You don't deserve her, Rahm.

Man this series just has such a good mix of relationships and roles on both sides of the equation. You get a huge spectrum of positive relationships, negative or even outright abusive ones, one-sided crushes and obsessions, familial love, romantic love, brotherly friendship, and absolute unreasoned hatedd. One thing I enjoy the most about this series is just the huge diversity of character tropes and models you find within it. Helps a lot to make the world feel like a real place.



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How do you pronounce Cresce anyhow?



Surely Toma and Elka survived right?

Hetr's kind of losing it here. It'll be nice to have a religious counterpoint to Duane, if he continues in this vein.

It's a pretty good example of how introducing a variety of characters allows you to, obviously enough, have a variety of characters. And the relationships that come with them. No one needs to be a representative of everything for their group, so they get room to be focused and flawed. The nice display of vocabulary, exemplified most clearly with Duane and Sette, is a nice factor too.

kreJʃ according to the wiki

Cred Forums apparently doesn't like all those characters that isn't supposed to be a J

I assumed "Kres-ka".


Those phonetic spellings you see on Wikipedia and stuff generally leave me more confused than before.

They bailed down the river.


Half of the people in this picture are dead.

They'll all be dead soon because "muh determinism"

I think it reads as Kreisch.

Guys. The ghost children are dead ;_;

Are the tittymonsters dead?



It pleases me that Rahm and Iori made it out despite their death flag. You guys think they'll ever show up again?

We'll find out two years from now that as soon as they left their flying machine stopped working and they fell to their deaths.

They did a Peter Pan off the waterfall. Of course they are fine.

Why the hell does that flying machine work, anyway? Surely Rahm has tested it since the accident.

>Surely Rahm has tested it since the accident.
I think the opposite
>accidentally kill your brother and lose (visibility of) your legs in a catastrophe of your own making
>never even look at that invention again out of guilt and shame

Rahm's been working at perfecting that thing for years. The one that Iori rode to the clocktower is the latest version, and it's still not finished.

But wasn't he helping Bastion for resources to complete the flying machine, apart from the zeal for the Black Tongues imparted from that thing around his neck.


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I thought it was their son

It was.

>Dani was our son.

It got rhymed with "grace" in The Brothel Song, so I've been assuming that's how.

Toma just escaped death at the end of last chapter to be killed off so soon? I think worst case scenario Elka is dead, skewered on a rock or something and Toma's left alone

Annnnnd, Rahm gets off scot-free despite being a treacherous little shitbag.


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