The Amazing World of Gumball

>The Boredom:
>Gumball and Darwin search for adventure during their walk around Elmore.

Talkback for today's episode.
If someone has already leaked it, all the better.

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Gump. Waiting for the Mega.

Cant wait!

Man, S1 design was expressive as fuck.

I bet the Clarence cameo is five seconds long.

It's on.

There's a new episode today?
How unexpected

What was the latest episode we've had? The one with Anais getting a friend?

yes and yes

Clarence, Regular Show AND Uncle Grandpa

not the most exciting of send-offs. Hopefully this one is better.
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I'm not entirely sure what moving the house had to do with the channel flickering thing. They can't use use The Void as a general catch-all for any weirdness.

That was the most boring episode. Only cool thing was the cartoon cameos but even that didn't make sense.

beavis and butthead did it

Download Link!3th3VaIK!4JytaauUWm9GHu-ZsM17ySV3TsVOCNCKYLzd_UzXYfY

It was just another interesting thing that the boys missed out on.

sure was a LOT of Gore in this episode.

jesus christ

what the fuck was fives/mordecai saying in their cameo? "high five ghost ride the whip"? either way that was cool shit

Someone uploaded the clip:

SUfags BTFO by Ben. Lol.

...that's it?
That's the crossover?

It was pretty freaking funny though. That Uncle Grandpa bit had me dying.

Can they please stop using the same highway in the car scenes and always at the same area of the highway too?

>meh episode

>copypaste houses
fucking hacks.

Actually that isn't it. Spencer Rothbell said it wasn't so:

Sweet. The episode with Gumball fucking around in every current CN show is still possible.

Dem faces...

>that UG clip
UG is the funniest CN show.


I remembered those side characters used to appear a lot in S1 and S2, and they are more of some background characters.


"Hi Five Ghost Ride the Whip".

Honestly, I also had to look it up; I'd never heard of 'Ghost Riding' until this episode.

Am I not with the times?!

I just assumed they were traveling so far that they passed by alternate universes.

He should see an andrologist about that.

I didn't even know a new episode aired until I saw this corpse of a thread right now.
I'm guessing that I didn't miss much then.

Are you going to pay them to make more houses?

When are we getting new episodes?

The Visions on the 22nd and The Choices on the 29th

Please tell me that this wasn't the whole crossover. Please. PLEASE.

But this just comes from so I don't fucking know.

Thank. God.

Lewds when?

>There will never be any top notch Miss Simian artwork
>You will never have the satisfaction of having your waifu drawn by anyone
>You won't ever get off

Why even live?

There's rule 63 Larry out there. That should tell you how little your chances are.

damn that regular show segment was shitty.. why was fives so dark? was that mordecai singing? why was rigby traced? felt like an intro to one of the site's flash games tbhfam

others looked legit

>tfw you realise that this might be the very last RS animation made for CN

yea the show's production might've been wrapping up at the time this was made, maybe they couldn't get the team to work on the cameo because of that

the others looked like they were made originally

they still got jg to voice though

they might make something for the next network anniversary event

Nobody has cared about ghost riding for a few years now, which is why it is perfect for Regular Show.

So I was right, but why "ride the whip"? what does it mean?

i think i saw this gif/video before

Well, your chances of lewds rise when lewd things happen in show. You could probably try the /trash/ drawthread

And I'm saving that Larry for later...