant butching about her

I see more parallels between Thatcher and Hillary than Trump. But how could we possibly answer your question? There probably were people who were pissed about Johns hatred of Thatcher but because they couldn't get comics for free they would just stop reading

Im pretty sure it is yeah

Can someone story time the first issue too?

Seconding this

>i didnt create you
The fuck is lex going on about? Was he expecting a revolt from one of his experiments or something?

Lana divorced Pete in pre-flashpoint though, she had a son with him though, so the hell happened to him? She named him after Clark











Not Pete Ross. Why live










the end

Who the hell cares about Pete Ross?



Literally nobody, but since some people got triggered by the Steel and Lana ship, they mention him like as if he's important or something. Pete never did anything relevant or important. I'm kinda glad he's barely around cause he sucks.


smallville pete was decent.

I liked him becoming POTUS after Lex got shitcanned. That's about it though.

that doesn't count

well bizzarros tend to be his thing. And he knows that one isnt his

He was pretty cool in American alien and I like the whole childhood friend dynamic. Plus he became vice president which was pretty sick.

Not true. Many Irish girls have fatties. and of all manners of shape and form. I dated a pure McIrish girl for half a year who had an infamously delicious and plump bubble butt for any woman let alone a skinny Irish girl

Do you have any idea how much irish blood is in black people below the american south?



Looking kinda Sensor Girl...


Let me mainsplain why I'm dropping this comic:
Because I don't like comics that dismiss my opinions because of my gender.

>getting this triggered by a word

Sure. I'm just not going to buy it.

>Lamenting the loss of POUCHES

Well played, Jimenez.

Why dont they make them with pockets anymore.
It was the best part of that era

Its making fun of the concept you fucking idiot.



Jimenez is a sjw so no, it's really not
He's using it unironically

Lets not act like you actually bought this

Oh fuck off, there's literally nothing wrong with DC's use of the word "mansplaining" here because it's being used well in context to establish characterization and move the plot forward. There's no ulterior motives here, just good storytelling.

Marvel on the other hand just does it to further push their tumblr SJW agenda by pushing blatant leftist propaganda.