ITT:Semen demons from bad cartoons

ITT:Semen demons from bad cartoons

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All thanks to Zone

Mary > Susan

She looks like a DA oc though.

Female Johnny is the patrician choice.


Don't forget about the only few seconds of the show that are worth watching.

I think the MCs looked a bit like some fan AU comic versions of Slayer characters which is why I watched the first episode but meh, it's that kind of humor I could never stand, let alone laugh about so I guess I just forget about it.

>She looks like a DA oc though.

You're not that far off actually.

Her old outfit was even more of a rip off of Lina from Slayers

I can appreciate that at some point somebody decided that she needed more bare leg.
Leotards make my dick diamond


She looks better when she's not a complete John K. wannabe character.

4th design looked better than the final one
What happened?

>at one point they had cool weapons

The 4th one is from when they wanted to pitch it as an Adult Swim show iirc. So the final one is more tame and "cartoony"

clarts happened

Oh hello, not-Lina Inverse.

Are you fucking serious? There is a very real difference between a common idea and plagiarism.

Having a female character who enjoys wearing revealing articles is always a plus in my book.

day tooker

Is Magiswords that bad? Like Uncle Grandpa bad?

It's not very funny. Nor well-animated. Those are the Cardinal sins of any comedic cartoon, so yeah, it hits the biggest "Piece of Shit" checkboxes right out of the gate.

It's not exactly plagriarism when the series is purposefully meant to be Slayers meets Teen Titans Go!

I really hate it when shows copy stuff in order to alure fans and just call everything they do a parody. Parodies are usually shitty anyway since their popularity relies on the other shows they are making fun of and most of them don't do this in a very original way.

>Slayers meets Teen Titans Go!
Ugh. I've already dragged myself through REVOLUTIONS. Have I not suffered enough.

The preview I saw of Mighty Magiswords was meh at best. No thank you.

Take a look for yourself.

It's not horrible, but there's better stuff.
Try one of the minisodes, see if you like it.

Grey Griffin is the real attraction here.

>Gumball was canceled
>this garbage was allowed to air

Was it cancelled? I thought it just finished "naturally".

>I can appreciate that at some point somebody decided that she needed more bare leg.

And she's not afraid to show them off.

There's this thing called "homage" , maybe you google it?

>Uncle Grandpa bad?
UG is good now, but nobody gives it a second chance

It's made by a literal neckbeard

That really has nothing to do with its quality.

Throw around as many buzzwords as you like, they won't excuse this blatant plagiarism.

Not a show but it counts cuz the sequel was shit

A thousand times this

How has the epitome of what op is asking for not been posted yet
zandir a best

Fuck off reddit, DT is GOAT

I haven't seen too many, but the one on the escalator was really good.

That's a good cartoon.

They have to be bad cartoons. It's not a regular waifu thread.

Gonna need a source for that one champ

I love it too but I don't admit it as I don't want to be bullied online - Dracula Hotel_Transylvania Johnnystein Jonathan_Loughran Mavis_Dracula thehumancopier.jpg

I did. It was alright, I never actually laughed but I found the humor miles better than shit like nuPPG or TTGo, which isn't saying much but whatever. Too bad it's been cancelled like everything else.

hey hey hey, stop that jpeg shit and post some PNG

Hildy and Grim were good, but Hildy's mom is the new hotness.

This show is considered trash by Cred Forums, but I find it pretty OK

First reply best reply

It seems that cancellation is the natural conclusion for shows in the industry.

every thread deserves a bump

And here I thought I was the only person who had the hots for Hildy's mum.

It's only considered trash because there wasn't any waifus for Cred Forums to fap to until the humanization episode came along.

It has issues, but it's really not bad. They just need to increase the time from 8 minutes to 11 and it should fix the pacing problem. A lot of the hate here comes from literal autists mad that the creator doesn't like John K though.


Princess Thickhips from Superpowered girls with no puff.

holy shit

Danny Phantom may have aged terribly but its ladies sure haven't.

Let's not forget about Mrs. K

Parker is my Producerfu

Clearly a victim of both mediocrity and Flash animation.

But I have a thing for hapless moe

What makes me angry is that it seems that they had some nice ideas but end up with some mediocre shit... probably beacuse of time context this new ppg came.

her fucking sketch was even better that the final product.

>it seems that they had some nice ideas
Such as?

No really, such as?

I didn't watch much of this for obvious reasons, but i felt that while she is supposed to be the eyecandy, she really felt like a background character at best.

goddamn what episode, maybe I should have looked into this show harder

All the characters got really flanderized by Season 2.

Zone made something with them?

I didn't watch all the episodes
First the girls being on school (wich could've been a good chance to add some interesting characters, situations, etc) implying that they don't age kinda expanded our understanding of the girls, Explaning the world and things like that could've been interesting.

Also another person with supernatural habbilities on the good side but being a caotic person, like that little blond girl they added, could've worked well, but she even wasn't likeable for pedos. Those new villians designs didn't seem so stupid at first sight too.

I was only expecting the series to be better than ppgz...

Has Cred Forums's boner for Bianca Bikini gone limp, now that we've realized there's no salvation for nuPPG?


oh shit dude her asshole got destroyed

More like it was never erect for her in the first place.

limited budget and foreigner friendly design quota

>Too bad it's been cancelled like everything else.
Is that normal for cartoons? Because there is almost no animated series that I liked, watched or enjoy at the moment that doesn't/didn't get cancelled at some point.

Here's hoping she gets some good cheesecake art once her show airs.

So did I

People keep comparing this to slayers but I just don't see it or get it, is it a meme?


But that was a good show

It was incredibly meh. Butt Witch is really the only reason anyone paid attention to it.

May as well get this out of the way now before the Flyday enthusiasts show up.

>ITT:Semen demons from bad cartoons
>No Ms. Baker

why live?


I actually liked the sequel better

But that's a good cartoon.

You really can't see gourry or lina in those pictures

But user, she from a very good cartoon

t. Tito Dick "Dickman"

See filename

that one show with the fat kid who had the super hot slutty mom

I can think of two shows like that,

...and uh..where's this from? For research.

It had pacing issues, in my opinion. But people liked it because it resembled 90's cartoons.

Well I'm sorry to hear that

Right > left

Maybe you'd be a bit more lenient once you've seen her best assets.

Enjoy the ride senpai and the rule34 link :

Truly she is a freak of dah week-a

I dare you to find a more perfect example.

Glad to see such excellent taste.


Tuff Puppy really want that bad though.

Yes, also their voice are sex

Sometimes you really gotta take a step back a wonder what the hell is going on in other people's heads.

Not a bad cartoon per say, just not a great one.

it resembled everything I hated about 90's cartoons.

over-exaggerated fanart?

The joke here is that they all look like shit i nthe actual show.
Everyone is literally attracted to the fanart.


Slayers + John K wannabe + Egoraptor = trash.

Hey now Steven Universe isn't that bad.


WoY is good though. If anything, Dominator was the only thing that made it bad. What a shitty non-character.

Did the quality of the show drop from the shorts they did? I enjoyed them, though i wouldn't say its was amazing. Wouldn't be the first time that happened sense i don't like Adventure time

Pushing an agenda is one thing.....But! doing so in a poorly animated cartoon is Bullshit!!

shit taste, all of those are pretty good shows with good waifu's in them



Your new favourite show.

What was this show?

Fish Hooks, aired on Disney from '10-'13.
Had quite a few renowned folks working on it, like C.H. Greenblatt and Mr. Warburton.

What a shitty show.

Fish Hooks

Ladies with nice legs.

I know, right?

>tfw you popped a chub



My top fetish

Truly a treasure.

Amen to that.

Back when nuPPG was around, there were like a handful of people desperately trying to waifu side-characters just so they could tolerate the series itself. I could imagine a bunch of people trying to beat off and thinking, "What the fuck is wrong with my life?"

>tfw I enjoy loli and don't want it to get media attention

1st design is Harry Partridge as fuck

>Leafy's weak chin on the posters in the background
All this ridicule he's been getting recently is hilarious

The story of my live

Someone needs to post that to her god damn twitter. After the pepe the frog bullshit she will lose her motherfucking mind.

>Mike Haggar, Venom and Chun-Li confirmed for mahvel 4

you don't run a "homage" for a whole show as your main selling point.

Good, because it's nothing like Slayers besides that one character's design.


Speak for yourselves.

Shadman is in on this too?

She's just a poor man's Sedusa, the must Cred Forums got was a mild chub.

What's wrong with MLaaTR?

I thought that webm was from a show. There's nothing that gets me angrier than out of model shit made to trick people.

Technically, it is from a show. The webm in question is part of one particular humanized episode.

Shadman's always giving his characters the same eight slutty facial expressions.

>Posting porn drawings of a child version of a presidential candidate to said candidates twitter
Were any of you perhaps, inbred?

>blatant plagiarism.
you don't know what that means do you?


You can't post loli in /trash/.

the obvious

I'm proud that I'm not the only one


THANK YOU! I thought I was the only one who wanted to fuck her.

Why Fap to that when you can Fap to the original?

>you will never see happy trina again

Not as thicc

Normally I am a breast man, but Lina does things to my penis.

Fap to Naga then.

Or Amelia.

Naga is deliciously voluptuous, Amelia's just a kid

So what?
Little girls can be hot too.

Kill yourself

I prefer the sequel over the original. It has less of the hipster dad in it.

YouTube famous cancer patient just retweeted this. It's time to fucking stop.

For fuck's sake I just realized there's a "missing" poster for Leafy on the tree


Idubbz is kind of an ugly motherfucker isn't he?

Reddit is that way

>That accent
marry me



>big tits/hips/thighs
user pls.


Nope and I grew watching slayers.
All I remember from it is the titty monster frankly.

gross, stop

Yes he did. Tentacle machine porn.

Which show?

I thought about Scott Falco early stuff when I saw this


delete this

Wasn't this created by Alex Hirsch, featuring a character voiced by Justin Roiland?



But why?