The main villain of the last cartoon/anime you watched now had to kill Ben Tennyson. Can he do it?

The main villain of the last cartoon/anime you watched now had to kill Ben Tennyson. Can he do it?

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Imagine Asami with the Omnitrix

>ruby gloom
The closest thing to a villian would be that evil pink bunny, and if thats the case hes fucked.

I don't think anybody can realistically beat him unless they have super speed and catch him off guard. Doesn't he have that alien that is like god but is a counsel? That shit is super OP



Yeah, easily.

>Doesn't he have that alien that is like god but is a counsel?


Fucking rip.

He dead

see and And next time read the thread before replying like a dipshit

I don't give a shit about fanwanking, I just want that little faggot to die.

>Jack Spicer

No. Upgrade wrecks his shit so hard.

Then come up with somebody who could reasonably beat him. The Flash could beat him by killing him before he could transform.

So a bland static character.

Imagine Jack with the Omnitrix

Lol neck yourself you whiny little bitch.

>Ace Attorney S1
>Manfred von Karma

I mean he might he just a human but he's got resources out the ass. I'm not saying he'd kill him personally but I wouldn't be surprised if Ben has some sort of fatal accident and all the evidence of the incident disappears.

>killing him before he could transform
Ben is immortal. Not even the big bang can stop him.

Why even make a thread then? Jesus Christ you're worse than little kids, you're practically shouting
>"nu-uh cause then he can just use his super ultra power and nobody ever can beat him, hahaha"

Like, this is the sort of mentality I see when my kids play superheroes at the park.

Shut up autist.

Not the last thing I watched or even a villain but Franklin Richards could beat any of Ben10's aliens.

This. Post that pic with galactus.

How do you get the DNA of the God alien?

it just works

do those buildings have people

Either she sends an army of Despair to kill him or she would just drive him to a despair-filled suicide.

>Super Perfect Cell

Who's the main villan of gay ass berserk? Griffins gay ass? Ben would probaly wanna fucc him. Idk much about Ben though


With that said, I don't know if either method will work.

Kill yourself Murrlogic, you are a worthless piece of shit.

He is a big guy

He could kill his reputation!

Ben's fucking broken in a head-on brawl. Not only can he turn into a god amongst shitloads of other peak-fitness-alpha-male alien species, but the omnitrix actually has a failsafe in it that prevents stuff from killing him. It's how he survives a Big Bang.

Your best best is to either get information on the omnitrix and how to remove/disable it prior which would be pretty annoying in itself considering that information is in the hands of the most intelligent creature in existence who also has Ben on speed-dial

Or you could try cutting off his hand. Being that this is a children's show, nobody has tried straight up cutting off his hand with a sword, or something. You're DONE if that doesn't work and he uses the Omnitrix, though.

user, Ben power are completly stupid if you manage to kill him once the fucking device bring him back to life, by transform in every alien

For Ben.

>until I get around to watching something that's not live action again it's Bill for these threads

Look Bill should be able to kill everyone in the universe with a thought but plot induced stupidity.

Ben can't be killed

There was actually a whole episode dedicated to the idea of Ben's hand being cut off and roaming around in another dimension. It was one of the more amusing episodes of the UAF series.

>Sector V

If Kid Ben they'd fail because he's a kid. But OP's Ben is a teenager so they'd probably easily womp him.


>main villain

Oh. Missed that part.

Father'd put up a decent fight I'd say.

why was this canceled?

Has this actually happened? and what episode?

Not bloody likely

Bill should be able to disassemble all of his molecules by thinking though.

The final episode

He'll find a way.

Bandai fucked up their toy line.

>had to kill Ben Tennyson. Can he do it?
he is dead


>was defeated by children
>while in a dimension that he had complete control over

It wasn't CUT OFF, though. It was sci-fi "detached from his body yet still connected"

>Ben has to stop Walpurgisnacht from destroying the planet
The Omnitrix does alright against magic, right? So he becomes Way Big or Alien X and rekks its shit.
Alternatively, ben has to fight Kyubey and Gwen becomes a magical girl.

>Slayers NEXT
>Hellmaster Phibrizzo
No save instakill. Don't think any of his aliens can prevent this.

>DBZ, Frieza saga
heh...too slow kid

>Barney the Dinosaur
No real main villain. That one dude who is an interdimensional reality warper and wields cartoon physics wins. Everyone else is relatively shit tier save for that one centaur if he gets really swole and goes DBZ on Ben's ass.

Magic is more of Gwen's thing.

>Black blacked to death by Ben.

>Barney the Dinosaur
>unironically using that meme made by the autistic sperg

For a moment there I thought you were referring to the actual Barney show.

It was actually ironic, user.

>in Ben 10
>B-but they retconned it back in
Too little too goddamn late

I don't care. Using it at all is a cancerous thing to do no matter the context


>that one dude who is an interdimensional reality warper and wields cartoon physics wins. Everyone else is relatively shit tier save for that one centaur if he gets really swole and goes DBZ on Ben's ass

has anyone tried just putting duct tape on the watch ?

The worst part is that Ben would just scan him in the fight and he would be even more powerful

>Super saiyan GREEN

At this point i find this possible

I'd watch it.
>Ben goes Super Saiyan because someone spills his Chili fries

I guess this guy. Does Cowboy Bebop even have a main villain?

Depends on which villain
She could probably overpower him until they're far away enough for him to use Way Big
Same as Vilgax, he ends up going Cannon Bolt to have a speed dash match against her. After a while he clashes with her in just the right angle, and gets Gem DNA. Then Four Arms toss into space
Armada overpowers him until he sneaks onto the ship with the help of the CG'S and beats the snot out of Yellow Diamond. We haven't seen how strong she is herself, but either way she's screwed.

Ben doesn't need Way Big to defeat her. Gravattack and big chill are enough.

Pic related.

and after she defeats the gems, he get other alien to the collection, this fucker just get stronger and stronger

If Ultimate Kars comes into contact with Ben, would he be able to integrate alien DNA.

Only if he blitzes Ben before he transforms.

Otherwise, saddly, no.

Can he?

If Ben got Saiyan DNA, would his powerlevel reset every time he transformed? Or would it keep getting stronger?

Wrong pic, ningen.

>implying Zamasu is the main villain
>implying Black isn't stronger anyway

>can time travel

Can Ben even compete?

He always turn into the apex of the specie.

He can do both.

Nigga recreated the universe two times.

So he turns into Goku?


Gohan is a human though.

No, the DNA is randomized, he would become some random sayan.

But if I remember correctly, Goku isn't even member of the best warrior caste of the planet, and so had to struggle more to get stronger.

Ben doesn't stand a chance.

he's a saiyaman, a newbreed

>can turn Super Saiyan

He's half-Saiyan.

So he's not a Saiyan.

Of course he can. Cred Forums hates to admit it but DBS took the series to a univerdal scope. Even with Alien X I'm not sure if Ben could beat edgy Goku.

Alien X is Zeno-sama tier.

Actually, maybe.

In a straight up fight Kira's fucked, but Ben has two major weaknesses. 1., the kid's retarded. He has to manually activate his alien forms, which means that if Ben's guard is down he'll be completely vulnerable.

The second is that Kira takes no chances. He fonds out his opponent's abilities, formulates a counterattack, and goes for the kill.

So he probably sneaks into Ben's house at night, turns the watch into a bomb, and kills him in his sleep without a trace.

>Alien X can control one universe
>Omni-King can control 18

We don't saw what alien X can do to his full extent. Every place says so far that he is omnipotent, and he recreated an entire universe in minutes without any effort.

Fuck forgot pic.

Alíen X has no limits, user.

>So he probably sneaks into Ben's house at night, turns the watch into a bomb, and kills him in his sleep without a trace
The omnitrix hack by a simple human? also isn't the new omnitrix hack approve?

Also, Ben can make a STRONGER alien than Alien X, by fusing him with Atomix.


The entire point of Alien X is that it's all-powerful, but he can't use it because he needs to agree with the other two entities. Not that it matters, Ben has so many broken forms that he can defeat almost everything.

See this guy here He is a fusion of a guy with the power of Dr.Manhatan and Alien X. He can use both powers without limitation.

>he can't use it

He doesn't have to hack it. He can literally touch it with his Stand (which is basically a psychic manifestation), and cause it to explode, only harming anyone touching it, not the device itself.

Does Ben have all the abilities of Alien X in this form or he lose some powers like Ultimates, also some people pointed kill Ben before he can transform, but can he transform with his mind and some bullshit about the omnitrix transforming him if he's in danger

Homura was the villain

>but can he transform with his mind and some bullshit about the omnitrix transforming him if he's in danger

The newest version of omnitrix don't let him die, and transform him always on the alien form that can survive what is going to kill him.

I'know Azmuth put a secure in the omnitrix, to give power ups when he needs, but this thing have some class of A.I that saves his ass, because thats the only way i can think for Ben to suvirve this

He survive a big bang in his HUMAN form.

>The newest version of omnitrix don't let him die
This is some shit. this safe lock applies to any kind of death, like been stab or bullets, i mean this shit activates when he's human? because that would be OP

Yep, pretty much.

But he only discover that the new omnitrix is setient and can actually do this on the finale.

> the new omnitrix is setient
Well that explain a lot. It surprise they didn't go with a talking omnitrix, so if this thing is sentient and can activate the safe lock even in human form, the only way of killing Ben is if you obliterate him with the omnitrix?

Omnitrix must be indestructible too.

I don't know dude, as said, he was hit with Big Bang when he travelled back in time, and turned into an alien that could absorb all that energy to survive. It was all on the finale.

Also, this isn't even his most powerful version, this would probably be Ben 10k Ultimate, that uses the human power of being able to breed with everything to have the power of all aliens.

I'don't thinks so that thing can self destruct and can probably be destroy in some way like the sun or something, maybe the typical death by the sun of DBZ can kill ben?

Keep in mind that the first omnitrix could obliterate half of the galaxy on self destruct mode.

He survive the big bang

>this would probably be Ben 10k Ultimate
Isn't the Ben 10K from Omniverse capable of fusing his aliens becoming thisthats is scentially a Dr.Manhatan that has no limitations and dosen't have to hear the 2 other entities bullshit?

Fuck Ben has to be the biggest mary sue OP character of cartoon history, the only thing that could make him more retarded is toon force

No, Atomix is Dr.Manhatan and he already don't have limitations.

When he fuses with Alien X he gets omnipotent, without limitations.

>Mary Sue

Fucking kek.

He fucks up all the damn time and usually gets beating up a lot. To not even talk about is personal flaws.

He is essentialy a teenager.

Which Ben 10 series are worth watching?

So he's limitated by his own stupidy and has the goku problem of i'm not using my most powerful form because that wouldn't be funny?



So this transformation appears and can reform the universe at will, why he not use this all the time he could end all the universe problems with a clap of his hands?


Ben is a dick. is older Ben just god?

OS is good.

AF is a let down, but needed for some context.

You could just whatch a bunch of episodes of the other versions. We should make a list.

Omniverse in my opinion is the best one and reference each little thing ever done on the franchine and reconstruct every flaws from the previous shows, it is essentialy: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy mixed with super heroes.

It start a little weak and the art style is not for everyone ar first tho, but by the end things get really interesting and cosmic.

So does he automatically know the abilities of the form he's in?

I remember he never used Ghostfreak because it scared the shit out of him.

Because for a long time he had to convince two other entities for Alien X to do any course of action. The two just love to argue. So that almost nothing got done.

>why he not use this all the time he could end all the universe problems with a clap of his hands?

Because the court of Celestial Sapiens would be on his neck. They almost fucked him over for his decision of rebuilding the universe.

You don't want an entire race of omnipotent burocrats on your neck.

...what if the last show I watched WAS Omniverse, considering I'm rewatching it?

>I remember he never used Ghostfreak because it scared the shit out of him.
He stopped using it when it was secretly corrupted by the ghost clown but after the corruption fix he could use it again safely.

No i'm talking about this guy a user told me that he dosen't have the alien X limitations so i asume Bellicus and Serena weren't there

No, he has to figure it out. On the Cannonbolt episode he needed the entire day to discover what he can do.

I'm not really sure what all Atomix can do.

Niggas tried to fuck him for rebuilding the universe without the permission of its inhabitants and the other celestial sapiens.

Which caused the fight here with Cosmic Gladiator




So he can only use Atomix and Alien X fusion full power in emergency cases like universe is about to end? and that why he not abuse him like other of his favorite aliens?

If he couldn't handle Jack he can't handle Ben.


And even them the Celestial Sapiens will make him pay a fine or something.



Some user said he was Dr. Manhatani don't how true this is, can he change the molecular structure of stuff?

I feel like the powers are kinda balanced out when fused maybe so Ben doesn't just completely fuck shit up 24/7. Looks like AtomiX just as incredible flight and strength as well as Poison/Radioactivity(?) for some kind of energy projection.

He literally rebuilt back the universe after a doomsday device destroyed it

Alien X is Dr. Manhatan not Atomix

oops wrong post there. I mean this one

That was just Alien X. Wouldn't see the point in fusing and fighting when he can alter reality however he wants. Fusion might have some form of restrictions/dampening of powers.

I think that was Alien X

Was that a feat of durability or an oversight by the writers? There's a big difference there.

>he Celestial Sapiens will make him pay
What could be the price for alter the universe

It was a feat

Why did they have that much time to set that up?


What do you mean by that? Like, did someone say something like "holy shit Ben you have the dirability to survive rhe big bang", or did he just waltz out of it because plot armor?

Because by all logic Ben's human form is basically unenhanced. All the crazy shit is in the omnimatrix.

Vilgax was a bit dazed.

Can't Father be defeated by Ice Cream? Ben can turn into Aliens that can produce temperatures well below zero.

Ben turns into Alien X and wills Black out of space and time.

Yeah actually. Ben can do both of those things and more. Ben can even destroy and create universes.

Well shit, i have to watch this series, because this sound hilarious

>Yeah actually. Ben can do both of those things and more. Ben can even destroy and create universes.
So Omni-King would be a match.

Yeah, that was the plot twist

Ben didn't survived on human form. The whatch changed him into something that could survive.

Here are his powers according to the wiki:

Atomic Blasts
Nuclear Explosions
Heat Generation
Light Energy
Fusion Energy Manipulation
Energy Shields
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Speed

Can someone explain to me is Atomix Dr.Manhatan or not? can that fucker alter thechemistry of the universe or he's just a walking chernobyl that gives Ben full control of Alien X while fuse

The omnitrix don't let him die

They existed in a place that was reachable (in theory, which I guess would be enough for Azmuth to manage it), so getting their DNA is possible...again, in theory.

He can manipulate radiation and atoms as he please. So pretty much Manhatan.

We don't know what Omniking can do besides destroy a universe. There is technology and alien races in Ben 10 that can destroy multiverses. Xeno is a meme and people need to stop acting like he is all-powerful even though only have one characters word he destroyed universes and nothing else.

Vilgax destroys every universe but one in a two parter, where he was trying to exist in a universe where nobody obtained the Omnitrix, so he destroyed every universe but the one where the Omnitrix was owned by nobody. Pic related, this is a "time bomb" which was created by a race of time-travelling aliens called the Chrono-Sapiens.

Ben 10 power levels are above Dragonball Super.

Atomix is not Dr Manhatten, Alien X is. Alien X is probably more powerful than Dr M, though.

>A Bugs Life
I seriously doubt it

And besides Azmuth is the smartest being in five galaxies. I'm sure just getting a scrap of Celestialsapien DNA wouldn't be too hard.

It was stuff like Vladat which were extinct or Crystalsapien/Arburian Pelarota which have very few specimens left alive.

Ahem, it seems I might be wrong. We just have not seen Atomix do much molecular manipulation in the show. I always thought he was just a nuclear robot.

Given his recent buff he might be a challenge toward Ben

Dr Manhatten power isn't actually omnipotence but atomic manipulation, like Atomix.

Also, I keep saying, the power levels are much more like pic related, they even referenced it, so it is full of time and space fuckery for lulz.


Ben's in trouble.

I missed this pic. We should include book references.

Considering he knew Not!Doctor Who, not too much of a stretch to guess ways he could have gotten those samples.

So Atomix is a reference to Dr Manhatten, Hitchhiker's guide and Firestorm and people dare to say AF and UA were better

The toxic guy is also a reference to Koffing, Wyat favorite Pokémon.

That's crazy OP.

I think thay said this in a episode, about how this guy isn't allowed in the Celestial sapien dimension

So the only kind of villain that could possibly kill him are ones that can manipulate reality.

Aren't ultimate gravattack and Articguana reference to Weezing and Blastiose?

Then, I guess...Every Villain from every final arc?
>The Alt Universe Bens

Even then, he'd still might find a way to beat them.

Honestly a shame we never learned more about Paradox. Aside from being a Doctor Who ripoff, he was a pretty fun character.

Plus I'm curious how he managed to piss of a race of godlike beings so much that the two completely opposed personalities that make them up immediately agreed to wipe him out of existence the second they saw him.

Actually, thinking about it, stealing a DNA sample of literal gods could be taken as a pretty serious offense.


Man I wish we got more Acrosian stuff. Actually I wish this series was still going on today with the roadtrip idea. The writers were absolutely brilliant- the first season alone has tungsten based, nitrogen hating, and cyanide breathing aliens relevant to the plot. None of Ben's aliens were one-offs- Mole-stache, Pesky Dusk, The Worst, and Walkatrout were all used again in ways that made sense.

It's already missing the "Khyber season/Ben season" looney toons gag from the first season.

Even then you have a plethora of multiverse bens that will stop a clusterfuck like that.

ah man this series ruled.

I remember some part where he asked for hunongasour but the omnitrix was clearly set to something else- which he turned into instead.

Technically a protagonist, but yes, yes and hell yes.

The omnitrix uses the DNA of one member of each race of the galaxy, in a way it is life itself that powers it and thus is kind of beautiful.

It is also related that on the last episode, it is show that Ben was there on the beggining of the universe and the start of life.

Chronosapiens have pretty OP technology.

>mfw Fasttrack NEVER EVER showed up
Yeah, the writers were pretty based
Ben's very clearly retarded
>Got an Honorary Degree from Gwen's college
Dr.Tennyson is very clearly retarded

>muh Ben
Holy shit the autism in this thread is off the scales

Yes, I am aware, that's why I said Alien X was more powerful than him.

Ben has beaten worse enemies than Darksied.

I really should update it some day. Those threads were pretty fun. The best threads on Cred Forums are the ones where everyone comes together to be constructive.


>Lady bug
Hawk moth fails yet again

This was great.

All the other versions of the Omnitrix gave him 70% of the time what he wanted.

But on Omniverse it fucked him over 90% of the time, to the point that he stoped "chosing" them. The thing is that every time it wanted to teach him alternative ways to use aliens, and he discovered it only on the finale.

Crippling Depression vs Ben Tennyson: Existential crisis and the question about who he truely is.

t. DBZfag

He's either incredibly OP, or not at all. Two factors decide whether he wins it all, or loses.
>If the person he's fighting is fast enough to get to him before he can dial up an alien
>If he dials up a shit alien

>I don't know autism means,probably something that I don't like

>posts Goku
You're not fooling anyone.

He fought that at the end of AF, when he was crying in the rain after losing the Omnitrix to Vilgax, and Asmuth showed up and was all "Nigga chill, this is the thing that makes you lose it? C'mon."

>Ben has beaten worse enemies than Darksied.

On this case I would say that it gets complicated, because Darkseid and anti-life has some metapowers that Ben don't have.

5th dimensional imps like Batmite probably wouldn't have much of a problem too.

But you pretty much need a reality/time bending guy to kill Ben.


The thing is, if Heroes in DC can beat Darksied and Anti-Life, so can Ben.

Alien X. They even bring up a character's design and voice actor changing in one episode. The universes ended in one episode, and as Alien X, Ben was completely unaffected by it.

In all fairness however, if the two characters existed as part of a single setting, they'd probably trade wins and losses. I imagine a physical fight between Darksied and most of Ben's aliens going in the same way as classic Vilgax vs Young Ben.

I have to rewhatch this.

Should we do a recomendation chart for episodes of the franchine? So you can just jump the filler and the things that aren't referenced on later shows.

I need to get caught up on this series. What order do I watch them in? Which series are shit and should be skipped?

AF and UA are worst in the series, but some things are referenced in Omniverse mostly to be reconected for being to shit, like fastrack

Say what you want about Fasttrack, but I would have liked to have seen them "fix" him in Omniverse with a new power set. The thing about Fasttrack is that he does what XLR8 does but worse. Dude can't even prevent his body from being affected by his own momentum and inertia like XLR8 is.

What I would have done is made Fasttrack a Kinetic Battery Speedster who is used for Infinite Mass Punch. When you just need to go fast, you choose XLR8, who does it way better than Fasttrack.

>AF and UA are worst in the series
it had some good characters and plot lines, but ultimately they were typically utilized better in Omniverse. I just wish they'd got to do that Agregor episode they wanted to do which would have explained why he was an Osmosian after the retcon. Considering they had him as a Human in a suit in their character design sketches, I'd wager he was going to be some kind of investor who was interested in the Osmosis project and was the influence that was protecting the Routers from the consequences of most of their shady bullshit.

Where'd you stop?

The original Ben 10 series. I tried watching whatever the one that came after that was where they are older but didn't like it as much and I ended up leaving for college a short while after it started and just never got back into watching it.

Speaking of Ultimate Alien, I like how Omnivore "fixed" the alien power up shit by making it Albedo, aka the original Evil Ben, exclusive so Ben had to get creative with his aliens since Albedo could steamroll him in a straight fight.

Yeah, AF was pretty polarizing. The characters are all more serious and seemed radically different than they used to be. I stopped watching after the first 2 seasons.

UA was trash, don't bother.

Just jump into Omniverse. It references all the series, but makes the stuff from UAF way cooler and drops a lot of the crap they added.

Omniverse I meant. Stupid phone posting

They just retcon Kevin as a mutant like the OG series that was good, but i never understud why they never explain the deal with aggregor they said osmos was bullshit, but they never explain agreggor or kevin's dad, maybe they just hate it those series or something and wanted to retcon everything to the original canon?

I mostly agree, but there were some good ideas on AF too now and them. The highbreed arc is cool, the concept of ultimate omnitrix is also cool (when it isn't with Ben), Eon being Ben is interesting, and also some characters like Ardit.

But the fact that Omniverse had to RETCON, DEVELOP AND GIVE SENSE to some decisions of the previous shows tell a lot, like Ben nemesis becoming his best friend (the episode with Kevin as a kid were gold) or putting magic again in the universe in a way that looks like magic.

Yeah, plus Albedo's Ultimates looked a lot cooler.
>Ultimate Articguana
Dank as fuck

I rest well knowing that at least humanitty power to fuck everything on the universe is safe, because of Ultimate Ben 10k existence.

They were going to explain those things, but never got around to it. There is a design they had in mind for Agregor as a Human in a business suit.

Maybe they should have had a few less of those uninteresting waifu/harem episodes and more episodes focusing on important things. We definitely didn't need that episode where Rath was being controlled by Nyancy-Chan. Maybe the gameshow episode too.

I think the reason they made so many changes is because they were tired of that "everything is Aliens" shit. They tried to make Magic Aliens at one point in Alien Force, but changed their mind in Ultimate Alien and made Magic be Magic again.

>The highbreed arc is cool
indeed my favorite one of AF

>the concept of ultimate omnitrix is also cool (when it isn't with Ben), Eon being Ben is interesting, and also some characters like Ardit.
Like other one pointed Omniverse took all this ideas execute them better

Making Kevin's dad Max's partner added a knick to the series time line. Max is like 66, so Kevin's dad would have had to have him at like, 50 for him and Ben to be the same age. But Delvin had Kevin when he was with Max, so Kevin should be like 40.

Plus it was stupid. Aggregor was dumb too. The Andromeda aliens were cool, though. Water Hazard was fun.
>mfw he's replaced by Overflow
Ugh. NuBen is shaping up to be ass.

>uses Cred Forums
>has kids
That's a good sign that you have a successful life.

>That Kevin 12 mutation including Cannonbolt, Eyeguy, and all the other aliens Ben got after their first encounter
Omniverse was the gift that keeps on giving.

On a unrelated note, I would kill for a Street Fighter-esque Ben 10 video game where you used his different aliens along with a handful of side characters.

And the alternate Bens, despite being a little too much fan fiction tier, were always fun to watch.

The Mad Ben two parter is still one of my favorites.

I find the harem gameshow episode hilarious to be honest for having almost every named female character if the show.

I think that what fucked AF over was that they tried to take themselves too serious for their own good (and Omniverse had a problem of being too silly on the first episodes), and also that AF tried to turn the franchine from a super hero show, into a straight up scify show, focusing and explaining only on aliens, while Omniverse brought back a lot of the non alien vilains and the magic elements from super hero shows.

>There is a design they had in mind for Agregor as a Human in a business suit.
Aggregor is power hungry man that paid Servantis to get mutated with powers similar to Kevin. Omniverse literally do all the UA concepts better

>not posting the true Jen 10
Shit taste, nigga

Don't tell me this is canon?

Then Kira still takes Ben.

If Killer Queen (which, as a psychic projection, shouldn't be detectable by the Omni) turns the watch itself into the bomb, then it won't be affected by the explosion, and as such won't be able to respond in time to protect Ben from the blast.

See this extremely spoilery scene for Jojo: Diamond is Unbreakable for an example of this in action. The doorknob is unaffected while the target is elimated without a detectable trace. Even people in the other room cannot hear the blast.

Basically Ben's fucked.


>turns the watch itself into the bomb
But how? The Omnitrix is super high alien tech

Well, if the bomb only half kills Ben like the coin only half killed Shigechi, then he can still transform, preferably into GOOP or Ghostfreak, something that can't be blown up, or in GOOP's case, can simply reform.

Saddly not.

To be honest I prefer the OS style better.

Don't you guys have any idea for rule 63 Ben 10 requests? Lets get down some interactions with other characters, I'm fine with any version. I could work on some later when I have time.

There are multiple aliens with psychic powers, including Azmuth main rival. Pretty sure that the Omnitrix has something to deal with it.

If Ben scans Clark would he turn into Clark or a just turn into himself with kryptonian powers? Same thing with Goku.

It's Stando Powah. Look at the video. Nothing changes about the physical object itself, it just becomes able to be detonated in a highly centralized explosion that is more or less undetectable.

He doesn't need to do shit to the Omnimatrix, unless it has a specific counter against Stand abilities it's shit outta luck.

He'd turn into a Kryptonian and Sayian respectively. With all the strengths and weaknesses that come with it.

>Aerial Knights of Windermere

Ben better learn how to sing, and fast.

Sniper bullet to the head when untransformed. Last I checked, it's not like he can reflexively transform due to physical harm.

Really that's the answer to any can X be beaten in any fiction. Assassination is a thing people.

But does he look like himself?

To make this interesting we should take Alien X out of the equation.

Jen cheek kissing Rook

>Kryptonian Ben looks like Ben 10k, with no gray hair wearing Kryptonian clothes
>Sayian Ben looks like anime Ben 10k, with wild spiky hair and a tail wearing native sayian armor
He's still pretty fucking strong.

So you have Atomix, that is essentialy Dr.Manhatan.

The DNA is randomized and turn him in the apex of the specie, not into a clone.

>Jen 10 has a harem of alien guys

Hmmmm.... I can fap to this.

Yeah but he would at least not be "remake the universe" levels. Kind of hard to do anything to that.

No hate but why is there so much broken english in this thread? Is Ben10 really popular in none english speaking countries or what?

>mfw they end the show with Ben going back in time, seeing the beggining of life on his universe, and when gr goes back to his City he realizes how small everything is compared to what exist out there.

>mfw Ben facing it decides to call all his closest friends to go on a years long space journey, to see and meet as much of the universe as possible

Godamn such cocktease with space adventures.

But a good end, this show is underated.

Amen, brother

Interesting, as somebody who watched it a lot in middle school when the original series came out and even though I didn't continue watching later in life I am glad that it has a fanbase abroad as well as in the US, Apparently not all the series are great but the premise clearly has so much potential and some of the series have done well with it.


Ben 10 vs powerpuff girls all three of them

>deleted post
What did I miss?

They just said it was big in Latin America. Weird that they would delete that.

Why does the omnitrix change art design so frequently? The one in the OP doesn't even have the Ben 10 symbol.


>Weird that they would delete that.

You know you can literally be banned for saying that?

Dunno. That's like fighting three mini-Supermen.
The in show reason? Different models. That one does have the symbol, what you're seeing right now is a faceplate/touch screen

The real reason? To sell toys.

>Last I checked, it's not like he can reflexively transform due to physical harm
I don't know if didn't read the thread user, but he can't die because the omnitrix would bring him back, as long the fucking device keep working the fucker is warping reality god.

Ben10 is a lot like comic books. Things get retconed, there are a ton of universes and redesigns and different series and all that. It's just how things are done. I like that it emulates super hero comics and animations based on them in this way, it means we keep getting new Ben10 content even if one or two series don't do well and it doesn't suffer the effects a lot of "Rebooted" cartoons do as it follows an inherently different model.

Did the PPG's all have different powers or were they all the same?

>Xeno is a meme

lmfao what the fuck is that even supposed to mean? Also, how is "Ben 10 dude destroys a bunch of universes" > "Dragon Ball Super guy destroys a bunch of universes"

They had certain unique powers covered in one of the later episodes like Blossoms ice breath but generally they have the same basic powers.

Granted, Kira has time to set it up here, he doesn't have to kill Ben on the spot like with Shigechi. In any case, the point is that Ben's a lazy idiot half the time, and Kira doesn't waste time.

The real thing that matters here is whether the watch keeps active watch over Ben for intruders as he sleeps, which I'm leaning against as it would have probably prevented a lot of the bullshit of Omniverse to begin with.

That only assumes that there's a one size fits all solution to deal with psychic abilities, especially for one that literally does not exist in Ben 10's universe.

In any case, the best solution to the issue in general is to bring up assassin type characters like Kira. Most people can't beat Ben in a straight up brawler fight, but if they have enough stealth and high attack shit they can definitely get him when his guard is down, which is surprisingly often.


Something i don't understand when Kira turns something in a bomb, the bomb is the first thing to get destroyed or the skin of the person because if the omnitrix working while Ben is exploding the safe lock is going to be activated and save his ass

The girls want to fuck Ben

Fucking kek.

If you're going to fight Ben, either:
a. Catch him off guard before he even touches the watch
b. Get him unfocused so he gets the wrong alien.
c. Make sure he's below 18 since that's when he gets the master control for his birthday

The entire point of the series is that Ben is still vulnerable no matter where or what he is, so just make sure it's 1v1 and you have the upper hand immediately.

The things Kira turns into bombs don't explode themselves, but the person touching them, so it would be perfectly fine, so yeah, the safety protocol could activate mid explosion and save Ben.

Bitches love Ben.

Alien X ruined the balance.

10/11 year old Ben with the original 22 aliens is more interesting.

Damn i thought someone could finally beat this DNA abomination.

Also did you even read the thread that just workd with 10 years old Ben, this one dosen't even have the master control, but some shit that dosen't let him die


He's fucked.

He never existed to begin with.

You can't kill Ben, but you can K.O him.

He barely used him.

There was a fight against Cosmic Gladiador, there was the recreation of the universe, there was Ben 10k fusing him with Atomix and there was something about him on the finale.

Alien-X > memedoka universe are protect him from mortal danger, but not from being beating up.

As long that you don't try to kill him, he won't automatically turn into something that was made to survive you.

I thought it would be the other way around.
Because nothing about the Omnitrix is being tampered with, it shouldn't be able to register the explosion.

Of course, he could also just blow up Ben himself like he does to whats-her-tits at the end of Sheer Heart Attack. In that case the blast would be coming from Ben, basically instantly.

The watch fucks with him sometimes because it secretly knows what alien is good at that moment

So you can't kill Ben, but you can distract him in combat? could some sacrifce himself and stay in combat with Ben for eternity?

It would register Ben's heart-rate suddenly stopping. Humans don't do that unless they're dead.

Yeah, Kira might be better blowing off Ben's arm. Now he's fucked. First he's gotta take the watch off his severed limb, and then try to put it on, all with one hand.

You can kill Ben, it just has to be instantanous. I think we're all focusing on the wrong thing.

We need to get the watch off Ben. Do that, and he's done.

But the Omnitrix dosen't have to be tampered to activate the safe protocol just register that Ben's life is in actual danger, this thing is sentient and watch Ben vitals, the moments this thing feel the explonsion starting is going to activate the safe protocol and this save him from a big bang

>You can kill Ben, it just has to be instantanous
instantanous like a big bang?

I mean more like a bullet.

Pretty sure that Big Bang explosion is more sudden, quick and destructive than a bullet.

Ben knew well ahead he was going to try and stop it.

A sniper from 100 yards away on a rooftop putting one between his eyes will catch him off guard. By the time the Omnitrix notices that something's wrong, he'll already be dead.

>Ben knew well ahead
it dosen't matter user, the omnitrix is linked to Ben's vitals if the omnitrix feels that Ben is about to die it activates the safe protocol

It can't know Ben's about to be shot. And by the time it does know, the bullet will have passed though his head.

You'd have a hard time staying faithful to the series while also keeping the game any kind of balanced.

the device scan his body all day user, the bullet just touch the back of his head, the protocol activates and this is just the 15 years old Ben, the 18 years old Ben is going to be transform all the time and can change in less than a second

Just don't add OP aliens like Alien X or Atomix.

Off the top of my head
>Water Hazard
>Big Chill

>Kevin 11
>Looma (With a Fourarms skin)
>Tetrax (With a Diamondhead skin)
>Malware (With a Upgrade skin)

His harem grows larger I see.

Almost all the girls in the series wanted Ben's dick it was weird.

Anyone have the picture of him with all the sons from different girls he meet


>So you have Atomix, that is essentialy Dr.Manhatan.
No, he's never shown that kind of power. Atomix's powers are flight, super strength, and DBZ-style energy attacks, nothing of the nigh-omnipotent matter reconstruction variety.

Gwen instead pls.

That's why I was a bit confused earlier in the thread. I've never seen him do any of that. He can manipulate his own energy to an extent, however, as seen with how he created a perpetual ball of light and assigned it to illuminate Zyskar's lair to prevent him from returning there.

For saying what?

He's baiting you with nonsense.

He wouldn't even「STAND」a chance.

Well, its on the wiki that he can.manipulate radiation and atoms. Maybe Ben is just dumb and don't use him to the full extent.

What's the point of fusing Alien X with Atomix if he can do anything? The only alien I could MAYBE see fusing him with is the time one who's name suddenly escapes me.

Ben not only has aliens that can control time, he has aliens that can control the atom itself.

The fact that he can't see a 「STAND」might help matters but I think you underestimate how goddamn BUSTED this cartoon 16 year old is.

>Cred Forums saying black goku or for the matter non of DBZ most powerful villains can't defeat Ben


No wonder why Cred Forums is regularly ranked among the most pathetic boards


>Ben 10 power levels are above Dragonball Super.

Holy fuck did I read that right?

This must be a new level of autism!

Maybe that's just not what it means. Atomix is basically a living atomic power plant who can control his energy beams in various ways. "Energy control" means he can make his beams turn in midair, not that he can turn lead into gold.

>Being arrogant about powerlevel discussion in any way
Dude, kill yourself.

Holy shit dude
sorry but hahahah
this is the most autistic and delusional thread I've seen in weeks
No joking!
Really makes you realize how man Cred Forumsckoraches self insert into their childhood hero and try to make it unstoppable


>being this mmad
Ben as Alien X is like Zeno.

Anyone can destroy the universe, but it's a special kind of powerful to recreate the universe after it's been destroyed.


holy fucking christ!
I'm literally on tears now!

no wonder why Cred Forums always bashes you guys

You're so fucking delusional!!

>Cred Forums is always bashing Cred Forums board for being delusional powerlevelfags
That's the real fucking laugh.

>Ultimate Kars

Unkillable, and immortal, super healing, superhuman abilities and the ability to manipulate your cells and his intelligence means he can possible copy your abilities


Erases time, can see the future and can nullify the results of all actions, only someone with his opposite powers like Golden Experience can defeat him

>Awakened Pucci

Made in Heaven can fast forwards time, make new universes and kill you instantly, almost unkillable by most means

>Funny Valentine

D4C can move between universes or dimensions, making him overpowered as hell

Man I'm not even going to waste my time trying to prove the water is wet
But I do depart with this comment: In no other place but Cred Forums or the ben10 forums, can anyone think in their sane judgment Ben fucking Tennyson can beat any of the DBZ villains

Ask the average joe and they'll respond with quick smile in their faces saying "pff are you like serious?"

It requires to be specially stupid and autistic to believe Ben 10 and DBZ are comparable in any way, but in in the end Cred Forums exists we are

What is Alien A



Finally somebody with a list of characters that could reasonably do the job.

>A kid who can take on any enemy's biology and has a reality warper in a watch has no chance at beating dudes who punch REALLY FUCKING HARD
>Using "Dude, it's fucking DBZ" as an argument
>Claiming Cred Forums of all places ridicules ANYONE of being retarded powerlevelfags

You look like an enormous ass.

tfw somebody is autistic enough to actually fall for such obvious bait.

>but muh alienx protocol ben can't die
>trying to compare it with any character capable of moving speeds beyond anything recognizable in ben10
>any magic based character being instantly able to disable the omnitrix
>implying any magic based character can't stop a kid with an alien watch
>implying aku isn't a magic god who can't infect an alien watch


You're not fooling anyone meme spouting shit poster.

>Being surprised by people being autists
>On Cred Forums
>On Cred Forums

>be on Cred Forums
>Cred Forums enters the thread
>thread instantly fills with shit, piss, vomit, mucus and pus.
Fucking anime fags.

Stop falling for the bait retard.

this is Cred Forums, autism isn't an option, is a prerequisite

Not Cred Forums but

Champa hurt his leg on a coffee table. Will you acknowledge this or will you perform mental gymnastics?

Superman Prime One Million vs AlienX who would win?

Eternity controls all living things and therefore Ben would be fucked, regardless of whether he can survive the big bang or whatever else.

We should just get him permabanned...unless he's sucking mod cock, then we can't do anything about him.

really makes you think

>The two just love to argue.
So when he's Alien X he's sharing headspace with the oldest married couple in the universe?

We don't know what Zeno can do besides destroy universes, though. There are many characters in comic books, western cartoons, video games and anime and manga who can destroy universes one way or another without possessing powers like reality warping, molecular/energy control, etc...

Why, Rick Sanchez and Superman can and have created and destroyed universes in their labs. If you gave Bulma enough time and the idea she could probably do something similar. Fuck, she can all ready compress a house into a pill.

Justice League has no chance at all.

They have a good chance because there are many of them. A few of them stand a good chance of beating Ben by themselves.

Flash and Superman particularly.

>some bullshit about the omnitrix transforming him if he's in danger

It's not "some bullshit", it's been said since the original series that the 'trix has what is essentially a self-preservation mode which is why it sometimes gives Ben a different alien than what he wants, but rather what the device decides is the best alien for keeping him alive.

For you

would he have a tail? This is important.

The scariest thing about Aku is that he is just a small portion of something bigger and that he cant actually ever be killed. The magic sword only traps and seals him away. Nigga is literally a force of Nature.

Depends on if he chose to let Ben use his watch or not.
He could literally snap his fingers and poof bens Brain out of his head or something.

Reality bending magic will always beat science because your only limited by your own imagination.

Bill was defeated by normal humans. Also, his power is not magic. He don't stand a chance against Ben

Bill only let the humans get to that point because he got horribly lazy and severely cocky, as reality-warping villains are wont to do (and because he needed Ford alive to escape the weirdness magnet of Gravity Falls). He was only defeated after that because of a loophole: erasing a mind that he had entered.

Assuming he doesn't suffer a sudden case of stupidity, Bill could pretty handily kill Ben in a Weirdmageddon scenario.

>he needed Ford alive to escape the weirdness magnet of Gravity Falls
That was stupid

Ben is unkillable

>The spiral and drill shape
They knew what they were doing.

From the thumbnail I thought this is one of those Darksteel the Hedgeheg parodies

Is Alien X an Anti-spiral?

>Can have literally any variation of the concept of a dick in the universe
It's not that weird.
He can even satisfy the tentacle fetishists.

He doesn't even need to dismount Kokuoh.

If people could bullshit a way of explaining a connection between the Omnitrix and spiral power, I'd accept Antispirals being a faction of Alien X's species that simply decided to be bastards.

Man I remember this was the most awesome Clockwork was ever made on screen. I'm still thankfull for that.



Yeah but it's be like when Ginyu took Goku's body, so much skill is required that Black would win anyways.

Maltruant really should have made more use of his time slowdown/stop power.


That is not how the Omnitrix works

Maltruant was a lame villain

>Weeds think everything is about them
Lol, ok

Getting ready for Billy and Mandy fake JJBA reference part 2

Does The Nutshack even have a villain?

Does Dofus have a villain besides Ecaflip or Indie?

The guy in charge is a big fucking weeb dude.

Depends on if he returns the slab.

Or Batman

Why did the fat one do a screwattack

It just does.

I'm still salty over how much of a letdown it was. He's more or less god but can't escape some shitty place in Oregon? Bretty underwhelming

>Ultimate Alien Ben scans Bill
>Becomes evolved Bill creature
>All the power of Alien X and infinitely more with no restriction
Ben is too OP

This is why I try not to make the antagonists for my kids' shows about kids utterly omnipotent trillion year old cosmic horrors. But this is pretty standard in cartoons honestly, the bad guy is the Ultimate Source of Evil in the universe or some literal gods and they get defeated by an 8 year old wielding her backpack and pencil case with the power of friendship and hope and eating your vegatables, that's not new.

Which is the thing, the real answer to these Vs. threads here or on other forums is it doesn't matter how lame or how awesome the kid protagonist is, the bad guy is not gonna kill them in an actual story, even if it's Captain Head Explosion from edgy hardcore anime x, these Cred Forums shows wouldn't end with the kid hero dying. But I know Vs. threads are just what ifs for fun so it's cool, it's cool.

>The main villain of the last cartoon/anime you watched now had to kill Mabel. Can he do it?


Nothing in existence can kill it.

Nothing can kill The Mabel. That's why nothing can save us.


Ben is a god too

>Rewrites Asmuth out of existence
>No Omnitrix

Not too hard.

>That is not how the Omnitrix works
It's how ki works in Dragonball.

The Omnitrix turns Ben into a "genetically optimal" example of whatever DNA sample he's scanned, which basically means his body is at the peak of physical fitness that it could be. That doesn't mean his power level is as high as it could be; his own ki won't be trained up to that level. When Ginyu stole Goku's body, his power level was much lower than Goku in his own body; he was just as physically fit, but that doesn't translate into his ki powers being trained up to the same leve.

Ben when turned into an alien with chemical gas powers, became a genius level in chemistry.

Ben when turned into Graymatter is a fucking genius on all áreas of science.

Ben turned into the idiot Rath, also becomes a martial artist specialist, even being able to name attacks of martial arts of other planets.

All of these precedents indicates that Ben would have knowledge on how to use the power that he is granted.

Those are specific cases. In most cases he has to learn what an alien form is capable of through trial and error, and sometimes discovers powers he didn't even know he had.

Cosmic Emperor Joker time anyone?

We yelled about it for a while, and the answer is "kinda sorta maybe".

It all really depends on whether Kira can blow Ben up fast enough for the watch to notice (and also whether it cares more for its own safety than Ben's safety) or whether Kira can blow off Ben's arm.

He definitely can take down Ben otherwise, the main trick is the whole sentient AI thing.

Does this mean that Ben gains the personality, skills and memories of lifeforms he scans and transforms into? Broken much?
Why is he even using it to transform into random superhero aliens. He could just look for the smartest individual alive or turn into a Gwen and gain knowledge of magic or something. Actually the ability sounds somewhat horrifying if one thinks about it, if you gain a skillset of those you scan at what risk are you of losing your personality and self to it? That one godhead alien with 3 faces comes to mind.

You underestimate Ben.
He was able to turn into a fucking Anti-Spiral to go toe with a race of Anti-spirals, I shit you not. If he scans a Saiyan you can bet he's going to be able to go super saiyan.

Because Ben is a fucking idiot

just reforms ben like it did in that AF special, things like a instant-Crazy Diamond to go bag

well an alternate ben did that... but no one likes to talk about him
Ultimate Ben can actually do stands too, it just kinda either gave him that aliens abilities or made him slightly bigger

I wonder what happens if he turns into nanomech or alien X.

Those aren't really stands, like at all, but it's a neato power.

I just love how Ben 10k becomes increasingly overpowered every time we see him because of the powercreep in the series.

>Does this mean that Ben gains the personality, skills and memories of lifeforms he scans and transforms into?
That's what the poster is saying, but that's not what happens so obviously his power doesn't work like that. The first time he turned into Heatblast, he didn't even realize it was an alien until Grandpa Max told him.

That's not how the Omnitrix works either. That thing in the last episode was a nonsensical one-off thing. It's never turned him into an alien automatically at any other point in the series. Sometimes it turns him into a form he doesn't want, which is as likely to give him a tiny form against a huge guy as it is to make him a fish in the middle of the desert.

I always thought that the ben 10 with the Biomatrix was more powerful considering that he has acces to Alien X without consequences except for Celestial sapies busting his ass, but ithink they'ill just do that if he abuse the power and change the universe in a drastic way

How many aliens can you transform into in the frozen time Ben Tennyson?

Could Ben 10 Transform into an alien like her?
What about a Crystal Gem?

>hat's what the poster is saying, but that's not what happens

What I said is actually what happens on canon.

Greymatter is a fucking genius, so Ben manages to have some mind changes when turning into some aliens, but not always.

If the AI thing isn't counted then Kira destroys Ben.

Are mewni's people aliens or they're some class or alternate reality humans? Also yeah if Gem have some class of DNA, i think they don't have?

>well an alternate ben did that..
Eon? or that Ben was just a greedy dick?

Its pretty obvious that some aliens bring new knowldge along with changes on the personalitty.

>That's not how the Omnitrix works either. That thing in the last episode was a nonsensical one-off thing

Dude, it is directly explained right before it happens, that the bio omnitrix wont let Ben die and will change him into a form that can survive it. It is also stabelished that it choose his forms so he can learn to use the aliens on new ways, also its obvious that this ominitrix work differently than the others, because it isnt the first one that Ben had on the OS.

>Devil Gundam

>Dude, it is directly explained right before it happens, that the bio omnitrix wont let Ben die and will change him into a form that can survive it. It is also stabelished that it choose his forms so he can learn to use the aliens on new ways, also its obvious that this ominitrix work differently than the others, because it isnt the first one that Ben had on the OS.

Didn't Ben and Azmuth imply at the end of that episode that the Omnitrix is kinda sentiend or at least have some class of A.I?

Changing into an alien changes his personality. It doesn't give him all the knowledge, memories, and skills of whatever was scanned to make that form, it just means his mind is in an alien brain, which sometimes comes with increased (or reduced) intelligence and extra inherent skills.

>Didn't Ben and Azmuth imply at the end of that episode that the Omnitrix is kinda sentiend or at least have some class of A.I?


>Changing into an alien changes his personality. It doesn't give him all the knowledge, memories, and skills of whatever was scanned to make that form, it just means his mind is in an alien brain, which sometimes comes with increased (or reduced) intelligence and extra inherent skills.

But Rath knows about fighting moves, the gas alien knows and can name which chemicals make what he wants, and also can discuss the implications is time travel.

He doesnt get memmories, but it is pretty clear that some transformations come from knowledge, while others dont. Probably because of the same reason for why some transformations modify more his personalitty than others.

Did he just do the fucking Pegasus Meteor Fist?

The verdicts still out on that one. They seem to be basically humans but undergo Xeno bug transformations now and again when their hormones kick in.

It doesn't matter. I can't die MUDA MUDA MUDA

He always seems to the first or second post of every thread

>What about a Crystal Gem?

I was alittle annoyed how the completely undercut him in the finale, where it was revealed Maltruant was just trapped in a time loop of trying to end the universe and failing over and over again, and that Ben knew the entire time Maltruant wouldn't win.

Better question: Why didn't the fusioned nuclear powered Alien X just erase Vilgax? How was he even a threat when they have at least 2 full-ben controlled Alien Xs on their side?

Because Vilgax is cute :)

I never got Ultimate Ben. It didn't seem like it was any faster than just using the master control normally. The only difference is he still looks like himself.

Azmuth also said the reason Ben keeps getting the wrong alien is because he's slamming the button on the Omnitrix too hard.

Depends if he's able to turn into Clockwork in time. Clockwork might give Dio a tough time since he can stay in stopped time far longer than Dio, and has other time-related powers on top of that.

That said, Dio's still a nigh-immortal vampire, so it could still be a tricky fight.

The omnitrix is basically a ton of tech slapped into the shape of a watch, makes sense that slamming your hand into it could fuck with the controls a little. How Ben never actually broke one from just sheer abuse surprises me, like just imagine all the delicate pieces holding the omnitrix together slowly being broken so hard it wouldn't even function.

>I never got Ultimate Ben. It didn't seem like it was any faster than just using the master control normally. The only difference is he still looks like himself.

Its just that he liked to be himself. Ultimate humans have the power of most of the aliens due to humanitty super power of fucking.

But could Goku defeat Otis from Back at the Barnyard?

>nigh-immortal vampire



Daily reminder that Ben is a MILF

Prob not? His powers seemed to be limited to everything originating from Earth

You looking at this the wrong way tho. If Ben comes in contact with Kars, does he get a pillar bruh transformation?

So why hasn't he been banned yet? He's breaking Global Rules 10 and 11 just by doing this stuff.

tridubs don't lie.

I just wanted an episode or two were some of Ben's enemies try to target his Necrofriggian kids.

Oh good my work is done for me.
He can turn anything into a bomb, one that blows you up from within, irrelevant to its original material, be it a coin, some cloth, whatever.
The object is almost made a trigger for the from-within explosion, but a bomb is an easy word to put it. If he touched the omnitrix, Ben would burst into a ball of fire and dissappear, but the omnitrix wouldn't be necessarily affected.
Best end though
>Ben turns into fiery alien, gets sheer heart attacked

>you fell for it Tennyson! This was my escape route! You lost this battle of wits with me, Dio!

Ben is inmortal, user.

>Ben's enemies try to target his Necrofriggian kids
That would be great

And I think we all know how well that'll go for them when they try it.

I think there was something an user posted a while ago with that premise. It ended with Khyber being traumatised and missing an arm.

the movie has one

>not Albedo

>>while in a dimension that he had complete control over
Technically Bill's powers were limited to just the city, not the whole dimension. Did you see him take out the Time Baby?

Well It was Khyber or Ma Vreedle.

Khyber's in it for the money could get selling them to, well...anyone. Ma Vreedle wants 'em cos her larders running a bit low.

If you can sell me on a story arc where Albedo targets them, good for you.

Maybe he wants to have a family

God I fucking hate her.

But user he needs to realize that Ben is his family now


>"There's only one reason why you lost to me, DIO. You eat my fries!"

>Kira from Jojo Part IV
Yeah, since Ben cant see stands and wouldn't even know hes in a fight.

>Mobile Suit Gundam
I guess it would be the entirety of Zeon?

Read the thread. Fucking Ben is an unkillable and immortal mary sue.

I dont think the safety protocol could save him. Because Kira's bomb's arent actual "bombs". They effectively erase matter from existence.

The protocol could save Ben by using Alien-X power

Does anyone have a link to ben surviving a big bang?

So he would turn into an alien that exist outside of matter and the universe, like Alien X.

>That time albedo stole azmuth's brain and became so smart that he realized that being evil is pointless and nothing matters.



>Does anyone have a link to ben surviving a big bang?
Here's the scene:

Note that this never happens at any other point in the series. He has been in several immediately life-threatening situations, and the Omnitrix has never automatically changed him into the right form without him doing anything. Notable examples include when he was underwater without a suit and ran out of transformation time, or when several versions of him were caught in the blast radius of a timeline-erasing bomb. The "failsafe" isn't mentioned outside of this scene, and there have been several other attempts to explain why he sometimes gets a form he doesn't want. Feedback has never displayed that kind of power before, either; his ability is to absorb and redirect electricity, not to absorb and redirect the energy of the Big Bang. It's pretty much a one-off Deus ex Machina that has nothing to do with his abilities in the rest of the series.


Perhaps, mostly likely.


>the meme waifu
She is fucked

>It's a "Ben tennyson adopts Albedo" episode.

>Toriko villains
The only challenge they'd face is deciding which of Ben's forms would be the most delicious.


>uses Cred Forums

>The Tennyson family adopts Albedo as a Tennyson
>Bonding with grandpa Max
>Albedo hanging out with all the Tennyson cousins
This could work

he has invited his own DOOM

>ultimate Spiderman Doom
It is a joke, rigth?