Oban Star Racers

I just finished watching pic related and it was really nice although I've never seen it brought up here. What is Cred Forums's opinion on it?

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fantastic art, beautiful music. Great characters.
could not tell you anything about the plot. it was interesting by 'racing story' standards, but that ... isn't saying much. None of it stuck with me.

where are their noses?

The ending was a bit weird but I found it satisfying. Everything had the closure it needed except maybe Jordan.

It's pretty much God space god vs 40k Chaos god doing a whole lot of shit in the back ground and using the races as ways to get it done

The French have a thing with anatomy.

it's universally loved on Cred Forums
anyone who says otherwise is lying to themselves

I was worried that someone would've told me to go to Cred Forums.

i've never seen the jap dub but i kinda want to and also the french dub just to compare to the english

glad they kept the jap ending song even for the english dub though. yoko kanno is great

I couldn't find either with english subs so I gave up and went for the english dub.

Remember how a blind Aquaman can casually bitchslap an ambushing Deathstroke?

Jordan got one hell of a cockblock, yo. Right? I dunno, maybe they could work something out when he's off taking sick days.

In my headcanon he just teleports like Satis did to go back to Earth. It'd suck to see everyone he knows die before him though.

Pretty good, but the characters would have looked better with noses.

Also, Don Wei is fucking retarded.

Why are her tits so weird?

daily reminder that Jordan was a better Avatar than Korra


Looks nice, I might take a look at it, I'm desperate for a good show

i know theres a mega link somewhere but i lost it sorry

I didn't like the ending, felt directionless.

The rest of the show was quite good.

Yeh well as long as he gets that molly puh amiright?

Jokes aside the story was actually done pretty well, the ending was just jarring and didn't have much to celebrate over - no great connection with aliens, no new era of expansion for Molly to lead... just settling for something typical. Understandable but disheartening.

I liked the ending. Molly just wanted to have a typical family after all. I wish we knew what happened to Rick though, he was actually a better character than I initially thought he would be

>I didn't like the ending, felt directionless.

How so?

Really enjoyed it. Felt like someone took the Pod-racing from Episode 1, and made it actually fun and a thrill to watch each episode. And the themes it handled were engaging and never too preachy. It even quite a pleasant surprise that the Disney broadcast kept everything in instead of dumbing it down.

All of it is on youtube so it's easy to watch.

>tfw shipped molly with the alien elf prince
>tfw out of nowhere generic human guy gets her at the end

>shipping molly with alien scum
Serves you right

I liked the no nose aesthetic. Made cute characters cuter and strange characters stranger.

And yes. He was either retarded or more blind than Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder combined.


He went on to work on Symphogear and Space Dandy.

O died for our sins.


I don't know what's better, that opening or this ending.


There's a porn comic of this made by Area that I consider one of the best damn porn comics ever.

Should I get into the series?


Should I get into the comic?


Area is my favorite artist in the history of porn (right behind the legendary PBX), don't know if he/she's recent or not, but he draws expressions like no other artist and all of his/her porn is on model.

He/She's doing that long ass Star vs. comic and I love every page of it

Honestly I like the magi one better, but it'll never get finished.

I didn't liked how rick left when he had info about canaletto, he could have warned them, and also he was the best character and his relationship with molly was cute, it was not fair



Rick had his memory about Canaletto wiped when he went to the shaman.


same designer

It was suprisingly great.

Not quite. Thomas Romaine did help create both, but he was more fully in charge of Code Lyoko where Oban was a collaboration with Savin.

That's not cuckoldry you fucking retard.

Sorry. I wish I was better at managing my time. Technically the sad panda version's got all of the pages now, I just need to go back and cleaning up the old pages.

I really like Rick and Molly... I should draw more of them, but I need to rewatch the series.

Always glad when these kinds of threads inspire artists to draw some new content.


Why do the French sometimes create little jewels of animation but never export them?

Not him but the last oban thread inspired me to draw this

I've never seen anyone draw beer goggles.

It's neat but man you sure do love your zig zag lines. Keep on doing your thing. Whatever it is. Certainly unique.


>there will never a full version of this song, or the Cybersix theme

Fuck. All. Of. You.

How long did it last?

Had two seasons. Both excellent.

Breddy gud.

Because animation age ghetto and US cultural imperialism.
You think french people don't want to bring a couple Academy Awards home? But instead it's often things like Big Hero 6 that win.

Prince Aikka is best boy and I'm glad that he won the Evabowl

What are you talking about bro

I dunno senpai Molly and Jordon kissed at the end, and Eva was perfectly fine having Aikka become the Avatar. Aikka can't reproduce with a human to continue the royal family anyways.

Just started ep 1 of this holy fuck this is good. What am I in for lads?

Unpredictable races. I really liked how I couldn't predict the outcome of almost all the races. Get out before you get spoiled

Thanks .

>Aikka can't reproduce with a human to continue the royal family anyways.

Says who?

Earth's team in the race outcomes was slightly believable, in that they were not really winning as much as they were just barely scraping along enough to not be eliminated.


That's just bullshit.

Generally speaking, you can't reproduce with other species.

Except we have never had the chance, so that doesn't necessarily mean we can't.

Just because Ligers are infertile despite the parent tigers and lions being compatible, doesn't mean that exact limit has to apply to humans.

The exceptions to this rule are very few, and they are often genetically similar like the tiger and lion or donkey and horse. Nourasians evolved on a completely different planet with completely different conditions. The chances are next to impossible.


That's what concubines are for
Alternatively, he's gonna be the fucking king, who's going to tell him he can't cheat on his wife with the banging hot alien

Don't remind me.

I feel you, my friend.
At least Aikka and Molly can get hitched and live a good life while Jordan has to run the universe.

>get hitched
I think you mean fuck like horny animals when they reunite in ten years, initiate diplomatic relations, and establish trade between neighboring galactic civilisations.
But mostly just fuck like horny animals.

I like the way you think.

I'm surprised how much the show kept from the pilot even though it was made 5 years later.


but Oban is scotch.

i remember seeing molly as early as 2001 so i guess this was what i watched

Haha yeah i got overboard with those in that drawing, i still like how the arrow-2 came out tho.
I made a molly with our bro ondai for you guys!

Nice work user. This show needs more art.

Are the people in the show mexicans?!?!

maybe jordan is half mexican, but wei it´s a chinese name and don wei looks super asian

Still GOAT hypnosis scene.

I purchased the DVD set in both NTSC and PAL. Worth the money. Unfortunate it wasn't animated in 1080p.

it´s it from madman ? because i thought jetix didn´t release any of their original shows shame because i also loved super robot monkey hyperforce go

That racer was fucking weird

I bought the DVD sets years ago on Amazon(USA) and Amazon-UK. A nice full-color Vinyl figure of Molly too.

>A nice full-color Vinyl figure of Molly too.
I've been looking for that with no success

I don't know how hard it is to find them anymore. I got mine when it was still cheap and easy to get. I think you can still find them in weird colors, if you don't mind having to re-paint it.

Says you.

that is the ugliest art style i have ever seen
it's like "how to manga drawing book style" on steroids


In animals, this usually boils down to two factors. You have to have the same number of chromosomes, and that the combination of the two creatures can't have a specific deformation that results in death. As an example, humans cannot crossover with a chimpanzee, because a chimpanzee has one more chromosome than a human does. Humans were able to cross with homo-erectus, neanderthal, and several other early men, because they had the correct number of genes.

All rules fly out the window when crossing plant species. Some flowers will cross with trees. Anarchy!

So until we boink a green-skinned woman or a catgirl from space, there's no way to know for sure if crossbreeding is entirely off the table.

Not that the possible lack of interspecies reproduction would stop us from fucking those space girls.

Donkeys and horses have different amounts of chromosomes and they can create mules. I still doubt that a species from another planet would be able to reproduce with humans though. It would be like trying to mate a cat and a bear.

What the hell is up with these two though

There have been cases of purely female species reproducing among themselves. I believe one example was a type of lizard.

Why not? If they're close enough to humans in terms of physiology, that means they could be close enough to reproduce with. Hell, most scientists already assert that other lifeforms couldn't have body structure like ours, but if they did, then it only stands to reason they could be compatible with us.

Cute Kitty.

One of them probably has to have a nearly full set of what the other has, which I assume applies with the mule. In the human-chimp comparison, two of the chimps chromosomes is basically the contents of a single human chromosomes that has been split in two in the chimp. If you could glue the two chimp chromosomes together into a single chromosome, it might be complete enough for the gears to mesh with the human counterpart. Of course there are no hard fast rules, just the way things usually trend.

Look up parthenogenesis.

does this mean my xenophile fantasies can actually be real

if only there weren't chance like a 99% the child will end up a garbled organ mess

Your chances of reproducing with an alien babe, is about as likely as actually meeting an alien babe.

Then why bother saying it's not possible until the possibility of meeting alien life has been proven impossible?

If the internet wasn't here to crush your dreams and aspirations, what purpose would it serve?

Who said the internet was meant to crush anything?

I did. Just now. The truth should be apparent.

Your opinion is not truth.

Oh user.

Oh nothing. Your pessimism about the internet is hot garbage, grow up.

I don't think it's enough that they're humanoid. Comparing how animals on earth which come from the same ancestors may breed to animals from completely different planets with nothing connecting the two genetically is a stretch. Nourasians even age much slower than humans.

You are taking this thread waaay too seriously.

No, that would be you with the "we can't make babies with aliens even though we have no solid basis beyond our own species and other animals" which doesn't completely work because we're talking about possible entities that may or may not be bound by the same exact genetic limitations earth life is.

that already is impossible

space travel is impossible by virtue of FTL travel being impossible and space being unconscionably big

only way two intelligent species on different star systems would be able to meet is having their respective star systems right next to each other, which an approximate chance of: jack shit

Your alien waifu doesn't exist. Statistically you will never meet her. Statistically an independent life form has an astronomically low chance of having genes that are compatible with yours. If she could exit, she probably would like you less than earth women do. Take a rest, and maybe appreciate some friendly banter for what it is.

>No, that would be you with the "we can't make babies with aliens even though we have no solid basis beyond our own species and other animals" which doesn't completely work because we're talking about possible entities that may or may not be bound by the same exact genetic limitations earth life is.
That's me not him.

>we're talking about possible entities that may or may not be bound by the same exact genetic limitations earth life is.
This is why I think the possibility is negligible at best

It's not impossible until every possibility has been thoroughly exhausted, which they have not been yet.

Nobody said anything about waifus, don't go putting words into people's mouth you little fucking projecting faggot. You were not doing friendly banter, you were being an ass and going "lalalalala, it's never going to happen even though we don't know the full reaches our of universe yet"

Grow the fuck up.

This thread needs more




You share a common genetic ancestor with an oak tree. You have even less in common with an alien.

On a scale of 1 to 10, just how much did Molly want the thunderbolt to strike to strike her pussy?

And yet that doesn't rule out the possibility of humans crossbreeding with them. Get it through your thick head, we don't know until we try. And to try, we have to first find the aliens in question. Until then, you don't know any more than I do.

As long as we can fly, we still have a chance

It does rule it out. I'm not even the guy you've been having your argument with, I think he just got tired of your weird obsession.

It's not a weird obsession, and nothing was ruled out. We have yet to fully see the ends of this universe, so we can't rule out the existence of aliens just yet. Deal with it.

>implying based uncle rick would do that to his precious little mouse

Oh like you wouldn't be hankering for the thundercock if you in the same crew as him.

>he didn't have much of a choice when he woke up one night to find Molly riding his purple python

Quad quads confirm Rolly

>Four fours
I guess Molly Star Rapist is confirmed.

quads of degeneracy, you have obliterated me, well played

>Rick awakens and blasts Molly to the ceiling with a cumshot not unlike the first Scary Movie

Sorry, but I can't support your conclusion without at least doubles. You've essentially established that he didn't even wake up.

If a man could perform to closure while fully asleep, there'd probably be a lot more cases of women getting knocked up while their boyfriends or the guys they really like are conked out.

Don't doubt the powers of Rick.

Jordan got fucked over pretty hard

Then you can't doubt the probability of his dick pasting Molly against the adjacent wall of his room like his cock was that goo from a xenomorph hive.

He did choose to fuck himself, so he clearly knew the risk involved. Still, nothing says he can't eventually visit Molly as he tours the galaxies and adjusts to his responsibilities.

Great show, really enjoyable. Probably one of my favorite cartoons that no ones knows about.

Lesbian bondage vampires.

What's not to understand?

They even kind of look like the sort of kids Gekko Moria would have.

>By their species standards, Ning and Skun's clothing is puritanically conservative.

So would Molly's midriff being exposed be considered risqué to them?

The fleetingly exposed calves and midriff keep them up at night with lewd thoughts. The goggles are considered a sex toy.

oh god it looks worse than I remember

>still no mention of best alien

That's not Rush

If I take off the TV, will she die?

It was pretty alright. Characters were good overall, but the plot felt a little weak. Only two locales and a predictable character arc for the old dude also hurt it a bit, but it was still a good watch. I'm glad it wasn't nerfed to hell and back by the big firms.

I wish I had more to contribute to this thread than just my love for this hypno scene and my fanfic idea where Ceres hunts Molly down decades later and traps her in a trance as a ritual Mong mating pig for revenge.

this song has been on my mind for so long and i couldn't track the source, thank youuuuu

Maybe? It's difficult to say if it is a hat or her head.

I'm sad Cred Forums, I lost all my Oban reaction gifs, and the last one is too big to be uploaded here.

Isn't Ceres the last of his species

I got you senpai

Thanks, you're a cool guy.

I juse want to say that the Whizzing Arrow is one of the coolest space craft designs ever.

It's not a spacecraft it is a pod racer

Space craft/space racer whatever
It's still one of my favorite sci-fi designs of all time

I remember watching this, the only episode I can remember off the top of my head is the one when Molly goes slightly nuts and tries to kill that creature who was in the race that killed her mother I think his name was Spirit if I recall correctly

Ning and Skun need more porn. Just saying something obvious.




Same difference.

>shitposting with ugly child reaction image

Mckill yourself, please.

Wish they'd give this and Code Lyoko bluray releases. Even if it was just a simple upscale job, it'd be awesome to see the shows given big rereleases with a bunch of behind-the-scenes stuff and as many dub options as possible.

Upscale disks are trash. Better to have a player that does quality scaling.

You can do good quality upscales to Blu-ray, you just need competent people to do it.

It doesn't matter if they are good at it. Every time you make an edit, you lose information. It's simply the unavoidable math of the operation. Discs should be as near to the original media as possible, and then let the playing hardware to what is necessary to output it.

Would you a Ning and Skun?

I would

You only lose stuff with idiots who don't know how to proper transfer the original footage to the new media. It's not like Disney had no choice but to make their bluray releases of their classics look like shit because there was not other way to give them proper transfers.

All edits are loss. Even if you think it looks better on a subjective level, the original data has been destroyed in favor of something new.

Oh fuck OSR thread.

Where was all the Eurobeat though?

Nice find.
I prefer the final look, but aside from 3D, it doesn't seem like there are a lot of differences.

What edits? You can move something from DVD to bluray without losing anything.

An "upscale" from NTSC to 1080p is an edit.

Not really, an edit would be changing something in the animation. Cleaning up any possible errors or color losses wouldn't be edits.

It is a change to the information in the image, and not reversible. It doesn't matter if you think it is an improvement. It is a change from the original form. The concept is similar to the act of repeatedly re-compressing a jpg.

So what? Unless the job is shittily done, it wouldn't lose anything in the transfer and become bad.

The edit is a mathematical loss. There is no way around it. The original data is no longer represented. Looking good or bad has nothing to do with it.

There isn't any loss unless they fucking put a shitty border around it, or mess up the colors in some way that the clarity becomes shit. Seriously, a bluray transfer wouldn't hurt anything.

You aren't getting the concept of data loss. If something can't be literally undone to 100% exactly how it was previously, than it was a loss. Xerox of a xerox. I don't know a simpler way to explain it to you.

Because you aren't providing any proof that it would suffer a loss in the transfer. Just get over it, there wouldn't be any problem putting it on bd unless the people in charge do a shit job, easy as that.

The user you're responding to is right. But you seem to think that loss is linked to quality, while it's linked with fidelity.

Back to Oban, the creators are apparently working on a trilogy of animated movies about two queens in the middle ages. They don't seem to have produced many things since Oban.

Why would it need that stuff?

To be fair they want this to look of a similar quality as say ghost in the shell or akira, and for a foreign team it will take quite some time

Hey I just started yesterday and almost half way done. Loved it so much made a pepe of muh waifu. R8 pls.

No thank you.

How much do you love it f a m.

Yes, it would be a trance dream.

Where Molly gets gangbanged by huge geometric dicks and angular tits.

wheres the porn of these two?

why tho

Where's the porn of Molly?

>mfw best boy won.

To honor eva and make dank memes.

Too bad Jordan won't get to enjoy the Molly poon for probably another decade or so since his body is going all anti-spiral.

I hope you mean Jordan

>All edits are loss

Are you literally retarded?

Oh shit, Oban thread.
This show is one of my favourites, everything about it was excellent.

Really wish we'd found out more about O, though.

I'm sure I read a comment from the creator a while back that said there's an all-male race living on the same planet, but I might be wrong.

>Technically the sad panda version's got all of the pages now, I just need to go back and cleaning up the old pages.

On that note, it seems to be gone or hidden on sadpanda.

Does pepe normally have a nose?

Do Rick

Had to convert it . Also to Portuguese pepe guy I will do you just for you bb. :^)

Looking coolio

Thanks m8
Here you go :^)

Thanks little mouse

Don 2wei coming in soon. Be ready for team to assemble.

the way they wrote him out of the show was probably the least satisfying thing about the whole production

The whole gang is here guys.

this one feels the most appropriate to me. good work

Gonna have a crying eva and a smug maya next one . I'm on a roll.

Jordan was an obnoxious piece of shit who is only liked by other obnoxious pieces of shit.

>Jordan was an obnoxious piece of shit
In the first half yeah, but turned out to be a pretty cool guy later.

Yo Area.

You are one of the best artists I've ever seen.

Not only you draw strictly on-model, which few artists do, but you have the absolute best expressions or characters having sex.

You have earned a fan all the way from Peru, if I weren't such a filthy spic poorfag, I would fund you monthly.

Keep at it champ.

Nice projection, kiddo.

Next one is gonna be last and bring intense feelz.

I'm done making pepes but hope y'all enjoyed them.

Jordan got fucked over so hard it's not even funny, all he wanted was Molly but no he gets turned into the Avatar and is stuck like that till death, which won't come for a while why couldn't Aika just take it, no one gives a shit about him.

You've wasted your time and your life.

standard operating procedure for frogposters

Then why are you here user?
This .

Meme into dreams.


Your welcome.

Jordan did it of his free will. He was the only one close enough.

When your choices are either become a god or doom the whole universe, I don't think you have much of a choice at that point.

It's still a choice regardless of whether it was the only one with a positive outcome.

That doesn't mean he didn't get fucked over. We have duress defenses in courts for these situations.

Never said he didn't get screwed over, just that he chose to bring it on himself.




>A cute short haired tomboy will never wink and blow a kiss at you
feels real bad man

So anons, sacrificing your life and becoming the avatar ... would be all worth it if molly did that to you?

>Not wanting to be the Avatar just for the hell of it

Oban is goat

I don't remember much about it except Jordan being my fucking hero.

Pilot had it and it makes good racing music.

But in all seriousness, what the show really needed was just a bit more racing towards the end rather than whatever they were doing.

>you will never be her copilot

where can i find a full artbook?

There was an artbook?

There is one IIRC. But no clue where to find it.

Some guy uploaded a bunch of backgrounds and storyboards to some google thing.


Here we have an anyversary page if it helps


Did they ever make that Queens cartoon? I only found trailers from 2013 on youtube. It looks very good, it's actually the kind of cartoon I wish I could see more often, or see at all.

>yfw Jordan literally got cucked

sacrifice wasted

His only cool moment was when he committed suicide by god and wrote himself out of his waifu's life forever.

That thing was blocked a few weeks ago for some reason.


I am sorry user, I am the other guy, the not-model guy. I was commenting on never finishing my stuff comment. I am sure Area will appreciate it though.

Is it hidden on both domains? The problem with owning the gallery its the fact that its always up for me. I know that it was put out the Fijords when it was tagged as lolicon, but I don't know if its also hidden on ex domain as well.

If its off on both, or you can't get access to sad panda, then I'll take suggestions on where to put it. I do have a Pixiv but it doesn't allow me to continuously update it unless I paid.

I have the art book but I feel like its not easy to recommend. The character's art are alright, but it puts almost all of its concept art in tiny boxes in the middle of page spread of vistas , and only a few of them a page.

The webpage on has more stuff in better resolution anyway, its a shame.

Still being develloped, it seems.
Trailer looks dope, despite potato cam, as does the pitch. Historical merovingian cartoon about Brunhilda and Fredegund? Yes, please.


>I am sorry user, I am the other guy, the not-model guy. I was commenting on never finishing my stuff comment. I am sure Area will appreciate it though.

Oh, yeah, after posting that I realized it. I also checked your stuff, Magi, it's really cool. I didn't wathc the show before but your comic and Area's have made me interested (and the premise sounds lovely).

Anyway, keep on it and finish your work dammit

Thanks user

>that Nabo Star Racers parody with official voices.
>"every defeat makes me stronger, that's why I'm so ripped"
Firstly Hokuto no Ken, then that. French VA are based.



Anyone else annoyed by the lack of noses on characters?


Now that just makes me notice how most of the characters have the same head shape...

I got no picture for that.

Nope .



Strange, the nose make her looks way older for some reason.

How u want ur star racer fampai?

holy shit, based savin

>That face and nose on the whizzing arrow

But seriously the no noses works for this show and looks fine.
There's some extreme stylization elements in the art style. For example, I though Don actually dyed his hair with white and black streaks but then I realized that's just a stylized cartoon way to show that his has some graying hairs.

don wei is a stylish nigga, he looks really cool with his black suit and domino hair

>domino hair
He showed up to meetings with that shit.

Remember watching the ending episode and feeling pretty sad when I was younger

Been meaning to rewatch it but never knew the title
So thanks Op for reminding me

People made OCs for this?

>only one mentioned the best character
where's the love for the T.V. box head cat?

>boxhead with a massive murderboner
>worst ship design

>controlled by a DDR pad
she literally would have won the race if it wasn't an arena race


Her ship was entirely combat driven, how would she have won anything but the quake race?

This racer was an awesome upgrade

>they made swords their main weapons on fighters
How did mankind almost loose against these idiots again?

Crog scum had to sneak attack

I never did get to see how this ended. Anyone got a torrent or link or know where I can watch both season without the TV watermarks. I don't mind subs either if that helps.

Something about the nose on Molly makes her look like she's about to pull the "It was me, Dio!" expression.

Otherwise, the noses don't look too out of place, but I can agree that their absence really worked for the characters.

I couldn't find it without the jetix stuff on the screen either. It's all on youtube though.

You can download the 720p episodes off any of the animay streaming sites.
inB4 >steaming

>implying swords are bad

Slit yourself

It actually looks worse.

Just finished binge watching this show because of this thread. This show came out when I was ten and Molly's boobs weirded me out, so I didn't watch the show much. Man was I an idiot to put it off for so long. This has probably one of the best stories I've seen so far in a tv series. I loved the way they handled everything from setting and character design to the deep lore they had woven in. Hell I love how even after the series ended there is still a shitton of questions that weren't answered. The mystery itself keeps the story alive. Hell, Halo had something similar going for it, but they fucked everything up when they stopped being spoopy about all that forerunner shit. Oban didn't show us anything beyond the avatar shit and how the galaxy was made. Everything else is still left to the imagination and I love it.
Why comfiest racer not loved enough

Fuck, I remember watching this along with a bunch of other Jetix shows. I really want to draw some lewds before the thread dies, but I won't be able to until Monday. If anyone has any requests I'll write them down and do a couple, I'll post them in /aco/ or the /i/ deliveries thread.

OP here. Glad this thread got you into it. Are you the one who made the pepes?

I need to see some Prince Aikka.

Prince Aikka lying on his back, POV by his feet, with Eva sitting on his face, facing either towards or away from the POV, depending on if you'd rather draw tits or ass. I was thinking away from the POV.
A little something for all types, eh?

Reminder that this fucker was so preposterously OP they had to smack him with a diabolus ex machina just to make the race fair.

It's an Oban thread so it's time for me to make my comment about the setting;

I like how it avoids the cliche of humanity being a hotshot go-getter on the interstellar scene. Instead humanity is an obscure and irrelevant species that everyone is happy to start hating for a pretty petty reason.

This might be because it's not American.

FUN FACT: The English script was writer by the French writer, so anyone should be satisfied watching the English version.

I'm all for Molly booty.

R63 Ceres.

With big, jiggly, boobcubes.

Molly showering while clearly still sleepy while a nervous Jordan is standing before a mirror, completely floored that Molly entered and got undressed while he was still in the bathroom.

Ning and Skun trying to cuddle Molly against her will please.

I hope the artist gives Prince Aikka a cute cock
Eva booty is also a plus

It's such a shame that absolutely no one can find the beautiful OP.


Although the Ed is appreciated I meant the english OP. It's impossible to find the full version.

They didn't make a full version of Never Say Never.

Oh ok, I didn't know that. Thanks

They did, I specifically remember it being on YouTube when Oban was still on Jetix. It's been taken down since then.

Sure it wasn't just a fanmade edit? There have been "full versions" made by fans over the years.

I recommend the /i/ delivery thread, I don't think there's a good place to drop it on /aco/ right now

Not that guy, but here you go.


Could always open a thread on there if there's enough pictures. Or maybe make a thread about all the French cartoons like Oban, Wakfu, and Code Lyoko.

Don't forget miraculous ladybug and her delicious shota catboi

I'm positive it was an actual full version, because it was on the band's youtube page. Like I said, this was over a decade ago, it's been taken down for whatever reason,

I wish the show had been longer. This guy deserved more screen time.

I get a Dead Leaves vibe off of this.

Could never tell if those were thick wings or spider legs.

I had a crush on Molly when I was younger

I still do

So what's the best current download of this show?
How're the DVDs? I've been eyeing them for a loooong time.

Download the english dub. I've watched both french and english and the english VAs are better in my opinion.

Also be aware that most downloads are the tv rips that play shitty promos over half the screen for that stupid bunny ninja cartoon and ruins the mood one certain occasions like this. Skip to 20:22 for example. youtu.be/FPQG3fG_Jj0?t=1222

It might take a few downloads to find the DVD quality rip without those fucking promos because some asshole uploaded the tv rips claiming they are dvd rips on the torrent title. the one I found has chance to shine as the opening music instead of never say never.

someone ripped the dvds and made a mega but i forgot to save the link


The /aco/ drawthreads are open for deliveries I think.

I feel like I should just make multiple versions for you guys.

These are going to make me cry, fuck, they're so good.

There was a thread a few months ago.
Anyway watched it when I was a kid. As far as I remember I wasn't the #1 fan but okay show. Although the ending drove me insane when that beta faggot became whatever it was called(Avatar?) instead of the grill.

>and finish your work dammit
I am working on it... kinda.

That sketchup? Do you need a mediocre model for the Arrow?

Couldn't get the cockpit right.

Oh no, I am not a damn frog poster.

I am using blender, actually. Thanks for the offer though, but I am mainly using hanger model to fill out the background for the comic that I was working on.

Fair enough, got it in Blender as well because I tried to add it to BallisticNG. Issue is the texture mapping is just too much of a hassle.

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