Why are the AV Club and IGN so cringy?

I just read each site's review of the latest season of South Park and they seemed to have zero sense of self-awareness about what the show was mocking or why. But it also seemed like maybe they were aware but for some reason wanted to pretend there was something vague about the episode in order not to talk about these things.

In any case, when did these sites become so cringy?

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Have they ever not been?

I don't know what AV Club is, but IGN has always been awful. I'm not sure why you're surprised.

Why are you even visiting these sites I've never heard of

I don't know anything about IGN, but AV Club is crammed full of underpaid interns cranking out content. Anyone talented at the Onion (that is making OC instead of reviews) is doing something else. The "aspiring writer" of this shitty review barely has any followers on twitter.

The whole damn industry has gotten this way because the ads have taken over.

I find out a lot of normie tv shit from the AV Club, and the comments section can be kinda okay when they aren't all trying to be comedy writers.

All I know of IGN is when they tried to form an anime group and couldn't get past the OP of Monster Musume

AV Club is under The Onion you hermits.

They want to be progressive and SJWy, but they also have to seem cool, which means they have to like South Park. Remember when they didn't understand the point of the Safe Space episode?

And they idiotically claimed that it was SOUTH PARK who didn't understand the meaning of "safe spaces."

It's almost like they know they can't openly criticize South Park so they can have to pretend that the content is "confusing" while passive-aggressively sniping at it.

There's a nice parallel here with GTAV's impotent rage cartoon, people are ok when you mock a group they dislike, but when you also mock them they get confused and frustrated.

>Remember when they didn't understand the point of the Safe Space episode?
Care to elaborate?

I think south park honestly invites it at this point, being nothing but satire of things that reallllly don't need any more attention given to them

I disagree. Some things need to be publicly mocked, regardless of how ubiquitous they are.

>Everyone gets all excited about a JJ Abrams reboot
>It ends up being a remake of the original
>"It has all the parts we loved!"

10/10 episode, how can anyone disagree.

would anyone care to suggest any alternatives, if these 2 are not good sources?

i'm with you on that, but this doesn't feel like mockery anymore. it feels like getting two big fistfuls and crawling ass-deep up inside to smell what it's cooking.
i mean i know that the best satire is well-informed satire, but yeesh.
plus they're not even really going as deep into the causes behind this shit. it reminds me of the whole anti-anti-smoking episode where they got tangled up in the obvious false-flag operation the tobacco companies were putting up, and neglected to see past it. this whole election exists to sell satire. You don't cash in on it when that happens. You focus on the fuckers pulling the strings because political news has become an empire

So why was Mr. Garrison orange? Is it just a really obvious way of making him an allegory to Trump? Cause i thought that was already supposed to be pretty clear.

A lot of people these days have issue with Cartman never actually becoming a better person, he's always going to be Cartman. They fail to see that it's just what people with his views are like in real life. They're not going to stop being who they are any sooner than the people complaining would stop being who they are.

>it reminds me of the whole anti-anti-smoking episode where they got tangled up in the obvious false-flag operation the tobacco companies were putting up
lol what.

>Care to elaborate?
They disagreed with it and criticized it, which means they're too stupid to get that they're supposed to accept its message.

>it reminds me of the whole anti-anti-smoking episode where they got tangled up in the obvious false-flag operation the tobacco companies were putting up, and neglected to see past it.

how the fuck are you people so stupid

every single one of you liberal retards misses the whole fucking point

Care to elaborate beyond pulling the "you just don't understand it!" card?

The Onion Labs twitter account was advertising the episode. Does that mean there's some bias with the AV Club then? Should they not disclose this advertising relationship?

I cried once they started making fun of Trump.

Fuck this liberal cuck show.


I only check AV Club when they have Gwar perform.

What's wrong with hating one candidate slightly less?

>liking either candidate
kill yourself user

They don't need any more POSITIVE attention, no.

Who cares?

Who cares?

Who cares?

Is this TRULY Cred Forums related?

How much has to be explained? How much time does a person have to sink, just to convince--Wait who are you?

Is this time well spent?

We're not all gamblers user.

And I know a lot of SJWs do this. "You're not entitled to my time, I don't argument" And I hate it when they do this. But they're clearly not FOR smoking.

Just listen to their commentary of that episode. For some people, a drag of a cigarette is the only real vacation they get.


The second it involves a cartoon in any capacity, yes, it's Cred Forums related.

I hate you and people like you for thinking you can muscle shit off the board because "I DON'T LIIIIIKE ITTTT"

You can go to another thread. At any. Fucking. Moment.

It's the wrong candidate to hate slightly less

>GTAV's impotent rage cartoon

GTAV openly mocking Cred Forums was hilarious though. It was really the only good PRB episode.


Well you don't have to conservative to appreciate that episode, I got it and I'm liberal. It made perfect sense to me how both sides can demonize eachother and in the end it's not as bad as it is.

>You can go to another thread. At any. Fucking. Moment.
That doesn't make this thread any less shit.

It's owned by the same company but it's not a satire site.

Kyle is always exactly the same too
Plus there is no people like cartman, how stupid can you be? Cartman is completely over the top and a stereotype spoiled kid who has magic plot powers

What are you a fucking triggered faggot?

To be fair South Park is perfectly capable of hating people more for their personality than their views and they really hate smug douchebags and agree with Trump or not the dude is a massive Smug Douchebag.He probably even plays it up. Hillary is just another slimy politician but Trump is Trump.

Reminds me of that time that all the SJWs finally turned against Caitlyn Jenner once South Park started mocking him.
It's as though all of them forgot that the day before, they were screaming at everyone who said he wasn't putting the "her" in "hero".

Completely and utterly devoid of self-awareness.
Progressives are subhumans.

Why is Cred Forums raiding every board right now?

This thread would be happening with or without Cred Forums.

>implying Cred Forums needs to raid boards
>implying Cred Forums is a containment board
>implying Cred Forums isn't almost entirely made out of crossboarders

No it wouldn't Cred Forums is clearly the root of all hatred and bigotry on Cred Forums. If Cred Forums weren't here we'd all say kumbaya and jerk eachother off and nobody would call it gay because Cred Forums was gone and such homophobic remarks wouldn't exist.

If Cred Forums weren't here we'd be considerably less faggy and self-important.

I think IGN deliberately kind of stay away from sjw and anti-sjw crap. Even in games they don't seem to focus on this nearly as much as smaller review sites.

Boards have universal Anonymous, not just for each board.

I don't know if their serious or making fun of a cause anymore.

>pol is now a boogeyman for the tumblr tourists
not even surprised honestly
also don't bother replying to me with even more whining about pol or saying I browse it, I'm going to sleep

It's pretty hilarious watching my Liberal Secular friends praise the show for mocking Conservatives and Christians, but they act honestly offended, like a child, when South Park starts criticizing their political beliefs and secularism. It's the same blatant hypocrisy I see with the comic book industry: It's only "provocative" and "revolutionary" when it aligns with our political interests and social views. Something that goes against it? Well, they're part of the establishment with their own nefarious agenda, not us, despite being just as mainstream.

Cartman is, and always has been evil. It's just that now evil means sjws for matt and trey

No, we wouldn't. What you're witnessing is the direct result of politicalization of the internet as a whole, and Cred Forums's reaction to it.

Self-important fagginess was going to seep into this site regardless because despite our best efforts (and they were valiant), the internet inevitably became SRS BSNS.

More importantly, did either of them throw a shitfit at the Jew being behind it?

>AV Club writer tries to get Cred Forums to read his article.
>Cred Forums falls for it.

Sure they pay people to get like 10 extra clicks.

Yeah uhuh.

Cred Forums should fuck off regardless.

he does it for free

I imagine this episode and last season make 0 sense if you dont spend all day on the internet

It's too late for that. It's been too late for 4 years now.

Except when they had to lie about actual evidence to make the episode still work

Are you the guy calling everyone cucks in the AV Club comments?

I really don't get why they had such a hard time with it, this episode wasn't especially taking the piss out of the left

It seemed more focused on the trolls who don't give a fuck and people who just reveal in the drama. The only real piss take of the left was Hilary (when they equally shat on trump) and that the whole not standing bullshit was really just stupid.

But you don't Have to be here user.

I was disappointed Tumblr wasn't in an uproar after the episode. Lousy reasonable people who get the joke.

>Episode is about how just because you bring something from the past back doesn't mean it's still funny
>They prove this by showing how tired the Turd/Douche thing is

>I was disappointed Tumblr wasn't in an uproar after the episode
South Park is a sacred cow for tumblr.
Even when it disagrees with them, they'll give it a nervous laugh to save face.

It's the metric that tumblrites use to gauge whether they're genuinely obnoxious or not.
>H-hey, I didn't get angry at south park. That means I'm one of the reasonable feminists r-right?

>Even when it disagrees with them, they'll give it a nervous laugh to save face.

Completely false. They'll just twist it to mean something they want it to mean to appear as if South Park took their side.

Sounds like Cred Forums.

>They'll just twist it to mean something they want it to mean to appear as if South Park took their side.
Same difference. They'll try to rationalize it regardless.

>South Park made Hillary look good in this episode

Yeah, she sure does look healthy

I think we should pay more attention to the fact that Cartman is the good guy and that the villain manipulating everything behind the scenes is a Jewish lawyer.

I can't wait until Cart the Man blames this all on the Jews.

I think Cred Forums should slit its wrists.

>Cartman is the good guy
>Still falling for Cartmans guy good act

I don't think South Park has ever made fun of secularism. It's had like three episodes about atheists and one about agnostics, but none of those were about secularism itself.

PC Principal has shown him the way, brah.

why are you visiting IGN at all for any reason ever?


But something you need to recognize is that tumblr is much more wrapped up in appearances than Cred Forums is.

The immediate collective 180 they did on Caitlyn Jenner after that episode came out should be indicative of how important it is for them to "like" south park.

I've seen some people saying this episode was weak and devoid of jokes

You must be a special kind of brain dead to not have enjoyed this episode, it was layered as fuck

Being sincerely, if you watch a old episode and then this one,you see the difference.

Yeah, the animation is very different.

>But something you need to recognize is that tumblr is much more wrapped up in appearances than Cred Forums is.

The hipster contrarian sekret club faggots running rampant around this place say otherwise.

fucking THIS

Is there anyway I can share this or follow you?

Honestly if people are actually still surprised that South Park made fun of something, 20 years later, then they are either fucking retarded or they just started watching the show.

The show has made fun of just about every major religion, most major celebrities, had Mohamed on the show twice, has been making fun of lbgt everything since the beginning and never stopped, every major demographic has been made fun of, black riots compared to zombie apocalypses, made blatant racism into comedy too many times to count....

Honestly no one at all should ever be "surprised" that something they hold sacred was made fun of by this show at this point. Clearly Matt and Trey consider nothing whatsoever to be sacred at all and do not care how much influence said group they are poking at has.

I just wanna point out

>It's implied that Sharon ,who's often to voice of reason, seems to prefer Garrison/Trump over Hillary
>makes fun of feminist humor/Amy Schemer
>makes fun of Black Lives Matter and sitting/standing at the national anthem.
>makes fun of all the shitty "more diverse" reboots
>The common Jew is the one who's is behind the whole splitting genders/races apart.

Yes they made fun of Trump a lot, sure maybe they could have made fun of Hillary some more (I think they will later in the season it's still early days) But at the end of the day I'm not one of those people who can't laugh at the things they support/believe in. As much as I want Trump to win this election, I can still laugh at his overall ridiculousness.

As usual South Park is mocking both sides pretty evenly. I expect a Hillary health episode somewhere this season. As long as it never gets too one sided then South Park is still good in my opinion.

This and last season are a hell of a lot better than the 07-12' era where each and every episode was just a parody of whatever new movie or tv show was popular.

It was just Avatar episode, Equilibrium episode, Honey Boo Boo episode, Whale Wars episode.....

Never seen Equilibrium, what episode is that?

The only people who cared about MUH secret club are summerfags

Were you just born yesterday? They have a history of bashing clinton. Stop pretending otherwise.

AVClub has been shit since at least 2011.

IGN since like 2009.

Still not as bad as Rolling Stone which became irredeemable c.a. 2008.

Did I miss it or was the Anthem not changed to the "cops are pigs" lyrics?

New Anthem was literally Anthem Classic, but with the addition of 'please stand... or sit... or kneel for the national anthem' at the beginning

I didn't notice any pigs in the song.

>It's implied that Sharon ,who's often to voice of reason, seems to prefer Garrison/Trump over Hillary

No, it was only implied she didn't necessarily want to vote for Hillary. It's the same thing as Hillary supporters in real life that can't fathom you considering voting for Trump because it's 2016.

It's one episode, obviously Clinton is gonna get her go, I mean look at it.

You're just like the fucking libs who get assblasted when someone mocks their ideology while they wank off to John Oliver., this cuck too Having it be the sneaky Jew Lawyer at the end was fucking golden.

Tumblr can't get mad at south Park because they love their OOC porn and ships too much.

I can't wait for the heel turn.
Remember when he fought for a women's right to choose just so he could acquire stem cells and clone his own pizza place?

That was only for the commercial.

Which was funnier than the entire episode honestly.

>the same site that made fun of kids an heroing
>the same site well known for CP, gore, and being assholes
>the same site people were literally afraid of mentioning on forums pre2008
>Cred Forums is somehow the root of all evil

This is bait, right?

Cred Forums is the internet hate machine you stupid fuck. Why come here, there are sites for your kind.

This is satire right?

You're not actually serious, are you?

Jesus Christ

Aren't they backing Johnson?

That's the most beneficial thing I could think of for Trump.

If Cred Forums weren't here we'd all say kumbaya and jerk eachother off and nobody would call it gay because Cred Forums was gone and such homophobic remarks wouldn't exist.

Gee user I dunno?

This is Cred Forums, so Poe's law is always in full effect.

It's both possible that he's being sarcastic.

It's also possible she's a tumblr shill

South Park/Matt & Trey have a habit of commenting on shit they don't really understand much though and it usually comes across as pretty cringey, especially since so many people hang on their every word. They honestly don't have a lot of self awareness themselves.

Before Cred Forums the hate wasn't really directed anywhere in particular though. There was no organised effort. Like, since Cred Forums there's an extremely aggressive form of thought control in effect against people that don't follow alt-right, edgy libertarian or general anti-SJW mindsets.

You need to submit to the red pill. Stop deluding yourself.

To look more like Trump, yes.
I guess it wasn't clear enough.

This is what he's talking about.



They did that last season too. Remember when they made fun of people mocking the police? How the ones criticizing them were middle class white people and it gets so bad the police just stop helping them, meaning theyre fucked?

AV club acted like it was "parodying the worrisome issues with police brutality", fucking idiots.

You can seclude yourself in your little room with your video games and your comic books. Or you can do your part to help save the world.

I enjoyed the episode, but not because of the jokes.
The only thing that really made me laugh was the beginning, before the volleyball game when no one even stayed to watch the girls play.
I didn't laugh at the member berries at all, or JJ Abrams, although I WAS entertained.

>You can seclude yourself in your little room with your video games and your comic books.
I'm pretty sure you do that too.

Something tells me whoever made that graphic didn't ask for Scott Adams' endorsement.

Yeah, Scott Adams is all-in for Trump.

Seriously, I was waiting for this throughout the episode, and it never happened.


"This guy is great at persuading people and his opponents don't understand what he's doing" isn't exactly the same as "I endorse this candidate and all of his policies".

But that's wrong. I guess you can say it was more general, but Cred Forums has always been - and will always be - a place where you can say and think any thing you want. Racism, misogyny, anti-semitic words - whatever.

Cred Forums is just a place now where people love to say those things.

In the same sense that tumblr is a pit of Progressive nonsense and leftist propaganda. But I'm not going to go on that site and tell them to stop it.

Only people who hated this episode are triggered liberals who couldn't stand the show insulting Kaepernick and BLM.

As soon as the author said Drumpf I stopped reading

He's made a few anti-sjw Dilbert comics, so he's not on board with the left's identity politcs.

I don't know. A quick look to his twitter doesn't really say anything bad about Trump, mostly about Hillary.

Mega link to the ep?

Not even close. Every time before a "transphobic" episode airs it has people screaming that it'll be solely responsible for trans men and women literally being murdered in the streets. But those are the critical mass Cred Forums level retards. There's also people who don't care about social justice stuff that love south park there because they're not brain dead children thinking if they say the same shit as someone screaming rape culture at Cartman everyone'll start to like them. There's massive Cred Forums level retards, and then normal people. The normal ones usually like south park and don't give a shit about their blank issue not being agreed with like a normal person, the parroting other peoples views for follows hate it because it's been demonized there beyond the point of even allowed to be talked about.

And then there's all the motherfuckers that are just beyond fucking ecstatic tweek and craig are gay and missed the entire point of the episode.

>AV Club

Go back to your video games and comic books. Lock yourself inside your room. Let the world burn.

They were making a point of how they weren't going to rehash Douche vs Turd. Plus Hillary was already ripped on, and Garrison is an actual character. Besides, Like the other user said, I'm sure Hillary will be ripped on in an episode. They jabbed a little at her in this one two.

>And here is the turd along with all her 4 supporters

>encounter a non-liberal opinion
>get triggered
>"T-T-T-This is Cred Forums's fault!"

>Cred Forums level retards

You're thinking of stormfags, hon. Cred Forums is the board of peace. Stop appropriating Cred Forumsshaming language in a safe space. Thank you.

But enough about that, can i just say that i love this episode because Kaitlyn is in it? I would love to party with a tranny like SP Jenner.

well yeah, but the police also genuinely enjoyed brutalizing black people and were only annoyed that whites were suddenly complaining about it

I like how both liberals and conservatives are convinced that South Park is "on their side" when really the creators hate and make fun of everyone.

That isn't the issue, there were always certain running jokes. The problem is people really started to get into them and now it is hard to tell who is joking from who actually think calling someone a cuck is a political statement cause politicians are fucking their rights or some shit

>This isnt my thing
>Im just going to judge the entire series off of 5 mins
God that fucking irked me when IGN did that

>Before Cred Forums the hate wasn't really directed anywhere in particular though. There was no organised effort. Like, since Cred Forums there's an extremely aggressive form of thought control in effect against people that don't follow alt-right, edgy libertarian or general anti-SJW mindsets.

Oh wow. This is impressively fucking backwards.
Before Cred Forums there wasn't an extremely aggressive form of thought-control put forth by Liberals on this site to label anything they don't like as being "from Cred Forums".

Is this that horrendous "doublethink" that i've been hearing so much about in 1984?

>All I know of IGN is when they tried to form an anime group and couldn't get past the OP of Monster Musume
Fucking kek. Now I want to know how far they got into the new Berserk series, considering they show Casca's rape in the intro.

the ep was ok
i just wish they would go back doing 1 plot per epsiode
the whole subplot thing is rather boring

>Cred Forums is just a place now where people love to say those things.
And has now become the other side of the coin to sjws

Damn, they probably want to be so unlike sjws that they'll kill themselves now. Everything those guys do is probably in relation to sjws, so it stands to reason they couldn't live with themselves anymore.

I need to know the difference

Read IGN's individual Scrubs episodes reviews. They swing from perfect scores to awful scores in the weirdest way

>There are actual people ITT that were upset
>Upset by fucking South Park

Isn't this the most redundant thing to do ever?


>le two sides of le same coin meme

Yes, SJW's complaining about literally everything is the exact same thing as people complaining about SJW's.

You're literally not allowed to complain about SJW's, because if you do you are as bad as they are. Brilliant fucking logic.

>i identify as right wing
>i identify as left wing
>fine fuck you i identify as neither

Is there a political alignment that even exists at all that isn't a joke?

At least when Cred Forums makes a comic it makes me laugh. When triggerinas make one we end up with "le 90's sucked watch me break my neck"

Next episode she'll be a skeleton

Remember old Cred Forums?
I remember.

'member moot?

old Cred Forums would never even have discussed this sexist garbage

now you made me sad user. Cred Forums is supposed to be love you know

Politics is about what you want.

Vote for what you want. Who cares if some armchair warrior storms up to you with his charts and "facts" and ms paint comics.

If you love gays, or hate Mexicans, or whatever, just vote how you want to vote.

Remember /l/ ?

'member snacks?

kill yourself, south shit fanboy.

It's remember berries.

'member /new/?

I think Sharon was just a little bitter that Randy was speaking for her.

'member no image limit ?

Go to bed, Macfarlane.

When did they mock Cred Forums? I recall them mocking weebs

>it's a "Cred Forums fails basic biology again" episode

>Cred Forums is the board of peace

>Be jew
>Stuff politics into every media
>Every media is now about politics
>Every board on Cred Forums is now about politics
>"But why is Cred Forums here?"

>Cred Forums using phrases from Orwell's magnum opus, even though he'd have hated every one of you dumb fucks


Libturds have gone completely off the rails in the last 15 years. As they get more extreme people start to take notice, and they get mad when people bring it up.

It was a pretty meh episode.

Only thing that stands out to me is that I felt like they tried to hamfist their political opinions even harder this time around.

And return of douche and shit sandwich doesn't even make sense, it's just "remember that episode, guyz!"

Good thing PC Principal is here to stay.

Thye just spent an entire season shitting on SJW's

Nice fake quote.

Orwell would have literally been put in jail for "Hate Speech" if he were alive today.

I do find it kind of strange that people still think its a jewish issue, the overload of politics in all media, even childrens cartoons.

If you've already created an entire army of people who will put themselves in the line of fire because it is all they've ever known, why would you make yourself a part of it?

We all know where this started and why, but maybe it's just a monster that was loosed without fully understanding it, and it's too late now to put it down. Much like the Simpsons.

I know that "safe space" is abused by a lot of people, but the actual concept of aSafe Space is more than "opinions scare me!"



True, there are some examples of "safe spaces" that are benefitial to everyone involved. For instance doctors offices.

>N-No guys, you see, this completely laughable ridiculous concept is ACTUALLY totally reasonable and legitimate. Y-Y-You're just uneducated on the issue.

Not very convincing.

I don't care if it's solely over "opinions" or not.
If you need a "Safe Space" at all for any reason, you're a weak and laughable human being and you are going to be ridiculed as such for expecting reality and society to cater to your weakness.

If you think abos and aryans are the same fucking species, you have drank from the SJW well far too much to be saved.


You can't spell Cringe without the letters IGN.

Third quote down, retard. Also, your quote came 14 years after Orwell wised up and realised people like you were full of shit.
>thinking two group of humans are humans makes me a SJW

This. It's not really about needing a "Safe Space" or not. It's about the fact that everyone, South Park included, is allowed to ridicule the notion because "using" it is akin to a tattoo.

>Please don't hire me, please have nothing to do with me, i make a terrible partner and as a friend i am subpar, do not engage in conversation or eye contact!

Holy shit, the reddit within this post is palpable.

>Not very convincing.
Your position consists entirely of spewing bile at people for having human emotions, and you find the idea of you being wrong to be utterly contemptible and offensive. It's not surprising that you're "unconvinced" by ideas outside of your safe space.

Please leave Cred Forums and go back to Cred Forums. If Cred Forums was indeed a safe space you probably wouldn't be so triggered. Maybe you run different opinions off the board on Cred Forums but Cred Forums is love, and there is no greater love than granting your fellow Cred Forumsmrade free speech in turn for your own.

>Your position consists entirely of spewing bile at people for having human emotions

"I need a place to protect me from offensive things!" isn't a "human emotion". It's being a hyper-sensitive faggot.

You might be surprised by thus, but "Safe Spaces" are ridiculed by pretty much anyone and everyone that ISN'T an indoctrinated SJW. It's not a rare opinion. Taking Safe Spaces and their retarded users seriously is the rare opinion.

I'm sorry if this makes you mad, but it's the truth.

>Your position consists entirely of spewing bile at people for having human emotions
Emotions have zero place in rational discussion.

Fuck you and your feelings.

>Not taking Safe Space bullshit seriously is now considered "edgy".

I'm not sure you understand how much of a minority you are if you think Safe Spaces aren't bullshit.

>Also, your quote came 14 years after Orwell wised up and realised people like you were full of shit.

>Orwell was super-duper totally correct HERE, but he was a meanie-pants Cred Forums-baby HERE.

How about you just stop quoting people you disagree with, rather than trying to reconcile the conflict with elaborate mental-gymnastics?

A moderated discussion where people can say what they want is one thing.

A group getting together and saying "no outside opinions please" is pretty much a cult.

>post yfw garrison becomes president

>you find the idea of you being wrong to be utterly contemptible and offensive

You're the one literally raging over someone disagreeing with you.

Rei is a shitty toilet

There is little reason to be mad for them. They have 90% the same opinion as the typical av reader.


>B-but only MY free speech is okay!

Why is Cred Forums such a shit?

Any chance they'll 'Weekend at Bernies' Clinton?

No, Mat and Trey are cuck kike shills and won't shit on libcucks.

They'll just keep shitting on Trump for that tasty shill jew gold.

We should ban everyone expressing Cred Forums opinions. Disclaimer: Opinions don't actually have to be defined by the diverse spectrum of opinions on Cred Forums, only that one numale mugiposting ITT. Actual banning may result in subtle methods of subversive posting instead. Do not consume bans if you are pregnant or your wifes daughter is trying to become pregnant. all rights reserved

On the Rubin Report podcast he basicly implied he will vote for him. But he sounded nihilistic about the whole election.

That's the God-Emperor secret. Feeling nihilistic about elections? Why not vote for change? The real "just fuck my shit up" kind of change. Anything else is stagnation.

>But something you need to recognize is that tumblr is much more wrapped up in appearances than Cred Forums is.

This place can't help stumbling over itself in it hurry to act edgy and contrarian like a bunch of 14 year olds about fucking everything as they reeeee about the normies. I wish when this place used to be a bunch of weirdos talking shit and discussing the weird shit they liked instead of losers romanticizing that shit into some kind of proud and noble secret club for pseudo-intellectuals brave enough to call out the masses for not thinking while spouting their memes just to fit in.

>it's just "remember that episode, guyz!"
'member the space Jews?

Wanna talk about it, champ?

This only works if you have nothing to lose. If you have decent life then stagnation is ok.

Also there could be a backlash and this could ruin the next two elections.

What? Type in English next time, degenerate.


>Caitlyn Jenners = Brave and strong
>PC Principal = Good guy, hero, won
>Kyle admits SJW was right
>Gender politics = Entirely correct

How were SJW's made fun of last season? They were lionized, they basically won. Sure you have PC principal acting extreme at first, but he won each time.

I actually laughed out loud when I started the new series. I get that they were showing the events from the past works as a catch-up, but leave it to fucking Berserk to have a rape in the opening credits

If that is truly what you believe then just wait for the jackals to evolve. Stagnation is death, this is why people voted for Obama.

Hell, South Park even made an episode about how that went.

Member no tumblr?

Now just shoop Cred Forums on that screen and we're golden.

Yeah, I member....

Remember no Mudslimes? Yeah, I member...


All of those things were portrayed as a bad thing. Or at least bullshit. Except maybe the last one, I don't remember off the top of my head.

Caitlyn was a murderer, PC Principal was a good guy out of circumstance, not because of his beliefs, Kyle "admitting" he was wrong was supposed to show how people will destroy you nowadays if you're not "progressive."

>This and last season are a hell of a lot better than the 07-12' era

S10 was the end of South Park's golden age starting from S5, so to speak. It was a great run. Although I would say S11 was decent, some of the seasons afterwards ranged from mediocre to awful.

This season is just in a cuckoon state.

The worst is yet to come, fellow Cred Forumsacks. Get ready the horrible libshit imago of anti-Trump jokes.

They take the middle way as usuall and it's telling who goes mad.

You have listed precisely zero "bad things" as you so eloquently put it.

>trump has no plan according to SP
>for some reason he is in desperate need of one because

It doesn't matter who we are. What matters is his plan.

wha? i'm by far the most conservative person on Cred Forums
the point being that the typical liberal government solution was 'regulate them harder, fuck them over, tax them harder, hope it doesn't trickle down to the customer'
they forced them to make anti-smoking commercials
and then said "anti" commercials either make smoking look cool, or make the whole anti-smoking movement look like complete bullshit that any sensible person would rebel against.
south park didn't quite pick up on the fact that the tobacco companies are the ones making those ads, and they make them that way on purpose. They got rused spectacularly

Do you have literally zero reading comprehension, or is this my fault?

When people glorified Caitlyn, it was bullshit because she was actually a murderer and nobody cared. PC Principal has good intentions, but is ultimately full of shit, and the only reason he stopped the ads was because he is one, presumably it made him immune to their effects. Kyle was being harassed and bullied until he caved into agreeing with people, or SJWs as it was put before.

I just wanted you to say it yourself senpai

Well played, Socrates.

>false flag; the image

tumblr's getting desperate


Yeah that game's great. I love jokes with no punchlines in sight.

I don't know what I expected.

I can imagine they'll have her fainting in the middle of a speech and getting dragged into a van or something in an upcoming episode. It's perfect material for satire.

>tfw Kyle is the rightful hero of the show again

>board of peace
I don't even hate Cred Forums but this meme is stale. Get something new.

>ign review calls trump "drumpf" multiple times

jesus christ, why is he so butthurt? they didnt even insult hillary

Nigger its called a joke

I don't care about what the sites say but that episode was fucking awful. Not because of any politics or anything, but because it wasn't funny.

Is the joke that Cred Forums thinks taylor swift looks good in this photo?

They both look like poorly cross dressed men

Really? I was cracking up more than half the time.

What? Johnson exists to take Republican votes from Trump.

The way the media went after him for his Aleppo gaffe makes it clear that he hurts Hillary far more than Trump.

>AV Club
Those mother fuckers have been crying to death over SS being top of the charts for weeks.


Yes. It's about poorly written reviews on a cartoon and why that is the case.

The thread which you're part of you, you mean?


Indeed. I'm a liberal myself (pro-choice, pro-universal healthcare, pro-marriage equality, etc.), albeit anti-SJW (which I suppose makes me the wrong kind of leftist to some people), and I appreciate South Park.

Some people are just afraid of having their beliefs tested or mocked, because they fear that maybe they're wrong. They don't get that having your beliefs tested will either make them stronger (if the criticism doesn't hold up to the evidence) or cause you to change your mind (if the criticism does hold up to the evidence)--it's a win-win.

That's not the case, but I can't blame anyone for thinking that this writer (or the IGN one) would stoop to that.

Come to think of it, maybe it would have been better to pretend I was him (or the IGN guy) in order to make him look like a jackass. Ah well, too late now I guess.

Nope. I'm not registered on either site. It and the IGN review were just the top searches on Google when I made this thread. I found it a bit depressing that these two reviews were so badly done, so I decided to post about it.

>mfw J J Abrams didn't even change the anthem

Top search in Google. I wanted to see the reactions the episode caused. I was disappointed.

That sounds about right to me. Good dates with the dates.


Yeah, that was pretty bad. I've never thought that joke was funny, especially since Trump was never "Drumpf"--he was born "Donald Trump", regardless of his family changing the name.

I don't know why Scott Adams thinks the thing he's very good at is enough to convince him that he's very good at everything.

I mean, Ben Carson is a brain surgeon at least.

Oh, I'm aware of the actual concept and the reasons (such as they are) behind them. But there's no evidence that it actually helps anyone.


>let's not change anything but pay just enough lip service so "muh representation" can't be used


they're gonna run into some problems when they realize audiences don't take Kylo or the Order seriously and Rey has already been shown to be the best at everything

when skankhunt42 signs in at the end, you see a don quixote statue on the shelf. what does that mean? is he being stupid just to stir shit up? if he lost in his own warped mind?

It's also funny how the AV Club didn't pick up (or pretended not to) on the fact that "Little Red Riding Kyle" was a parody of Feigbusters.

>And then there's all the motherfuckers that are just beyond fucking ecstatic tweek and craig are gay

Stay mad faggot, its canon :^)

I never can trust the AV Club again after they gave "Roadside Attraction" a fucking A-

>I never can trust the AV Club again after they gave "Roadside Attraction" a fucking A-

I thought this was going to be a movie or something.

It's a fucking a episode of Gravity Falls.

Who gives a shit whether they gave it five stars or a thumbs up, it's a fucking episode of a cartoon show, it's not a dick measuring contest.

You're not supposed to take Kylo seriously. He's literally meant to be an edgy teenager.

Kevin Johnson is a very good writer, and what is pleasantly surprising is that he focuses on animation. He watches all sorts of animated content from fucking Poppies or Croods on netflix, to more mainstream cartoons like Gumball or WOY, Kevin Johnson is very opinionated but he is a very good writer and interprets things differently. He has some really great blogs to check out tho

It just seemed pretty heavy handed for them.

Top of what charts?

Domestic Box Office for like a month straight. Was AV Club the ones that rejoiced when it finally got knocked out?

Not sure, i never really kept up with that movie or their reactions to it.

so does Gerald being the troll point towards some overarching jewish conspiracy plot? Are Matt and Trey going full on Cred Forums this season?

It's probably the berries brainwashing people.

Let me know when Cred Forums affects anything at all.

At least Cred Forums can claim it determined the outcome of a US presidential election.

Cred Forums's definition of "SJW" is basically "everyone who doesn't want the Day of the Rope".

Then he's a shit villain.

The protagonists in the good Star Wars may have called Vader a faggot to his face, but that didn't stop Vader from choking people and ruining lives. Nobody liked him but he was still a threat.

Kylo looks like an Easter Island head, has the acting ability of one and spends a majority of his screentime being a faggot. I'm sure he'll be "redeemed" like Prince Zuko written by a retard, but that doesn't stop him from being shit right now. Or stopping his boss from being a Prequel-looking piece of CGI crap.

I felt like this scene referenced Cred Forums for some reason

>that filename

>remember that episode, guyz!
...... Which was one of the things they made fun of in the episode, y'know, with the member berries?

You could really just make the filename "Steven Universe"

Do you not understand meta humor?

>At least Cred Forums can claim it determined the outcome of a US presidential election.

>Source: My ass

But he's not, he's hounding Cartman like fucking Javert.

On the quote?
>The experience that you have gone through is in many ways comparable to what happens with domestic violence. Women have always been the primary victims of war. Women lose their husbands, their fathers, their sons in combat. Women often have to flee from the only homes they have ever known. Women are often the refugees from conflict and sometimes, more frequently in today’s warfare, victims. Women are often left with the responsibility, alone, of raising the children. Women are again the victims in crime and domestic violence as well. Throughout our hemisphere we have an epidemic of violence against women, even though there is no longer any organized warfare that puts women in the direct line of combat. But domestic violence is now recognized as being the most pervasive human rights violation in the world. Here in El Salvador, according to the statistics gathered by your government, 1 in 6 women have been sexually assaulted and the number of domestic abuse complaints at just one agency topped 10,000 last year. Between 25 and 50 percent of women throughout Latin America have reportedly been victims of domestic violence.
9 paragraphs in

Nah, the election thing. I dont doubt she said something so stupid.

Who's m00t?

>if you state facts then you're a mad strawman who proves I'm right

No one is mad, but it's not hard to see that they weren't making fun of sjw ideals as much as you thought, and most of them were shown to be good.

>when did these sites become so cringy?
When they realized they could make money that way.
It's your own fault for visiting them.

>Oh no! some stupid review website disagrees with something and then admitted it!

What are they supposed to do, lie and say they did agree with it? I don't get what the Cred Forumstards problem is with people stating disagreement with something. If you say something that I think is stupid I'm gonna tell you you're wrong. I don't see why you can call me an idiot but I can't say the same to you.

He killed Han fucking Solo, he's not some random comedic side vilian

J.J. Abrams did save Star Wars from George Lucas. Paul Feig, however, destroyed Ghostbusters.

>Plus there is no people like cartman
are you fucking serious

Doing better than George Lucas isnt exactly much of an accomplishment considering we all saw him for what he truly was. Abrams is given way too much credit for delivering a mediocre retread of events.

>he's not some random comedic side vilian
No of course not. He's a serious threat that can't be stopped unless it's by a deus ex machina earthquake or Mary sue protagonists.

I thought they turned on Caitlin for saying "I'm voting for Trump" or "Gay marriage is wrong!" or something like that.

Abrams is the Greg Land of the Star Wars franchise. You just bought into the Disney meme.

It felt more fatalistic than supportive, to me. I've seen a few comedians voicing that same sentiment.

I miss 2006-era Cred Forums. Sure it was still racist and crass and edgy as fuck, but it was all in a different way.

Remember Project Chanology? Remember how it was laughed out of the building, not because the cause was unjust, but because it was a cause at all? Pepperidge Farm remembers.

you can't raid your own home, Cred Forumsmblr

IGN is a great website

you're just as bad

Think they'll bring it up this season?

They've must've known.

One of them had to have thought 'Wait a minute...'


Noone at IGN possesses an ounce of self-awareness

Fuck IGN. They gave God Hand a 3. FUCK IGN.

Just watched it and it was pretty great. I actually like that SP has a serialized overarching plot now. I just hope they don't run out of steam towards the end like they did last season.


not gonna wait 99 seconds, is it "your mother will die"?

No it's actually boobs, swear to God

already have boobs open in the other tab

This gets better every time I see it



Garrison was TRYING to lose and he was still beating her lmao

South Park is always right, except when they disagree with me. Then Matt and Trey are uninspired hacks who haven't been funny in years and only know how to be in the middle, at least until they make fun of something I hate.


I saved you all the trouble.

Damn jews

it's called virtue signaling

no one actually believes in PC culture to the current extent, they just want to show their friends and colleagues how progressive they are, and are afraid of being ostracized if they dont go along with it, which they are right about in some cases, if someone wrote a review for IGN saying it was funny when cartman said women aren't funny they'd probably literally get fired so whoevers in charge now can get twitter good boy points

>"I need a place to protect me from offensive things!" isn't a "human emotion". It's being a hyper-sensitive faggot.

Then why does Cred Forums feel the need to basically kick out anyone who isn't a Trump-voting conservative?

>americans are so brainwashed they genuinely believe you can only have one of two opinions

>no one actually believes in PC culture

Yeah, everyone's just waiting for Trump to get into office so we can curbstomp all the faggots and use "nigger" out loud in public again.

Some of us are more advanced and think you can have one of three opinions.


Shut up cuck wtf


>Is there a political alignment that even exists at all that isn't a joke?
There is nothing you can be and nothing you can say, think, do, or like that won't make you a joke to someone. So, no.

>they just want to show their friends and colleagues how progressive they are, and are afraid of being ostracized if they dont go along with it.

It's like everyone's afraid of saying "There are some things I agree with and some things I disagree with, but ultimately, I made my own decision as to what I want to believe in and not just follow something that someone wants to shove down my throat".

Every has an "ism" nowadays. No one wants to be themselves. It's getting scary.

I call my black friends "nigger". They call me "you suicide bombing fatass" and we ball and meet up for food at 8 pm while shit-talking. It's all about context.

Bros can always be bros.

And now you both will be eating dirt in concentration camps.
Happy Trumpsgiving!

Why? Because you don't have friends you can shit-talk with? What are you? Friendless?

No, I'm European. Which is basically the same thing, but way snottier.

Don't worry, at least you can make all sorts of bearded friends.
Just be careful, they have a short fuse and sometimes blow things out of proportion.

When was the last time South Park did an episode free of social commentary of some kind and just had one of the characters go on some wacky adventure

And no I am not complain about the most recent episode since I haven't watched the show in years

Not that part of Europe.

I laughed at that. Good one, infidel. I shall make your death painless.

Would you rather be blown up or would you like me to shoot DAGGERS FROM BEHIND THE ARC - IRVING FOR 3?

About 20 years ago?

Hmm I've seen that before in real life.... Damn where was that,,, oh that's right. Every thing every republican has ever did or said. Most recently that orange guy I refuse to name that's running for president.

'member anal probes?

Lol yeah U mad.
Cause truth stings the ignorant.

That makes you the cuck . Ya cuck.


Only losers are being themselves, because they can't fit in.

> there are no people like Cartman
On your left I'd like to point out the American Bible Belt.
On the right side of the plane, I'd like to point out the Trump supporters.
If you look to the rear of the planes ladies and gentlemen to the lower end of the horizon you can just make out Cred Forums'ers posting about Jews and niggers.

Do I need to keep going?

I must have missed something with that, in the sense that I didn't see anything different at all except the "stand, sit, kneel, whatever". It seemed to remain unchanged.

Unless that was the point?

And regressive's are scum that should have been swallowed or spit.

Incredible, a retard found equally retarded people to be friends with. A touching story that will be coming to a theater near you next summer.

> implying /pol actually knows wtf it's talking about
>implying it's not just a group of fat uncharismatic racist bigots
> implying they actually have lives beyond Cred Forums


>tfw realize that even though there's more than two options, no matter how vocal the "I don't like either A or B" group is, they're still in the minority compared to the combined "I like A/B" groups and therefore only stand a chance at making A or B more likely to win

There's only two possible bundles. Freedom, inequality, survival of the fittest and progress, or unfreedom, equality, survival of the unfit, stagnation and death.

Everything else is details and anyone who promise you either bundle partially is a liar.

I've got some pretty far left politics but I'd be lying if I said I could stand my comrades.

Blue collar guy. Warehouse work. Anarchist..
worker's rights. Dont give a fuck what a person wants to be called or do with their genitals.

But honestly. for fucks sake.
These art student dipshits are insufferable.

I'm a fucking Pinko and I get on better with Middle aged trump supporters than people my age with my own politics.

Still can't figure that one out.

Look guys another racist... Let's all look at his little self in pity. Awwwwww.

To be clear, the "progress" in your post is technological, of course.

Societal actually. Being able to adapt to changing world.

The same can be said about any board.

>Unless that was the point?
That is the point. The only thing he changed was how you responded to it. Now standing, kneeling, or sitting are all the same, so you can't protest it. He removed the controversy.

But wait... Conservatives are the same ones?
Lol regressive's?
I'm lost as to what you are trying to point out.
Tell me, what are your thoughts on the Zika virus?

Not really. I mean, you put equality as a negative, so it's clear your idea of progress doesn't have much to do with societal progress.

>I've got some pretty far left politics but I'd be lying if I said I could stand my comrades.
This goes for every group ever. I lean left but that doesn't mean I go to Tumblr to read about whatever they're complaining about today. And I don't go to other websites to complain about them complaining about whatever. You just form your own opinion and realize you're still going to be surrounded by crazy people.

I didn't put equality as a negative. All I said is that its price is tyranny, stagnation and death.

>Cred Forums has become a place where losers try to start activists shit and constantly picking fights with others

SJW would never have become as well-known as they are now had Cred Forums just done the right thing and ignored them

Remember when people arguing on the Internet could be dismissed with "The Internet is SERIOUS BUSINESS?"

If you think they aren't , then you are a ignorant fool who shouldn't be talking about biology at all. In fact for biology's sake you should /end hero. You are in the way. Abos and so called Aryans are the same. They are human. They may be of different climates and cultures , but they are the same basic meat parts.
All that other bullshit is all in your small small brain.
Ya fucking /pol retard.
Kys Naoh.

I watch every episode of IGN Anime Club out of curiosity

The chick who is all "wah fanservice" loves the new Berserk.

You're clearly putting it as negative by making a connection between it and the bad stuff you mentioned. Of course, your theory makes pretty much no sense, but that's a given on Cred Forums.

OK, let me up it through an analogue.

If I say to you "Don't do cocaine, it will make you feel good, but then you get addicted, become a crack whore and eventually die from overdose" you'd ask me what do I have against feeling good.

I don't say equality is bad.

Ah, so it's not bad, it just leads to all these other bad things. Except it doesn't.

You need strong powerful and controlling government to enforce equality. And once people learn to live off equality, they would be hooked and would not defend their rights because they no longer know how to live without nanny state.

Gotcha. I guess in my head I'm like "Okay, so he basically takes things I enjoy and fucks them over" so I was expecting a bastardization of the theme itself to go with it.

I get it's the point, but I really hate this brand of villain.
They may be powerful and do horrible shit, but the way they're written makes it very damn hard to be intimidated by them and take them seriously.
And worst of all they have low-standards motherfuckers defending them and saying that they are intimidating

Why, though? What's not intimidating about a petty bully who is somehow elevated to ridiculous power level and now abuses everyone?

I understand that you might prefer your villains hammy and full of keikau or whatever you prefer them like, but your outlook seems very primitive.

So slavery is fine and women shouldn't vote.
Both of those were implemented by the government.


Slavery was implemented by the government, that's true.

You know what I meant. Both the ending of slavery and givning women the right to vote were implemented by the government. The government is also enforcing every single right you have.

What is? That's the most pathetic and laughable kind of villain imaginable. Even villains with badly-done sob story are better.
>m-muh power level
I'm so sick of this trash excuse for people pretending that shit villains are intimidating.
>I understand that you might prefer your villains hammy and full of keikau
Why is it you faggots always make shitty assumptions?

Most real life villains are also pathetic. That doesn't stop them from being dangerous.

>Why is it you faggots always make shitty assumptions?
I made no assumptions, thanks for cutting the all-encompassing clause at the end. But whatever you like your villains as, why do you insist that's the only way?

if their warlocks are to be believed, they have perfected the dark art of memetic power.

That sounds exactly like being part of a fandom.

Same reason some people on Cred Forums pretend Angry Birds with the coexist stickers and hamnesty international are not about refugees.

The revolution will not be televised.

I'm not an anarchist. Don't try to sell me the government. Yes, government has ended slavery, but it was government to begin with to decide you can own slaves.

As for women, if they actually have anything to offer to anyone but their husbands, sure, they can vote. If not, their husbands should vote keeping their interests in mind. Overall, biggest threat to democracy is government bribing its people with their own money.

Thank you for spelling out your incredibly fucked up stances.

The AV Club has gotten really bad.

That looks like a well crafted parody.

Jeebus. Thats so naive it hurts.

They government fought tooth and fucking nail against it. it was the people marching, fighting, bleeding and dying that forced them come around.

The labor movement is a significant example of that.

The government doesn't give you rights.
Every single law is an inherent threat of violence or theft.
Legitimizing violence for some and not others is not equality.

Its serfdom.

And the rights we do have yes, are gifts from our masters.
pacification. Little else.

Thats why I often encourage people to go out and break a few laws on purpose as an expression of freemdom. From Street to urban exploring. Or stealing an order from McDonalds when they call out the number.

Its petty crime. But it is one of the few expressions of freedom we have.

>muh real life
Because things that happen in real life always translate well in fiction. I'm sure the guy who killed a hobo and ate his brain just to prove his woman that he's capable of doing extreme stuff would not look goddamn laughable in fiction, especially as a main villain.

Nothing in fiction is less intimidating than an overgrown kid not acting their age.

I don't insist ANYTHING is the only way, but thanks for putting more words in my mouth. Just that idiot manchildren villains are the worst.

>Thats why I often encourage people to go out and break a few laws on purpose as an expression of freemdom. From Street to urban exploring. Or stealing an order from McDonalds when they call out the number.
>Its petty crime. But it is one of the few expressions of freedom we have.
I can't decide if you're being serious or just edgy on purpose

Oh Jesus Christ, you're a Libertarian.

Because it's basically the exact same damn thing. Just one involves fiction and the other is actually also fiction.

>makes fun of feminist humor/Amy Schemer
Cartman was making fun of it
>makes fun of Black Lives Matter and sitting/standing at the national anthem.
They essentially supported it
>makes fun of all the shitty "more diverse" reboots
They only made fun of reboots in general. The diversity joke was so easy but they purposefully dodged it

>I don't insist ANYTHING is the only way, but thanks for putting more words in my mouth. Just that idiot manchildren villains are the worst.
Well, if they are the worst, that means you say there's a hierarchy and others are better. Do you even logic?

There's a comment in the AV Club's South Park article that sums this up perfectly:

>it would be cool if they would hire qualified and talented adults to write about pop culture

>i don't care about the reviewer's political beliefs, but even if i disagree with them they could be woven into the review in a way that's interesting instead of garbled telephone game slate dot com thinkpiece vomit. if you're aware of south park you're aware liberals hate the giant douche/turd sandwich dichotomy and that's the entire fucking point of it. i don't see the value of being performatively skeptical of it, that attitude is the foundation of the show.

>poppin some member berries but you didn't used to have to read the byline to know who was writing an article here. the writers had distinct voices and perspectives. i don't know if it's their community college liberal arts majors that did it, i think it's an internet-wide trend towards intellectual laziness that mistakes intersectional masturbation for real critical analysis. it's just easier to grade things on a scale of problematicness than it is to find the symbolic and thematic marrow of the art you're consuming.

You see, people on Cred Forums don't make fun of centrist because of their actual opinions, it's because of posts like this. You care more about appearing smart and "not a joke" than you care about your actual ideology.

Do you think that Cred Forums or tumblr cares that everyone else thinks they are insane?

>Thats why I often encourage people to go out and break a few laws on purpose as an expression of freemdom. From Street to urban exploring. Or stealing an order from McDonalds when they call out the number.

That's why I applaud police knocking heads, because this attitude when combined with low IQ populations which have no concept of moderation destroys society.

Understanding a joke doesn't make it funny.

If a joke is meant to be unfunny, it's still unfunny.

Do you?
>apples are tasty
>oranges are tasty
>tomatoes are tasty
>dirt is not
None of those things are really comparable or belong to hierarchy, but the latter is awful.
Many types of villains can work and be made good. Idiot manchild is not one of them.

Anarchist actually.


>Do you think that Cred Forums or tumblr cares that everyone else thinks they are insane?
Not him, but yes, in the sense that "if other people hate me, it's only because I'm right."

I'm still having trouble believing that you're being serious

>Do you think that Cred Forums or tumblr cares that everyone else thinks they are insane?
Kinda. Half their struggle seems to be focused on breaking apart the public perception of their respective views and values. Neither operate without having some foundations on the fact that people reject their extremist views.

There is a difference between
>I agree with neither X or Y, because I believe Z
>Extremism is never the answer! the truth must clearly lie between X and Y!

>stealing from a private business in a way that is pretty much only going to hurt local employees somehow sticks it the government

And thats why I thank god Im a bookish looking white guy everyday.

You wouldn't believe the shit I get away with.
I actually keep a sweater vest on hand to throw on in case of an emergency.

So the same as smug centerists.

>Thats why I often encourage people to go out and break a few laws on purpose as an expression of freemdom
Makishima, pls.

Well, yeah. Smugness in general, really. Works for anyone who claims to understand how everything really works.

Because Europe is being invaded (and every other white nation at a slightly slower pace). Combined with the Trump comedy show it has caused Cred Forums to become the main driver of Cred Forums new users.

We're all Cred Forums now, not the old softy part libertarian Cred Forums either. You're surrounded by unironic national socialists on all sides, get used to it.

>Thats why I often encourage people to go out and break a few laws on purpose as an expression of freemdom. From Street to urban exploring. Or stealing an order from McDonalds when they call out the number.
Jesus christ, I am an ancap but what the fuck is wrong with you

The only crimes that should be encouraged are non-violent ones, like doing drugs or not paying taxes. The morality of the law doesn't come from the state but that doesn't automatically mean every law is immoral.

I mean by coming here to whine you CHOOSE to make yourself angry.

You could just leave.

or stay

You arbitrary denounce entire fruit category as dirt because you don't like it.

I don't give a fuck about the government.
People don't want to be free.

The only way thats happening is complete and total cultural change. And thats not going to happen. Ever.

All I see are people throwing temper tantrums on the internet and pleading with their masters by marching in the street.

So fuck it.

If you have what you need give out of your excess.
If you don't Steal some fucking food.

Live simple. Be kind. Mind your own business.
Anarchism isn't the destruction of government. Its the absence of it.

keep your head down, avoid the 5-0 and the IRS and you're good.

Makishima was right tho.

Lay claim to your own soul.

>if I don't want to earn the food I eat I can just steal it just someone who does work for a living
You honestly sicken me

Apologies that was a typo.
I meant "street art".

Was the part were you encourage theft also a typo?

Who am I kidding, you are probably an """"""""anarcho"""""""-communist

“Ask for work. If they don't give you work, ask for bread. If they do not give you work or bread, then take bread.” - The Bad bitch , Emma Goldman

Nah, it's actually dirt.
The only way a childish villain would ever work is if they're completely batshit insane like Buffalo Bill. Make them more sane/intelligent than that and you get a joke of a villain no cruel act can make threatening.

>please just give me things I don't want to have to try - some dumb bitch

Property is theft, nigga. Fight the power

Okay all joking aside. The fast food thing was jsut an example of petty crime Im comfortable with. Stuck that in the wrong catagory. I meant if you're on the road, barely have the cash for gas and have no food I'd encourage this.

Why though? What's not threatening about a villain who can ruin you just because he doesn't like you?

>white nations
>outside of Europe

Heck, lots of European nations barely qualify as being white.

You are a god damn lunatic and literally just as bad as fascists
You don't care for freedom as a principle, you are about your own personal freedom to disregard to lives and rights of of anyone else.

Why do you want to destroy the trust fast food put into their customers?

>this picture
american education.jpg

>implying that's not exactly what's happening

People would still be bitching about that if the Muslim migrants didn't prove themselves to be even more violent and backwards and lazy and entitled than even the Russians.

Id like to remind you we are talking about what amounts to like 4 bucks in grease and flour.

And the customer who paid full price is almost certainly getting a replacement

What is threatening about an adult man/woman throwing a temper tantrum every time something doesn't go their way or having an edgy teenager's mindset? It's absolutely pathetic and make a villain look like a joke.

The Russians didn't fucking migrate to the Baltics, they are leftovers from Soviet occupation that didn't leave.

You can't compare them to ethnic minorities in west Europe or America.

It's like if Mexico was bigger and power powerful than the USA by a massive power gap, and there was still a violent Mexican minority in the USA, but the Americans couldn't do anything about them because that would justify a Mexican invasion

addendum: How many burgers do you think get dropped on the floor each day.

Business's are built to cover minor costs like this. Especially corporate monoliths.

I'd never even consider doing this to a family owned restaurant.

Somewhat true, I was more thinking of Russians and Polacks in England when I posted that.

What isn't threatening if the tantrums are deadly?

Absolutely everything.
If anything, that makes a villain even more pathetic.

Let's all thank post-modernism for making this shit possible.

It works for SJWs, and they're the closest thing we have to real life supervillains.

Thank you user for showing me the the light, as well as the best freaking South Park episode for a time like this.

Those are shittiest supervillains I've ever seen.

So how much am I allowed to steal before I reach your arbitrary moral threshold?

>they're the closest thing we have to real life supervillains
You are a child.

Yet they're taking over our country.

People also trip over every day while walking. It doesn't make it alright to put your leg out in the middle of the street

Is the business going to struggle/give an outstanding fuck about your actions.

Well thats a false dichotomy if I'd ever saw one

Reminder that Tumblr is mostly porn.

US is a laughing stock, not a country. I really hope Trump wins and fucks you all to death. It will be better than 100 9/11's.

>false dichotomy

Apologies. I meant straw man.
Im not quite sober at the moment.

>people who disagree with you are evil
see this is what scares me about Cred Forums. grown men with insanely simple thinking

>Cred Forums

Cred Forums was ruined by r9k and chanology.

>forgetting H.H. Holmes and Zodiac
Hell, even if we go more obscure, just look at this guy and tell me he's not horror movie/modern Batman comic material.

COUNTERPOINT: I can jerk off to a tumnlr comic, Cred Forums is Flaccid: The Board.

Dont forget about Killdozer

>when you just want to spend your golden years chasing tail in Arkansas but your wife is making you do politics again

>push your wife into politics again so she'll die quicker
Bill is cleverer than he looks

>Bill is cleverer than he looks
this the guy who said "it depends upon what the definition of the word "is" is"
he's a shit person, but they didn't call him slick willie for nothing

If Trumps take over, it's your countries that will be fucked to death.

>chasing tail in Arkansas

Bubba moved to Harlem for a reason. He likes them big booty bitches.

Aren't you supposed to be in school? Faggot

>people who disagree with you are evil

Funny you attribute that to Cred Forums when that's a cornerstone of SJW mentality, and why the rest of the internet hates SJWs so much.

kek, good points. Killdozer especially. And that Russian guy not only has a supervillain nickname, he escaped from an asylum once.

You can't fuck anyone if your country is basically on fire.

I dunno, Russia and Middle Eastern countries are managing to do that quite well right now.

>Funny you attribute that to Cred Forums when that's a cornerstone of SJW mentality
it's almost like Cred Forums and SJWs are two sides of the same retarded coin. who would've guessed?

True, the main difference between SJWs and the Alt-right is who mindlessly blame all the problems of the world on.

Horseshoe scale, 'member?

People hate SJWs, because they are the last bastion of post-modernistic philosophy, in a world that doesn't mesh at all with it. You can't say "Fuck rational thinking" when to do so, you use THE FUCKING INTERNET. The mindset that doesn't believe in concrete truths and possibility of discovering true engine of our world, and our brains, is on it's last legs, and won't go out this easily. For one: it believes that the world had gone mad, and they are the bastion of truth (which also doen't exist according to post-modernists, but noticing that is rational thought, and rational thought is overrated tool of oppressive groups), secondly, because they don't believe in discourse, and can't agree with anyone outside of their herd, even if the evidence against them is staggering. Let's just wait, or hope for World War 3.

The society they live in affords them the views they hold. If society were changed, such as in a war, they'd lose that protection very quickly.

I hope so

Oh my God, that's...


Men has a wider catch rate than Jews, to be fair.

>because they are the last bastion of post-modernistic philosophy

You're way over analyzing it brah

No, we're just bros, man. You know? Go out Saturday Nights, talk about how one of us is living the high life now that he's married and has a kid, throwing racist shit at each other and having a laugh because we don't take it to heart. You know... friends. The kind you just can hang around with and just be yourself. Why is this such an alien concept to you Cred Forums anons? Hang out, shoot hoops, maybe a rugby match if the field is full, teach your friend's baby how to dribble like Diego.

You must know some of that, right?

The main difference is that 50% of the supposed "Alt-Right" are just there for the memes and trolls.

Why do you guys, as in, Europeans, Americans, keep identifying yourself as this? For a bunch of folks that say that you value individuality, why drop onto a collective lot to define yourself? You're your own person. You don't need to prove to anyone you "care" or are "contrarian". Come on.

And the rare Pepes.

Identify myself as what?

There's a difference between valuing individuality and fetishizing it.

The only group I identify with is "Anonymous", and that's as nebulous as you can get.


Also, SJWs like blaming everything on Jews just like the Alt-right does.

And unlike the Alt-right, they're rarely just trolling.

>Mr. Garrison attempting to throw the election to a skeleton named Mrs. Sandwich

To be fair that's just how Abos look.

ah yes, the WE WUZ TROLLZ defense

Maybe, but both pictures of those women are what white people look like.

Eh, just be yourself. You don't have to agree with everyone or disagree with all of their points. Calling myself a "socialist", a "capitalist" or whatever... what's the point? I just want to do my best. I mean, I'm a Muslim, for Heaven's sake - and we're supposed to be as "there is only evil there" as they come according to you folks. So why narrow yourselves down to one thing rather than just believe in what you want to believe in and have a laugh around the table at how lame that Suicide Squad movie was with your buddies?

Just my two cents, though.

>people never troll on the internet!

You must be rusing.

"Alt right" is a media invention, newbies buy into it and most of Cred Forums doesn't really care. Media thinks it can corrupt the label and use it to beat the nationalists around with, whatever, throw it on the pile.

The uniting value of Cred Forums is nationalism by the way, the few Galt types left are dying voices. Most of Cred Forums sees it as just another jewish scheme to destroy white unity.

Because we're being invaded and we need unity to repel it. Surah at Taubah is crystal clear, it's you or us. I'd rather it be us.

Kevin Johnson plz

Fair enough. So what's your social identity, just so sate my curiosity, if it isn't "you"? I'm not trying to be offensive here, but considering you've pretty much thrown my hypothesis out of the window...


Hey, don't diss the man. He and Barkley took the Bulls to SIX games. SIX.

>Posting a halfo like that counts
I don't agree with the idea that you have to be pretty to be the same species but I've never seen a picture of a decent Abo that wasn't atleast half something else

Well beauty is really subjective and ask yourself. do you think that 'halfo' would be more attractive if she were full on European?

In my opinion, if you can hump and create live healthy offspring reliably, then you're the same species.

Nationalist by necessity, it's the only force capable of preserving western society.

Time to close the borders and ban the globalist influences which want to wrench them open. Also time to forcefully eject or assimilate those who oppose nationalism by their very nature (ie. muslims, gypsies and jews).

She might be be, she might not be but we know she'd definitely be less attractive if she was full abo.

i mean thats likely because youre not growing up around them, or in a society that didnt idealize eurocentric looks or the occasional east asian woman

I remember Cracked (before it went to complete shit) articles that listed him as a "real-life supervillain" alongside:


If that's how you have to rationalize it.

Cracked Oh geez.


Can you believe someone got fucking paid to write this garbage?

When College Humor has a higher consistency of quality you know you've got a fucking problem

Thats how our brains are freaking wired though man.

Socialization does change our perceptions on what we find boner inducing.

I didn't like thick girls for the longest time.
But then I moved into an area that had a lot of Latinos and low and behold about a year in:

Dominicans. Unnf.
They make that work

But I do like thick girls, and skinny girls, dark as night and pale as fuck. I like all kinds of women not just ones that fit nicely into eurocentric standards of beauty but Abos always end up looking like Cavemen.

I guess?
I don't find them particularly good looking either.
But Im somebody somewhere does.

Fuck. Still thinking about Dominicans.

I suppose. Personally, I find the brown skin light hair with strong brow combination more attractive than what I see typically in European models.

I like those red tribes women. But the ultra-black women are really nicesoet8mes. There was a pic of one that was wearing a white dress against a desert backdrop. Her skin was so black, it looked like it was made from black satin or velvet and it was smooth and flawless, like se was carved from a solid block of ebony by a master artisan.

*Nice sometimes

Yours is the single best reply I've gotten in months. Thanks, Cred Forumsmrade.

>I get it. It ain't making me laugh, but I get it.

This. This fad has to stop.
Where are the times villains were smart or powerful and not just angry teens with a nuke.

This is probably the dumbest argument I have heard all week. Everything is political from a political angle, you dumb fuck. You are so fucking deluded it hurts.

yea it was them.

Sharon never said she was voting for the douche bag. She was upset Randy said she was voting for the turd without her saying so. She could possibly be choosing a third party candidate.

She might vote for him, just to piss off her husband and because she has been provoked by the jewish gender war to do it.

They're not backing anyone.

Libertarian party is a Democrat spoiler that pulls in people who would have voted Democrat.

>kick out

Cred Forums does not delete posts, censor, bury, or ban dissenting opinions. Quite the contrary, even the most blatantly obvious bait gets dozens of replies that keep the thread bumped to the top of the front page where everyone can see it.

Contrast this with r/SRS, where merely suggesting that white people shouldn't have to feel guilty just for being born white gets you banned, blacklisted, and, if you caught them in a particularly bad mood, doxxed.

Frankly I don't understand where this "anti-SJWs are just as bad as SJWs" meme comes from. The only thing they have in common is that they both act like rude jerks, which is true of almost every Internet community, political or not. Anyone who takes even 10 seconds to compare the two sides in an objective manner can see that the SJWs are orders of magnitude worse.

>Cred Forums does not delete posts, censor, bury, or ban dissenting opinions. Quite the contrary, even the most blatantly obvious bait gets dozens of replies that keep the thread bumped to the top of the front page where everyone can see it.

They are a circle jerk.It's telling that the only other opinion there is from trolls/baiter. The other people just gave up to find diamonds in a pile of shit.

Their philosophies are just as bad.

When it comes to behavior, the SJWs are much worse, and the mainstream media celebrates them for it, which only enables and encourages them.

Why does Token's life matter?

Because Cartman jumped on the sjw train for his gain.