Never cares to talk about what she fells to phineas

>never cares to talk about what she fells to phineas
>is Phineas fault when she get piss in the future teens episode that he never notice her.

WHY cartoons insist with this bullshit?

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>teens episode

What does this voluptuous beauty turn into


Because sempai bullshit. It's always got to be up to the guy in cartoons to take notice of the girl who has the crush on them, even though the guy has his own shit to worry about instead of paying attention to someone who doesn't seem to even try to be within his vision. This trend needs to stop in cartoons and anime.


Well, it ain't like she never made her intentions obvious. Phineas is just a fuckin' idiot at picking up signals. Absolutely everyone else could see it, to the point of being a minor running gag, so there's really no excuse.


because girls can never be in the wrong.

it's the same with most tv shows
the husband is a loveable (fat) idiot
the wife is a hot, smart bitch
if you dare turn it around, the femnazi's will complain

She was literally throwing himself at him and she outright admitted it at one point but he couldn't comprehend it. If someone you like literally can't comprehend romance between you two, it's time to give up.

I don't like her eyes. They look too lifeless, like eyes sown onto a doll.

Calm down dumbass, there are a lot of shows that turn that around. It's also been around since the 90s.

Also it WAS kinda Phineas' fault.

The universe was trying to tell him.

Jesus Christ

>there are a lot of shows that turn that around
name three

That's pretty clever/hot

King of the Hill
Malcolm in The Middle/The Middle
Raising Hope
Family Guy these days (Lois is a moron)
Everybody Hates Chris

I can keep going faggot

Bob's Burgers (Bob is easily most grounded/smart of the family)
Dexter's Lab (they're both kinda dumb, neither ugly tho)
Kyle's parents in South Park

I miss Raising Hope...

Hahaha kys

Married with Children

The husband, even though he's a fat loser, is the smarter one while the wife is an idiot who's ugly for her age.

American dad

Doesn't really turn it around as much as equalize it and make it hilarious

is American dad worth checking out or is it just Family guy 2.0?

It's really good, it gets better as it gets wackier. The characters are also likeable.

Fucking hell, why can nobody on this fucking board just check something out for themselves? Every single fucking time, you retarded sacks of wasted genetic material have to ask fucking permission to like or dislike something. Goddamn, kill yourselves, all of you.

Hey, buddy
I didn't ask for your opinion

>ask some guy about his opinion about a show
>some other guy gets triggered so hard he nearly has a stroke
such is the life on 4chin™

And I didn't ask to be stuck inside the Internet's rotting anus with every living example of why humans are the worse thing to ever blight reality. Welcome to life. Now shut your fucking mouth and think for yourself for once, sheep.

Because in general guy are the ones supposed to ask girls out, not the other way around. It's a 90%-10% deal.

So, Cred Forums, what was her name and why did you never notice her?

look at this butthurt faggot
look at him


>watcha doin
>by any chance could it include me

these are lyrics from her song on the roller coaster musical, I don't know it it was deliberate but still funny

Because Phineas should have recognized what Isabella has done for him, how she always stuck by his side, and that she never hooked up with anyone through high school despite being the hottest girl in the tri-state area.

Even the prettiest, smartest, most successful girl may fear rejection, and Phineas put her in that position. She shouldn't have had to ask. Her actions spoke louder than words. She should be the one being pursued.

Samantha. I noticed, she asked me for a hug on Valentine's Day, she was just homely and chubby and was mostly into vidya which I didn't/don't really care about. She was pretty intelligent though, which I would be more attracted to now as opposed to when I was in middle school. She was good at drawing too and always giggled to the point of snorting at my jokes.
Now I've been graduated from high school for a year and there's no chance I'll ever get to know how she's doing because I can't remember her last name

Why does her head look like a sideways D?

Same reason Ferb, Phineas, and Candace's heads spell out FAP.

I forgot, the creators used to work on the original Family Guy episodes.

Women expect you to know what they're thinking.

I never had this problem. My issues is me sabotaging my self in any relationship opportunity I have.

When I was in middle school I was bullied pretty severely, which really fucked up my self-esteem especially as it related to girls.

Several girls from other grades approached me and asked me out in middle school; I thought they were making fun of me.

A few girls in high school had a crush on me but I was still locked in "no one likes me" mode. One was brave enough to give me a peck on the cheek and we dated for a month or so but I felt we didn't really have much in common besides lust and neither of us were willing to do anything so I broke it off (poorly).

Another girl that I had a huge crush on and admired pretty heavily as one of the few smart people I've ever met asked me to tutor her in calc. It flew right over my head until I forgot about the session and got to school the next day to hear I had cruelly stood her up. I tried to apologize but she wasn't hearing it.

College was similarly full of instances where I now realize a girl was hitting on me but at the time I was too awkward or oblivious to notice, usually after I got done singing.

Not that I'm desperate for companionship. It'd be nice but I don't really seek it out.

It's pretty much going to take a girl bashing me on the head with a club and dragging me to her cave for me to actually have a relationship.

This desu

Is she pregnant?

It's a major flaw in society that's been around for a while now. Hopefully girls are starting to get it, and realize they need to be the ones to choose us. That's just nature, Gunther

No, I checked.

Basically any black sitcom would work

She was a cute curly haired blond. I was bullied regularly so when she started "messing" with me I thought she was like the rest. Then I thought she pretended to like me which only made me dislike her more. But you can't blame me considering how I was literally the school punching bag. Years later I saved some baby from getting his head busted at a park. Turns out it was her kid. She was now married and shit and she and her husband wanted to treat me to dinner as thanks. As I left she inadvertently told me why she "pretended" and "picked" on me. Looking back on it now, I am a fucking moron who will never find one like her again.

Only thing I hate more than myself is all of you. So please join me in chugging some bleach.

get a pet, women are fucking demons


I was surprised by how weird looking the wife is in Blackish. She's a good actor but she's not he stereotypical hot housewife.

They all end up leaving me too.

Doof was easily the best part of the show

I wonder how many more of these there are, I will begin looking

I'm surprised there were 3 girls by far.
I actually was aware of it, but I gave them signals of not wanting any serious relationship because I was hella gay.

No idea. If a girl liked me I never noticed not even in retrospect

>watch this show
>expect it to be awful
>it's hilarious, well written and has catchy songs
>start waifuing the evil scientist
What is wrong with me, Cred Forums?

You have daddy issues and you long to own a pet. Your broken mind aside, I feel Doof was the best part of the show for most of the first half of the series, but by the second half it felt like he was starting to lose his charm or they just couldn't write him as well. That episode where he went to work for that bald villain always felt so freaking meh. It wasn't bad but just not as good as during the first half of the show.

Also what do shits here think about The Beak episode and Poopookakawhateverthefuck?

>You have daddy issues and you long to own a pet
Hah! You're wrong! I already have a pet!

I think the writing gets a little stale in general in late seasons.

Oops, meant to reply to

I truly love that joke.


My favorite was when Doof thought he was a temp worker, then Perry put on the hat
>Perry the Platypus!
>I didn't know you were a temp

I don't know her name but I do know that she was ugly and wouldn't stop molesting me.


Why are Doof's eyes red?

I was born with a bigger jaw and had to start dental treatment when I was 16. The treatment lasted 8 years, so I couldn't have a girlfriend during my school nor university years. Now I look normal, not handsome, but not too bad. But the confidence doesn't just appear. I'll probably never get anyone to love me, it started to hurt less when I accepted it and just stopped trying.

He's high

Well in Phineas and Ferbs case it's written by two out of touch old dudes.

Candace didn't mind watching movies with her brothers.

It's when Phineas would be bottomless and then start reaching under the blanket and making eyes at her is when she started to feel uncomfortable.

>a minor running gag
Nigga, the PNF universe only survives on running gags and monotonous repetition.

That's why every episode is exactly the same.

>Perry the Platypus, youre the new temp?! Are times that hard?


Now imagine if the genders were inverted.

This sounds like the whole 'the nice guy' thing.

Girls are allowed to play the "nice" card.

>implying I was desirable at all

Are these boys the best Cred Forums engineers?

That being said, I want to see them grow up and lose their drive to make fun things and they wind up in dead-end jobs, bored and depressed.

Future episode confirms they turn out just fine.

>Phineas and Ferb are thirty years old now. Well, I suppose I could call them, but Phineas is in Switzerland for the award ceremony and Ferb is in Camp David


Oh hey, that's my drawing!

daily reminder that not only did this show do the kid with a crush on an older girl cliche but they took it a step further and actually made their relationship the canon end game

It is?
Good drawn user.

Yeah, I posted that and this one on another P&F thread after someone asked.

I've never had the privilege in life to have a girl ever take notice of me. It's something I've always wanted to happen to me though. Every girl I've had a crush on either didn't take interest in me or just flat out disliked me, and I've just accepted the fact that I'll most likely never have a girl taking interest in someone such as myself, and possibly never find someone. Guess it's time to chug down the bleach.

Maya. I was young, dumb, sheltered and too afraid of being gay to entertain the thought of being with a girl. Also, horrible social anxiety makes it hard to think that everyone doesn't, in fact, hate you. I still can't get over my autism and keep pushing all my friends away so I become alone, too scared to talk to others.

That's not the boy I fell in lllll to this situation with

Love this running gag

Because she'd picked on me throughout middle school. Was too late and changing HS too notice that she was a tad sad I was leaving. Damn.

Shits happened four times since then with different women. I'm utter shit at catching signals.

Ferb finally got that brass ring. Good on ya buddy.

Not about being nice, it's about whether you want to hook up or not. Read signals and take initiative.

What would be the point of that? Genders aren't identical.

I can't stop listening to

underrated post

The best girl is the kind of girl who's head you can set your beverage on without worry of it spilling.

>mfw many girls were friendly to me (some probably out of pity)
>mfw they were probably just being nice and had no romantic interest in me

melissa. She was a qt, but I was a obsessed with another girl.

Oh what could have been.

It's better to not dwell on it. Focus on your future instead, user. Your life is yours and you can do anything!

What's wrong with that?
Do you expect every person who is friendly with you to be a romantic partner?

personally I've had this stuck in my head for about three days

I just noticed the legs without a torso at 1:10 in that video

Be weird to think that way. Though my mind always puts a pin on it just in case so I stop missing things if that happens


And Rocko.

>Peggy Bundy

Valery. Didn't gave a shit about her because I was lusting over the blonde THICK chick in middle school.

Turns out she was an animefag and watched Fruits Basket. She's really uggu now.

Amy, and I didn't notice because I was too busy trying to lewd her friend.

Succeeded so yay I guess? Amy turned out to be craycray though so I missed out on potentially life threatening sex which might have been fun.

>Dr Wexler you're a platypus.

Just how casually confused Doof is when he says it

Ferb is a cool guy who knew how to play the long game.

Any drawfags here? Requesting Candace+Stacy, Gretchen+Isabella or Phineas+Ferb as laughinggirls.jpg

hi splooge

>that lip-bite

Fucking Jessie. She was dating one of my best friends and she was coming off really hard on me like trying to listen to the same weabo garbage as me while close together and shit

I could have cucked my friend
Terrence you shit i just wanted to hold hands

Drawfag here. I'm more interested in nsfw requests though. Anyone mind helping a fellow smuthound out?

How smutty we talking?


Well I'm open to nearly anything as long as a female is involved.

always need more StacyxCandace

Jeremy can fuck off they were meant for each other

Drawing blanks right now. I love the cute/lewd /u/-esque stuff splooge does.

Candace seems to draw a lot of women to her.

Hi Thanos.

Scrath the blanks, requesting cute/lewd Eliza x Stacy.

Eliza x Vanessa is fine too.

>all these images of spongebob drinking clorox
All will be well anons, dont punish yourselves for there is always hope.

ya but her and Stacy have something special

Candace should have joined Stacy in Uruguay. .

Good one man.

You and your autism should follow bobs advice and chug some clorox.
Go back to begging for CP on Cred Forums you autismal shitheel.

As a huge musical enthusiast, this makes me happy.

I like the positivity!


Because writers think weird obsession with one man it´s "romantic feeling"

couldn't find a clip of it but the scene I always remember for Isabella is from the new years special
>Isabella: and of course you kiss someone special at midnight
>Phineas: I know what we're doing tonight
>Isabella: really!
>Phineas: yeah, we're going to build a giant ball and drop it from space
>Mrs Garcia-Shapiro: oh Phineas you have such an active imagination
>Isabella: not active enough


I hope you don't mind if I include Jenny in on the fun.

A Jenny is fine too.

For the record, I'm the user that posted the Splooge stuff.
The Candace x Stacy spammer is an autistic namefag that realized we all filtered him so he had to drop the name to get attention.

Bumping for drawfaggotry.

Drawfag here. I should have these drawings completed before the day ends but I'm not sure where I should post them in case the thread dies prematurely.

where ever

keep it alive with cute pics

Candace doesn't need a bra.
Neither does Stacy, but at least she's Asian.
What excuse does Candace have?
She's 15!
Has she seen a doctor about complete lack of "development"?

She's a late bloomer.

VERY late!

but depite this is cute the same.

One Candace x Stacy x Jenny pic fresh from the oven.


Glad you like it. I'm still open for requests if you're interested.

Candace with Vanessa friends?

Isabella flashing Phineas

Mind being more specific?

You cheeky fuck

a situation similar to this (no porn)

I think she still lusts after Phineas but knows he is gay and went with the next best thing.

When did Vanessa show any interest in Phineas, hell when did they even interact?

>Read signals
I'm sorry, but is telepathy something women practice regularly among one another.

Isabella in a cute new bikini asking Phineas if he likes it.

While Phineas says it's perfect for the waterpark he's making

even better if he's still somehow not getting it