So in this continuity, Batman only two years into his career can somehow defeat Deathstroke and SHIVA in fights. Genius...

So in this continuity, Batman only two years into his career can somehow defeat Deathstroke and SHIVA in fights. Genius, isn't it? Fucking video game writers.

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Shiva is the most overrated fighter in comics

>most overrated fighter in comics
>not Batman himself

I disagree
She dedicated her life to fighting
She isn't like Batman who is just a gary stu who does literally everything under the sun and also is a world class fighter

Yes, because all his training prior to putting on the cowl means nothing.

I'm more upset Slade was one and done, not a reoccurring threat throughout the story.

They supposedly had plans to have him reoccurring, but scrapped them.

I don't have a problem with that; what I do have a problem with is that there's not much build-up to either of their fights.

Shiva not so much, but the fight with Deathstroke was hyped up in trailers.

The actual fight was 6/10, too repetitive for how it could've been.

The only thing I knew about Shiva is that she is the mother of Cass Cain batgirl.

Bane, Copperhead and Firefly had the best build-up out of the assassins.

It's posters like this that make me wonder if people remember who Shiva is.

Maybe it's plausible he could one-up Slade Wilson, but not Shiva. It's just horrific writing.

It's a videogame, did you expect a boss that can't be beaten or one of those "win in the gameplay and lose in the cutscene" moments?

Also he doesn't defeat Lady Shiva, if you replay it she clearly says that he passes the test and he was basically playing with him since he trained with her in this continuity.

By who? Everyone that reads Batman knows that even Cass is a better fighter

Nice meme

Finally some respect for once.

>given perfectly reasonable counter-argument
>call it a meme
Do you know how stupid that makes you look?


>gary stu
>perfectly reasonable counter argument

Lmao, or was the retarded thing about dedicating her entire life? You think dedication can replace talent and simply being better? Have you ever watched the Olympics or done sport before, retard?

Lady Shiva has been canonically BTFO by Tim Drake (TWICE), Cheshire, Cassandra Cain (twice), and Prometheus. Also Connor Hawke and Huntress gave her a beating.

She's an idiot who's too blinded by her own hubris to ever be the world's greatest fighter.

b-b-ut the wiki page says she is the best fighter in the world!

I'd have liked one more Bane fight, a bit earlier. A fight where Batman gets his ass handed to him, the fight where they're both forced to retreat and then the finale where Batman finally wins.

I'll reply to you once you drop all the ad honinem
I'm not going to lower myself to argue with a low brow knuckle dragging monkey

How did Tim Drake beat her? That just seems a bit far fetched.

You literally used a meme in your argument (Gary Stu) and expected people to counter it? Here's your reply: no he's not.

Ironic coming from the guy that could only say "it m-makes you look stupid!" as a counter argument

he was given a drug that gave him superspeed which caused him to incapcitate her to death and the CPR her back to life.

Then he beat her by poisoning her half a world away before their fight.

Okay that's more acceptable. I thought it was in a pure 1v1 fair fight hand-to-hand.

Why do people enjoy that Deathstroke fight?

It's just a bit of primitive-ass Zelda combat and a bunch of stupid ass QTEs

Or he can also lose, depending on the player.

The second one was fair though
She didn't realize he was thinking smarter.
Like how he beat Ra's when Ra's tried to take over WE after Tim blew up his central database.

Do you go to the zoo and try to have an argument with a monkey. I don't

Still not as badly written as City and Knight.

Avoid saying stupid things next time, maybe people will take you seriously.

I liked city

I liked Knight tho.

>autistic manchild can't suspend disbelief for comic book videogame

I have no idea why, but the second Bane fight had me scared as fuck.

Copperhead is a girl.

City was better written when it wasn't forcing Joker down everyone's fucking throats every second. Also how Knight explained that near-dead Joker beat Jason between the Steel Mill and the Theater when Protocol Ten was retarded bullshit that shouldn't have even happened.

Not one-up, she even needs help in the games. Deathstroke seems to be better than her in the Arkhamverse, based in that fact. Her fight should have been like Deathstroke's, but with different animations.

>Also how Knight explained that near-dead Joker beat Jason between the Steel Mill and the Theater when Protocol Ten was retarded bullshit that shouldn't have even happened.

They didn't set a date for Jason's torture.

I don't think that's even the problem. It's more a canon autism problem: why Batman can't be the best fighter in this universe?, it's an elsworld, after all.

He was already out of the country setting up the PMC around that time.

So she was beaten by a guy who has a direct link to the greatest martial artists in history, two of her former students, An Assassin that killed an entire country...

I'm sorry, is that supposed to make her look bad or something?

The arkham games are babby's first beat em' up

When will we get a Joker rape quicktime event?

But you decidedly DON'T beat Shiva. The fight ends because she decides it does.

>Tim Drake
A single blow during training, then hyper drugs, then poison.
About the only actual straight one, though they do have a 2-1 record, with Shiva actually killing her once.
Hat hax.
>Connor Hawke
Managed to blood her, but then she beat him so badly, Tim had to cash in a favor to keep him alive. Dunno if they had a rematch.
Swept her off her feet once in a fight where she was kicking the shit out of her and by Helena's own admittance would've ended with her dead if it'd gone on any further.

Mind you, she's still VERY much a Jobber to the Stars, but calling any of those BTFO feels like reaching.

Shiva has jobbed since New52 started. There was still a bit of respect for her abilities and only allowing a few to actually outright beat her. She did show up to see an amateur beat the shit out of other amateurs during the Underworld storyline.

Origins had seasoned video game writers (first 3 AC games etc) which is something AC & AK didn't have.

Asylum & City were great games though the stories were pretty average, Dini is a comic writer- not a video game writer.

Knight was written by Rocksteady and some guy from Crysis 2, basically the team thought that because they were so good at making the game they got cocky and tried their hand at writing it themselves and it ended up being pretty fanfiction-tier in places.

Origins arguably has the strongest narrative, probably because it was written by guys with experiance who wrote the first 4 Assassins Creed games.

Nah, she's been jobbing for a long time before that. New52's has just become more egregious, without even trying to handwave it away with drugs or poison. It's just straight-up "shot in the ass by Harley Quinn."
Mind you, they still have stuff like her beating the absolute shit out of Dick for like ten straight pages, or solo-ing the Secret Six in two, but they balance it out by making her the absolute shittiest possible interpretation of her character since... fuck, this is hard.

it's a videogame, did you guys complain this much about Injustice too?

2-1, one draw (that Shiva was clearly winning until SURPRISE Mr. Freeze), and Shiva play fighting to test Cassandra (and she absolutely wrecked the girl and that was Shiva being "light").

Was it the actual guy who wrote Crysis 2's plot or some scenario writer? Because I loved the after action novel that 2 did, even if it used outdated memes even by Alcatraz's age group.

>Shiva being able to beat Cass

Cringe, talk about wanking a relic from the past

Don't forget Shiva lost to Harley shooting her in da ass.

what's Bruce Wayne doing there

I wish I could.

Arguably why I liked Origins more than any other Arkham game. Gameplay itself was the worst of the series, but still good. The overall story and character designs were the best though.

>Gameplay itself was the worst of the series, but still good
I don't get why people say this.

It was essentially a re-hash of City, which isn't bad in and of itself. Asylum has the worst on account of being the most dated.

I remember someone saying how they changed the timing and animations thus fucking up the counter system or something like that

This whole thread was started because the idea of Batman beating her was too far-fetched to be believed, yet she gets her ass kicked all the time by people without half his feats.

Meant for

It was a re hash and a bad one at that, but in the time it came out it was fine because I didn't go back to play Arkham Asylum myself, but moving forward you could automatically tell how the combat and movement was dialed back in quality.

>muh shiva posters in this thread

its not like batman wasn't trained before becoming batman

It was probably the glitchiest out of all the games until the PC version for Arkham Knight came out.

It was for the better though. You can't magically parry an attack when you're in the middle of another animation. City was easy mode because you could parr at any time and when you couple that with the spidey sense thing.

even funnier because this Batman was trained by Shiva

Hell, according to the Initiation DLC, it's not even the first time they've fought. And that fight was much more decisive than the one in the main game.

And Richard Dragon.

I actually feel the only one of the games where you can parry in the middle of a previous animation is Origins.

Two years into his career as Batman. He still has ~10 years worth of martial arts training under his utility belt.
Also he has a utility belt.

Having recently played City, the only attacks you parry in the middle of are regular kicks and punches and that's only if they're starting or halfway through it, any later and they still hit you. All the other types of attacks require you to stun them with the cape like shield enemies, or dodging behind them like stun baton fuckers, or doing the knife dodge takedown. The improvement City gave also was how you can break certain weapons so you can thin the herd smoother.

What do you want? Batman's powers (yes, powers) are so ill defined that he can literally do anything. You may as well slap a S on his chest. Batman used to be human, then The Dark Knight Returns was published. Fire the rest of the Justice League, we've got Batman!


Arkham Origins is not part of the Rocksteady franchise and is therefore not part of its continuity.
If you want to blame anyone, blame the shitty developer.

Yes, almost as if he's Superman's Justice League teammate and complimentary opposite

Sadly, it is. And i said sadly because it commits too much continuity and design errors (grappling gun boost when it wasn't yet invented, Black Mask and Joker designs, Harley knowing Joker at Blackgate, the shitty design of Gotham city). But so does Assault on Arkham (Bane wasn't supposed to be in Arkham before the first game), Origins Blackgate (i was ready to consider it canon but then they do this shit and the tie-in comics (pic related, when in Arkham Knight it was said that Bane turned into a vigilante in Santa Prisca).

Why the other writters don't respect muh Dini and Rocksteady's lore?.

So who is a better fighter?

Deathstroke or Batman?

Depends on the writer. Arguably there around the same skill level

If Batman has le preptime then he wins

If Deathstroke jumped him in an alleyway I would probably give it to Slade

What's wrong with that Grundy fight?

Batman is a cheater so who knows
I guess Deathstroke is one too tho

Yeah. I've never liked the Shiva/Tim stories. Denny O'Neil wrote her as the deadliest woman walking and she gets washed by a skinny nerd with a whistling bo staff? Or some poisoned chocolates?

Shit's lame.

He also took on Bane in the same game.

Shiva is a jobber now.

>we will never have glorious Question Shiva back

In City, he recovers health with electricity. There, it weakens him. It could have been King Shark or Croc, but no, they have to fuck up the lore. But even without that nitpick, that boss fight is retarded.

as it should be, if you can't keep your own solo book you shouldn't be considered

So why do we keep Tim around?

Deathstroke was trained by his wife and has serum amping him

Tim isn''t around anymore

Well, she's lame for falling for it. Rough for her.

He's around, just bumming it with Oz and his new cell buddies.

You gotta take into account just how OP this incarnation of batmin is.

Fighting a decent chunk of his rogues gallery in a single night and basically going "thank you sir, may I have another?" Roughly 5 times


In fact, the two times I can remeber him even taking a pause during this both happen in Ark City. Once where he is staring directly at the pearly gates, and once where he gets blown up and the majority of a building wall falls on top of him. And he STILL gets back up.

So either BamHam is a meta human, or they're just crap writers, or it's a fucking video game, where being a gary stu is the rule, not the exception

He also has to take a break in Knight., minute 2:20

well you can technically take all the breaks you want in AO and go back to the Batcave

I don't know how I feel about DC toting Deathstroke as a Batman villian. Deathstroke mainly fucked around with the Titans.

Well you gotta understand casuals don't know why Deathstroke fought the Titans outside of the cartoon and even then his character is completely different.

>character development

I agree 100%. I've heard autists say she'd beat CAPTAIN AMERICA. The Shiva wankers in this thread just confirm it.

Arkham Ciry takes place over the course of one day iirc.

all arkham games actually takes place in one night

I'm curious as to how he's got an edgy nu 52ish costume design in year two, when he apparently wears the trunks normally.