VILLAINOUS! Cartoon Network’s First Mexican IP

Don't think I ever saw a thread about this? Cartoon Network's getting a new show, and it's all Mexicano, baby.
>I shall present to all of you VILLAINOUS! Cartoon Network’s first mexican IP!! Just revealed these four characters yesterday at Pixelatl festival here in Mexico at A.I. Animation Studios!

>This show is 100% animated here in Mexico and I hope all of you like our show! Stay tuned for more malevolous stuff and download Cartoon Network Anything, it’s going to air there (as long as Youtube and eventually on television).

>Meet Black Hat, evil incarnated and his three shackles: The brilliant yet dumb Dr. Flug; Demencia, Black Hat’s (craziest) number one fan and 5.0.5. the wild & ferocious beast who will attack you with hugs n’ snuggles (also… Markiplier voices him )

>Out from Alan Ituriel’s wonderful mind and brought to your television with Cartoon Network! Such a great honor to be part of A.I. Animation Studios.

Source of text is, but they deleted it. There is, however this:
Obligatory: Girl is a qt.

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>mexican IP
>white girl

come on..


Not sure about it so far

There's also
>A lil question ...i heard the show is coming this month ?? Its true

>We are making a pilot series consisting in 10 episodes of short duration. Five small eps of 15 seconds and others of one minute long.

>The fifteen second shorts are supposed to air on the app, tv, etc this month and the one-minute around October or November, but we’re still not 100% sure!
So I guess it's going to be formatted like Mighty Magiswords, or however that worked, with getting a full series if it's popular.

This is cultural appropriation somehow i just know it.

Jokes and fear of tumblr aside looks pretty interesting.

mexicans stop appropriating my white culture (cartoons in general)

Not all Mexicans are ugly little dark indian pieces of shit. Mexico had a large German and Spanish presence for many years.

I like the character designs and artstyle.

>is crazy
>lusting over the male character
>who's probably mexican
Clearly this is about self inserting.

>Markiplier voices him

And to think, the dude just started 6 years ago.

this is a hoax, not a real show, you can find sources for it on deviantart somewhere

Mexican animation that's not by the shit producing Anima Studios? And it actually looks promising? Sign me the fuck up!

Mexican animation you say?


I miss Newgrounds.

That triple 7 is yuuge

>German and Spanish presence
Those guys are shit ugly too, user.

>(also… Markiplier voices him )

I didn't even know Mexico HAD cartoons. I hope this works out.



>That style
>those edges
It's about time i goat cartoon with angular features.

dang that looks cool
finally a cool looking show

Marks a pretty good guy though, did he fuck your mom or something?

Better than 99.99999% of shows on Cred Forums

Ha ha, Markiplier!
What is he? A Pokemon?

Looks pretty interesting. I'm curious to see how Mark will do with voice acting.

What's the matter, markiplier? Don't you have some cock to suck?

dude what a crazy coincidence so do i

>anima studios
Mexico here. Don't bother, it'll be shit.

>Marks a pretty good guy though
Anyone who makes annoying content on youtube is probably a giant douche

>Impying there aren't whites in Mexico
Pic related is Mexican

He's still making his webcomic isn't he?

I always thought he had a great voice. It's just the work that he got famous for simply panders to a much younger demographic.

>when you have no idea who Markiplier is

Really famous gaming youtuber. Probably second biggest next to Pewdiepie.

Herny when?

Helloooooooooooooooooo new waifu.

Oh it's THAT guy.

Geometric toons > Calarts blobs

i feel like this is being released like a decade too late

I used to feel that way about a lot of cartoons until I realized I'm just too old to be watching most of them. You have to remember that the target audience are actual children.

Welp we found the cuck

>no based Cal-Arts style

hope it bombs

>Mighty Magiswords
>24/7 Teen Titans go
At this point, I'd welcome back CN Real

Thats a fictional video game character you could make her purple and still call her mexican

>Cool artstyle
>Unique concept
>Reminiscent of classic CN stuff like Grim and Evil
>Markiplier voices a main character
Oh, nevermind I guess.

looks great i hope it has good animation

also dammit i wanted to be the first one to make it into cartoon network

but whatever i hope this becomes really sucessful and opens the way to people like me, i just need a few more years im still studying

>five second shorts
Fucking kids today have zero attention span


Latin America already has the best cartoon.

And the hottest mom currently

Am I the only one that still doesn't think this is an actual show? There's something off about it

no im not pan

that guy fucked up already he is like 27 virgin he can barely draw, and his internet fame doesn't help him a lot

im 19 i've been writing my stuff for 3 years, and im starting to draw it decently

just need more time to finish school,improve my drawings and move to burgerland

Pixelatl had an actual contest sponsored by CN to find IPs, so chances are it is.

As someone of the same age, I envy you for knowing what you want to do, and actually working towards it.
Even so, here's a little hope your way.

Fuck off Perezoso Doom
You're an insufferable faggot who didn't even researched when your animation courses begin

> Villain protagonists
All of my yes.
Designs seem pretty nice too.
I'm pretty sure this show is going to deliver plenty of waifu and husbando material.

That actually looks really fucking neato
When the shorts are coming out?
Porn when?
Fuck it gonna do it myself

>Perezoso Doom

holy shit why did you make me google that, he looks even worse than zona cero

im not that guy, i hate reviewers, they are the laziest pieced of shit and i hate when they use shittily drawn avatars

Wow, what original designs.

He does look like Count Bleck and Spades Slick had a child but I like his design a lot.

I'm worried this could be kind of like a tryhard Zim knockoff with lots of screaming, "doomy dooms of doom" type humor with comically inept villains, but if the characters are actually decent at being evil, this could turn out really great. I'm starved for villain protagonists who are actual, professional Villains but are good at their jobs and also aren't just morally grey Robin Hood types like Jack Sparrow and whatnot.

The "big cute thing being eeeevil" gimmick is worryingly Hot Topic-y, but I'll definitely give the shorts a look to see how they are.


>Anima Studios
Fuck, this show's doomed then

Sorry guys, maybe next time we'll do it right

Decently or Recently?

Also Pan is cool fuckwad

I know nothing about these guys.
What is so horrible about them?
Are they like a Bizarro Ankama?

Their movies and shows are just really shoddily-made and unfortunately they're the biggest animation company here in Mexico.

The best cartoons and movies that came from here are not from that studio.

Never like their movies since because their characters look bad and dull, writing is atrocious, dialogue is cringey, and the animation looks like they were trying to imitate Mr. Game n Watch.

Not him, but he really isn't. Or rather, he's "cool" in the sense that he's undeniably popular, yes.

I see. I'd hate seeing the potential this show has killed off by a shitty studio.

I don't see a single Mexican in OPs pic.

And yet you'll remain a nobody.

Fuck off racist SJW, there are white mexicans

as long as the art style doesn't change i will love it. all cartoons look to similar now and this might bring on a good change

>Like the art style
>Always welcome something where the villains are the main characters
>Potential waifu

>Voiced by Markiplier
Conflicted, but it's not a deal breaker. Cautiously optimistic. Demencia porn when?

Mexico is white and racist

Even mexicans know that white girls are the best.

I dig those designs, i just hope the animation isn't chavo animado tier, i'm craving for new cn and nick shows

The style looks so familiar but I can't put my finger on why. Either way, seems interesting. Been a while since we had an Evil Con Carne.

>Anima Studios
Yup, another filthy mexican here, this gonna be shit, mediocre at best.


It says "AI Studios"

Keep telling that lie to yourself user, mexico is easy 80% brown.

>German presence.
How or when?

Not him but Mexico is mostly mestizo, which is basically a type of mixed race.

True most people here are more on the brown side, but genetics make families a wildcard. In the same family you can have a white person and a black person even if they come from the same parents. It's just a matter of chance.

Plus, there's nothing wrong with more delicious brown in the world, is there?

>>German presence.
>How or when?

Where do you think the accordion in the mariachi band comes from?

>A german invent the mariachi music.

Happy Independence Day

anyone else bothered that Goku's thumb isn't even on the right side of his hand?

>Implying there is something to celebrate.

Messican here, our state has a growing population of japanese mexican people. my family is mostly white, and i got a brown cousin who had a dark skinned dad. there's also asian population in other parts of mexico. its truly a mixed bag here.

I weaned off of markiplier at around late 2014, but he's still a good guy. tries to be a good influence to his fans. just not a fan of his new youtube personality anymore

>15 second shorts
>Deviantart-esque early 2000s art style
>Villain main characters
>Animation studio no one heard of
>Source is some girl on tumblr rather than an official announcement
I wouldn't be surprised if this is some kind of hoax. But maybe CN's just more lenient with what they accept for their mexican branch or whatever and more chill about their NDAs there.

It says A.I studios though. I'm not sure if it's a subsidiary of anima but from what I looked up the two aren't related and anima isn't involved with this. Am I wrong?

>Animation studio no one heard of
read the thread, the studio is infamous


It probably isn't, he won a contest, and the studio is an acronym of the creator's name so probably just him and a group of friends who got supported by CN

To be fair though, I wouldn't want to be judged by Cred Forums, so I stand by my point.

>let me tell you about your people

You do realize how embarrassing your post is, right?

Bruh, you gotta hit me up on that.

What point?

>you will never taste especial Goku
why live?

I don't know why but as soon as I saw the image this screamed Mexican to me. It reminds me to the CCC animations from Newgrounds, 99% sure he was mexican.

It's the fucking long legs. Why? Do we have a fetish with legs I was never told about?

>Meet Black Hat, evil incarnated and his three shackles: The brilliant yet dumb Dr. Flug; Demencia, Black Hat’s (craziest) number one fan and 5.0.5. the wild & ferocious beast who will attack you with hugs n’ snuggles (also… Markiplier voices him

What the hell, this is literally just repackaged Evil Con Carne.

I love villain protagonists and all that but did it have to follow the Evil Con Carne model to a fucking T?

I bet you are from the north, and only hang out with people a little lighter than a paperbag so you think 50% of mexicans are """"white""""

when they bring their cartoons they aren't bringing the best

You know lightskinned mexicans exist right? That not every mexican is a dark lil chubster right?

T.lightskinned mexican

Porn of the girl when?

cute. is she supposed to be the blue thing? cause that's a male apparently?

The picture?
That's just one of the persons working on the show.

Looks pretty cool. I like the art style, I get Jhonen Vasquez vibes from it. It also reminds me of something Maxwell Atoms would do.

I'm guessing the whole concept of the show is that Black Hat is trying to be evil and do evil things but these three are constantly screwing things up for him, sort of like a modern Evil Con Carne.

If so then this show can either be really good or really bad, depending if the characters aren't too annoying.

I'm from Texas and even I can tell you mexicans are 85% brown, short, and get chubby as fuck after they have kids- all these posters that are like "b-b-b-ut muh european genes D: " are just lying to themselves

>tfw everytime some old ass mexican gives me shit for not knowing spanish because they were fooled by my stereotypical spic look

If it's like Evil con carne, im gonna fucking love this show

>"b-b-b-ut muh european genes D: " are just lying to themselves

Pretty much. Is mostly people from the north of the country that live in a bubble, since they live in cities where they are secluded from most of the population (that is 85%+ brown)

They are not even white for fuck's sake, but because they are not 'Hollywood Mexican brown' they get high off that and act as they they would be part of the Maister Reis but they wouldn't be considered white anywhere outside of Latin America.

Love the designs, especially Dr. Flug. Kinda reminds me of League of Super Evil for some reason, will definitely check it out.

>Your people.
I'm Mexican you idiot, thats why I called bullshit the german presence thing, Mexico is mestizo there is no such thing as a "white people " like the USA.

Literally not one on Cred Forums likes spic shit.

Someone needs to tell these Latino shitlords to stop appropriating American culture.

>American culture.

>American culture.
I know that that thing exits, but why most of Americans don't care or don't know about it?

I guess the tophat and monocle could count as English culture.


I can't stand to watch the guys channel but he's got a fantastic radio voice and I've heard nothing but good things about him as a person. This sounds like a good thing even if the reasons behind choosing him are probably poor.

>This show is 100% animated here in Mexico
ugh, no.
What the fuck?
>Alan Ituriel


you're still wrong

Go back to france porfirio, no one likes you.

Mexico has the president it deserves

I'm a bit disappointed that no fanart has been made, by now

>pink hair

>Porfirio Diaz jamas volvera a México
>Mexico jamas sera grande otraves

Are you sure those aren't just early concept stuff?

>by now
It's only been like a day or so.
You gotta account for time zones.

> implying he didn't fuck up mexican democracy by staying in power too long, promising to leave then going back on his word

nigga thats clearly red

that's what i was gonna say, but it seemed too light

lets build a wall

>also… Markiplier voices him
I've just checked his twitter/tumblr, and he's made no mention of this.
It could just be a non-disclosure thing.

the bear can probably climb walls

so can a mexican

>No skull paint
>No luchador mask
>No fucking burrito
>Not even a fuckin pinata
Mexicana my ass

This. I was interested but now I'm not.

If they had that, then people would accuse CN of culture appropriation.

That freak girl is a qt

>Broterhood of Dada 2.0

>supporting Porfirio
>not our legitimate Monarch
Fernando Maximiliano José María de Habsburgo-Lorena

>that garbage
Fuck off
Hue hue's can't animate for good

do not tell me, you just look at the drawing style, and immediately think it's a bad series. That's right?

It's at the very least definitely a thing made by Alan Ituriel, according to his (very unused) tumblr-
Although there isn't a terrible lot of it, or anything, on his tumblr. Or his twitter. Or his dA- (notice the "A.I."?) Or even Facebook. It seems like he basically went dark about 2 years ago. Maybe due to talks with CN? Or maybe something else, I dunno.

After doing a bit of googling, there were apparently a few shorts already made, but they have all since been made private on youtube. They were well over a year old, so either it was due to personal shame (maybe they sucked?) or because they don't resemble the new shorts, and that could create image problems for CN.

As for pic related, that guy at the podium appears to be the guy that Google thinks is Alan Ituriel, so it seems like a legit reveal of the show at the Mexican animation festival Pixelatl. Plus there's iguananimator claiming it's a thing, answering questions and all that. If it's all just a joke, it's a damned well done, and damned cruel joke to perpetuate.

Oh look, a new toon. And it's from Mexico interesting I-wait
>Mexicans saying studio making it is shit tier
>Cred Forums contamination in thread
>Markiplier drama
>Porn when

Holy fuck this place became general thread before it even got a name.

Because Mexico is all about fried foods, homoerotic wrestling, and crazy dead guy Christmas.

Shut up you dolt, KOF is the official videogame of Mexico so it's valid

>I'd welcome back CN Real

No. Nothing compares to that dark time

seems like shittier Evil con Carne
can't wait for porn of this Harley Foster though

>No rev up yer Harley
Come on Cred Forums step up

>implying he didn't fuck up mexican democracy
You can't fuck up what never existed.

Frenchtard heathen.


These designs are so ugly

All I want is a homoerotic wrestling cartoon that isn't about El Santo.

>someone actually did it

Your design is so ugly.

Say what you want about markiplier, but the nigga actually has a good voice
Maximiliano wanted to make Mexico great and Juarez shat on it
Porfirio was just continuing what Maximiliano could not even startef
>Implying mexicans who make this cartoon would give a shit

Maximiliano was dumb enough to be convinced that a bunch of foreigners really, really wanted him to rule over them. If Juarez hadn't, someone else would have killed him.

The art style looks too busy so the animation is going to be really bad/ limited
It's just a fact of animation

Cred Forumstards and Cred Forumsmrades trigger easily so that was to be expected.

Internet celebrities also trigger anons who just need to bitch about it for the sake of bitching about it.

Porn is the first thing people ask, always.

Studio might be shit but I don’t know, what else have they worked on?

Fucking fonally all of that shit is so fucking cliche and overdone.

There's also more to Mexican culture and lore than that, at least fucking use alebrijes or nahuales or other shit like that.

>what else have they worked on?
Well, all we do know about "AI studios" is a deviantart page; but they seem closely tied (specially the director) to Anima studios, responsible for, among other things, the 2011 Top Cat movie.

who cares? Not a fan of multiplier either, this shouldn't bother you.

Seem director is your typical tumblr fanartist; and whole thing started as a webcomic. Go get some keks at

>That obvious as fuck waifu bait character
I can't wait for the endless circlejerking threads

Please finish this.

Not him, but I find his voice annoying. It has nothing to do with liking him personally.

>Japanese Mexican

Go on...

There is some mixing of Asians and Mexicans going on in the states sharing a border with Mexico so that might be what user is referring to.

And I think it may be deliberate
>Have Chinese mother
>Her words exactly:
>"Don't marry Chinese, they're total assholes."
>"Don't marry Korean, they're fucking crazy"
>"Marry Japanese and I will kill you myself if you wife doesn't."
>"Marry Mexican, or Mormon. They're much nicer. And they'll give me lots of grandkids"

I actually watched the first season and truly was shit for me.
You are welcome

When i was in middle school there was a really cute mixed asian girl who had a huge butt and was the tallest of the class
She was pretty bro too

Looks much better than that Magiswords thing.

>The art style looks too busy
Are you baiting or just plain retarded?

Latino here
I studied with mixed half latino half japanese qt she was a little smaller than me and really skinny. Cool girl but hipster as fuck.

>five 15 second episodes
My interest was mildly piqued before that bit. What's the point in watching it? That's only a minute and 15 seconds. It's shorter than most animated videos on youtube.

Holy shit, this actually looks well drawn. I wonder if they're going to fuck it all up to save money like they always do.

It takes me longer to clean the cum off my dick than it will take to watch one episode of this "show." Why fucking bother?

5 that are 15 seconds, and others that are about a minute long.

Read, people. Read. Use those beautiful eyes.

Am I to understand that "Markiplier" is not, in fact, a French name, pronounced "Mark-kip-lee-ay?"

It's probably going to be less than 5 1 minute episodes, so we got at most of 5 minutes of footage for this "show".




Agreed. I'd hate to be that guy, but if this truly is a thing, the girl is probably going to be the one that actually spices it up.

>Too busy
I guess CalArts was a mistake after all

It's not cc city or even vinnie virtas. :(

The only ones who complain about "cultural appropiation" are chicanos (or chicANOS as Cred Forums likes to call them) who barely have an ounce of Mexican culture in them.

The rest of us don't give a shit and in fact we're bound to be the bigger fans of those kinds of things. Take Speedy Gonzalez for example, he's a beloved character here.

However I'm not going to lie that sometimes it can be cringeworthy (like that scene in Despicable Me 2 where Agnes is screaming "ARRRRRRIIIIIBA" or something, fucking hell that was painful to watch) when it's overdone or out of left field and honestly having something else to represent us is refreshing.

>Cartoon Network’s First Mexican IP

What was Mucha Lucha?

>yfw now even cartoon job are being sent to mexico

>>Cartoon Network’s First Mexican IP
>What was Mucha Lucha?
That was a Kids WB show.

We have some whites. There are actually quite a few Amish colonies in here.

Then you clearly don't know shit about things outside of your room. Go outside. Hit the gym, have sex, get a clue.

>also… Markiplier voices him
Oh come on.

That he's cool? And that that one guy's grammar sucks

Is Dr. Flug in any way similar to Faust?

>Markplier plays your favorite obscure game
>Popularity dosn't go up

Ugly white Mexican detected

>inb4 I'm mestizo

Not even Latino

>You will never fuck a black, white, asian, and -insert another race here- hybrid

Thought the same. I hope that if it is an actual show it is more than just jokes pandering to kids on their early teens (the style fills that quota too well). Then again, cartoons like that can be goldmines if they exploit their quirkyness well.

All that said I kinda want to draw crappy porns of demencia now but have no ideas for it

Being alive and that all the pokemon based around us are patrician


Let it stay that way. Imagine if the fnaf franchise never had any attention.

Is the bear Dobson?

That tophat guy is cute

>Evil Con Carne, spic version
>voiced by Memeiplier


Is it just me, or does that girl look like a Invader Zim fangirl? She looks like she spouts out all sorts of "penguin of d00m" type dialogue while holding up a spork.

Probably just going to be a annoying mary sue like Lord Dominator, but Cred Forums will happily guzzle a bucket of rancid shit if it was shaped like a woman.

He might not do that HEY EVERYONE I'M MARKIPLIER type voice.

This show looks like in the 2000s.

Oh shit mexican animation
i'm in the same place as you 19yo just enter the uni studying animation and visuals i'm saving money to go to burgerland too i still don't know how to draw decently but hopefully this 3 years will help me
that guy is the worst i honestly think he just copy and paste Cred Forums bait posts for his reviews most of his fanbase are 14yo kids that use :v for some reason

Did you draw that? It's really nice, I'd totally have faith in you.

Yes and thank you!

Finished it up. Check the drawthread here

What's that on the girl's head?

>Not Found

It was probably revealed too soon.

I mean it looks unbelievably annoying, right? The aesthetic is like the mid point between that insane neon furry music video and My Life Me. It looks like something deviantart coughed up in 2002.


>It looks like something deviantart coughed up in 2002
Maybe CN thought it was about time to start capitalizing on 00s nostalgia.

I like it but maybe I'm just a faggot. It's a refreshing departure from fucking heart mouths and noodle limbs.

>15 second shorts

They really aren't sending their best

I'll say full out I understand if you're put off by Let's Playing culture, but Mark Fishbach has an unbelievably lovely voice

Full homo I've lusted after him for years

can confrim, this guy is mexican.
>markiplier's brother is a furry webcomic artist

It looks like something all the most annoying kids at your middle school watched on newgrounds. Or like a meetup of a bunch of Invader Zim OCs. Or like a last minute ad campaign to make highlighters seem cool in time for back to school sales.

>fucking heart mouths and noodle limbs
It has elbows sure but maybe open the image in the OP one more time and look at that mouth.

It looks decently adorable

How long until it's cancelled?

It looks like the cover of a low budget "how to draw anime" book. It has all the art direction of a forgettable steam greenlight game trailer. It's like something you would see on a flier handed to you by someone in a sweaty fursuit at a rave.

No, I don't much like the look of it.

It looks like a breath of fresh air, given the sameness that seems to pervade modern CN.

These characters look like the creator drew nonstop Jhonen Vasquez fanart for years and years.

invader zim 2.0: now with hotter waifus

>that girl
>hotter than Gaz and Tak

You can tell she's going to be annoying just by looking at her. She's probably just going to say random GIR-tier shit all the time in an attempt to be funny.

It doesn't even vaguely look like the first one. Does anime have a monopoly on L-shaped noses and spiky hair now? Was there a paradigm shift that brought them over to square four-fingered hands and spiked leather bracelets? Did those terrible anime-drawing books move away from generic cyber-girls and onto genki punk chicks?

Not seeing the furry con thing, either. Because there's a bear? The lizard thing on her head? Or is it just an extension of your Vivziepop comparison?

It's like you're just groping at whatever nebulously bad things you've sort of seen in passing, in an attempt to make an analogy.

This, however, is pretty accurate. Perky, angular alt-girls and angry shark-toothed whatevers are tools of the Jhonen fanboy's trade. You'd expect them to be much, much skinnier, though.

Vinnie's work was actually what popped into my head when I saw the designs and read that it was coming from Mexico. CCC was some good shit.

oh man

My aunt's mom was blonde haired, blue eyed Mexican. Dad was dark haired, brown eyed Chinese. They produce my blue eyed, blonde haired aunt.

Blue eyed, blonde haired aunt marries my mestizo dark haired, brown eyed uncle. Produce my ginger as fuck cousin.

Ginger cousin marries mestizo dark haired, brown eyed aunt. Produce ginger nephew.

So you have three generations of Chinese offsprings being white as fuck, but with vaguely chink eyes. 1/2th. 1/4th. 1/8th.

Of course, aunt had dark haired brother. cousin has dark haired brother. nephew has dark haired sister.

well that was a large amount of some people's adolescence. Large enough to keep hot topic up and running anyway.

Not trying to be racist but this looks like something Vasquez would make.

Fucking hell, i can't unsee now but i like it senpai

Well im a 22 y/o guy who specializes in storyboards and seeing villanous kinda gives me hope for the animation industry here

So it's a good thing?

It's not CalArts crap designs and no CN inhouse art style, so those two are a plus, will give the show a try.

All anyone needs to watch is Telenovelas and see all the white Mexicans, lots of brunettes, blondes and even redheads. Funny though, most brown looking ones are either housemaids or farm workers. Not so subtle favoritism towards caucasian looking mexicans.

>CalArts crap designs and no CN inhouse art style
what's the difference?

I did something quick because insomnia

Their shows animation tends to copy Adventure Time look. Only Gumball looks way different, that may be due to being made in europe.

Lmao, I was gonna post something similar. I too am a Mexican trying to go to cartoon network

The struggle is real, hermanos.

It looks nice but I'm still hesitant, something about it makes me feel like the writing is not going to be so great.

Count Bleck?

>Markiplier voices bear
>Markiplier's brother writes Twokinds (furry comic)

Runs in the family, I guess

It's 15 seconds long, the writing is going to be nonexistent.