Mental Illness in Cartoons and Comics

I always hear people say cape comics poorly represent the mentally ill. How about a thread about characters for who have some level of mental illness?

Elsa is canonically depressed and has anxiety disorders fyi.

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>Elsa is canonically depressed and has anxiety disorders
pfft not really.

Asami suffers from violent PTSD, chronic depression, and violent uncontrollable bloodlust

Can you not?

Confirmed by the writers on Twitter. It's also blatantly obvious to anyone with depression or anxiety troubles.

Transformers is FULL of mentally ill characters.


Mental illness IS bad, though.

Just because someone has a worse time, it doesn't negate people who have a less worse but still bad time. Mental illness is not a competition.

its true tho

Good job missing the point entirely.


It's never mentioned in-series but Minx from Jem has to have something wrong with her. Her band ditches her and Rio pushes her away so the first thing she does is try to jump off a building. Some sort of mental illness could also explain her promiscuous nature/need for attention.

X-23 is pretty much the only comic character I know of that cuts herself. I'm surprised this doesn't appear more often.

You mean Korra right?

>Mental illness is not a competition.
It kinda is though when you have to meet certain criteria to have a diagnosis.

That's not what a competition is.

>That's not what a competition is.
Symantics. That's not the point. There's genuine mental illness and then there's feeling uncomfortable sometimes and going, "waaaah muh anxiety".

Hank Pym is canon bipolar
Daredevil just mentally broke down once or twice

Not that user but social anxiety is not some competition of who has it worse. I was diagnosed around age 10 with SAD and back then it was pretty mild. I'd freak out and wanna huddle in my bed sobbing but it didn't cause me pain. Fast forward ten years and any degree of social anxiety makes me physically ill. I don't vomit but I get IBS symptoms, headaches, body pains, etc. My current situation doesn't make my previous one any less real. It doesn't make people who just have panic attacks or feel crappy any less legit.

Transformers is a lot more hardcore and serious then it was in the 80s, eh?

> Has literal magic powers
> Literally told to live a life of fear
That's not anxiety. That's just growing up as an unburned witch.


Korra has diversity privilege

man that "Aren't you worried about changing who you are" one is killing me. Like, yes I would very much like to change these horrible problems to not exist or be manageable

Eh, 80s Transformers was pretty hardcore
Feeling like you've been hit by a vengeful train after simply meeting new people is ABSOLUTELY an indication of social anxiety. Just because someone else throws up at the sign of another person doesn't mean the first person's condition is negated.

Being sad and worried is not the same thing as clinical depression and anxiety disorders.

The first 12 issues of Gotham Academy are essentially about about Olive dealing with family history stuff and wondering whether she'll end up like the rest of them. Not really sure if Second Semester will continue exploring that or do something else though.

I didn't like the movie, but I kind of agree with the Elsa thing.

Her parents were really bad at helping her. The dad just used the glove to calm her, so when the gloves were gone she became very anxious and chaotic.

>Feeling like you've been hit by a vengeful train after simply meeting new people is ABSOLUTELY an indication of social anxiety. Just because someone else throws up at the sign of another person doesn't mean the first person's condition is negated.
Again, missing the point. You understand that comic was satirical, yes?

People seriously look at Frozen and think Elsa is perfectly fine? That she doesn't have severe mental health issues brought on by her self-hatred and being closeted about her powers?

>severe mental health issues
No not really. In fact she seemed far too well adjusted all things considered.

So Chalky, Raven let you use another one of his laptops I take it?

Idk, comics have a tendency to portray villains with various disorders which seems to be what people mostly talk about, but how would you even portray something like psychopathy/antisocial personality disorder or narcissistic personality disorder in a good light...


Waoh there! I'm not here to proofread your autobiography.

Just wanted to get it off my chest. It's okay, you don't have to read it, user.

I liked how the movie handled Elsa's parents, it would have been nice for them to explore that relationship further than conveniently writing them out. I think they genuinely meant well, they were just grossly unequipped to handle a situation like that because it had little or no precedent. It shows even people coming from a place of concern and good intentions can do more harm that good (which hit a little close to home.)

Yeah even though I think they went the wrong route at helping her, I still like how they fucked up. It showed that they were eager to help her, but they just helped the wrong way. Yeah it is bad they were just written out that easily.

But it is kind of lazy for the father. He just let Elsa think the gloves were magic and the only things that can stop her powers until she grew up

You don't. You don't portray the illness is a good light. You can portray the person WITH the illness in a good light separate from their illness.

Moon Knight is pretty goddamn fucked up. He's had something like 6 different personalities, aside from Marc Spector, and he is also schizophrenic.

Eh? But Asami's the one who's mixed-race.

Come to think of it, basically all of Korra's gang are mixed-race.

we don't have the nuance to depict something negative as negative without acting like it's something we want to eradicate from existence, so generally they just act blindly positive.. about something demonstrably negative.


Asami is a proud Aryan Woman who eats copious amounts of Wonder White Bread Slathered in Mayo, Bathes in Milk, Fluent in German, Goes to Klan meetings, and owns SS Weaponry and attire

It would be nice if the musical expands the parents and Elsa's relationship. Like maybe when she's panicking alone after shooting Anna, she starts singing with their "ghosts", blaming them for making her this way.

>4th panel
My coworkers honestly tried to argue that medicating your diabetes is a bad idea because of this, just in case anybody had any faith in humanity.


>air nomad
>eating bacon

I'm pretty sure Ren was a sociopath

Do your coworkers also think vaccines cause autism, Earth is flat, and Pluto is a planet?

Harmonic Convergence is the gay

please stop sharing your autistic deviant art

>I'm pretty sure
There was no doubt.

Okay, this is the third thread on the topic of mental health I've seen in the past week or so. Is there something you want to tell us, OP?

inb4 Sentry





I mean he did show some genuine guilt and remorse throughout the series, but I guess you could just chalk that up to cartoon "lesson of the day" and shit.

I have yet to read tbis thread but im betting by post 15 its entirely Cred Forums bait about homos and trans.

This is my first one in months.

It beginulates.

>implying pluto is not a planet

>don't forget to hide murrlogic posts

Also shilling your own shit on this site is against the rules, along with being spam. You could be banned for it if people denounced you murrlogic.

That's true, in real life she would barely function at all. Elsa does however display enough traits of Borderline Personality Disorder to warrant a diagnosis, according to psychotherapist Dr. Jill Squyres.

>Pluto isn't a planet

Yeah, a dwarf planet

Other than things like depression comix and PSA-type tumblr shit i doubt there are any halfway decent comics or cartoons that tackle mental illness without breaking into fan diagnoses.

Still a planet, though.

Last I heard they still debate about it.

>tfw family kept pressuring me not to be shy as a kid
>i get diagnosed in my 20s for this

It feels awful everytime I have to talk to someone. I didn't order food on my own until I was 15.

canon bipolar

Wasn't this written by the guy who burned all the books people pre-ordered with Kickstarter because he had an insane meltdown where he felt the capitalist system was devaluing his worth as a human being.

I'm sure he's an authority on mental health and we should all listen to his opinions.

Tiny hands

Post more Transformers being cool.
I really need to find a good batch and get into it someday.

How do robots have mental illness?

I'm 20 and I can't imagine going up to a counter and trying to buy something. I always make others do it for me. Even ordering food on the phone is impossible.

I know some characters are suicidal but most comics gloss over the issue. DC and Marvel are too scared of rough topics.

>physical illnesses
>just like mental illnesses

How retarded.

Wanna bet to see if this was drawn by a twat tumblr virgin with self-diagnosed PTSD, autism and Post-pardum depression ?

Why can't they?


Because they are computers. Programmable, if something traumatized the AI, just rewrite the memory code or something and watching their squadmate go offline after taking a missile to the chest point blank goes from traumatic to "it was a Tuesday."

I'm pretty sure that Matt is bipolar too. He goes through really obvious manic and depressive episodes.


And? In this case it's not just "remove the memories" but "alter how you see them"

He'd still remember, he'd just not see it as traumatic. "My best friend died in my arms during a Decepticon attack? Eh."


>Elsa is canonically depressed and has anxiety disorders

It's not a disorder if you genuinely have something to be depressed and anxious over like she did.

Can't we just leave mental illnesses to the audience?

You must enjoy being so edgy and being behind on the last few decades of medical thought

That's called Shadowplay in-universe and there's a long history of it being abused.

What we consider to be "mental illness" is a continually changing thing. It's not "real" in the same way that something like pneumonia is real, it just describes a collection of traits that tend to come together and benefit from a particular treatment or therapy.

It's only a mental illness if it causes harm, and as we become more accepting, a lot less things do. Not long ago, homosexuality was a mental illness. Aspergers also got removed recently, and is now just considered a type of personality.

No. Aspergers is considered on the Autism Spectrum now. Autism has never been a mental illness. It's a neurological disorder. It cannot be prevented or cured without killing the person. It's related to how your brain is structured.

Thanks to neuroscience a lot of mental illness can now be traced to brain abnormalities so a lot of these behaviors can be traced to physical aspects.
Like any science psychology is still at the whims of politics and philosophy, arguably moreso.
Homosexuality might not be listed as a legitimate mental illness but that doesnt mean most people arent going to treat it as abnormal.

Delusional, schizophrenic or what?


Easy fix, alter how Skids veiws the memories. They aren't traumatic if you program him not to see them as traumatic.

Yes but Tumblr thinks your dad saying your sexual identity of "transracial splinteromantic demigurll" is a bunch of bullshit nonsense words and leaving it at that is akin to your dad beating you with a shillelagh since you were 5 every time you two made eye contact.

Virgin was literal, there most likely ARE virgins on tumblr who think they have post-partum depression despite not being able to have it until they actually have a baby.

MTMTE goes deep into some of the bots with mental disorders, doesn't it? If I remember right, one of them had actually been diagnosed with something like severe depression by Rung, and I think I remember something about Chromedome being suicidal. It's been so long since I've read the comics I could be wrong.

What mental problems does Batman have?

Because they fought in the robot-war and have robot-PTSD, duh.

>Daredevil just mentally broke down once or twice

Dude once spent months pretending to be his own twin. I don't know if that makes him genuinely mentally ill, but that boy ain't right.


He dug up his father's corpse just to be sure he hadn't already dug it up and stashed it in his own desk.

>Elsa does however display enough traits of Borderline Personality Disorder
HAHAHAHA Holy shit are you seriously retarded?

>There's a difference between legitimate mental disorders and tumblrites self-diagnosing disorders to feel less middle class
Gee, ya don't say?

Normie garbage. Like Squirrel Girl.

PTSD, mild depression, definitely some form of personality disorder and you could probably make a good case for dissociative personalities.

>a week

Try 3 month user

There are examples from MTMTE IN THIS THREAD

You could technically pin some of those on his robins, despite how happy they seem to be, they're pretty fucked up.

Maybe not the personality and dissociativedisorders, but the rest yeah.

>there's nothing biological about the way we are assigned a gender at birth, they just look at our biology

>please please please stop using the strongest argument against my case


You can patch those.

And you can remove the negative outlook of the events from a machine so they don't give a fuck or they just instantly have come to terms with it all.

That guy I responded to didn't seem to think there was a difference when he called me edgy for saying a comic made by an obvious tumblrtard was retarded.

Absolutely none


>you can remove the negative outlook of the events from a machine so they don't give a fuck or they just instantly have come to terms with it all.
That would be the same thing as brainwashing a human being to get over PTSD. Which some may find acceptable or even beneficial, but others would have issues with.

Well fuck Chromedome for not wanting to let Skids remember without feeling immense pain.

Hell I fractured my elbow some years ago and while it's not pleasant to remember but it's not PTSD. Make it like that with Skids.

Literally irrelevant, you humongus retard.

That's what I was scared of. I didn't want it to snowball into months.

The overjoyed guy in the middle is Shockwave.

Chronic sadness & worries IS though.

Empurata is a different thing.

I'm going to get all kinds of shit for asking this because le autism insult meme, but are there any decent comics with autistic characters?

In b4 Legion. David Haller is not autistic, no matter how many times Marvel writers have applied the term to him.



I'm sure whatever he saw is worse than a broken arm, so that's not a fair comparison.

Transformers aren't remotely like our computers though, and even if they were deleting memory and experience isn't like just like deleting a save file. Just changing a few lines of code can turn a stable program into a piece of shit, god knows what happens when that same program is the equivalent of a mind and soul.

And people can abuse Vicodin.


Olive worried that she might develop mental illness like her mother, but to the best of my knowledge she never showed any indication that she actually had or would.

Skids was promised that if he fixed a prison's teleport chamber, 50 prisoners would be transported to a colony world for slave labor instead of rotting in a prison with worse conditions. He also gave up his spot in the group so he cellmate could go instead of him.

The warden lied, it was a smelting chamber.

>Do your coworkers also think [...] Pluto is a planet?

shut up


Pluto isn't a planet. It's as simple as that.


>used to think she was a coffee table edition

>used to think she was a coffee table edition

More information on this?

I've always suspected Spider-Gwen's depression and guilt over Peter's death crossed the line into actual mental illness. After she told her father who she was in her Edge of the Spider-Verse issue, she spent the first couple of issues of her series living homeless and hungry on the street because she couldn't face him. She was honest-to-god wearing clothes out of the trash.

Everyone on Earth-65 was pretty melodramatic, though; there's a scene where her own father hurls a bottle into a bar mirror because he's just too moody about his daughter. So, I don't know if the writer actually intended her to come off as quite that intensely obsessive and/or self-destructive.

It comes up several times in Grant Morrison's Doom Patrol, but it's not examined in any meaningful way. Also, Morrison's answer to the problems of mental illness pretty much boils down to "grin and bear it", with the subtext "keep it to yourself".

Jeezus, that's brutal.

Came here to ask this.

This poor deluded bastard actually thought he was from the future.

>"grin and bear it", with the subtext "keep it to yourself".

It's basically Morrison throwing up his hands and saying "I have no idea what to do, so let's just put a smiley-face sticker on it and pretend everything's okay".

Reed Richards is self-diagnosed autistic. I don't have the page on hand though

the brain is an organ. it can get injured and it can get diseased.

that doesn't mean robots are immune to mental illness, just that they can remove the illness easier

Yeah, that is basically the British Way.

It is to some. However, "don't talk about it" is also one of the least helpful things you can say to a person with mental illness.

Ahahaha I fucking love this guy

Schizotypal personality disorder. She's emotionally cut off from the real world, lives in a fantasy land with esoteric rules which she obeys thinking they will protect her. she projects an engaging, interactive personality style but nine times out of ten she's so emotionally cut off it doesn't register as an interaction between people to her, she's just talking to an object in her mind. She exhibits no awareness of how her comments and actions affect and hurt other people.

There's even some symbolism involved. One of the hallmarks of SPD is regression to a child-like state of perpetual security and company. She overthrew the fetus-like MODOK and both symbolically and in at least one cover literally stole his womb-like chair.

Apophenia. He's convinced that everything is symbolic and meaningful and has a 'solution'.

That's a special kind of crazy.

Something has to be wrong with Jerrica. I doubt it's full fledge Dissociative Identity Disorder but she's obviously using Jem as escapism.

Carol Danvers is a mess that has tried to commit suicide by proxy several times.
When she first got powers she masked it under a disassociative identity who thought they were a proud Kree warrior and had no memory of being puny human Carol. She gave birth to her own rapist, and the Avengers smiled when she left with him due to mind control. She has no emotions at all associated with her childhood memories. She has on several occasions been victim to intrusive surgical procedures done against her will. She only feels like she deserves to live when she's up to her neck in a bloody war. She could be one of the most powerful beings on Earth if she wasn't so stressed out over her reputation in the public eye. The number of people she has killed ranges somewhere between the millions and the billions, 'but most of them were aliens so it doesn't count'.

not sure how to call that other than 'PTSD plus SOMETHING'

Yup. and most people with it manage to hide it their whole lives, a wall of 'how people are meant to act' surrounding a moat of emotional detachment.

Giant robots having this conversation is very silly.

That looks like a shitty version of this comic.

How the hell is she normie? her entire character is a meta textual joke about the nature of comics and there constant retcons legacy characters and status qua.

do you have the page from the recent Web Warriors where she ends up in one of the toonier realities and just gives up on sanity?

she's indicated she's inheriting her mother's powers, and normally in fiction those directly correlate to any inherited mental illness

Mental illness is worse because it's invisible. The pilot who crashed that GermanWings plane showed no outward sign of depression. He had a job, decent money, and a social life. Anybody you know can be depressed and not even be aware themselves.

>narcissistic personality disorder
isn't that Iron-Man's whole deal? At least in the movies it explicitly is. He means well but fails to comprehend perspectives other than his own, , holds everyone including himself to impossibly high standards and gets irrationally angry when people fail to live up to those standards

That guy in the last panel looks like he's slurping whatever's in that IV bag through a tube and is super stoked about it.

>leave a bipolar man alone in space for months with his genocidal robot son, no meds, no water and no food
>be surprised that he may in fact hate you all for it

Well, she definitely inherited the powers. You make a fair point.

kek, now I can't unsee it

No, but it wouldn't really support my point anyway. Another issue of Web Warriors has Spider-Noir refer to Spider-Gwen as so happy it shouldn't be possible, which indicates the writer never actually read her series.

Posting in a shit thread.

>Again, missing the point. You understand that comic was satirical, yes?
you made your point and the other dude rebutted it pretty well. it doesn't matter if it's satirical. there's levels of mental illness. just because someone has a higher level doesn't mean that the lower levels don't count.

no one kill me but i think pearl has ptsd

pls take a neuroscience class

oh yeah. I don't doubt that for one second.

Three months? Amateur.
I spent 7. four of those in bed.

Questionable Content, every character is mentally ill

But you do have to meet depression and anxiety half way. Laying in bed and avoiding people is only going to make things worse. Can you control if you are depressed? No, but you can control how you react and make the best out of the situation.

I've seen several people geto torn muscles or knee replacements then not do the physical therapy. They quitbecause it hurts then later on the have painful muscles and reduced funtionality.

Social anxiety is the same way. Becoming a shut in is the least painful path but not the best one. You will end up socially crippled and it will.make everything worse.

Considering everything that happens in the Big 2 universes, im surprised everyone on the planet doesn't have a mental illness

author was a woman using a male pseudonym, John Campbell for publishing online Sad Pictures for Children

Isn't Betty addicted to psychiatric pills in Riverdale?

I don't remember why I have saved this panel. But I've figured it's worth sharing.

That's actually kind of terrifying.


They didn't burn all of them. Just one for everyone one who complained. And then they deleted their site and disappeared from the internet. I think it's safe to assume the stress of the kickstarter was too much for them. IIRC someone else actually took over the kickstarter near the end and made sure everyone got their books.

The "SOMETHING" is mostly bad writing. most superheroes would have to be crazy if you actually considered all their stories to be canon. The collective amount of convoluted bullshit and melodrama is utterly immense.

>That guy I responded to didn't seem to think there was a difference when he called me edgy for saying a comic made by an obvious tumblrtard was retarded
Maybe you should actually say what you mean instead of spouting a bunch of bullshit and whining at people who don't understand you


>Because they are computers. Programmable
Confirmed for never reading transformers

Madman, Shade, Deadpool, every single Batman villain.

You forgot Batman himself.

(He just explained it. You should read the text of the posted image.) Sentience is tricky enough. Sentience after repeatedly experiencing horrible things get increasingly difficult. Heck, I can't even convince my win7OS to order the files the way that I want them. If that extended to walking, talking, factory labour, and firing laser guns? I'm gonna see that as a problem.

And the very best thing to say to an attention whore who claims to.

Vicodin doesn't permanently rewrite your entire personality.

try any tranny comic like QC

Everyone in Batman comics...
Everyone in Spiderman comics...
Everyone in X-Men comics...
Half the Avengers...
Most Superman villains...
Lex Luthor, definitely...

The ones that don't count are kinda surprising.
When you think about it, The Hulk isn't crazy - he just has a temper.
Loki is the god of lies, they call him the mad god, but his motivations against Thor and Odin are all understandable personal grievances.
Sinestro just had a different methodology to meet the same ends of the rest of the Green Lanterns.
The big names in Flash's Rogues are all greedy mean criminals who play things smart.

It makes you wonder.

John Campbell was a man...

Murrlogic is probably sucking mod cock, so we cant get him banned.


Vertigo Doom Patrol runs, for better or worse.

yea it's too bad too cause the comic was fucking great. The book comes with a dead wasp inside, it's great.

I've had depressive symptoms for quite a while and honestly Elsa acts nothing like me or other people ever act.

She was wrong but saying she represented people with depression and/or anxiety disorder is insulting considering how much of a cunt she is in the movie.

It's not her fault, though, the writing in Frozen was mostly shit when it came to the characters.

>abloobloo i shot my sis in the head
>better follow the advice of my shitty parents and a rock troll and isolate myself to never hurt her again
>huhaha now I'm free
>sister returns to ask for help
>accidentally shot her in the heart
>abloobloo instead of helping her out I'll summon this giant fucking monster to force her out into the cold, dark mountains and never leave my glorified igloo

>abloobloo i shot my sis in the head
I'm sure any infant who's self-aware that it nearly killed its sibling will get over it easy peasy without help and grow to be the model of mental health.

>Lex Luthor, definitely...
hey hey hey there, lay off the Lex, his problem is he can SEE the ways superman will invariably cripple humanity and stunt it's growth and advancement and no one will believe him on it.

his "insanity" is just being Cleopatra of his universe

>better follow the advice of my shitty parents and a rock troll and isolate myself to never hurt her again
Reminder that the rock troll actually explicitly said OTHERWISE and that fear would only make things worse.
See pluto is a planet.

>scared of rough topics
Yeah marvel has not really done anything like that in decades but dc really only stoped at the hight of the ccas power.

I should read this at some point. It sounds awesome.

Wait... what? When did this happen? Did they make an effort at justifying it?


Which isn't the case in the Doom Patrol comic, so not sure what your point is.

Something tells me people like you are unable to tell the difference.

I am honestly surprised that no one has mentioned the New X-Men. Those kids are a bunch of ticking time bombs. I think most of them, but particularly, Julian, Nori and Josh are suffering from PTSD, survivor's guilt and depression.

To be honest, I would read a book about that was a character drama about that team. One where the New X-Men desperately try to overcome their psychological issues.



Jubilee was pretty depressed in the Jubilee/Wolverine mini after she got turned into a vampire.

But with the New X-Men, especially in Kyle and Yost's work, their problems... I don't know how to describe it... They felt more real. I don't know why, but those characters grew on me

Actually, Bruce is severely mentally ill. It's why his hulk manifests as a completely different, uncontrollable personality, instead of just being him but green, like Jen.

I think you mean Cassandra.

...Though now I'm imagining Lex entering a room by being rolled into a carpet naked, which is pretty funny.

Calling Transformers in the IDWverse computers. You're a retarded faggot aren't you?

Did you even read the JSA arc? He's from the Pre-Zero LoSH, got stuck in the Kingdom Come universe before getting to Earth Prime.

>people like you
It requires, at least, a professional diagnosis. You can't tell either.

I mean, he was a dragon man.

Planets are different in DC. Earth's continents are different even.

There is a big difference between not being able to give a clinical diagnosis and claiming that people who feel mentally ill are attention whores.

Achewood is a national treasure. To the nation of Interbutt.

Most people who claim to have mental illnesses are attention whores. And you don't feel mentally ill. You feel some sort of awful as a result of mental illness.

>You aren't my real dad!

go and pls stay go

Also here's a (you)

It's very possible to say something like, "I'm tired all the time, feel no joy for anything I used to love doing, and kind of want to die. I think I'm depressed". You feel the symptoms, and are cognizant enough to realize that yes, you're mentally ill. Saying that "most people who claim to have mental illness are attention whores" just delegitimizes mental illness as a whole, and is a big part of the reason why so many very sick people don't get taken seriously when they try to seek help.

My SJW friend hated DC after that Shade the Changing Man animated short because she said that if DC treats people with mental illness like some kind of superpower then she won't support it

Wasn't there a mini a couple years back about a bipolar guy who got superpowers whenever he went off his meds? Except you couldn't really be sure if they were real, because, well, he was off his meds.

I didn't read it at the time because I had just been diagnosed myself and figured it would make me feel even worse, but I'm kind of curious now.

Anyone know what I'm talking about?

It delegitimizas people who run their mouth. If they claim their shrink says they have a mental illness, that's a different matter.
>cognizant enough to realize that yes, you're mentally ill.
Self diagnosis is generally wrong. Even for professionals.

Shade's power actually comes from the border of the realms of Death and Delirium, which his people called the Area of Madness. His corpse is there, wearing a jacket made of another man's skin, whose soul allows his access to the power of that place without being consumed (very fast). He's basically an unwitting lich via alien science. But yeah, DC does do that.

You're friend is fucking retarded.

nobody cares nigger

If you break your arm and it's hanging there facing the wrong way, you know that something's terribly wrong and that it's probably broken. Sure, you need a doctor to diagnose and put on the cast, but you're capable of knowing that something's off. That's kind of the way it is for a lot of people with mood disorders.

user, you're talking to a sociopath. Save your time for something more constructive, like teaching empathy to a stone.

Surely a better reason for disliking Shade is that it just wasn't very good?

Heres nice collection of disorders and mental problems

>Treatment Center for Vulnerable Decepticons
This may be my new favorite phrase.

>SJWs pitch a fit if mental illness is portrayed as negative
>SJWs pitch a fit if mental illness is portrayed as a positive
I guess the only safe thing is to have a character show up and state "HI I AM GARY AND I HAVE SCHIZOPHRENIA" and then never have him reference that again or act out of the norm at all.

Is this falseflagging to make Cred Forums hate this poor artist?

Well that's his fault for being a technician who doesn't know the difference between a smelting chamber and a teleport chamber.

What are we bragging about?

I would love to see cute Disney characters in a serious plot about suicide. It would be a dream come true.

He was just fixing the power systems of it and didn't see anything else.