>*Gets flustered on a date and ducks under the table to call my mom*

Next update will be Friday.

My God this comic has lots all things resembling charm. I guess its more like Bleach then anyone guessed. Completely downhill after a promising introduction.


>I guess its more like Bleach then anyone guessed. Completely downhill after a promising introduction.
I think Homestuck is closer in that respect.

Well the author did promise he wanted to make the comic unappealing to the Cred Forums readers.


we get it, she's a blind black lesbian. he could've stopped after the second panel and gotten it across just as well, and not waste the rest of the page beating a dead horse.

i have no idea what's going on with these last few comics but i don't recognize updates when they happen

all shounen anime is like that. naruto, shaman king, even yu yu hakusho kinda. it's all WAY more fun in the introduction, when anything is possible. then at some point it becomes their JOB

I'm sorry a character has to have traits you don't like

For a page a week this is a really unimpressive update. And I was the type of faggot that was okay with hitball.

Hunter X Hunter is the only exception.

i'm fine with the character traits, and don't normally complain about things like this, i just think he dragged the joke on way too long.

It's not a joke though?

>A gag this simple takes up a full, eleven fucking panel page.

Is this what happens when you get paid by the page with no upper limit? You just drag shit out as long as possible and disregard quality?

And "body-pos". Don't forget that.

zarei's overreaction to her threat being misinterpreted as a flirt. maybe 2 or 3 panels at the very most.



It is easier to draw than BACKGROUNDS.

Zack wants the JoJo audience.

I don't know what the hell else you're supposed to call those seven panels of spaghetti spilling.

That's not the joke. It wasn't misinterpretation. Day thought that Zarei trying to threaten her was dumb and cute.
Day being a lesbian is not in and of itself a joke.

You're complaining about this now?

from what i heard yeah i'd enjoy the story progression a lot better in hunterhunterhunter.. i wish it had an anime

Uh. It does have an anime. 2 in fact. And the 2011 one is incredible.

I miss Max. Can we go back to Max.

Who's Max?

>Day is a lesbian because she fawns over her professor

So...SpongeBob was so homo on Kevin all this time? TIL.


God paranatural and its threads have gotten worse over time

just kill it already Zhack

at least there'll be no more days without updates because of cons

>SpongeBob was so homo on Kevin
t-this kevin..?

Kevin the Sea Cucumber? From "I'm Your Biggest Fanatic", the SpongeBob episode where there's this big jellyfishing convention? "HI KEVIN, I'M YOUR BIGGEST FAN. 8D "?

Really though, why does (almost) everyone keep thinking there's something more between Day and Zarei like this? Pretty deluded, if you ask me.

Oh no, the denial of homosexuality is happening again. You guys really are something else.

She literally just told Zarei she thinks mysterious women are hot.

I have been wondering...would Zack be able to release his pages faster if he had someone hired to ink his early sketches?

I mean, that someone doesn't need to do anything else. Just the stage after Zack finishes his first draft and before Zack colours it in before least that would lessen his workload a bit, theoretically.

Would that be an improvement, Cred Forumsmrades?

>Well the author did promise he wanted to make the comic unappealing to the Cred Forums readers.
Didn't most of the initial word of mouth about his comic start with Cred Forums?

I didn't see any bedroom eyes before, user. coughSpender/Isabelcough

Also, that was before this update []. (Fault's on me though...Day's "OMG faces" were too distracting + nauseating for me to notice.)

>Next update will be Friday
Well, that sucks. I was gonna purge every single PNAT data I have today (don't think I can wait on this pitch dripping of a comic longer anymore)...but now I've to go on a family excursion!

that denial.

>.SpongeBob was so homo
bob is literally a lgbt icon you know. For a reason.

An excuse not to draw backgrounds.

I'm finding that I have no interest in the comic left and if I didn't come back to shitpost in the threads I would have already forgotten it.


See .

The thing is she's a webcomic character. All webcomic characters are lesbians until proved otherwise.

Yes. Assistants make things faster. What he needs is someone to focus on backgrounds.

No he's not

I don't know about you guys but I think Paranatural's anime adaptation is a vast improvement over the original.


>all shounen anime is like that.
it's the comic publishers that cause it, creators develop a good pitch that covers the early arc and they either get cut off with low rating or they get pushed to keep stretching things out till it falls apart, and it's been happening for a long time, dragon ball was mostly just meant to roughly cover a lose "journey to the west" adaption.

I knew she was a dike!

Shameless samefag.

I love it
Spender tries to be cool and fails
She tries to be intimidating and fails.

Imma ship her and him now.

Sad but true. At least western productions don't seem to suffer from this as much.

And Hack Morris is straight up copying all of that because he's another god damn weeb who learned to draw and is polluting the world with a garbage anime knockoff comic.

Everyone who rips off anime in their comic or cartoon should be put in extermination camps. Not even joking.

Fucking smashed it. After the first couple of arcs it fizzled and died.

Yep. He is a sanctimonious cunt.

Is there any lewd stuff of Day yet?

Why is she looking around if shes blind?
Panel 1, 5, and 7 has her looking in several different directions.

...She IS blind you mongol.

Wow thanks for the news flash you stupid fucking faggot.
>Why is she looking around if shes blind?



Is this the most social justice friendly comic without an explicit social justice premise? Even Questionable Content seems subtle compared to LGBTQnatural

They don't utilize them at all holy shit have you even seen a blind person?
They'll turn their head if they hear something, but their eyes don't focus on any particular object or person.
Look at panel 5.
The head is is at an angle yet they're still looking across the table directly at the woman.
Blind people don't fucking do that.
Please kill yourself.

People who are blind from birth don't do that.
People who lost their sight still do.

Who is this Chubby Chocolate-colored Choderaiser?

>she's a lesbian
How much more pander can we get?

Is Zach really writing a lesbian romance story between a sassy blind overweight black women and a Muslim doctor? What kind of liberal utopia is Mayview.

I'd argue that Rurouni Kenshin was the one that started slow and you had to slog through the SoL and one shot villains before you got to the Oniwabanshu and then Shishioh arcs. Zatch Bell is sort of like that, too.

He has no incentive to speed things up, so yes.

God I hope Zarei's not a lesbian. Does every fucking webcomic need to have a lesbian pairing on it? It's starting to get tiring. I was hoping Zack would do the brave thing and make a male gay couple but nooo, he had to play it safe and do like everybody else.

Their spirit power aura.
Obviously flexes like a muscle and can be emotion based too.

Beats the lil muscle plus thing animes do.

I don't get where people are getting the lesbian part?
I mean what exactly has happened or said that makes this feels like two lesbians?

That would make sense if it only flared up for extreme emotions, but they're both just on spirit-fire the whole time despite feeling different things. That's terrible visual design, akin to having your characters face-fault in every panel.

Are you a fucking robot?

>I think mysterious women are sexy.
>I hope you feel the same way about DANGER...wait, no, that doesn't-

It feels like one lesbian.

In the distant future, after PLOT happens and the suspicion and mistrust gives way to friendship, maybe Zarei will reciprocate. It's not impossible that's where the story heads.

They can't lower the barrier around Mayview, but maybe they can lower the barrier around...Zarei's heart.

It seems to typically flare up with emotions, but I don't think I've ever seen Zarei without green glow SOMEWHERE, because she's a wreck. The pink girl is just always super happy.

Does it count as pandering if the lead female of my comic is gay, but it isn't really brought up outside of her standards of beauty, she doesn't get in a relationship, and it partially exists to stop people from assuming her close friendship with the male lead is romantic?

That post was about couples not individuals so no. It also wasn't complaining about pandering, just overly playing it safe.

Yeah, but people generally view gay women in media as pandering now since tons of people jump on that. It's hard to just say "this character came out that way" to people, especially if the character is homosexual AND important.

It's not pandering, but just a warning; people will ship her with the male lead no matter how much the story says otherwise.

Why is she gay at all? Why not just have her NOT attracted to the male lead? Male/female friendships can exist.

I know, there's nothing I can do about it because the story is about coping. She starts with a girl that's her friend, the friend dies, and then the guy comes into the story.

No matter what I do, she will be shipped with both. Gay or not only changes which one gets more attention, and I'd rather have less people undermine my story's point if I can help it.

Because I said "partially." The character just ended up being that way and it was just a bonus that it can help push people away from shipping those two.

Paranatural more like PAIR O' LESBIANS

She is not blind, her sight is just bad.

read again, that's not the word.

Yeah. She sees slightly better in bright daylight.

She's legally blind but doesn't have a complete lack of vision.

So... what are Zarei and Patchworm going to talk about though?

Man, why ya gotta remind me. I just forgot that terrible ending. My poor, poor children. My w8ifu. All sacrificed for what? Nothing.

Oh, sorry, "alluring", which is totally meant in a platonic context right now.

Seriously, you're either stupid or intentionally playing coy to win an internet argument right now if you can't see that Day is at least PRETENDING to flirt right now.

I can't seem to recall her ever being sassy.

i always thought that ''i'm blind'' line was because she is blind on that specific moment, and not that she is 'always blind'.

>person of color
>differently abled

Good job, Zack. You nailed every tumblr checkbox in one character. All of the privilege has been checked.

Actually, it's a good thing you made the muslim a separate character. The internet couldn't handle the magnitude of a character that privilege-free.

Bloat is the silent nemesis to good writing. "Another character couldn't hurt-" and WHAM! You're down hundreds of pages on minor characters expressing their feelings as the story grinds to a halt.

I mean she says "what OMG" it's only a small step from that to going "oh no he didn't" while shaking her finger

the oxford dictionary itself offers an example of 'alluring' that has nothing to do with sexy. Sorry, but you're just forcing your context.

That's less sassy and more childish and excitable, really.

>doesn't know about magical powers privilege
It's worth about 3/5ths of white privilege but it's still a fucking privilege shitlord.

So you're just trying to win the internet argument.

It's powerful attraction, charm or temptation. She then thinks it's cute when Zarei asks if she finds danger alluring. Zarei blushes and screams and hides under the table.

The entire humor comes from it sounding like a flirt. Don't be a fucking cunt just because TECHNICALLY ZACK DIDNT SAY THAT IT'S NOT PLATONIC, you shit.

She's not a lesbian until they scissor in comic!

LGBTQADXV+ activists use non gay characters as their symbols all the time. Elsa, Captain America, Gloria Gaynor, etc.

Apparently, it's not appropriation when THEY do it.

It's more like "Hunter x Hunter is completely garbage at the beginning and at various points in its life, with a couple of bright points in specific arcs." In that sense, it's true that it doesn't follow a pattern of linear decline.

Only because it replaces shit filler with massive schedule slips.

what do his eyes look like?

Tumblr and lesbians aside, why is everything in this comic so pastel and blob-like? It looks like an iStore doused with molten crayons.

Because steven universe.

>not Johnny

Man, remember when Paranatural was good?

Oh thank god, someone with sense. An arc like the Hunter Exam is a terrible place to start a series and it checks off every cliche in the book.

>a disabled, fat, lesbian, black woman saying "WHAT OMG" without proper use of a question mark
Jesus. Is there anything more transparently tumblr?

I honestly stopped checking for updates because Zack can't keep to a schedule. Why didn't he ever just take a break and get a buffer of pages that way he could still have one on every release day?

>Leorio is the most interesting of the starting group, with a distinct design (even if it looks like someone's Trigun OC), interesting goals, character faults and the underdog status needed to root for him.
>Immediately gets sidelined.

When will hitball arc end? The only important thing about this arc is that Hijack controls Jeff, everything else is too much unnecessary filler and dragged out comedy. I wish Zack would just abort it and pretend it never happened.

She's probably cis.

>It's powerful attraction, charm or temptation
it can also simply be something interesting or fascinating.

>Zarei blushes and screams and hides under the table
"blush means they want to fuck each other"

>Blind character
>Eyes move as if she is looking at something instead of one direction (it's not lazy art if it's true!)
>Seems to react to visual stimuli.

Either she is blind or isn't blind.
This shit gets the retarded seal of approval.

>Author ignores his fan-base when he gains attention.

I hate these shit eps senpaitachi.

>[MASS NOUN] The quality of being powerfully and mysteriously attractive or fascinating.

>Powerfully attract or charm; tempt.

Straight from Oxford, you little shit.
Unless she finds it "adorable" that she asked if danger is fascinating, the joke is that it sounds like a flirt. They don't have to want to fuck; that's the joke. That it sounded silly a flirty instead of intimidating.

The ENTIRE JOKE revolves around this. You can grope at fucking straws all you want, stammering that maybe Zack intended the least common meaning of the word AND didn't mean to imply anything by this combination of traits all at once, but please, don't be a little cunt just so you can "win" an argument.

The joke is that it sounds fucking gay and she's embarassed.
You have to strain to even support the idea that it could possibly not be the joke.

Either you have legitimate social issues or you are trolling.

That's not what gay icon means.

>Either she is blind or isn't blind.
Blind doesn't always mean absolute and complete lack of vision. It's just really shitty bordering on useless vision.

If he's going to draw her like everyone else, the least he can do is either keep the dot eyes consistent or give her cloudy pupils. The cane is the only thing that even hints that her vision is poor at this point

>Man, remember when Paranatural was good?
Last time I was always excited for every new page was Isaac and Max's walk to school arc, so about 3-4 years ago.

Remember how not even a year ago people would snap at you if you said there were pacing problems or that the comic was losing focus?

I liked this page.

jesus christ, same. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


shadow apparently

1 pic from months ago. Don't know if anyone saved it.

The only "bad" arc is the hunter exam and it's about 20 episodes long. Everything after that is great.

>Leorio is the most interesting because he looks like an adult
Yeah he's way more interesting than the others. Sure.

Back at the start, asswipe. When he gets shoved aside the others become more interesting because they're actually developed. Back at the start you just have not!Goku, bland-as-paper trap, douchebag wannabe doctor, and the character that would later be popularized as Sasuke Uchiha.

The wannabe doctor didnt have much competition.

Hey, Kurapika is a manly man.

It's not so bad it just adds another plotline to a story that's already a bowl of spaghetti.

It seems you've never seen the show because Kurapika is nothing like Sasuke. And Leorio wants to be a doctor. That's his goal and after the hunter exam that's what he tries to do. He doesn't care about getting strong or fighting. That's not interesting to watch.

>Le another plotline meme
How is "I think mysterious women are hot" adding another plotline you imbecile?

>Straight from Oxford, you little shit
yeah, according to oxford dictionary it can just be fascinating or tempting. It doesn't involves any kind of lewd or sexy.

>the joke is that it sounds like a flirt
the (bad)joke is that it sounds adorable, as day said herself.

>don't be a little cunt just so you can "win" an argument
like you're trying?

you're the one defending they want to fuck because she finds another person interesting.

You're retarded and have probably never read a book.

I wasn't talking about this page specifically, just all the zarei\day bits dicksponge.

Ah, so it is aspergers.

wow.. and i'm the one "trying to win an argument". Yeah, right.

Don't get mad, user.

We're still in the beginning of the plot. It's barely started. Plot elements will be introduced going forward. Hopefully at a decent rate.

I want to have anger filled sex with both of them.

- the town offers alluring shops and restaurants
- wow, you must really want to fuck those shops and restaurants

yeah, that makes sense user.

It's clear to everyone but you. Just stop.

Dude why are you so adamant on wanting these two female characters, who have spent maybe 10 pages worth of being in the same place,to be heading towards taco town.

I mean Doctor chick is really just coming off as embarrassed that her actions weren't found cool or intimidating. She is just another nerd trying to be cool, aka half the cast.

I'm not even one of the people you've been arguing this whole thread. And nobody is saying they want to fuck just that Day is clearly a lesbian and stating her attraction to Zarei. You're just an idiot who doesn't know how to read context clues.

Asperger syndrome (AS), also known as Asperger's, is a developmental disorder characterized by significant difficulties in social interaction and nonverbal communication, along with restricted and repetitive patterns of behavior and interests.

What did he mean by this?

your point is?

>It's clear to everyone but you
>another user answers your post in my place
keep believing that.

>nobody is saying they want to fuck just that Day is clearly a lesbian and stating her attraction to Zarei
basically: wanting to fuck.

>basically: wanting to fuck.
No. Just that she finds one of Zarei's qualities attractive. And clearly attractive in a romantic context. Not that she wants to fuck her on the table in public immediately.

>your point is
That you're autistic which shows why you can't deduce the obvious conclusion from some casual flirting.

> Just that she finds one of Zarei's qualities attractive
that's quite different from "being a lesbo", don't you think?

>clearly attractive in a romantic context
>because of one word with double meaning, that doesn't even imply sexual attraction

anyway, no one is defending they want to fuck right away. That was an exageration to the point of "oh, the word alluring is being used, so she is a lesbian".

>That you're autistic which shows why you can't deduce the obvious conclusion from some casual flirting
or perhaps it's your wishful thinking that they are lesbians blurring what exactly is happening.

>Just that she finds one of Zarei's qualities attractive
>that's quite different from "being a lesbo", don't you think?
No, especially because she says it's a quality she finds alluring in women. This means she finds other women attractive too.

learn to use context cues you braindead retard.

So according to you aknowledging Johnny Depp is atractive automatically means i'm homo.

When your mom calls you handsome, does that mean she wants to fuck you too?

that said, the term was 'alluring', that might was well just mean 'interesting' or 'fascinating'.

Never would you ever say to another man "I find that quality alluring in men" if you aren't gay. You would never ever say anything like that. That means specifically that you are find that an attractive quality in men. And of course attractive in this context means romantically or sexually. You would never talk to another person saying something about them is attractive when not speaking of romantic or sexual attractive. You are legit autistic to not understand this.

To use your own example, if your mom said she found one of your qualities alluring in men and it was clear she was referring to you, would you not be uncomfortable with that?

>Never would you ever say to another man "I find that quality alluring in men"
in the context of 'interesting' you would, or perhaps you're including yourself on that category when speaking of men. Anyway, aknowledging other men can be handsome is okay. It doesn't make you sexually attracted to them. As i said, your mother does that to you.

>of course attractive in this context means romantically or sexually
Seriously, what's the problem with aknowledging people have good traits? trade "mystery" with "friendly" on that panel and see how it changes the entire tone. There is nothing particularly sexualizing on the word 'alluring'.

>would you not be uncomfortable with that
my mother used to say that she finds me "a handsome young man". And yeah, it makes anyone uncomfortable, but not because it's sexualizing.

You're retarded. I vote that we do not indulge this user any further.

>Thinking I'm calling Killua, Edge Incarnate, a trap and Kura "I never take my shirt off" Pika the prototypical Sasuke.

Are you sure YOU read the manga? Aside from the eye thing Pika doesn't really resemble Sasuke, especially early on.

>only two people on the conversation

anyway, i'm actually interested in knowing if your mother never told you that you're handsome.

Is that bad?

If she's not gay she's at least pretending to flirt. Or if you really wanna stretch it, the doc THINKS she's flirting.

>Only two
My ass, I dropped out hours ago. You're fucking retarded.

I'm definitely not the other two people who replied to you, 'allure' has an implicit romantic connotation. Considering we were talking about a specific word choice, calling somebody handsome is not even remotely similar to calling somebody alluring. I'm beginning to wonder if you're perhaps ESL but I think socially limited is still the more likely condition.

Then you're flat out wrong. Kurapika is the only one close to Sasuke since they have similar backstories and motivations but they're not at all similar personality wise. Killua isn't even edgy at all and is nothing like Sasuke.

Well Killua WAS edgy early on. But otherwise hes nothing like Sasuke in personality or character arc

How was he edgy? He killed people sure but it wasn't a big deal. He didn't even like doing it. He even rode a skateboard.

He was the only one of the heroes to actually kill anyone in the Hunter exam. And he generally did it pretty coldly and viciously.

Remember that one guy he ripped the heart out of? That shit was pretty cold, and he enjoyed it.

>He was the only one of the heroes to actually kill anyone in the Hunter exam
In a death battle? How is that edgy.
>And he generally did it pretty coldly and viciously.
He's a trained assassin. He's done it many times. Should he have had a crisis about it?

He ripped the heart out of that guy but he didn't really care about it. He said it was no big deal and he even said that his dad does it better than him.

Just because he killed people doesn't mean he's edgy. Killing isn't even a big deal in the HXH world.

It wasn't so much that he killed the guy but he clearly enjoyed ripping out the guy's heart, showing it to the guy and then crushing it in front of him.

He was being kinda sadistic about it. It wasn't simply just killing him.

The guy was a serial killer talking about viciously murdering Killua. He was putting him in his place. If it was an innocent person maybe but that wasn't the case.

He still enjoyed it a bit too much. Clearly everyone else in the room was shocked at what he did.

He fucked up those guys in the hallway just because he was butthurt.

Not really. He enjoyed it a little but I'm willing to believe that was because the dude was a killer and bragging about it and Killua was offended that someone who kills sloppily for fun would think he could beat him. I don't think it was the act of killing that he was happy about. I just watched the scene where he explains it and he says that mass murderers are amateurs. I guess it looks like he was a little proud but that's what he was raised to do so it's fine.

If he was laughing about it then I could see it being edgy but he wasn't laughing. The guy was bragging about how it would be a one sided massacre, Killua takes the heart and shows it to him and then gives it back after he's dead. He doesn't even say anything.

She is confirmed as the childhood friend love interest, which automatically means that she is best girl

>>only two people

Well he enjoyed killing those two guys on the airship he baited a great deal.

It was stress relief from all the frustration.

Which parts are you talking about? I don't remember.

4 if you count people that dropped 'an hour ago'. Not on that moment, for sure.

>calling somebody handsome is not even remotely similar to calling somebody alluring
it was an example of a compliment that could be taken in a romanticized way, it wasn't meant to be 'similar'. Fact is, alluring can be used on that exact context as just something you find interesting. The lesbo conotation is not necessary, and that other user was going as far as considering this some sort of confirmation on their sexuality.

Episode 7 of the 2011 anime.

Haven't read the manga.


And the next page is her talking to train spirit under the table.

I guess that's a little edgy. But overall he's not very edgy.

>Murder for fun
>"A little edgy"
U wot m8

He didn't do it for fun that time though. He was mad. That's not much of a reason of course though.

>train spirit

The crazy one.

The one mad with pain.

The train that doesn't talk even when it was alive.

Is that your final answer, user?

Well she wouldn't have two spirits would she?

Dr Hijab looks super fucking mad in that last panel though.

Pfyeah, that'd be crazy talk.

She's entering the trance state.

Well she is mad. Mad that her secrets are in danger.



>a page to tell us the BLIND woman is full of internet and tumblr lingo and finds women attractive
>while being every minority at once
This isn't even good pandering, it's fucking offensive as shit. If someone from this hyper-targeted demographic likes the comic it's sure as fuck not because of this, so why bother?

>about 20 episodes long
Christ Almighty! I am never touching shonenshit again.

The whole thing is 148 episodes. Compare to One Piece's over 600.

Oh, Zack. What happened to you?

something emo probably

According to Cred Forums, every gay character is pandering no matter what.

True, but in this case I see where they're coming from. A fat black gay woman ain't that uncommon (blind though, certainly rare, but blind is rare in general). But each of those words flip the "Cred Forumsmblr alert!" switch for these guys. Normally I'd think it ain't pandering, and more a lazy way of slapping on traits so that a character has, well, character, but Day seems to have plenty outside of her checkboxes, and Zach seems the type to pander.
What I don't think is that Day and Zarai are ZHack Attacks on Cred Forums for being naughty. I don't think he actually cares about Cred Forums. Plenty of people felt personally connected to an anonymous website and felt attacked though. There's been a negative vibe since, for the bullshit and real critique alike.

Probably because western cartoons are episodic and rarely if ever get actual plots.

I've been thinking, isn't she the one that appears in one of Max's visions on his past? i mean, he knows her from before, right?

she appears with two kids, so isn't she married or someshit?

Combine it with the way zack talks about his beliefs and how he wants them to impact his comic then it does look a bit like pandering.

The best part?
It's the first 20 episodes.

No that was a different fat black lady. I think Max would have noticed otherwise.

If so, then how the fuck does Max know all this stuff about her?

He googled her blog obviously.

nu-Cred Forums is shit. this place was vastly better when it was just a refugee camp for people kicked out of the somethingawful forum for being TOO creepy and retarded, and it sucked then.

actually, he acts weird when he sees her for the first time, like he is surprised it's her.

It's probably her, and she probably have kids, so.. not gay.

>have kids, so.. not gay.
I don't think you know how this works.

People have been complaining about Cred Forums having changed for the last 10 years, it was shit then it's shit now, but we keep coming back anyway.

He made her way fatter, I hadn't even realised.

If only Hussie's dad hadn't died.

I honestly thought that was a joke with Max just making up qualities for a total stranger, mostly because I didn't want to assume there's only one fat black girl in the entire tri-state area. Also I forgot, but it makes sense assuming Day didn't see him when she enhanced her vision with spirit magic.

While it's possible she has kids, I doubt it. She can't be more than 10 years older than him, and I think even that's a bit of a stretch. That definitely doesn't preclude it, it makes it less likely.

That's not acting any weirder than you do for any stranger who suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

I think Max would have SAID SOMETHING if she was his best friend's mom.

She's also too young to have birthed 12 year old twins.

Are you implying Max's mom paid a blind woman to supervise 7-year-old children skateboarding at the Hole Pit?

I really have to go back and reread Paranatural, it's been so long that I honestly forgot this happened

>I don't think you know how this works
at the very least, it's very unlikely she would be flirting with another woman

c'mon, it's like Max saw a ghost when he looked at her. That, plus he knows plenty about her. There is clearly something going on.

Well... it's possible.

Alt Text Canon is Max just read Agent Day's facebook.

And Max wouldn't call everyone else unobservant for not knowing things he learned growing up next door, would he?

Maybe she has degenerative blindness. Even in present day she's not totally blind, but legally and functionally she is. Or maybe it's not a congenital degeneration but an accident.

But yes, Max's mom seems like the type to pay a blind girl to "watch" her kid.

facebook is not really 'observation' either. and who even posts that they 'like kids' in facebook? it looks like something you should live with the person to know

>Alt Text Canon is Max just read Agent Day's facebook.
Is alt text canon? Anyway knowing Zack's sense of humor it could just as easily be a joke. The alt text, I mean. If Max just found this stuff out on facebook, there'd be no need to be nebulous about it. He'd just say "Oh yeah, I saw it on facebook." If his knowledge of Agent Day is presented as as mysterious in comic as it is (sans alt text) then there's a mystery there, and "Oh yeah, facebook" would be an awful way to solve that mystery.

Alt text definitely isn't canon, don't even respond to these retards.

>i can watch him

Once Damien meets up with Max will it beat all other Max ships.

That was painful to read.

Who is that brown semen demon

Which one

I never noticed, but.. Pink spectral energy is indeed a thing then.

It was hard to notice.

>A page with less than seven panels
I miss these.

It comes in all colors. Did you forget the pencil?

Those are pretty rare. Zack always puts a ton of panels in a single page